DKP – Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone

Dubai is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Despite not having Oil or Gas, it still ranks as one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Its forward-thinking ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, has been at the front of creating a vision for the Emirate of Dubai. One of the cornerstones of this vision is to be a city of innovation driven by KNOWLEDGE. The knowledge that drives its economy, its trade, its tourism, and its healthcare. It has established a freezone called Dubai Knowledge Park to give a fillip to the inside. A freezone where the best and most talented trainers, educationists, and academicians would come and produce future knowledge workers.

Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone was once known as Dubai Knowledge Village. When the whole building was constructed in the Al Suffoh area, it was well known for fully linking more than 1.5 kilometers of continuous building blocks. The building block is three floors, and there is standard parking in front of the vast building block. It is very well connected with roads and Dubai Metro (Redline). Since it is part of the three freezones complexes (Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Knowledge Park), it is straightforward to reach.

The vision of Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone

The establishment of Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone has been through a strategic vision. Dubai had just completed the two iconic freezones before DKP, DIC-Dubai Internet City and DMC – Dubai Media City. Both these freezones are primarily Knowledge-based. However, there was still a missing piece. How would Dubai go forward if its residents have no options to educate themselves in a highly agile global knowledge context? Continuous learning is part of the strategic mission of every company today. For a continuous learning ecosystem, you need to have trainers, educationists, academicians, content developers, training infrastructure, and supportive hospitality; all of these need to be in one place so that they can work seamlessly.

Dubai Knowledge Park is the region’s training hub, a development partner for the human mind, and a center of excellence.

Its vision is to develop Dubai into a Knowledge-Based Economy.

Companies in Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone

Companies in Dubai Knowledge Park are primarily Training and Development related. As it is a development freezone, you get maximum exposure and connectivity if you are a provider or enabler of vocational training programs. If you look closely into the list of companies, most will have office space and training rooms or are agent offices to training providers. You can get the complete DKP – Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone companies list from Some of the well-known international universities that have opened their campuses in Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone are;

ü  University of Birmingham

ü  University of Manchester Middle East

ü  Middlesex University, Dubai

ü  the University of Wollongong etc.

ü  Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone Offerings

ü  Cisco Training

Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone Offerings include spaces as you’ve been given and your requirements. You can lease out a commercial space (A shell and a core unit) or opt-out for a Flexi desk. Here are the details of your options in the Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone.

Commercial Spaces

Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone offers you a variety of options under its Commercial Space option. You can take a shell-N-Core Office space with all essentials like Fire safety equipment, basic electrical coprimary, plumbing, and air conditioning inlets. You could have your interior fit out as well as soft furnishing. The Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone lists approved Interior Fit-Out companies and suppliers to decorate your office according to your taste and requirements. Please remember that when doing interior work, you will need to take approvals from the management of DKP.

The other options for Commercial Spaces in Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone include Office Units fully ready to move in. These small one-room offices come with desks, storage cabinets, telephones, chairs, etc. Commercial Spaces in Dubai University Park can extend to an entire floor of a building or more.

D/Quarters at Dubai Knowledge Park

D/Quarters is a unique real estate option for young and hip zen-X entrepreneurs who believe in ideas, sharing, and connectivity. They need to get “it” out by talking “it” out. You cant fit them in traditional offices and work environments. “Freedom” is the key word to define. For these “technopreneurs,” D/Quarters kind of workplace suits them perfectly. There are the following option available from the Dubai Knowledge Park freezone;

 The D/ Quarter comes with many common facilities offered by the DKP freezone through Dubai Internet City Freezone and Dubai Media City Freezone. These shared facilities are;

ü  You can access D/Quarters any part of the day or night.

ü  You can book a fully loaded meeting room

ü  Very High-speed Wifi

ü  Shared high-speed printers

ü  DKP offers you flexible payment options and even flexible contract

ü  Beautifully curated outdoor courtyard

ü  Multiple parking options

ü  Café

ü  Lounges

ü  Gaming Centre

ü  Lockers for your valuables

D/Quarters has everything that you ever need around you. It gets you started instantly and gets you to succeed because of its low-cost yet practical options.

in5 Centres

in5 Centres are for those bubbling with ideas but need the capacity and the know-how to bring the ideas into reality. Ideal for students, tech-thinkers, and design experts, the in5 center offers a comprehensive range of facilities and services, including workshops, investor meets, networking meetings, products like shared workplace, equipment on hire, meetings, and conferencing facilities, etc. It even has a business incubation center, where you can become a member for a meager fee and use all options in a pay-as-you-use format. So, check out this place in Dubai Internet City if you have some big idea cooking up and need more money.

To be part of the in5 center incubation community, you must send your business plan and Idea summary first to the DKP for its acceptance.

Freelance at Dubai Knowledge Park

The freelance is an offering from TECOM, the parent company that owns and operates Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone. This kind of license is good for professionals who are a business themselves. It allows you to do the following;

1.       1 work permit as well as investor license through which you can work and sponsor your family

2.       Get a freelancer license through which you provide services like training, consultancy, guidance, quality audits, etc.

3.       You don’t need to have a physical office space

4.       You may opt for the Flexi desk package so that you can use the resources by pre-booking and paying for them

5.       Your visa cost will be separate and not included with the work permit/ trade license fee.

Retail Centre

Dubai Knowledge Park freezone is a thriving community. It has a considerable number of visitors who form the student community. The DKP freezone is also visited by those with work permits, such as Frexidesk and GoFreelance. Apart from this, the ecosystem includes business owners in DKP and third-party service providers. To serve them, it has created particular areas for Retail. The retail areas are the most happening, serving worldwide cuisines, coffee shops like Starbucks, Stationery shops, travel solutions, and banking outlets. You can also look into starting retail if it can serve an upwardly mobile international clientele.

Setup Your Business in Dubai Knowledge Park

Discover your fit

We advise you first to visit – Dubai Knowledge Park, the campuses, offices, c—working spaces, and its energetic Retail center. Also, visit the in5 center in Dubai Internet City. You will get an idea of your business requirements and what kind of DKP Offering best suits you. The DKP team is always there supporting you in making the right decision.


How to set up your Business in DKP – Dubai Knowledge Park freezone?

Once you have found your fit, it is the right time to join the community of Dubai Knowledge Park, DKP. You should follow the link “Set up your Business” when you visit the website under the “Offerings” tab. You must fill out an online form, upload the required documents, and maybe a business plan, especially if you want to start an incubation center. Once the DKP team receives your form, things will be very smooth, and you will become a proud community member of Dubai Knowledge Park Freezone.

How do you feel about reaching Dubai Knowledge Park?

It is very to reach DKP. Metro Redline is your best option as you would get down at Dubai Internet City and take the crossover bridge from there. There is plenty of direction signage from there to Dubai Knowledge Park, with a total walk time of 12 minutes. From Sheikh Zayed road it is only 4 minutes by car. RTA Buses 83, 84, 88, X28, and F31 service the community of Dubai Knowledge Park.


Suppose your business is in the human capital develo,p payment, workforce hiring, etc. In that case, it is ideal for establishing in Dubai Knowledge Park as it gives you all the facilities of a freezone, like 100% ownership and no cap on Capital and profit repatriation, plus the added advantage of being located in a purpose-built connected community.


DKP – is a freezone that is a knowledge park, i.e., an ecosystem built around knowledge. DKP is ideally located on Sheikh Zayed Road and the Al Sofouh intersection. It is close to Palm Jumeirah mega community also. Dubai Knowledge Park freezone is a destination for knowledge entrepreneurs. Then you will get optimum business support and business leads in this knowledge park in Dubai.