Umbrella Waterfall Sajikot

Waterfalls are one of the most attractive aspects of nature’s unhinging beauty. Natural change is affected directly by the earth’s movement. It thereby constructs highly elaborated organic and material forms which find their true essence in the eyes: in the perception of rational beings such as us. Waterfalls are a product of a constant rush of water flowing from one or several sources. Issuing either from mountains or underground crevices, meeting along one path, that is, a stream at which they converge and flow singularly as a single water body until it finds a free fall over a cliff or a small hill suspended above ground level. The point at which the water leaves the topmost point of the mountain or a cliff and engages in a free fall due to gravity’s effect is termed a waterfall. Such waterfall we will be talking about is the Umbrella Waterfall.

Waterfalls are spread around the world in their millions. And, by constant national and international travel, some such places have been made spots of great public attraction. Many waterfalls are waiting to be discovered, dispersed in thick forests or cold areas where human purposes do not usually find work. Left to nature’s care, such waterfalls remain untainted by industrial or technological advances. Pakistan is a country blessed with such destinations. The northern areas of Pakistan contain some of the nation’s most overwhelming waterfalls. Thousands of people visit such spots in particular seasons to either fight against the intensity of summer heat or find personal recreation. Other than these two reasons, many families visit such places merely to behold their natural splendor from their own eyes.

 People also appreciate northern Pakistan’s calm, chilly environment, tired of everyday hustle. These places have been prime sites for picnics and gatherings for decades. Among the most beautiful waterfalls, Pakistan has to offer locals and international travelers are Umbrella Waterfall and Abbottabad. Abbottabad has been drawing in sightseers for a few decades now, as it is a significant travel spot for all professional travelers or local vacationers. It has become one of the choicest locales of vacationers in Pakistan in the past few decades, among others like Nathiagali, Ayubia, and Naran Kaghan. The beautiful city of Abbottabad is pleasantly located at the southern corner of the Rash (Orash) plain, 1,256 m (4,121 ft) over sea level.

Umbrella Waterfall Sajikot Road

The pathway following the Umbrella Waterfall along the old silk road, which was very famous among Europeans, and easterners, including Chinese, Russians, and Norse people, is known as the Karakorum pathway. A car ride along The Karakoram highway is fulfilling in itself since it presents the viewer with amazing scenes of the mountains. The Karakoram, Himalayas, and the Hindu Kush high reaches can be seen from Abbottabad. Abbottabad remains one of the most visited and anticipated travel spots for thousands of people; Abbottabad is one great spot of its singular beauty among many others in Pakistan like Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu, Indus Kohistan, etc. in the Karakoram Range.

Umbrella Waterfall short introduction

Among KPK’s most staggering waterfalls, the Umbrella Waterfall is never an exemption. Despite its recent discovery and hence its lesser popularity, the Umbrella Waterfall continues to attract hundreds and thousands of people from around the nation. Its ever-growing popularity contends with the popularity of previously known public favorite destinations and often overshadows them.

Umbrella Waterfall Sajikot Road right beyond Poona Town, is visible from the naked eye at its vantage point. Its beauty, seen from far away, attracts those who are generally unaware of it. This particular natural hallmark’s exceptional and delightful nature makes the Umbrella Waterfall a well-deserving vacationer location. Moreover, a surge of clear water goes through the huge rocks. The water showers give the person a beautiful mystic experience that renews the very soul. This remains the general vibe of the Umbrella Waterfall, a beautiful environment already every more majestic by the presence of the waterfall.

Umbrella Waterfall Abbottabad Attractions, Timings & Location

The general attraction of the Umbrella Waterfall is its unrelenting natural beauty, which has been the objective of many a travel enthusiast, old and young, for many a year. The visionary experience of this waterfall remains unchallenged by any other place in Abottabad or Pakistan. 

The Umbrella Waterfall is naturally composed of freshwater that leaks through the porous rocks of Abbottabad. One can partake in the excellence of the area’s beautiful water lakes, which also are the product of the exact evolutionary change as the Umbrella Waterfall. For swimmers, the constant water of the Umbrella Waterfall is a blessing. It is still dangerous to deep diving from rocks. Various shallow spots are broadly scattered along the waterfall, risky for high jumping and swimming. If you are not a swimmer or among those whom swimming does not please as much, you can remain underneath the waterfall, which is a delightful experience.

The cool water intermixed with chilly air falling from atop is a beautiful feeling. One main reason for people’s visit is this chilly water, and people arrive with their families to cool off in summer. The cold water of Umbrella Waterfall is a great natural contender against the relentless heat of Pakistan’s summers. A few waterfalls in Pakistan are unquestionably available during such periods of high temperatures, which are no question remarkable. However, the Umbrella Waterfall is the first of its sort, surrounded by lavish greenery, another aspect of nature’s constant endowment. This greenery dissipates its vibe in the surrounding area, purifying the air, which can leave one in utter appreciation upon inhalation.

After the rainstorm season, the water of the lakes ascends high, and it is the best chance to visit the Umbrella Waterfall. However, scrutinize the weather conditions before planning to visit the Umbrella Waterfall since some seasons are not as forgiving as others. Some seasons are destructive. Since the Umbrella Waterfall is getting famous gradually, going there during weekends or vacations would be far better.


