Phase 3 Ladies Park Peshawar

Do you ever reflect on the idea of how you can heal yourself? How can you soothe your mind and calm your senses? Well, the answer to your thoughts is the need to visit and relax in Parks. The Phase-3 Ladies Park in Peshawar is one wonderful place for leisure and is your Green Home of tranquility.

When the city’s hectic life is playing havoc with your mind, you must sit back and soothe yourself. The lush green and deeply calming parks are the best and most comforting places to visit in this need hour.

Park is an area of natural, sometimes semi-natural, and watchfully planted space. This space is devoted to recreation and protecting species’ Nature and Natural Habitats.

This article is a detailed piece of writing on one of the incredibly peaceful and safe amusement places in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, namely The Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar. It will highlight all the attractions, enjoyments, and excitements of the Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar.

Phase-3 Ladies Park in Peshawar is one of the most popular public parks. It is mainly because of its exclusive Nature of being a haven for “Females Only.”

Keeping considerably into view the gender inequalities all over the globe, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has taken a step to provide a free and protective space to women. They have invested wisely in the gender-responsive approach and established the exclusive Ladies Park Peshawar

Attractions Offered by Phase-3 Ladies Park, Peshawar

Phase-3 Ladies Park is spread over vast land in the Peshawar Tribal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This Ladies Park is a perfect demonstration of gender careful and a Nature-friendly place.

The attractions provided by the Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar are all amazingly engaging. A hub of various amusing and exciting spots and activities, the Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is a spectacular site to relax and be in Nature. 

You are mistaken if you are thinking of getting bored in the Ladies Park! Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is one hell of a place to enjoy.

Of the many attractions that are offered to you by the Ladies Park Peshawar, the most delightful ones are the following:

Jogging Track

Do you want to feel safe yet carry out all your fitness activities under a clear sky? If yes, you have to experience the incredible life of Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar.

The Ladies Park Peshawar has well-built and perfectly paved jogging tracks. You can walk, run or jog on these wide and well-maintained tracks.

The other beauty of the jogging tracks in the Ladies Park Peshawar lies in the luxuriant green areas. While jogging may render you physically fit, the greenery provides peace to your eyes and soul.

You can jog freely on the tracks, listening to your favorite music through the air pods. The Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is the safest all-female space where you can enjoy the happy-go-lucky mood.

Seating Area

The vast and clean seating areas in Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar are another attraction site for the ladies. Not only can you relax in the Natural setting, but it can also lighten up your mind.

The gossip and discussions among a group of your lady friends in the comfortable environment of the Ladies Park Peshawar can ease you up.

The benches are placed all around the park, and the seating areas are appropriately designed, keeping in mind the easement of the Ladies visiting the park to unburden themselves. 

Green Grassy Ground

The triple G’s are the source of peace for mentally drained souls and the day-to-day deteriorating global environment. The Green Grassy Grounds of the Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is a relief for the exhausted eyes, a charm for the weary souls, and a great source of attraction for the stressed mind.

The Green Grassy Ground, the ultimate attraction of the Ladies Park Peshawar, is also an ecologically friendly initiative. A way of healing the wounding Nature.

Moreover, the Green Grassy Grounds are also a source of cheerfulness for the kids coming in with their mothers. They can play different games on these grounds like football, cricket match, etc., to physically invigorate themselves.

Rest Rooms

The neat, clean, and well-looked-after restrooms add to the homeliness of Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar. The cleaning staff (comprising 2 to 3 people) works efficiently to maintain the restrooms.

In case of any emergency, the ladies visiting the Ladies Park Peshawar can, without any worry, use the restrooms and freshen up themselves.

Wheel Chair Access

The most significant and well-thought-out facility in Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is the availability of Wheel Chairs.

The administration of the Ladies Park Peshawar has carefully comforted your disability or the inability to walk, for any reason, through the access of the Wheel Chairs.

No physical problem can hinder you from enjoying the views of the lush green park because Ladies Park cares for you. The access to the Wheel Chair is proof of it.

Mini Zoo

Phase-3 Ladies Park’s luxurious Nature is evident in the diverse attractions that it offers. The mini zoo is a good site of entertainment for the park visitors.

A variety of domesticated animals are the fascinations of this mini zoo. Deer, ostriches, giraffes, etc., are some of the main amusements of the Mini Zoo inside the Ladies Park Peshawar.


The Ladies Park Peshawar is an authentic recreation site with fun-filled, exciting attractions. The swings are no exception to your enjoyment.

Tired of sitting in the park, you can thoroughly amuse yourself with the multiple swings and rides available in the Ladies Park Peshawar. The swing sets, slides, Merry-Go-Round, spring riders, see-saw, monkey bars, moving cars, etc., are all pleasure-inducing activities in the Ladies Park Peshawar.

Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel is an ideal amusement ride and a cheerful presence of the Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar. The circular upright wheel with multiple passengers carrying components is an adventurous ride.

On a Ferris Wheel an astounding sight to ride up in the air and have a bird’s eye view of the Hayatabad Area!

With all its attractions, Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is your place of delight and joy.

Kids Rides

The Ladies Park Peshawar highly values its female visitors and has arranged all the possible comfort for them. The moms bringing their kids along can sit in peace while the children live the time of their life.

All the rides, swings and sports add to the happiness and enjoyment of the kids. Whether riding the cars, riding the horses, or mounting the camels, the kids spend their time in sheer joy and laughter.

Beautiful Garden

The floral gardens are the real gems of Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar. Filled with the floral scents of beautiful, eye-catching, and fragrant flowers, the garden of the Ladies Park is a picture-perfect place for your personal or professional photo shoots.

Parking Area

The Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is also easy to visit because it saves you from the hassle of finding a parking space.

Drive your car to the Ladies Park Peshawar without worrying about parking it because the park management has it all planned for your comfort!

A small but accommodating parking space is specially built within the boundary wall for the ladies visiting the Ladies Park Peshawar. With a few rupees ticket, you can safely park your car and have a tension-free time inside the park. 

Tuk Shop

The Tuk Shop of the Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar has a collection of imported and local snacks for you. Brew and hot tea are also available for you at the Tuk Shop. 

Every food item of the Ladies Park Peshawar’s Tuk Shop is sold at economical and affordable prices. It is done for the comfort and delight of the visitors.

Location of Phase-3 Ladies Park

Are you confused about the Location and the Phase? Well, it’s as easy as pie!

Phase-3 Ladies Park is located in the third phase of the Hayatabad Area in Peshawar Tribal Area, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This Ladies Park Peshawar can be accessed from two sides of the Hayatabad area.

 It is located at an ideal position and is mostly within walking distance for the ladies visiting it to relax.

Phase-3 Ladies Park Timings

To your wonder and amazement, Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is open 24 Hours and all around the week from Monday to Sunday. It is available for you to visit during the day or at night. You can absorb all the peace and solitude at any time of the day or night as its doors never close.


Thus, to your excitement, Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is one of the marvels of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It offers all the incredible attractions that uplift your mood and provide you peace, safety, and independence as a female.


1.    Where is Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar located?

As its name suggests, Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is located in the city of Peshawar, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The precise location is the 3rd Phase of the Hayatabad Area in Peshawar, KPK.

2.    What are the opening hours of Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar?

The Phase-3 Ladies Park Peshawar is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.