DAFZ – Dubai Airport Freezone

Dubai is home to the busiest airport in the world, Dubai International Airport (DIA). DIA facilitates not only the movement of the people but only the cargo. In 2021, DIA moves more than 2.3 million tons of cargo. This indicates the importance of DIA in the global supply chain. The people and cargo flow through DIA makes a very good case for the establishment of a freezone that leverages the global connectivity of Dubai as its Unique Selling Point. DAFZ or Dubai Airport Freezone provides cutting-edge services to DAFZ companies that include flexible company formation, flexible licenses, and activities, Flexible office spaces, and warehouse units. DAFZ has a huge DAFZ retail area, the prominent feature of which is the Dubai Airport Freezone Food Court a Live area where all the casual networking happens over tasty cuisines from all over the world.

Overview of Dubai Airport Freezone

DAFZA, i.e., Dubai Airport Freezone Authority was established in 1996 with a vision to provide expatriate entrepreneurs with ideal infrastructure, connectivity, and commercial terms so that they can create wealth for themselves and contribute to Dubai’s economy. Thus, the foundation for a sustainable partnership was laid. The DAFZA, Dubai Airport Freezone Authority was vested with the responsibility to develop the infrastructure as well as operate the new freezone.

Since then, it has come a long way. As of 2021, it has more than 2000 companies registered with it, and more than 20,000 professionals work here in 20+ sectors. Its registered companies have done a combined business of more than Aed 150 billion in the year 2021. Thus, DAFZ has contributed immensely to the Dubai Economy and is still innovating its offerings to bring home a talent pool from all over the world.

DAFZ Vision

Dubai Airport Freezone’s vision, mission, and corporate values are;.


Adding value to the UAE economy by providing smart solutions that attract global investors, through innovation and a customer-centric environment driven by a passionate entrepreneurial team.


Customer: Add value to our customers
People: we strive for happy people
Innovation: Foster innovation
Teamwork: Together we achieve more
Integrity: Good governance
Corporate National Responsibility: We enrich the society”

Today DAFZ counts some of the most recognized Fortune 500 brands as its partners. It is home to Thales, Airbus, Boenig,

Why choose DAFZ?

DAFZ is an ideal destination for companies that have connected stakeholding in Dubai International Airport. Its proximity to DIA facilitates faster handling of Airport related activities. Dubai Airport Freezone has also created a world-class infrastructure in the heart of Dubai to give its clients a competitive advantage. DAFZ provides complete support to customers from all over the world to establish their tax-free business in Dubai. Its infrastructure includes 106,396+SQM warehouse space and 190,000+ SQM office space.

DAFZ offers the following unique advantages to its customers

Strategic location

  • DAFZ is located next to Terminal 2 in Al Qusais, the heart of the Dubai International Airport complex. It has fantastic accessibility via Dubai Metro and RTA buses and taxis. When you are here you are never far from work or home.

World-class infrastructure

  • It offers world-class infrastructure to its customers in terms of roads, warehouses, prayer areas, fast internet connectivity, ready-to-move offices, parking, as well as leisure facilities.

Extensive cargo handling facilities

  • Dubai Airport Freezone has created a huge cargo handling infrastructure that can cater to all your needs and removes the hurdle of creating your own cargo handling unit. For you, it is a simple plug-and-play system.

Smart services platform

  • For all your administration requirements, you just need to move your fingers on your mobile. As simple as that and the service materializes.

Incentives for investors

  • The investors in DAFZ can own 100% of their company
  • Investors can repatriate 100% of their profits and capital from their companies in DAFZ- Dubai Airport Freezone
  • DAFZ does not put any restrictions on foreign currency and expatriate employment. This means that you may bring any amount of capital in any currency. You may employ any number of foreign nationals in your company without any restrictions from DAFZ.
  • The management of Dubai Airport Freezone, DAFZ is fully investor centric hence all processes and clearances are fast-paced

Tax incentives

  • DAFZ has 0 corporate tax, 0 income tax, and is fully VAT exempted

Companies in DAFZ

Dubai Airport Freezone is home to more than 2000 companies, among them there are many Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. They have been operating in DAFZ successfully for the last 20 years plus. The companies in DAFZ enjoy excellent services provided by the team DAFZ and ever-improving Customer Interaction apps. Companies in DAFZ can be divided into;



DAFZ makes business setup easy for the entrepreneur through a) Making a very easy-to-use business setup, and b) Appointed agents and partners all over the world who do complete hand holding for establishing a business in DAFZ – Dubai Airport Freezone.

There are 3 easy steps to set up your business;

a)      Choose your License type

b)      Choose your Company type

c)      Choose your space

Choose Your License Type

Your License determines what activities you are allowed by DAFZ – Dubai Airport Freezone. There are the following types of Licenses you have to choose from;

Trade Licence: This is the most comprehensive type of license offered by DAFZ. This license allows you to import, reexport, warehouse, distribute, showcase, and provide services related to items that import and re-export. DAFZ Trading License is the best option if your business includes all the

E-commerce license: Ecommerce also is like a Trading License. However, this license allows you to establish a payment gateway, do online trading by establishing an e-commerce portal and then establish a complete logistics supply chain.

