Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar

The monotonous everyday life can become physical and mental exhaustion for you. How about uplifting your mood and refreshing your weary soul?

Well, to soothe your mind, relax your body and calm your senses, a visit to a Park can be a life savior! Ghani Bagh Park in the Hayatabad area of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is truly a piece of heaven on Earth. It surely can change your life for the best.

Breaking the similar pattern of worldly life by being in Nature! A visit to a park can spare you some moments for reflection and absorbing the peace of Nature.

Well known as one of the best parks in Peshawar, the Ghani Bagh Park is undoubtedly a gem of Nature. This breathtakingly beautiful land of greenery, the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar, is a wonderful sight to spend leisure time.

Release all your stress and get rid of every kind of exhaustion by adopting the peaceful pace of Nature. In this regard, the Ghani Bagh Park Hayatabad is your place to soak up all the peace, tranquillity, and calmness.

This article will throw light on the serene and alluring environment of the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar. It will steer you to the peaceful space of Ghani Bagh Park and let you experience all the incredible amusements offered by the magical place.

Attractions Offered by Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar

The wonders of the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar can never fail to amaze and delight you!

Yeah, you heard it right.

The Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is a brilliantly designed space of diverse attractions. These attractive qualities can readily change your mood, boost your morale and blow life back into your dull existence.

Your single visit to this fantastic place, The Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar, can leave you awe-struck and tempted for life. You step-in in into this heaven once; you never want to step out to your tiring reality again!

Following are all the major attractions that the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar offers.

Jogging Track

To facilitate the residents of Hayatabad mainly and the tourists visiting Peshawar frequently, the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar serves you at its best!

Comprising the 0.3 Mile that counts as 1000 steps route, the jogging track or the walking trail of the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is a beautiful site of attraction. It is a wonder for the residents of Hayatabad, Peshawar, or visitors from other parts of the country.

The aesthetically pleasing greenery all around the jogging track adds to the already high beauty of this magical green land. You can jog, walk or run on the track so peacefully while the fragrance of the dazzling flowers fills your nostrils and the fresh air cleans your lungs.

Moreover, this carefully and flawlessly constructed jogging track has an elevation gain of 0 ft. This makes it an easy and physically healthy track to jog and become the fitness freak that you desire to be.

Lush Green Gardens

One of the principal attractions of the Ghani Bagh Park Hayatabad is the charming lush green grassy gardens. The green grass-covered beautiful gardens are a significant source of peace and serenity for those visiting the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar.

These lush green gardens are furthermore eye-catching and soul-pleasing, with the variety of flowers spreading their fragrances around the Ghani Bagh Park.

The lungs inflate with the onrush of greenery, and the nostrils are amazed by the wonderful fragrances of the flowers scattered and growing all around the beautiful Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar.

Kids Play Area

Although no lavish swings or rides are placed in the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar, it is one of the most fun places for the kids and elderly alike.

The mesmerizing aura of the Ghani Bagh Park holds the kids’ attention firmly. They can play care freely in the well-trimmed and well-maintained grassy lawns of the Ghani Bagh Park.

The soft and dewy grass of the gardens provides a sense of calmness to the kids who run and play different games throughout the Park.

Beautiful Lawns

Well, the beauty of the Breathtakingly Beautiful Lawns cannot go unappreciated!

The eco-friendly greenest environment of the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is one of its finest sights of amusement and relaxation. The staff regularly take care of all the beautiful lawns and are a source of revitalization for you.

Seating Area

With the organization and arrangement of several benches around the incredibly refreshing lawns and gardens of the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar, it is a fascinating place to sit and relax for hours.

People visiting the Ghani Bagh Park rest in the seating areas for longer times and talk their hearts out in the luxuriant gardens of the Park.  

Amazing Night View

If you find an aesthetically pleasing place to enjoy your starry night, you are looking at the right post!

The Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is an amazingly arresting space to enjoy the fantastic night views. With the calm breeze blowing at night, Queen Moon throwing its beams all around, and the strikingly lit gardens of the Ghani Bagh Park, you can sit and gaze at the fantastic night view.

The Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is a beautiful attraction for night lovers and park lovers.

Picnic Point

Are you searching for a spot of eye-catching beauty and wholesome tranquillity to enjoy your garden party?

Yeah, the Ghani Bagh Park Hayatabad is your place!

The glorious Ghani Bagh Park offers an excellent picnic point for families. Pack your food baskets and drive towards the Park because it is a marvelous place to enjoy outdoor meals. As well as spend a splendid time with your kids and family.


The dreamy look of the Ghani Bagh Park owes a lot to the magnificence of the Fountains installed at the center of the Park.

The water sprinkling from the fountains with the birds sitting beside it, pecking their beaks to satisfy their thirst, gives such an incredible picture to the people walking and roaming around.

The fountains, the pretty tiny birds, and the grassy lawns together paint such a royal picture of the Ghani Bagh Park for the visitors.

Parking Area

The presence of the vast parking area for the people driving to the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is such a relief.

Without fussing over your car’s parking, you can easily drive to the Park and place your car anywhere inside the parking lot because the space and safety for your vehicle are massive!

Sometimes, when it’s crowded, and the parking area inside is all filled, you can conveniently get space outside to park your vehicles. This way, you can be in Ghani Bagh Park, Peshawar’s beautiful territory, without any worries.

Tuck Shop

The Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is significantly an eco-friendly and purely a Nature loving space. Therefore, no food outlets, tuck shops, or cafeterias are available inside the Park.

However, you can always bring your refreshment along and enjoy it fully.

Ghani Bagh Park Timings

The timings for the Ghani Bagh Park are 8 am till 10 pm.

Opening sharp at 8 in the morning, the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is a place of fitness and well-being for the early risers. But that is not all! It remains open till ten at night and is ongoing facilitation for the residents’ night walks and leisure.

Location of Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar

Are you excited about visiting this greenest land?

The location of the Ghani Bagh Park is, Phase 2, Hayatabad, Peshawar, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It is situated next to Faqir Talao and in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

The Ghani Bagh Park is a highly spruced up place in the posh area of Hayatabad, Peshawar. Its beauty and serenity translate to the overall poshness of the Hayatabad area.


Thus, the mesmerizing and magnificent Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is a mind-awakening and soul-refreshing place for your recreation and health fitness. The lawns, gardens, and jogging tracks contribute to your mental and physical aliveness.


1. Where is Ghani Bagh Park located?

The Ghani Bagh Park is located in Phase 2, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

2. What is the ticket for Ghani Bagh Park?

The entrance to the Ghani Bagh Park Peshawar is free of cost. However, the utmost that can be charged due to a change of policies is 10 Rupees per person.

3. What are the opening hours of Ghani Bagh Park?

The Ghani Bagh Park Hayatabad opens at 8 am and remains open for the general public or tourists till 10 pm.