JAFZA – Jebel Ali Freezone

JAFZA- Jabel Ali Freezone Authority controls and administers Jabel Ali Freezone, the largest free trade zone that serves 3.5 billion people cutting across borders of nations! JAFZA stands for Jabel Ali Free Zone Authority which oversees the world’s largest free trade zone. In terms of sheer numbers, Jabel Ali Freezone is incomparable;

It is the largest freezone in the world

It is home to almost 7000 companies

It contributes 24% to Dubai’s GDP

Jabel Ali freezone generated a total business of $104 billion in a year through all the businesses registered with it

135,000 people work for various companies registered in JAFZA – Jabel Ali Free Zone

Jabel Ali Freezone is spread over almost 60 square km.

About Jabel Ali Freezone JAFZA

Jabel Ali Freezone was established in 1985 with only 19 companies. Jabel Ali seaport was constructed in the year 1979 and it soon became a very busy port. The JAFZA was established in the year 1985 to attract supply chain companies who would make use of the port and the warehouses built around it. It only had 1 gate at that point in time. JAFZA was created to market Jabel Ali Freezone to the global business community which would establish its factories, production facilities, warehouses, and offices around Jabel Ali Port, an area dedicated to Jabel Ali Freezone companies. This effort saw the establishment of the Fortune 100 companies such as Sony Middle East, Samsung Middle East, Swarovski, NAFCO, Grundfos, Nestle, PepsiCo, General Motors, Mitsubishi, etc.

JAFZA is a shining example of how a government enterprise can become successful. Its quest for bringing new businesses by adding innovative products is unparallel. It is a much-awarded freezone with complete portal-based operations for its users.

Vision of Jebel Ali Freezone JAFZA

Nothing succeeds without a well-defined and motivating vision and mission. JAFZA’s vision and mission are, “Our mission is to establish a trade corridor by attracting, retaining, and developing trade customers through high-quality logistics and industrial solutions enhanced by innovative and differentiated services.” It promises the following to its various stakeholders;

To its customer

It shall always provide its customers’ ideas from the beginning and to their success

To its employees

Mutual growth, i.e., growth of JAFZA shall ensure the growth of employees too

To its partners

“We shall always cherish your continued trust and support”

To its community

Ensure a safe, rich, and rewarding work environment shall be its primary focus


JAFZA has made a strong case for itself. Jabel Ali Free Zone, JAFZA, is a preferred destination for many big MNCs and also start-ups alike. It is because;

100% ownership of the business

0% corporate tax for 50 years with renewable concession

No limit and restrictions on capital repatriation

0% duty on import or re-exports

No currency restrictions

No restrictions on foreign talent and employees

Ability to mortgage the premises you own in Jabel Ali Freezone

0% personal tax

On promise custom

proximity to the port

Direct connection to E11 (Expressway – Sheikh Zayed Road)

JAFZA is a smart trade enabler leader and its parent DP World makes the trade faster, seamless, and effective. Its sustainability strategy is, ‘Our world, our future’, which leads it to architect operations, products, and services to have a positive impact on its people, partners, and the environment in which it is operating.

Companies in Jebel Ali Freezone JAFZA

JAFZA- Jabel Ali Freezone is home to thousands of companies that use the smart sustainable tools and solutions offered by Jabel Ali Freezone thus creating a sustainable Dubai economy. The companies in Jabel Ali Freezone can be segmented in;


JAFZA is the logistics hub for not only MINA and Gulf but also a corridor to the worldwide supply chain. It offers 3.8 million SQ Meters of combined space for logistics including 91,00 SQM of warehousing and 2100 SQM of office space. This is the largest space ever worldwide by a freezone for logistics and supply chains. It also provides a seamless online goods movement facility reducing paperwork.

Automotive & Spare Parts at JAFZA

JAFZA provides complete ship-to-warehouse solutions that include Smart trading that includes easy passage of cargo through the linking canal to the freight station, providing multi-tier car parking that can hold up to 27,000 cars or equivalent in CFU at a time. These facilities ensure that if you are in any trade related to Automotive and spare parts, you have integrated facilities already in place thus saving precious time and costs.

Food & Agriculture

Jabel Ali Freezone is home to many food and Agriculture companies. As part of sustainable food management, Dubai Government has emphasized creating secure food holding warehouses including deep refrigerated ones. When you are trading in the agro-business, you need to invest a lot in making such warehouses. But JAFZA already has built the required easy-to-use infrastructure for you. JAFZA has a project management team that can provide expertise when you are either a trader in agro-business or want to establish a food processing light industrial unit.

Electronics & Electrical at JAFZA

Already 1300 companies led by Sony Middle East, Samsung, LG electronics, etc., are operating in Jabel Ali Freezone catering to the vast electronic markets in the Middle East and Mina. Billions of dollars worth of electronics are re-exported from Dubai to various countries in the Gulf and MINA. This is because of the facilities offered by Jabel Ali freezone.

FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)

GCC is one of the fastest regions for growth in consumer goods, also known as FMCG. This growth means requirements for import, export, re-export, and warehousing facilities. Dubai Jabel Ali freezone provides all these plus excellent road, sea, and airport connectivity. Jabel Ali freezone offers an integrated facility for traders in FMCG. Hence it makes an ideal destination for any business related to FMCG. It is the reason why FMCG companies like Unilever, Sony, Black and Decker, and many such 1180 companies operate here employing more than 10,000 employees.