Service Licence: DAFZ set its eyes on the enormous potential of the Global Service Industry that includes Trainers, Consultants, Analysis, Travel, and Tourism, Clearing and Forwarding agents, etc. The Service License does not allow you directly deal in goods.

Industrial Licence: When you take the Industrial License as your option, it allows you to set up a Light Industrial unit to manufacture. Manufacturing also allows you to move goods, warehouse, and export.

General Trading Licence: This Trade License is the same but more comprehensive.

Dual Licence with DED*:  DED stands for Dubai Economic Department. For all mainland businesses, a businessman needs to take License from DED. For this, the business needs to have a physical office space. But, when you have a DAFZ license, you can directly apply for a DED license for mainland business without any office in mainland Dubai.

Talent Pass license: To attract talents who work individually, DAFZ provides a Flexi desk or Smart Office solution which allows them to conduct their businesses from DAFZ in a very cost-effective manner. The Talent Pass License is useful for professionals like consultants, advisors, legal experts, trainers, etc.

Choose Company Type

In DAFZA, you can form 3 different types of companies. These companies are any formation means how the investors come together. These company types are;

1.       Freezone Company (FZCO)

·       A Free Zone Company in which you can have 1 to 50 shareholders. These shareholders can be individuals on non-individuals. For this, the following requirements need to be established;

·       Minimum share capital of AED 1 (USD .27)

2.       PLC – DAFZ also allows a Public Limited Company (PLC) formation. A PLC is a company where

·       There is no limit to shareholders

·       The PLC company can list or offer its shares (IPO) on securities or Share Exchange market.

3.       You can also start a Branch Office, where the HQ is located in another country. For Branch office formation, the documents related to the existing company need to be established. The formation of a Branch Office does not require any share capital.

Choose the Office Type

DAFZ Officers

Dubai Airport Freezone has in-built office spaces for investors. The following is a table that details various options available in DAFZ;

Smart OfficesBoutique OfficesPremium OfficesPremium PlusStandard Lease
Only desk spaceComplete Offices available25 Sqm office space available50 Sqm Office space availableSpace provided for fully customized solutions
Maximum of 2 business visas2 business visas with more additional visas are possible3 employment visas minimum with additional possible6 employment visas with additional visas optionsOne employment visa for 3.3Sqm
Fully Wifi enabledFully wifi enabledWifi enabledWifi enabledWifi connectivity possible
24 X 7 Security services24 X 7 Security servicesCompanies of FZCO, and BranchCompanies of FZCO, Branch office,Companies of FZCO, Branch Office
Investor and visitor parking spaceInvestor and visitors’ parking spaces are availableFully furnished offices, 2 chairs, 2 tables, false ceilings, Window Blinds, Centralised Air ConditionedFully furnished with office tables, chairs, floor carpets, window blinds, cabinets, desksCustomized office spaces 
Fully setup with electrical fittingsFully furnished office spacesParking places, 2 landline telephones, CCTV based 24 X 7 securityComplete parking solutions for investors and facilities for visitors. CCTV based 24 X 7 security Parking facilities are available and CCTV based 24 X 7 security
   6 landline phones,Customized telephony solutions


DAFZ also provides its investors with high-quality, fire and thermal insulated, purpose-built warehouse and Light Industrial units

DAFZ – Dubai Airport Freezone provides Light Industrial Units close to Dubai Airports. They come with a standard size of 350 Sqm. These units can be used for manufacturing as well as warehousing. There are certain restrictions in manufacturing because Light Industrial Units do not use open space. All manufacturing needs to be done inside a warehouse structure. Its closeness with Dubai International Airport ensures rapid clearances and focused cargo handling. Each warehouse is built with fire safety, loading and unloading bays, and a mezzanine floor for office spaces. The Light Industrial Unit/ warehouses entitle 20 employment visas.

DAFZ Industrial Park also has Cold Storage attached to 11 warehouses, for agro and meat products. If you are an importer and processor of Meat and dairy products, then this Cold Storage would serve you ideally. It provides Licenses for Cold Storage operations, Cold Storage Design, and Build.

Retail Space

You may also lease the Retail Space available for serving more than 17,000 people who come to Dafz as employees of various DAFZA Companies and over 1000 daily visitors. Retail space includes pop retails like Kiosks and permanent Shell and Core Facilities. In the retail space, you can set up restaurants, cafés, stationery, travel counter, and even banking. The retail space is on the ground floor of all its buildings. These retail spaces are fully specified with fire safety, plumbing, and smoke escape.

Dubai Airport Freezone Facilities

Dubai Airport Freezone offers facilities to investors, employees, and visitors to create a very productive ecosystem. You can get in touch with DAFZA management for conferencing, meetings, online meetings, Product Launches, Corporate events, and many such requirements. These facilities are already built and all you have to do is to make a request online and just relax. The request is picked up DAFZA team and you would get all approvals and facilities fully ready.

