Sabri Waterfall

Throughout history, nature has brought about a variety of universal elements to give birth to many natural wonders. Over billions of years, nature has presented animals with many beautiful things. Animals and human beings have used nature plenty, allowing them to survive. Oceans, lakes, beaches, forests, etc., make the Earth alluring and enhance its beauty. Among these are Earth’s waterfalls which also draw in millions of people over the globe. They are a result of slow topographical development. Geological change is the fundamental impact of the Earth’s steady turn of events. For example, in summer, as the world moves closer to the sun, the temperature on its surface subsequently increases, damaging organic life and reviving it. These changes also affect the water bodies on the surface of the Earth. It does not affect vast water bodies like oceans, for example, because of their depth. One such waterfall is the Sabri Waterfall.

This slow change in Earth consequently builds natural wonders. For example, wonders like lakes, magnificent slopes, waterfalls, etc. Human beings, equipped with a rational mind and scientific perception, can understand nature and appreciate her more. One of these marvels that allure our eyes is the waterfalls, which inspire us with enthusiasm.

Waterfalls are a consequence of a constant flood of waters moving from one or more sources, which come to show on a superficial level in the wake of underground surges, which mostly remain unnoticed. In some areas, an underground cascade or a crevice might appear in the public eye. The spot at which such water bodies unite makes a stream. A stream is a point where they join and flow in one file freely as a lone water body. This interaction follows until the water finds a drop over a little slant suspended over the ground level. The waterfall is where the water leaves the ground and participates in a fall because of gravity. Waterfalls are spread all around the planet in enormous amounts.

Sabri Waterfall

A large number of these waterfalls are not found. The waterfalls known to people are visited day to day by a lot of people. Such places are packed if there should arise an occurrence of family occasions. Among other natural wonders, waterfalls are often prioritized as destinations to celebrate birthdays, reunions, etc.

Pakistan is a country filled with gorgeous waterfalls. Those that individuals find are currently the everyday attractions of many individuals. Individuals visit these waterfalls from everywhere in the country, particularly in cases of celebrations or picnics. The northernmost areas of Pakistan, containing the country’s most beautiful waterfalls, are among the nation’s most visited places. People see these waterfalls depending on their choice of seasons. While some people like them more in summer, others may only want to stay in spring, autumn, or even winter.

The energy of fall becomes immersed with the standard climate of the waterfall; a scene of this description mediates the person’s soul and rejuvenates it. The ever-growing vegetation in such places likewise produces a charming sight. Other than these reasons, several families visit such sites only to witness their natural beauty, that is, in ordinary conditions. People likewise esteem the calm, fresh environment of northern Pakistan, areas which are confiscated of modern rackets. These spots have been phenomenal destinations for picnics and parties for many decades and centuries preceding those decades.

Sabri Waterfall Short Introduction

One such lovely waterfall is Kohala Sabri Waterfall. The Kohala Sabri Waterfall or known merely (popularly) as just Sabri Waterfall, has been the best vacation spot for a long time. It Is located in Sabri Abshar Kohala, Abbottabad. Sabri Abshar is, on its own, a beautiful place that, despite the presence of the waterfall, relishes in its beauty. Sabri Waterfall is often called Sabri Waterfall Murree rather than Sabri Waterfall Kohala.

Generally, the Sabri Waterfall or Sabri Abshar is a delightful waterfall. This waterfall is found in the near vicinity of Bhurban Murree. This spot comes in KPK and has terrific scenes with lavish plant life. The distance of Sabri waterfall from Islamabad is around 110 kilometers. It requires 2.5 hours to get there. If you cannot find it on your digital maps due to the lack of its popularity, you can search for Mongolia tourism spots or Mongolia towns in general. The city is an excellent attraction for travel enthusiasts, and many tour guide businesses have availability there, so they are pretty popular in the region. Once near the town, you can easily find the waterfall by verbal directions, casually asking locals. This spot is close to the Kohala, Neelum River. One can quickly arrive at the waterfall in thirty minutes from the Kohala. Besides, little shops are scattered about, close to the waterfall, where one can buy edibles or cold drinks.

When you arrive at the waterfall, the local parking spots can take care of your vehicles. The parking spot near tuck shops is generally visible without legal assistance. The cafes and shops provide seats/chairs for travelers to have tea or a cold drink. In the summer, the waterfall becomes the best place to cool down. The water is clear and freezing. It renews the body and the spirit. The best time is to visit there on work days and early morning. The place is usually crowded and smaller at the end of the weekends. It cannot please such numbers, and accommodation becomes a problem. Not many government services are regulated officially to keep these places clean, so visitors must take extra care of their environment.