Petrochemicals at JAFZA

Dubai is at the center of Oil, and gas. Petrochemicals are by-products of Oil and gas. Because of its proximity to source markets, Jabel Ali Freezone envisioned the vast potential for petrochemical production, import, and re-export to markets in Africa and other Asian countries. Proximity to Jabel Ali port, and specific storage facilities near the port empower the petrochemical companies.

Retail & E-Commerce

E-Commerce is the biggest growth sector of the economy. E-Commerce requires very unique supply chain solutions which include special corrugated boxes, storage facilities, a well-constructed and connected road network, and excellent import and export services. The retail and e-Commerce Jabel Ali Freezone has complimentary industries that make it possible to establish an eCommerce and run it cost-effectively. The Jabel Ali Freezone makes it possible for the retail and eCommerce sectors to be successful.

Healthcare Distribution

The healthcare sector has seen rapid growth and post-pandemic this sector has been preferred. Providing healthcare to its citizen has been a top priority for all governments in GCC. This has increased the demand for pharma products, medicines, care equipment, and other derivative products. JAFZA offers bespoke facilities for import, production, and re-export facilities and thus capturing 50% of all healthcare distribution.

Types of Licenses at JAFZA

JAFZA offers the flexibility of licensing so that businesses of any kind can establish their operations in the Jabel Ali freezone. These options are as follows;


If you want to establish a trading company, JAFZA offers you Freezone Enterprise. The trading license gives a lot of possibilities over other types of licenses. A trading license allows you to buy, warehouse, move, sell, and even provide other services like maintenance of products you sold. In this trade license, you may choose groups. If you choose only 1 group then JAFZA will allow 7 different activities. 2 groups will get you 14 activities and if you choose 3 groups then you may choose unlimited activities. For all the groups and activities, you may visit Dubai Economic Department (Dubai government list for business activities).


Jabel Ali freezone offers you a Service license. Service means such activities as Freight Forwarding services, training services, Consultancy services, Lab Services, and Certification services. Jabel Ali Service license limits you from trading or warehousing activities. JAFZA Service license includes 7 activities per group. Also, Jabel Ali Freezone provides service-related infrastructures like offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and advanced wifi/ telecom solutions to facilitate Service licenses.


Initially JAFZA provided only a trading license. However, the growth of the supply chain through Jabel Freezone led to the formation of a new product called Industrial License. In Jabel Ali Freezone it is now possible to establish Light and heavy industrial units. Due to its vast area, proximity to Jabel Ali Port, and an ever-innovating Jabel Ali Freezone Authority the Industrial units have seen an increase of 15% in 2019.


JAFZA offers logistics licenses. A logistics license includes activities such as storing, distributing, sorting, freight forwarding, training, repackaging, sorting and repackaging, and shipping. The logistics is second most preferred trade license after trading. It also includes Security services related to logistics. Proximity to the port helps the logistics companies a lot. More than 63 companies from 430 companies are having their operation in the Jafza freezone.

Business Setup with JAFZA

Business setup with Jafza is fairly simple. However, you must download a list of activities and groups from the Dubai Government Activities List. Decide about the formation of your company in terms of shareholding pattern. Once you have got these matters sorted, then visit their website and then follow the link business-setup. The three steps are;

ü  Formation and license

ü  Payment

ü  Leasing

ü  Visa                                       


What is Jafza?

JAFZA is a free trade zone operated by the DP World. JAFZA is located around the Jabel Ali port area on both sides of Sheikh Zayed Road. This is a well-connected freezone. Jabel Ali Freezone is the first freezone started by the government of Dubai.

What is the formation and business license?

When you form a company it means you are deciding about the legal structure like who are the investors, what %age they won of the company, and whether it would be a freezone enterprise, or it is a freezone company, or a publicly listed company, etc. The formation is a decision that investors need to decide.

However, a Business License is like a “Permit to Work” by the Jabel Ali Freezone, It allocates a list of activities that you can undertake through the business license. The list of activities is listed in the Business License. It also clarifies the formation of the company (Freezone Enterprise, Freezone Company, Private Limited, Public Listed Company, or a Branch Office). The Formation can be permanent but a Business License needs to be renewed.

How to check the JAFZA visa status online?

There are different ways to check the Jafza visa status. You may get the following link;

a)       www.smartservices.ica.gov.ae and the select web services. You should change the language if you are not Arabic speaking. Then you should check your Passport information and then click on Visa. After that you input passport no. and passport expiry date. Select Country of residence from a drop-down menu. You will get a response from App on your visa status.

b)      You may also use the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) website for only Dubai-specific visas and since Jafza is a Dubai entity, this website is also a great help in knowing your visa status. You should go to the “Services: tab on the website, select “Residence Validity” and you would see a drop-down menu. Select “Visa Enquiry”. Provide file no. given to you when you applied for the visa. For residents, it is available on the Passport’s Visa Page. It will also ask you for your First name. If all the information given is correct, your visa status as well as its validity, etc shall also be shown.

Is there any post office in Jafza?

Jafza post office is located inside Jabel Ali Freezone. This is an Empost center. It is located in on the expo2020 road. It is open from 7:00 AM to 1.30 PM


JAFZA is one of the best options for Business setup and business operations. JAFZA companies enjoy a lot of services from the dynamic team who is always willing to work with you to bring a rounded economic growth to Dubai and its citizens. Be a part of the Jabel Ali Freezone community and start your journey to long-term prosperity.


JAFZA – Jabel Ali Freezone is the ideal place for companies related to Logistics, Petrochemicals, Marine, Supply Chain as well as Large scale industrial units. Being a fully secured freezone, you need to request a company in JAFZA, Jabel Ali Freezone for the Jabel Ali gate pass. The Jafza companies have easy access to apply for gate pass through the site.