Kashmiri Dress – Kashmiri Clothing and Famous Pheran

Have you ever been to Kashmir and tried one of its traditional costumes? If not, add this to your bucket list because it will be fun. Kashmir is a place with a vibrant culture and history. Part of the culture’s uniqueness is the traditional dresses that both men and women wear. In this article, we will look at some aspects of Kashmiri dress.

Kashmiri dress has been an essential part of Kashmiri culture and has evolved. However, the dresses are so beautiful that the colors, the embroidery, and the patterns are something to die for!

Fashion enthusiasts worldwide are attracted to or come across the elegant designs and intricate embroidery of the Kashmiri dress at least once. This region’s traditional dress accurately depicts this valley’s richness in culture and heritage.

The climate of Kashmir is quite cold during most of the year, and because of that, wool and silk garments are more popular among the Kashmiri people.

Kashmiri traditional dress is far different from the traditional and formal wear in the other cities of Pakistan. That’s what differentiates the Kashmiri culture from the rest of the country.

So let’s continue reading to explore more about the traditional Kashmiri dress, their evolution, and the different attires worn by both men and women in this region.

History of Kashmiri Dress

Before we try to understand the traditions and culture of Kashmir, we’ll have to familiarize ourselves with its history, from where the Kashmiri dress originated, and how it changed with time.

The history of Kashmiri dress is deeply rooted in the culture and heritage of this region. Kashmir has been known for its rich textile tradition and craftsmanship for centuries. The Kashmiri dress is similar in all regions, whether under Pakistan’s territory or the Indian boundary. Also, the people in both states are the majority Muslims; thus, the dressing culture is similar.

If we look back at history, there was a stronghold of Greeks and Persians in the Kashmir region, so there’s a strong influence of Greeks and Persian in the customary practices of Kashmir. Later on, the Aryans also left their mark on the traditions and customs of Kashmir during their rule.

The Persians introduced the concept of “Pheran” to Kashmir. Even today, the Kashmiri dress is quite similar to that of the Persian. However, the embroidery patterns and designs of Kashmiri dresses seem to have been influenced by Western tastes. The beautiful and intricate artwork and embroidery designs impact more than one culture.

So Kashmiri dress is an amalgamation of Persian, Greek, and Western cultures with a tinge of Kashmiri flavor. The traditional dress of Kashmiri women is very colorful and vibrant.

Kashmiri Traditional Dresses

The world is already not a stranger to the customs and traditions of the valley of Kashmir. Many of us have already seen ethnic Kashmiri wear, but the deep intricacies and the beauty of Kashmiri dresses are still relatively unknown.

Kashmir is a landlocked region in the Northern part of India. It is surrounded by the states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the south, Jammu and Ladakh to the north and east, and Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir to the west. The region has a diverse range of cultures and traditions.

The climate of Kashmir is also very diverse, with cold winters and cool summers. This diversity is reflected in the clothing worn by the people of Kashmir. The traditional dress of Kashmiri women is very funky and vibrant, a reflection of their culture and traditions.

The Kashmiri traditions, language, dressing sense, and cultural preferences make a vivid picture of how Kashmir interacts with the rest of the world. The Kashmiri traditional dresses are gaining popularity all over the world for the beautiful and intricate embroidery they have.

Evolution in Traditional Kashmiri Dress

The traditional dress of the Kashmiri people has undergone many changes. The current style is a fusion of the older styles with a modern twist. For instance, the pheran, the traditional dress of Kashmiri women, is now available in many colors and designs.

Although Kashmir is home to many different religions, including Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism, the Kashmiri culture influences all these religions, but most people are Muslim.

Since Islam is the prevailing religion in Kashmir, the Kashmiri Muslim community loves to dress up in Pheran. You can find pherans in fabrics like wool, silk, and cotton. Previously, there weren’t many fabrics or designs in Pheran, but Kashmiri dress is changing fashion with time.

Costumes of Kashmiri Women

Kashmiri women are one of the most beautiful women you’ll ever come across. They are known for their beauty, enhanced by traditional clothing. Let’s take a look at the traditional costumes of Kashmiri women.

1.     Pheran

The most common and popular Kashmiri dress among women is the Pheran. It is a long, loose-fitting garment that covers the entire body. Pherans are usually made of wool or cotton and come in white, black, and blue colors. One can also wear it in the summer season with lighter stuff.

Muslim women have worn Pheran to cover their bodies for centuries as a sign of modesty.

2.     Taranga

Taranga, also called Kasaba, is the traditional headdress of Kashmiri women. It is a long, rectangular-shaped scarf draped over the head and tied behind the back of the head; the face is left uncovered.

Without the headdress of Taranga, no Kashmiri outfit is complete!

3.     Kashmiri Zari

Kashmiri zari is a type of embroidery traditionally used to decorate the Pherans. It is done with delicate and intricate needlework. The zari embroidery is usually done on the collar, sleeves, and hem of the Pheran.

4.     Kashmiri Hijab

The Hijab is a headscarf that Muslim women wear as a sign of modesty. In Kashmir, the Hijab is usually made of Pashmina or wool and is embroidered with beautiful designs. Mostly, the Hijab has gorgeous mirror work at the front.

Costumes of Kashmiri Men

Kashmiri men also have their traditional dress, which is quite popular in the region and worn by Muslim and Hindu men. Here’s an overview of all costumes of Kashmiri men.