 Encircled by the constantly developing magnificence of Sabri Abshar, the Kohala Sabri waterfall introduces itself among other incredible attractions of Sabri Abshar Kohala as a part of, that is to say, as an aspect of the natural majesty of the valley.

Sabri Waterfall Murree Attractions, Timings & Location

One visit to this place might be an excellent benefit for your health. The calm, serene fall of water on your head renews your mood and enlightens your sentimentality.

Sabri Waterfall

Sabri waterfall is not as famous as many other waterfalls in Pakistan, but its popularity is gradually increasing. When people visit Murree or Abbottabad, they know the Sabri Abshar waterfall from locals or previous visitors. The visitor numbers are expanding as each season passes. The location can also be recognized more profusely by the popularity of Mongolia Kass. Mongolia Kass is a popular travel spot and a favorite tourist destination. The waterfall falls near Mongolia Kass, where many individuals hear of Sabri Abshar and visit there. Being so highly near Mongolia Bakote Kass, its popularity is gradually increasing. This case is the same as the number of waterfalls in Neelam Valley. The popularity of one grows the favor of the other.

Reason to Call it “Sabri Waterfall.”

The Sabri Abshar, or the Sabri waterfall, is called so because of its location. Like any other waterfall, the Sabri Kohala gets its name from geographical reasons. For example, it is located near the Kohala Bridge, sometimes called Kohala Waterfall or Sabri Kohala Waterfall.

Weather at Sabri Waterfall

The weather at Sabri waterfall is always moderately chilly, as it is found in Abbottabad, which is considerably higher than the sea level. The hilly areas are generally colder because of their distance from the sea level. The weather increases in summer, but the waterfall’s cold water never dims in quality.

Best Time to Visit Sabri Waterfall

For most people, the best time to visit waterfalls is summer, when the temperature in cities is intense. Many families go to the waterfalls to cool off in Pakistan’s fierce summer heat. But this particular waterfall is not as significant to accommodate many people. So if you are going for picnics or with friends, it will be to go on working days or during autumn.

Sabri Waterfall

Things to Know Before Visiting Sabri Waterfall

 Among the number of things to know before visiting the waterfall, the important ones are: bringing first aid in case of emergencies, bringing extra clothes, extra shoes, and water bottles. You can find food in the nearby restaurants and inns, but it is better to be at your leisure and bring your goods.

Attractions At Sabri Waterfall

The great attraction of the Sabri waterfall is its compact build-up which can easily accommodate a few families or friends. The water is not as shallow to be harmful to children. The pathway which leads to the waterfall is rocky, and the farthest rocks are not slippery. The ever-cold water of the waterfall is alluring to all who visit. The water can help you fight the heat while mentally helping you. Besides these, the waterfall is accompanied by Lush Green Trees and Plants, which delight the waterfall’s crystal clear cool water. The intermixing of these beautiful natural aspects gives the view a comprehensive picturesque scenery, further supplemented by beautiful sitting arrangements inside the water stream, allowing the person to properly appreciate the natural and unique splendor of the surroundings. You can shower under the waterfall, and because the water is not shallow, it can be the best place for kids families. Authorities have built a Micro Hydro Power Plant in Sabri Waterfall to utilize the neighboring houses on the surging water of the Sabri Waterfall.


The most readily available day-to-day facilities for travelers, the most used facilities are Parking facilities, rented shoes, food, mosque, guest rooms, etc. All of these are ideal facilities for those traveling from afar. A person doesn’t have to worry anymore about forgetting to bring extra shoes when going in the water or not having enough food, as both of these can be remedied by local services.


Sabri Waterfall is situated in a sub-region of the Mongolia territory in Abbottabad, found in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. The Sabri waterfall is not as large as several other waterfalls in the region, but this waterfall can be easily found. It is located nearby an already famous river Neelum. Sabri Abshar is one of the primary water sources for locals who call it “Sabri Abshar.”

Sabri Waterfall

Timings to Visit Sabri Waterfall

There are no restrictions on timings as it is a public attraction. No one offers any impediments to your visitations. However, the ideal times to visit the waterfall may unravel your plans somewhat because some times are better than others, so choosing your timings based on your information will be most appropriate.


How to reach Sabri Waterfall?

Once you arrive in Abbottabad, Mongolia, go to Kohala Bridge or ask for directions to the neelum river. From either of these places, it is easy to get to the waterfall.

Is Sabri Waterfall worth it?

Yes, the general climate of the waterfall is highly worth it, as it benefits your mental and physical health.


Intensified by its diverse and persistent natural beauty and excellence, this waterfall remains a unique destination for vacationers. It merits visiting for yourself to take in the natural splendor. The Sabri Waterfall is worth visiting if you want an ideal traveling spot for a family holiday or a birthday.