DAFZ Business Centre

DAFZ Square business center is the best in the business. It has boardrooms, meeting rooms, and conference facilities and each of these have advanced telecom, audio-visual, and print facilities so that you just book your requirement and come on the day of the event to find everything organized perfectly. The business center is manned by a team and a receptionist who gives everyone a personalized welcome. So, be it conducting important interviews or explaining your product to corporate dignitaries, DAFZ Square Business Center is your best bet.

Depending on your requirements, you may start with the smallest facility, Deira Meeting Room, and then go up to the auditorium which is having a capacity of 225 people, a theatre screen, and a complete Dolby Sound system. Altogether there are 5 facilities for meetings and conferences.

DAFZ Retail Centre

To serve more than 20,000 people who come to Dafz as employees, owners, facility management teams, visitors, and outsourced staff, it has a huge retail area. This retail area is built to international standards and has the following category of retail;

  • Food and Beverages
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Telecomm
  • Stationary
  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Driving License
  • Pharmacy
  • Fitness Centre

Business center for Print, Filing, Binding, Photo, and Courier

Dubai Government Center

To make it easy for its ecosystem, DAFZ has a representation of the following government entities;

  • Dubai Police
  • General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
  • Dubai Customs
  • Dubai Health Authority

Regus by DAFZ

DAFZ has entered into a partnership to provide its community ideal, easy, and connected workplace solution. Regus is the world’s biggest workplace outsourcing company. If you want to have a workplace where you are just a user and everything else including administrative and operative responsibility is managed by a different company then you are looking for Regus partnered workplace. It provides you with desk space, office space, meeting space, and even storage. It has a dedicated receptionist who would answer your company name and collect calls, and who would also collect all the courier services. You can enroll with Regus and avail yourself of all of this from day one. When you exit, you simply notify and exit. It is the kind of workplace that many professionals prefer. Regus checks all boxes if time is critical to you.

Hala Trade and Islamic Centre

If you want to attract Islamic Sharia-compliant businesses in the Middle East then DAFZ is your place to establish your business. DAFZ has a Halal Trade and Islamic center that links you to the global Islamic Sharia Halal businesses as well as provides you with the required framework and know-how to become a part of this ecosystem.

Dubai Airport Freezone Services

DAFZ – Dubai Freezone Services are comprehensive, clear, and highly agile. Its services are integrated with all the services related to the entities of the Dubai Government. It is your one-stop shop. When you have decided to set up business in DAFZ, it will handle all matters related to Licensing, visa, and Operational Services.

DAFZ Business Setup Services

Dubai Airport Freezone has Business Setup Services that include advising you right from Company formation to activities that suit your business. It also handles your documentation, approval, and government-related services.

Its online portal can be accessed from anywhere 24 X 7. It has customer relation bots that answer your questions so that your online use portal and guide you so that you fill-up the form correctly and upload the right documents. 

Visa Services

DAFZ has a government center hence handling visa requirements is fast and simple. The visa process can be completed online and you can track the progress of your Visa. You can also check the quota availability as well as request for quota increase for visas.

Operational Services

DAFZ provides you with comprehensive operational services that start with your interior solutions, IT solutions, Telecomm solutions, and Business center solutions. It has registered vendors who are thoroughly checked and you can choose them through its business portal. The Online portal also has government services (Dubai Police, Dubai Customs, Dubai Healthcare, GDRFA, etc). You don’t need to go out of this portal for your needs. Through the portal of DAFZ, you can click a picture and send it to the security/ waste management authorities for them to take quick action. You also get a request number when you interact with DAFZ through its online app and get a request id through which you can track its completion.

Dubai Airport Freezone Location

Dubai Airport Freezone, DAFZ is located in the Al Qusais area of Dubai and is within the vast complex of Dubai International Airport. It is very much connected with DIA and has a shared logistics, and supply chain facility. It is at the intersection of Al Quds and Damascus Street, next to Terminal 2(T2) of Dubai Internal Airport.


What is DAFZ?

Dubai Airport Freezone, DAFZ is a freezone established by the Dubai Government as forwarding integration of Dubai International Airports. Dubai has become the leading trading, tourism, and cargo handling hub of not only the Middle Eats but also the world. To attract the most well-known foreign companies in aviation, trading, Air Cargo moving, Packaging, Food processing, Training, and other such activities, Dubai Government established DAFZ in 1996. It is a freezone which means that all the restrictions of mainland companies have been removed and the investors in the freezone of DAFZ are fully free to operate, earn and repatriate the capital and profits without any restrictions.

Where is DAFZ in Dubai?

DAFZ is located at the intersection of Ql Quds street and Damascus Street, next to T2 of Dubai International Airport. It can be reached easily by Dubai Metro (Greenline), RTA bus, and Dubai Taxi services.


As a well-connected ecosystem Dubai Airport Freezone, DAFZ provides an ideal solution for all your business needs through a super easy online Portal and its partner agents all over the world. DAFZ companies enjoy the vast Halal and Sharia-compliant economies due to DAFZ being the HQ for Islamic Markets Research.