Shumber Waterfall, A Gem Near Shahdara Valley Islamabad

The Shumber Waterfall is within driving distance from Shahdara Valley Islamabad. On arriving at the Shahdara Valley, the waterfall makes its presence known. A hidden terrace restaurant is a prominent place for locals and tourists. The Shumber Waterfall Margalla is found to the left of this location. The route will take you straight and will follow a path that turns towards the café. Here it is not recommended for cars to drive down the street. The rough road under development is going straight toward the waterfall, but it is not recommended for vehicles. In addition, you need to drive on this street for 5-10 minutes, the walking distance will be higher, but you can be more steady on your feet. There are no parking spots close to this street, so leaving your car there is not recommended. The local people have made some parking spaces for tourists. They charge 50 Pkr for the motorbikes, while 100 Pkr for the vehicles. It is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan.

Once in the area, the hiking journey begins. It would help if you walked to the waterfall once your car was safely parked. A beautiful stream is on the way, leading you directly to the point. You must follow the water stream even if you do not have a guide. It will take you to the Shumber Waterfall. The walking process is not challenging and gives you excellent physical exercise. Further, it will require 30 minutes to arrive at the waterfall.

Shumber Waterfall Islamabad Attractions, Timings & Location

Shumber Waterfall has been a tourist attraction spot ever since its discovery. This waterfall is beautiful, and beauty speaks for itself. The natural magnificence of the Valley provides scenic views of hills, dales, and mountains. The natural sights captivate the person and automatically save the experience in the person’s memory. Everyone who comes here leaves with a unique experience and hundreds of photos. Besides the waterfall’s great attractions, the Valley’s expanding general beauty represents a natural wonder that touches you with appreciative feelings for nature. Given the many unique characteristics of the Shumber Waterfall, it is also the tallest in Islamabad. You can find it in the semi-mountainous lands of Margalla Hills at an altitude of about 600 meters above sea level. The height-to-width ratio of the Shumber Waterfall is 10 to 12, and the width can be up to 200 meters. It was created between the 1870s and 1914 when most of the area now called Margalla Hills was part of a British colonial park as “Sher Pur .”The tall Valley is limited at two ends, with the grand, lush Margalla hill under significant destruction last October 2015 when rainfall increased one month before its regular date. Margalla Hills represents shumber rainfalls which is the tallest and largest one.

The best opportunity to visit is in the early morning. If you set out at dawn from the city, you will most certainly reach the waterfall at the beginning of the day. At such a time, there are not many people except the locals. In the morning, you can enjoy yourself without distraction. You can do a lot of physical activities. The place is mystical and soul-reviving. It increases your mental health and helps relieve any stress or anxiety. It will be healthy for you to travel and partake in nature’s magnificence. This beautiful waterfall is found in Shahdara village. The Shahdara village is charming on its own, with many tremendous cultural vibes and friendly people. This village is located in the vicinity of Bhara Kahu in Islamabad. The total distance is 22 kilometers from Islamabad.

When is the Best Time to Visit Shumber Waterfalls?

The best chance to visit the waterfall is during the monsoon or autumn. During these seasons, Islamabad gets a ton of downpours of rain. In the constant rainfall, the water levels in the streams and Shumber Waterfall increase, and the whole scene naturally beautifies. So, it is recommended to visit in such seasons, especially if it is due to a family event or a friendly vacation.

Many people ask why it would be a good idea for us to visit this waterfall. The answer to this question is pretty straightforward. The Shumber Waterfall is a unique spot amidst the incredible beauty of this Valley. Every nature lover and travel enthusiast will find it a perfect place for vacation or visiting. If you are a nature lover or someone who loves to travel, then visiting this waterfall will be a pleasure for you. The general feel is perfect. 