1.     Pheran

The traditional Kashmiri men’s dress is known as the Pheran. The Pheran is a long cloak-like garment worn over regular clothes and falls down the knees. The apparel for Pheran is always plain and has narrow sleeves.

It is made of wool or cashmere and is often embroidered with designs. The Pheran in winter protects men from the cold weather.

2.     Kashmiri Shawl

The Kashmiri shawl is a top-rated and well-known product of the region. It is made of wool or Pashmina and is worn by both men and women. The shawls are usually brightly colored and have intricate designs. They are often used as a stole or as a headscarf.

3.     Kashmiri Shalwar Kameez

The Shalwar Kameez, or Kashmiri suit, is a traditional outfit worn by men and women in Kashmir. It consists of loose trousers and a long shirt or tunic. In older times, men wore long, loose-fitted shirts with bell bottom sleeves and churidar pajamas.

The Shalwar Kameez is usually made of cotton or linen and is often brightly colored. However, men wear plain shalwar kameezes with darker shades.

Kashmiri Marriage Dresses

A Kashmiri wedding affair is incomplete without the bride and groom donning traditional Kashmiri attires. The traditional dress is worn by the bride and groom and their relatives and friends.

For the bride, a red pheran is a must. It is often embroidered with gold threadwork known as Aari. The dupatta or headscarf is also red and has intricate designs. The bride also wears a lot of jewelry, including gold and silver necklaces, bangles, and earrings.

In older times, the groom used to wear a black pheran with gold threadwork. But in modern times, the groom wears a sherwani similar to the Pakistani groom’s dress. The Kashmiri groom also wears a shawl with beautiful and intricate threadwork on one shoulder.

The relatives and friends also wear colorful pherans. The men wear kurta-pajamas or trousers with shirts. The women wear salwar kameez or lehengas.

The traditional Kashmiri dress is very colorful and vibrant. It is a must-have in every Kashmiri woman’s wardrobe.

Kashmiri Dress for Winter

The winter season in Kashmir is quite cold and harsh, and the temperature can drop to below -15 degrees Celsius. However, the Kashmiris are well-prepared to combat the winter season with their dressing.

When we talk about the winters in Kashmir, the first thing that comes to mind is the Pheran!

Besides the fact that Kashmiris love this dress and have been wearing it for generations, Pheran acts as an all-rounder garb! It serves as the sweater, the jacket, the overcoat, and everything you want it to be.

Pheran is the star of traditional Kashmiri clothing and is widely worn by men and women. Pherans are mostly made of wool as it provides warmth and insulation against cold weather.

The traditional winter Pheran for women has intricate designs and embroidery work on the neckline, yoke, and sleeve edges. The Pheran for men is simple and mostly solid in color.

Kashmiri Dress for Summer

The summer season in Kashmir isn’t as warm as the other parts of Pakistan, but lighter fabrics are still worn in the summers of Kashmir.

Women wear lighter versions of their traditional Kashmiri dress. Or they wear Shalwar Kameez in summer with lighter dupattas having beautiful artwork on both sides of the borders.

However, the changing times have enabled Western wear to penetrate the Kashmiri market. But still, the evergreen, comfortable, and ethnic wear of Kashmiris hasn’t been forgotten.

The best thing about the Kashmiri traditional dress is that it is comfortable as well as stylish at the same time. The fabrics are also very high quality and durable, making them worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Kashmiri people wear Pheran?

Pheran is a traditional dress worn by both men and women in Kashmir. It is a long, loose cloak that goes down to the knees or below. Pherans are made from woolen fabrics lined with softer materials such as cotton. They keep the wearer warm in the cold winters of Kashmir.

Which fabric is used in Kashmir?

The fabrics used in Kashmiri dresses are mostly wool and cotton. Wool is used for making Pherans as it is a hot fabric. Cotton is used for making shirts, salwar kameez, and other dresses. Silk is used in the Kashmiri Hijab, making it look elegant.

Do Kashmiri people wear gold?

Yes, Kashmiri people do wear gold. Gold is considered to be an essential part of the Kashmiri culture. It is believed that gold brings good luck and prosperity. Kashmiri women usually wear gold jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bangles, and anklets. Men also wear gold rings and chains.

What are the dressing features of Kashmir?

The dressing features of Kashmir include the Pheran, the Kashmiri Shawl, and the Kashmiri Shalwar Kameez. The Pheran is a long, loose-fitting cloak worn by men and women. The Kashmiri Shawl is a handmade woolen shawl popular among tourists. The Kashmiri Shalwar Kameez is a traditional dress worn by men and consists of a tunic, loose-fitting pants, and a scarf.

Why are Kashmiri shawls so famous?

The Kashmiri Shawl is a handmade woolen shawl popular among tourists. The shawls are made of high-quality wool and are available in various colors and designs. Kashmiri shawls are known for their warmth and comfort and are often used as winter wear.

Traditional Kashmiri clothing is unique and has a long history. The traditional dress of Kashmir is the pheran, which was previously very simple but is turning into beautiful and modern clothing with time.

The headdress of Kashmir, the Taranga, is also unique and an essential part of the Kashmiri dress. The shawls and hijabs of Kashmir are also trendy and are made of high-quality wool. The shawls are often used as winter wear.

Kashmiri dress is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty and tradition of Kashmir. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your Kashmiri dress today!