As mentioned before, the Umbrella Waterfall is famously located in Abbottabad, Rajkot, along the Rajkot road. The Umbrella Waterfall is one of the most well-known tourist destination spots in the KPK province. The waterfall is at a distance of about 27 kilometers from another prominent place called Havelian. The Umbrella Waterfall is located in the known vicinity of sajikot waterfall, another great tourist favorite location. To arrive at the sacred spot of Umbrella Waterfall, Abottabad, you’ll have to drop the steep hillside incline for about half an hour. The distance isn’t excessively coarse, and one can take in the natural splendor of one’s surroundings while going down the road to the destination. The path has a slope, which shouldn’t worry professional drivers since the construction advances made over the years considerably nullify any chances of fatal danger.

Nevertheless, to be safe, you ought to wear fitting climbing shoes or footwear that you’re comfortable with, as they would make the process of going ahead even more comfortable. There are enormous, smooth rocks close to the Umbrella Waterfall nearing its vicinity. The soles of your shoes ought to have better gripping quality. The locals have used different homemade and conventional tools to arrive at the Umbrella Waterfall, including ropes. They charge somewhere between 20 and 50 PKR to take the person down. It’s feasible to drop without using a string if you’re genuinely physically fit for doing such an activity. Moreover, it will require 40 minutes to get back to the street. Whether the climb is testing, going without rushing is the way to progress.


There are no restrictions on timing hours upon visiting the Umbrella Waterfall. The only impediments can be seasonal changes and local assistance. At some times, in contrast with others, local help might not be available to descend to the spot using ropes, etc., which is why it is necessary to inquire about the availability of such general means before arriving.

How Umbrella Waterfall Became Tourists Attraction?

Before its general discovery, the waterfall was not a famous spot, perhaps only known to the locals and used as a bathing or washing site. The waterfall gained exceedingly high popularity with the advent of social media and smartphones. One person recorded a video of the waterfall, citing it as the most beautiful waterfall in the world, and posted it on youtube.

Eventually, that video went viral among the young Pakistani YouTubers, and they started visiting the places with their families and friends. As more people made more videos, the Umbrella Waterfall gained ever-increasing popularity. Its current knowledge results from such videos, without which the waterfall would still be perhaps left undiscovered.

Weather at Umbrella Waterfall

The weather at the Umbrella Waterfall is always cold; even in the most intense heat, the waterfall’s water remains calm. This is because the water of the waterfall issues from underground crevices, where it is untouched by the heat of the sun.

What is the Best Time to Visit Umbrella Waterfall?

The best time to visit the waterfall is in its prime, either in summer or at the close of spring. Autumn is also an excellent time for visiting but during such time, the summer vacations end, and people return to work in the city, and there is not much hustle at the waterfall. This can be good for people with few friends or small families.

Essentials Things to Carry While Travelling to Umbrella Waterfall?

One of the most necessary things to carry with you upon visiting the waterfall would be extra pair of shoes, extra clothes, shorts, t-shirts, etc. And if you are looking for camping, cooking, or picnic, it is advisable to bring your cooking equipment since there can be a shortage among the local inns and people. Among these are a few basic additional needs that can be extremely helpful;

–         Raincoat

Raincoats can be extremely useful in protecting your smartphones, watches, or other gadgets. They can save your clothing from the waterfall shower and general air humidity.

–         Hiking Stick

A hiking stick is recommended for people who want to go hiking with their friends. Hiking sticks are not readily available on the spot, so if you want to go hiking, it is advisable to bring your hiking stick.

–         Swimming Jacket

Swimming jackets are recommended for non-swimmers and children since they let you enjoy the joys of swimming without being explicitly trained in swimming.

–         Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are an essential supplement to hiking sticks. While hiking sticks give excellent support to your torso, hiking shoes are responsible for steadying your weight on your legs. So to prevent serious injuries, it is recommended to get a pair with you.

–         First Aid

First aid can be beneficial in such spots, children slip and fall or scratch themselves on rocks or pebbles, so it is advisable to have a few health care things with you.

–         Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags can indeed be handy, although many visitors discard their use. These bags can protect your phones, watches, food, clothes, shoes, etc without making you go through unnecessary difficulties.

–         Extra Pair of Shoes & Clothes

As mentioned above, extra pair of shoes and clothes can be life-saving. It is always easier to bathe or shower in one team and have another readily available to dry and change into for personal comfort.

–         Water Bottle

Drinking water is available at local shops and houses, but carrying your bottle with you is always better.

Facilities at Umbrella Waterfall Abbottabad

The facilities provided by the locals are what complete your experience. The locals offer their renting storage units for families with extra luggage to store their excess baggage. The locals also provide you with umbrellas and ropes. Ropes are handy for descending steep slopes. Local guides who tell you everything you need to know about the waterfall are available. Families are also provided with horses, which children and adults love. Trekking is something enjoyed by all, and horses are available for this specific need, which can enhance the general experience. Despite these basic needs, there is also a parking area for all sorts of vehicles which keeps your cars, jeeps, and bikes safe.


Who discovered the Umbrella Waterfall?

The waterfall was discovered by an unknown tourist who made it famous by making a youtube video on it.

How to Reach Umbrella Waterfall?

The waterfall is reached by following the Rajkot road; upon arrival in the vicinity of the waterfall, the local helpers use ropes around the slope to help a person descend unto the waterfall.

Is Umbrella Waterfall Trek Safe for Families

Yes, it is incredibly safe for families and children since professional locals manage it with extensive knowledge of everything that concerns it.