Recommended Gears

The most crucial part of knowing is that you must be equipped with certain gears to make your trip comforting and pleasing. A hiking stick and shoes are recommended to keep steady on the surface. Combining these two will make you balanced, and you will not lose control over your body. The place is rocky, and the stones in the humidity can become slippery. In the rainfall seasons, this can cause even more problems. The wet ground and slippery rock do not represent much of a problem, in case you have a hiking stick and shoes. Besides these two, you should have snacks and water with you. Light edible material like biscuits and snacks makes you feel fresh if you tire out. Water will relieve the parching feeling, and you won’t have to visit shops or ask anyone else. One of the other essential factors in such places is extra pair of shoes and clothes. Some people do not have these with them, and wetness due to the effect of water can make you uncomfortable. This is why you should always have dry clothes with you. First aid in case of minor injuries is beneficial. You should have a kit with bandages, ointments, painkillers, etc.

Attractions at Shumber Waterfalls

The main attractions are the lush green Valley and the beautiful Shumber Waterfall. The scene is full of views of giant mountains and rocks. The scenic seasonal waterfall filled with crystal clear cool water with a cold swimming pool is everything you can wish for. This scene never leaves your memory once you have partaken in its natural splendor. Besides the waterfall’s swimming pool, there is another beautiful pond with natural water slide close by, which is lovely and can provide the best picnic point for families.

Things to Do at Shumber Waterfalls

Hiking in this place is very physically rewarding. It can help your body both physically and mentally. Hiking is perfect for places like Shumber Waterfalls. You can hike for some time and then relieve your stress and tiresome in the cool swimming pools of the waterfall. The water is cold and completely clear. The lakes are not extremely deep for swimming. Swimming is enjoyed by teens and adults here. It is recommended not to be careless since the rocks are slippery. Jumping from rocks into the water can be dangerous. The enormous lake underneath the waterfall isn’t more than 3-4 feet from the surface to the bottom. 

How to Reach Shumber Waterfalls?

It is straightforward to arrive here early in the morning. The Shumber Waterfall is only about half an hour’s drive from Islamabad. There is not much traffic in the early morning, so you can get here earlier than planned. You can leave early and go about your daily work, physically, mentally, and spiritually rejuvenated. This waterfall is found in Shahdara village. This village is near Bhara Kahu in Islamabad. The total distance is 22 kilometers from Islamabad.

Parking Facility

Locals provide an excellent parking facility. Here you can quickly leave your car and go walking to the waterfall. This facility is beneficial and safe and saves you a lot of trouble. The local people charge differently depending on the size of your vehicle.

Facilities Nearby Shumber Waterfall

Among the other facilities near the Shumber Waterfall, the most useful besides the parking lot are the Café, restaurant, and tourist resort. All these places have other valuable resources for your journey. The river café gives a great vibe to this place. The restaurant is excellent if you are hungry, you can bring food or eat inside. The tourist resort likewise deals with the needs of people from far away places.

Location of Shumber Waterfall Margalla

This beautiful waterfall is in the Shahdara village of Bhara Kahu. From Islamabad ride is 40 minutes and arriving here on your bike or any family vehicle is easy.


Is Shumber Waterfall a safe place to Visit?

Yes, it is safe to visit the Shumber Waterfall. The path is drive-friendly, and the distance is not significantly higher from the city.

How much is the hiking distance, and is it easy?

The hiking distance is about 30 minutes. You must walk for 30 minutes after parking to arrive at the destination. The hiking is easy and it’s delightful. The incredible scenery makes the experience remarkably enjoyable, even for kids.


If you need to take a vacation or some personal time off, this waterfall can be the best choice to free yourself. You can quickly arrive here on a bike or a car with friends or family. You can enjoy various things that protect your health and give an enchanting look to your outward countenance. The Margalla Hills cover an area of 780 square miles and are among the most unspoiled natural regions still to be found in south Asia. The place is surrounded by lush green vegetation and trees. There are two swimming pools here in case one is too crowdy. You can take your kids with you since the water is not very deep. This ideal picnic spot is where people make barbeques and celebrate family events. Besides, the recreational activities are limitless. From hiking to swimming to picnics and barbeques, you can spend your time at Shumber Waterfall without boredom. The experience will make you want to return as soon as you leave.