Sajikot Waterfall

Everyone feels better and relaxed, but our busy routines hardly give us time to explore and wander to appreciate nature. Forests, meadows, lakes, rivers, and oceans, every part of nature has its unique beauty. Many people spend time in nature to break from their tough work life. Living in big cities has charm, but the constant bustle, tall buildings, smoke, pollution, and traffic noise impact the nerves. That’s why many people prefer to spend their time in the mountains during their leisure time. Exploring a waterfall and seeing its magnificence can’t be put into words. The enigmatic water from a waterfall can restore your spirit and body. In good ways, it seems to be a stream. However, as you draw nearer, you become mixed up in the magnificent waterfall from the mountain. Sajikot Waterfall Abbottabad, Pakistan, offers a chance to witness this mystical view.

Sajikot Waterfall Location

Sajikot Waterfall Abbottabad is a tall and beautiful waterfall in the Abbottabad area; many people visit it due to its calm vibe. People love to swim here in the freshwater stream at the end of the waterfall. However, in the past, people have drowned while swimming, so one must avoid going into deep waters. There is a swimming caution board also present to warn the visitors.

Sajikot Waterfall is in Havelian Tehsil, in Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is a famous vacation location. It is around 27 kilometers from Havelian and 40 kilometers from Abbottabad Locale. Sajikot distance from Islamabad is about 77 km. It is effectively easy to reach Sajikot Waterfall,  in contrast with the other waterfalls in Pakistan, in the Northern areas of Azad Kashmir, different areas of the KPK, and Gilgit-Baltistan. You can use any vehicle to get there, whether using public transport or driving directly to the waterfall. If you go to the waterfall, you can use the navigation to reach the correct spot.

Sajikot Waterfall

There is no specific time slot or ticket to visit the Sajikot waterfall. However, people like to reach it in the morning, so they have a lot of time to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. Visitors bring a picnic to eat in front of the majestic waterfall. People leave one hour before sunset as the mountains get dark fast. Make sure to return to your vehicle before sunset to avoid any inconvenience.

The spot is unwinding to the point that it revives the visitors in a way that can’t be accomplished in another way. Indeed, even after a long journey, when you arrive at the Sajikot Waterfall, you will forget all the long journey because it is so refreshing.

This cascade is a focal point of fascination for sightseers due to its great scene and serene environment. The rich green touching terrains and the streams with clear water improve its magnificence. Finished mountains encircle the cascade and look shocking with a fascinating background.

Weather at Sajikot Waterfall

The weather remains pleasant at the waterfall. Locals visit any day of the month, whether summer or winter. However, most visitors visit from March to May or During October and November as the temperature feels suitable for traveling and outdoor activities. To avoid rainy days, check the weather forecast before planning your trip.

Sajikot has an oceanic climate. There is precipitation during all months of the year. The typical yearly temperature for Sajikot is 23° degrees, with around 611 mm of downpour in a year. It is dry for 182 days per year with familiar dampness of 43% and a UV record of 5.0

When is the Best Time to Visit Sajikot Waterfall?

The best part about visiting Sajikot Waterfall Abbottabad is that you can call it at your convenience. You can plan your trip quickly and see any month of the year. Most people prefer visiting between March to May and then October to November. The weather is pleasant during these months, and you can enjoy your day out to the fullest.

Sajikot Waterfall

Essentials to Carrying / Recommended Gears

Since it is in the Havelian district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the visitors do not require much to be packed along as it is not far from the city. The road towards the Sajikot waterfall is straightforward and accessible to any vehicle being used. You don’t have to pack additional climbing or journeying suits or boots dissimilar to the expected spots in Gilgit Baltistan on the hilly territories. You can carry snacks, water, and drinks for a visit, which should be sufficient.

Wear strong shoes to climb down to the waterfall, as the passage is rocky and sloppy. You can keep an extra suit and towels if you plan to swim.

Attractions at Sajikot Waterfall

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is honored with stunning landscapes, attractive valleys, clear blue lakes, woodlands, and authentic Historical buildings, some of which date back to the Gandhara civilization. KP was the focal point of the old realm of Gandhara, regardless has a portion of its remaining archeological parts.

This waterfall is one of the most enchanting ones in the KPK area. The freshwater streams and stunning sites are optimal areas for hiking, trekking, and setting up camps for your stay. The sightseers love to observe the delightful waterfall due to its charm, and visitors love to come back year after year. Swimming, climbing, journeying, and setting up camp are some activities people enjoy at the Sajikot waterfall.

Sajikot Waterfall Abbottabad is a three-step waterfall. The first two are smaller, and the third is the most popular. Remember, the first two steps are very enchanting and pleasing. If you want to visit them, you should climb just before the third waterfall.

Near Sajikot is another eye-catching waterfall for locals and visitors. This waterfall is known as the Umbrella Waterfall. That falls practically in a similar region; you don’t have to travel far. Since it is relatively close, you should visit it alongside the Sajikot Waterfall in Abbottabad. The general area in the middle is full of regular landscapes, lavish green fields, and some attractive engineering that can’t be found anywhere. In this way, for the ones with interest ever, this spot brings a lot to the table.

Facilities at Sajikot Waterfall

Sajikot waterfall is a focal point of fascination for visitors due to its picturesque scene and untroubled environment. The rich green brushlands and the streams with clear water upgrade the excellence of the glorious cascade. Finished mountains encircle the Sajikot Waterfall in Abbottabad, and looks dazzling. If you want to visit Sajikot Waterfall, consider staying in Inn One Abbottabad, Tulip Visitor Rooms, Ittihad Lodgings, and Alaf Laila Visitor House. The typical expense for a day’s visit at Inn One Abbottabad is about 50 US Dollars. The waterfall is charming, so don’t miss it and plan your excursion soon.

Sajikot Waterfall

Sajikot Waterfall Havelian Timings

There is no specific time slot to visit the Sajikot Waterfall in Abbottabad. Tourists and visitors like to reach in the morning to spend their afternoons at the waterfall, enjoying their picnic, swimming, and taking photos. Make sure to leave before sunset as it is a rocky mountainous area, and you must reach parking before dark.

Location of Sajikot Waterfall

Hazara is an area situated on the northeastern side of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Hazara is located on the east of the River Indus. Overall, the roads are great so you can drive, move, and travel through the area. Recently road has been built from Havelian to Sajikot, permitting the guests to take their vehicles to the highest point of the beautiful Sajikot waterfall.

Sajikot Waterfall

 You can park your vehicle at the parking spot near Sajikot Waterfall Abbottabad, and you need to climb down a mountain to observe the waterfall intently. It’s a highly challenging way, yet your challenges are paid off when you arrive there. It’s a breathtaking waterfall scene, and you can feel the calm wind; the broad valley is terrific.


If you want a day trip from Islamabad, visit Sajikot Waterfall Abbottabad. Reaching Sajikot waterfall has become easier since the opening of the Hazara motorway. The waterfall is not far from the city and is the perfect leisure day spot. You can carry your picnic and enjoy the day out. Make sure to check the weather forecast before the tour day. One must keep water and snacks along as climbing down to a waterfall can get tiring, and the passage is rocky.


How to reach Sajikot Waterfall?

You can visit by road, followed by a brief climb down the mountain to reach the waterfall.

Is the Trekking path safe to reach Sajikot Waterfall?

The trekking path is safe, but it is a bit difficult to climb.