Shahi Bagh Peshawar

There’s no doubt that Peshawar is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in all of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. These parks offer a great escape from the bustle of the city and are perfect for spending a relaxing afternoon with friends or family. So, If you’re looking for peace or want to take in some amazing greenery, Shahi Bagh is worth a visit!

In addition to the gardens, Shahi Bagh also contains several buildings and recreational sites. There is a mosque on the premises, a library, and a cafe. The park also has a children’s playground, making it an excellent family spot. Shahi Bagh is genuinely a versatile spot that has something for everyone.

It’s a beautiful park and a great place to relax or walk. The gardens are well-maintained, and there are many exciting things to see there. Plus, it’s in a great location in the city’s heart.

History of Shahi Bagh Peshawar

Shahi Bagh Peshawar has a long and rich history. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built it in the mid-17th century. Shah Jahan was known for his love of gardens and built many beautiful ones throughout his empire. Shahi Bagh was one of his most famous gardens, quickly becoming a popular spot for the people of Peshawar.

The garden remained popular during the British Raj and was used as a military base. After Pakistan gained independence in 1947, Shahi Bagh became a popular spot for locals and tourists. In recent years, the garden has undergone some renovations, but it still retains its original charm.

Shahi bagh offers a variety of attractions for your family and friends. So, let’s find out!

Attractions At Shahi Bagh Peshawar

Of the many attractions that are offered to you by the shahi bagh Peshawar, the most delightful ones are the following:

Mughal Era Park 

Shahi Bagh, or Royal garden, was built in the Mughal era and is one of Peshawar’s most popular parks. The garden is renowned for its lush vegetation and beautiful flowers and is a popular spot for picnics and walks.

Shahi Bagh also has several historical monuments, including the tomb of Wazir Khan, the governor of Peshawar during the Mughal era. The tomb is decorated with intricate carvings and is a beautiful example of Mughal architecture. Shahi Bagh is a great place to learn about Peshawar’s history and enjoy its natural beauty.

2Km Jogging Trail

Shahi Bagh is one of the most famous gardens in Peshawar, and it is a great place to go for a jog or a walk. The garden has a 2 km jogging trail that is perfect for a morning or evening jog. The track is well-maintained, and there are plenty of trees and plants along the way, which makes it a charming place to run.

Shahi Bagh is also a great place to take a walk, as there are many beautiful gardens and fountains to see. Shahi Bagh is worth checking out if you’re looking for a nice place to get some exercise.

Night Lighting System

Shahi Bagh is also home to the famous Night Lighting System. The night lighting system installed by the Shahi Bagh administration is very effective. It creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere in the evenings.

The Shahi Bagh Peshawar has different street lights, wall lights, and Disco lights. Shahi Bagh is a perfect place for families to spend quality time together. The night lighting system makes Shahi Bagh more beautiful and enjoyable.

So, if you’re looking for a nice place to relax in the evening, Shahi Bagh welcomes you!

Beautiful Lawns 

The gardens are beautifully landscaped, and the lawns are impeccably manicured. Shahi Bagh is also home to various flowers, trees, and plants.

You can stroll through the gardens, admiring the vibrant flowers and listening to the soothing sound of waterfalls. 

Beautiful Fountains

Shahi Bagh, or the Royal garden, is one of the most beautiful fountains not only in Peshawar but in the whole of Pakistan. Shahi Bagh was developed during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan, and it used to be a part of his Summer Palace.

Shahi Bagh is a perfect example of Mughal architecture and gardening. It has four water channels and a series of fountains that flow into a central basin. The Shahi Bagh also has several fruit trees and flower beds. The Shahi Bagh is a great place to visit not only for its beauty but also for its historical significance.

Kids Playing Area

The park is full of features sure to delight kids of all ages. It has a lot of open space and is well-maintained. The staff is also attentive and takes good care of the children. Shahi Bagh has something for everyone, from swings and slides to a massive play structure.

And if that’s not enough, the park also boasts a large pond, perfect for a cooling dip on a hot day. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Shahi Bagh is a favorite destination for families in Peshawar.

Indoor and Outdoor Gyms

Shahi Bagh Peshawar is one of the unique gyms. You have two options available, Indoor and outdoor gyms. The outdoor gym is located in an outdoor courtyard and is open to the elements.

