Darawat Dam – An Overview of Darawat Dam in Pakistan

You must’ve heard of so many massive dams in Pakistan; these are famous enough to be seen everywhere in the news. But here we’ll talk about a less discussed dam which is equally important but not many people know. The Darawat Dam is located on the Nai Baran river, quite close to the Jhangri village in district Jamshoro Sindh, Pakistan. 

It is in Pakistan is under the control of two districts, i.e., Jamshoro and Thatta. The Dam’s structure comes under the Jamshoro district and spreads over 10,500 acres with a capacity of 121,600 acre-feet. However, the Thatta district will have a command area that still needs to be developed. 

The Darawat Dam is built mainly to store rainwater and provide water for irrigation.

This operational Dam has a height of 46 m from the foundation and a length of 306 m. With a gross storage capacity of 120,000 acre-feet, it can supply water for irrigation to 25,000 acres.

The Darawat Dam is one of the landmarks of Sindh and was constructed on the River Nai Baran. If you ever come near this area, you should pay a visit to this small Dam to see how it has contributed to the development of Pakistan.

Let’s discuss this further, its location, how it was constructed, its tourist attractions, and how to reach there from Jamshoro.

Location of Darawat Dam

The Darawat Dam is located in the Jamshoro District of Sindh, Pakistan. It is situated on the River Nai Baran, about 1.5 hours away from Hyderabad. The Dam was constructed between the years 2010 and 2014. 

The location or site of the Dam is quite suitable for a spate-irrigation in which seasonal flows are received in a torrent or stream. Nai Baran has hilly streams and torrents emanating from the lower Kirthar mountain range in the Bella district of Baluchistan during the rainy season. 

Area and Water Storage Capacity

Although the Dam falls in the list of small dams in Pakistan, still it’s big enough to rinse nearby areas. 

The Dam’s catchment area is 8,161 square kilometers and has a storage capacity of 120,000 acre-feet. 

Darawat Dam can irrigate almost 25,000 acres of land with a storage capacity of 150 million cubic meters. 

Darawat Dam has enough storage capacity to irrigate the nearby lands and thus plays a vital role in Pakistan’s economy by increasing agricultural production.

Production of Electricity 

Darawat Dam also can produce electricity. Although the Dam’s power station is still under construction, the current production is 0.45 megawatts. So the power station has an installed capacity of 0.45 MW and provides clean and renewable energy to Pakistan. 

The power plant at Darawat dam starts working by releasing water from the reservoir, which then turns the turbines that generate electricity. 

The electricity produced by the Darawat Dam is enough to power almost 18,000 homes in Pakistan. And that is more than enough during the country’s electricity crisis! 

Who Started the Darawat Dam in Jamshoro? 

The construction of the Darawat Dam started in 2010, and after three years, the structure was completed in 2013. The president of Pakistan at that time, i.e., Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, inaugurated the reservoir in August 2014. He said positive remarks about the Dam, “When I’ll visit this place in the coming years, I’ll see cotton cultivated here.” But unfortunately, the Dam cannot perform up to the mark, and there’s room for improvement. 

However, the Darawat Dam is a Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) project. The construction cost of this Dam was nearly 9.4 billion PKR. 

Darawat Dam was a part of the WAPDA’s plan to construct small dams in addition to massive dams and mega water hydropower projects to develop the remote areas of Pakistan. 

When was The Darawat Dam Constructed? 

The Darawat Dam was constructed in 2010 and took almost three years to complete. The construction of the Dam was completed at the end of 2013. 

A significant part of the Dam is constructed and operational, but some finishing touches must be added. The Dam’s primary purpose is to store water for irrigation and generate hydroelectric power. 

However, there’s still some work at the site, and it still needs to be completed. The reason behind the slow progress is the financial problems and economic crises the country goes through. 

On Which River is the Darawat Dam Constructed?

Darawat Dam is a concrete gravity dam constructed across the Nai Baran river near the Jhangri village in the Jamshoro district of Pakistan. 

The primary purpose of building this Dam was to provide water for irrigation in the Jamshoro district and to generate hydroelectric power. 

The Darawat Dam is an important water source for the Indus River downstream. 

Tourist Attractions at Darawat Dam

The Darawat Dam is a beautiful place and a great tourist spot. The Dam has a scenic view, and there might not be many picnic spots around it, but still, it makes a nice place to enjoy a weekend. So let’s look at what you can do at Darawat dam to have a memorable day. 

The Adventurous Road to Darawat Dam

For now, there’s no road to Darawat dam, but the road that leads to Jhangri village is used until you take a turn toward the Dam. So the point comes almost 4km before the village.

Although the road to Jhangri village is metalled, it has many potholes, so the maximum driving speed can be 40 km/h. 

The next part of the path leading to the Dam is an unmetalled road, but you can still drive a car there during the dry season. This bumpy ride can be an experience in itself!

Looking at the Fresh Water

The Darawat Dam is a great place to see how the water looks when it’s clean and fresh. Looking at this sizeable fresh waterbody amidst the dry and barren valley is an attraction.

The water in the Dam is also used to generate hydroelectricity so you can see the power plant. The sight of this Dam is soothing to the eyes, and you’ll be lost in its charm. 


Darawat Dam is also an excellent place for fishing. The fresh water in the Dam is home to a variety of fish. So you can try fishing and see if you can catch something good. 

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can buy fresh fish from the Jhangri village near the Dam. The fish here is relatively cheap and delicious, so it’s worth a try. However, remember to bring in your gear for catching fish as you won’t be able to buy it anywhere near the Dam.


The bumpy road to the Dam leads to the mountains after you cross the Dam. So you can park your vehicle there and get on your foot for an adventure.

These hiking trails near the Dam are something worth exploring. The trails are bumpy but easy to follow, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

The hike up to the Dam is quite steep, but it’s worth it for the stunning views. 

How to Reach Darawat Dam from Jamshoro?

The Darawat Dam is located in the Jamshoro district of Pakistan. The best way to reach the Dam is by road. However, many buses and cars ply this route. The distance is almost 60 km, and it will take nearly an hour to reach the Dam. 

The journey from Karachi to Jamshoro takes about 3 hours via the Hyderabad motorway. You can take your private vehicle but keep in mind the bumpy roads to Darawat dam. 

Darawat Dam Distance from Hyderabad

The Darawat Dam is in the Jamshoro district of Sindh. Its distance from Hyderabad city is 66 km, which means you can reach there in a maximum of 1 and a half hours. 

There are no facilities on the way to Darawat dam, so it’s better to carry some snacks and drinks for your one-day trip!

Short Facts about Darawat Dam

Darawat Dam is a multipurpose dam that provides water for irrigation and domestic use and generates electricity. 

You’ve read about the Dam a lot but let’s take a quick trip to Darawat dam with its exciting facts you should know about.

-Darawat Dam is an irrigation dam in Jamshoro Sindh, Pakistan. 

-The Dam is located on the River Nair Baran, a stream flowing in Sindh, Pakistan. 

-The Dam was constructed in 2013 and had a height of 43 meters 

-The Darawat Dam has a water storage capacity of 1,20,000 acre-feet. 

-The Dam generates electricity and has a power generation capacity of 0.45 megawatts. 

-The construction of the Darawat Dam was started by the Pakistan Peoples Party government in 2010 and completed in 2013. 

-The Darawat Dam is a popular tourist destination in Sindh and attracts a large number of visitors every year. 

-The Dam is located about 60 kilometers from Jamshoro and can be reached by road from Jamshoro. 

-The distance between Hyderabad and Darawat Dam is about 66 kilometers

-The Dam had a construction cost of 9.3 billion Pakistani rupees. 

Frequently Asked Question

How many Dams are there in Sindh?

Sindh is the only province in Pakistan to have more than 50 operational small and medium dams to meet the water needs of remote areas in Sindh and nearby places. 

The dams in Sindh play an essential role by providing water for irrigation and industrial use and generating electricity. 

The total number of small dams in Sindh is 50, located across the province.

Which Dam is located in Baluchistan?

The Sabakzai dam is located in the province of Baluchistan in Pakistan. The Dam is situated on the Zhob River in Baluchistan.

Although the biggest Dam in Baluchistan is the Mirani dam, built on the Dasht river, in terms of volume, the Sabakzai dam is the 7th largest in its magnitude. 

The government of Pakistan announced to build of new small dams to meet the needs of future generations.

When did the Darawat Dam start in Pakistan?

The Darawat Dam Jamshoro started in Pakistan in 2010; after a continuous construction of almost three years, it finished in 2013 and was fully operational by 2014. The Dam was constructed on the River Baran in Jamshoro District, Sindh Province.

The Dam’s primary purpose is to generate electricity and provide water for irrigation. The Darawat Dam Jamshoro is one of the newest dams in Pakistan; it started operating in 2014. The Darawat Dam is an excellent example of how new infrastructure can benefit Pakistan.