Shahi Bagh Peshawar has a wide variety of equipment, including weights, machines, and cardio equipment. The gym also offers a variety of classes, such as yoga, Pilates, and Zumba. Shahi Bagh Peshawar is a great place to work out, regardless of your fitness level.

Shahi Bagh Peshawar’s indoor gym is also famous for its many benefits. Shahi Bagh Peshawar’s indoor gym has a lot of benefits for people who use it. Shahi Bagh Peshawar’s indoor gym is also very affordable for people who want to use it.

If you’re starting, Shahi Bagh Peshawar can help you get in shape and learn how to use the equipment. It’s an excellent place for people of all fitness levels.

Exercise Space

The park is huge, and there’s plenty of space to run around or relax. Shahi Bagh is also well-maintained, with beautiful gardens and a large pond. And best of all, the park is always open, so you can come and go as you please.

Shahi Bagh is worth checking out if you’re looking for a great place to exercise.

Foreign Tourists

Shahi Bagh, Peshawar, is one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist destinations. Thousands of foreign tourists visit Shahi Bagh annually to explore its rich history and culture.

The Shahi Bagh complex is home to several important historical sites, including the ruins of an ancient fort, a mosque, and a tomb. Shahi Bagh is also great for buying traditional Pakistani handicrafts and souvenirs.

In addition to its rich history and culture, Shahi Bagh is also known for its beautiful gardens and scenic views. If you’re looking for a place to relax and take in some of Pakistan’s most beautiful scenery, Shahi Bagh is the perfect place for you.

Hub for Political Meetings

Shahi Bagh, Peshawar, was once the hub for political meetings during Pakistan’s independence movement. It was also the site of many significant events during Pakistan’s struggle for democracy in the 20th century.

The park was a gathering place for Pakistan’s leading politicians, including Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Shahi Bagh was also the site of some of the country’s most important protests, including the 1970s movement against the ousted Pakistani Prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. In recent years, Shahi Bagh has fallen into disrepair and is no longer used for political gatherings.

However, the park still holds an important place in Pakistan’s history and is worth a visit for anyone interested in the country’s politics.

Family Picnic Point

The park covers an area of approximately 30 acres and features a variety of amenities, including a playground, a swimming pool, and a picnic area. Shahi Bagh Peshawar is a popular destination for families and friends looking to enjoy outdoor time.

The park is also home to various animals, including ducks, geese, and peacocks. In addition to its many recreational facilities, Shahi Bagh Peshawar also offers stunning views of the surrounding cityscape.


Shahi Bagh Peshawar has a beautiful mosque. Shahi Bagh was built in 1630 by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, and it is one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture in the region.

The mosque is built entirely of marble, and its main prayer hall is covered with intricate carvings and mosaics. Shahi Bagh is open to all Muslims and is a popular place for prayer and contemplation.

The mosque is also a popular tourist destination, receiving thousands of visitors annually. Shahi Bagh Peshawar is an important part of Pakistani culture and a valuable historic site.

Food Court

Shahi Bagh Peshawar is the place to go if you’re looking for a food court. With a variety of cuisines on offer, there’s something to suit every taste.

Shahi Bagh Peshawar is the perfect spot to refuel if you’re ready for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. And with plenty of seating available, you’re sure to find a table that’s just right for you.

So next time you’re in Shahi Bagh Peshawar, check out the food court. You won’t be disappointed!

Buildings and Recreational Sites

The park is a popular spot for locals and tourists and is home to various buildings and recreational sites.

Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium

The park is home to the Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium, one of the country’s largest cricket stadiums. Shahi Bagh Peshawar is a popular destination for locals and tourists, and it is renowned for its beautiful gardens and architecture.

The cricket stadium is located on the park’s north side and has a capacity of more than 35 000 spectators. The stadium was constructed in 2006 and has hosted numerous international matches.

Shahi Bagh Peshawar is an important part of Pakistan’s cricket culture, and it is one of Peshawar’s most popular tourist destinations.

Government College Peshawar

The college was founded in 1889, one of the oldest colleges in Pakistan. The campus is situated in a scenic location of shahi bagh.

The college is affiliated with the University of Peshawar. The college offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines. Shahi Bagh Peshawar is located in the Shahi Bagh area of Peshawar. The college is adjacent to the Shahi Bagh Mosque and the Shahi Bagh Gardens.

The college has a campus of its own, with a library, computer lab, and auditorium. Shahi Bagh Peshawar is one of the leading colleges in Peshawar and is highly regarded for its academic excellence.

Municipal Inter College For Girls, Peshawar

The Municipal Inter College For Girls is located near Shahi Bagh. It is one of the oldest girls’ schools in Peshawar. The school has a long history of producing successful students who have had successful careers.

The school has a robust academic program and extracurricular activities such as sports and debating. The school is well-known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Pakistan Tennis Club Peshawar

Shahi Bagh, Peshawar, is not only the most popular park in the city but also the venue for the Peshawar Tennis Club. The Shahi Bagh has been a venue for many social and cultural events, including musical concerts, cricket matches, and political rallies. The Tennis Club was founded in 1952 and has hosted tournaments and training programs.

The club is open to all and has a rich history of producing some of Pakistan’s finest tennis players.

Today, the club continues to provide a platform for aspiring young players to showcase their talent and perhaps one day represent their country at the highest level. Shahi Bagh Peshawar and the Peshawar Tennis Club are integral to the city’s identity and contribute significantly to its vibrancy.

Parda Bagh and Wedding Hall[10]

Shahi Bagh Peshawar, also known as Parda Bagh, is a large public park in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Parda Bagh Shahi Bagh Peshawar is a perfect place to tie the knot and celebrate your wedding day. The hall is beautifully decorated and can accommodate a large number of guests. The staff is attentive and polite and will ensure that your special day is perfect. The food is delicious, and the location is convenient.

Parda Bagh Shahi Bagh Peshawar is highly recommended for your wedding day if you live in Peshawar.

Peshawar Gymkhana Cricket Ground

Shahi Bagh Peshawar, popularly known as the Peshawar Gymkhana Cricket Ground, is a historic cricket ground in Peshawar, Pakistan.

It was inaugurated by Ayub khan on November 10th, 1957, and has been the home of Peshawar cricket since then. The ground is located in the heart of Peshawar, near the famous Shahi Mosque. This is one of the most popular cricket grounds in Pakistan.

Shalimar Garden

Shahi Bagh Peshawar, better known as Shalimar Garden, is one of the oldest gardens in Pakistan.

The garden was built in the 16th century by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan was the same emperor who built the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Shalimar Garden is a classic example of Mughal garden architecture.

The garden is divided into three terraces, each with its unique features. The lower terrace is known for its fountains, while the middle terrace boasts a massive pool. The upper terrace is home to a pavilion where Shah Jahan used to hold court.

Today, Shalimar Garden is one of Peshawar’s most popular tourist attractions. Visitors from all over Pakistan see the garden’s beautiful fountains and lush green plants.

Tehmas Khan Football Stadium Peshawar

Shahi Bagh, Peshawar, is home to the iconic Tehmas Khan Football Stadium. The stadium has a long and rich history, having hosted matches as early as the 1950s.

The stadium was named after a famous Pashtun warrior, and it quickly became known as a place where the best football teams in the region would compete.

In recent years, the stadium has undergone extensive renovations, and it is now one of the premier football venues in Pakistan. Shahi Bagh is also home to several other historical sites, including the Shahi Mosque.

The area is a popular tourist destination and is well worth a visit for anyone interested in Pakistani history and culture.

Shahi Bagh Peshawar Ticket Price:

There is no entry fee to Shahi Bagh Peshawar. Visitors can freely enjoy the beautiful gardens, fountains, and historical sites.

Location & Contact Info:

Address: 2H9G+ Q2J, Shahi bagh road, Peshawar, KPK.

Contact: +92 316 9924437


1. Who made Shahi Bagh?

The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built Shahi Bagh in the 16th century. Shah Jahan is also responsible for making the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

2. Where is Shahi Bagh?

Shahi Bagh is located in Peshawar, Pakistan.

3. What are the opening hours of Shahi Bagh?

Shahi bagh opens at 8 am and closes at 7 pm from Monday to Sunday.