Pir Ghaib Waterfall Quetta

The magnificence and tranquility that Pakistan is honored with can’t be found elsewhere on the planet. Whether you travel through the Northern part of Pakistan or wander in the valleys and mountains, it will catch your spirit tastefully. From lush green meadows to the Ocean and rivers, from the Best waterfalls in Pakistan to Great mountain rangers, Pakistan has it all. One needs an eye for adventure and nature to explore these hidden gems. Comprising four areas loaded up with great locales, Balochistan is viewed as a good spot for getaways. One great waterfall is the Pir Ghaib Waterfall.

Pir Ghaib in the Bolan valley of Balochistan, Pakistan, Pir Ghaib waterfall, also known as Pir Ghaib Abshar, is one of the most notable locations. Found 70 kilometers from Quetta, the cascade is a rough mountainside, and it clears its path through streams and lakes among palm trees. Pir Ghaib Waterfall Bolan Valley Quetta is a famous cookout spot and is otherwise called Pir Ghalib.

A few legends accept that Pir Ghaib and his sister Bibi Nani showed up here to convert local people over entirely to the religion of Islam. The Pir Ghaib Waterfall is a focal point of fascination for travelers due to its beautiful scene and quiet climate. The lavish green brushing lands around, and the streams with clear water improve the magnificence of the magnificent cascade. Some lodgings close to the waterfall are SAARC Inn and Pir Ghaib. The Pir Ghaib Waterfall in Bolan valley Quetta is lovely, so don’t miss it and plan your outing soon.

Attractions, Timings & Location

With mutual collaboration and efforts of the government and Frontier Corps, A zipline, waterslide, Food points, tea shops, and a small mosque has been built near the waterfall. It boosts tourism in the region and makes it fun and exciting for visitors.

Pir Ghaib waterfall is located 70 km from Quetta city, among the rocky mountainside. The waterfall makes its way from the mountains and creates small clear water ponds and streams between the tall Palm trees.

There is no specific time slot to visit the beautiful waterfall; people prefer to stay in winter to enjoy pleasant weather, as the temperature in Bolan valley is unbearable in peak summers.

Why is it Called Pir Ghaib Waterfall?

Legend relates that Pir Ghaib and his sister, the revered Bibi Nani, came here to convert over the neighborhood barbarians at the beginning of Islam. Yet, the worshippers of fire sent a military after the pious siblings. In the chasm of the Bolan, the kin split; Bibi Nani went down the canyon (her implied burial place is under a scaffold around 15km/8 miles downstream) while her sibling escaped into this bone-dry scene with the military close behind. At the top of the canyon, seeing that the stone wall obstructed him, the holy person appealed to the All-powerful to be saved. Like the won’t work of the Ruler, everything being equal, He severed the stone to get the sacred man. Thus he was known as Pir Ghaib – The Imperceptible Holy person.

Nearby Hindus love Pir Ghaib as Mahadeva. Be that as it may, some time before the Bolan gorge had rung the Vedic songs or summons of Pir Ghaib. Voyagers and merchants from the Indus Valley would have halted at this spring hallowed to their divine beings on the leading leg of their long excursion to Mesopotamian stores. As the Vedic god, Shive gets from a prior Indus Valley divinity, and as the 5,000-year-old goddess Nania advances into Bibi Nani or Durga, so too did Pir Ghaib, created from an early Indus Valley god. However, until the Indus script is perceived, we won’t know which pantheon was commended for strolling into rock walls.

Weather at Pir Ghaib Waterfall

The weather at Pir Ghaib waterfall in Bolan Valley Quetta stays nice during winters; however, the temperature is soaring. It is not suitable to travel in summer between May to August. You can enjoy swimming in cold water and refresh from tiredness.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Pir Ghaib waterfall in Bolan Valley Quetta is during winter. The weather is more relaxed during the winter, which makes it a perfect picnic spot for visitors. As the terrain of Quetta Balochistan is barren and rocky, the temperature is exceptionally high in Summer.

Tourists and visitors prefer to visit during the cooler and pleasant weather to enjoy the picnic and other activities. Locals can visit the Pir Ghaib waterfall in Quetta in any season as the waterfall is not far for them. There is no specific time to visit; however, if you are staying in the more fabulous season, ensure you arrive early to make the best of the waterfall before it gets crowded. Many people love to see in the Morning so they can swim, enjoy the water ponds, check fish in the water, and munch on some delicious lunch.

Ordinary people like to spend their afternoons at the waterfall doing different activities. You can also plan your trip to the Pir Ghaib waterfall and enjoy photography in front of the majestic waterfall.

Attractions at Pir Ghaib Waterfall

The waterfall is the most significant and majestic attraction of the Bolan Valley; people from all over the province love to visit the Pir Ghaib Abshar. It is the perfect place for a picnic with your family and friends. Being in nature makes everyone feel relaxed and relieved, and one can return to daily life in a better mood. You can bring food along to enjoy the view or buy food at the food point once you are at the site. If you are hiking, keep water and snacks ahead as it is a rocky mountain, and the hike is not easy.

Visitors also love to swim in the waterfall, but deep diving and swimming in deep waters are not allowed. If you visit with the family and children, take care of the young ones.

Many visitors like to visit the Pir Ghaib waterfall in Bolan Valley Quetta for a day and then return by evening. If you plan to stay, hotel stay options are available nearby, and you can choose and book as per your preference. Make sure to book before arrival and get your booking ready to avoid last moment inconvenience. Many Quetta residents like to visit this beautiful waterfall by driving directly from the city. The visitors from Quetta want to spend their day at the waterfall and return by evening.

Facilities at Pir Ghaib Waterfall

Many facilities are available at the Pir Ghaib waterfall in Bolan Valley Quetta with the collaborative efforts of Frontier Corps and the Local Government. There are watersports and adventure sports like Zipline, Water slides, and more for recreation. There is also a food point where visitors can have a snack, a meal, or a sip of tea.

The adventure lovers trek, hike the mountains,, and later indulge in swimming in the waterfall.


Pir Ghaib waterfall Bolan Valley Quetta and visitor point is situated 70kms from the Downtown area on Sibi street. At km marker 314 on N65, a sign on the road’s left focuses on Pir Ghaib (The Imperceptible Holy person). From the sign, the Pir Ghaib site is found 10 km south of N65. The path opens into a dry and fruitless scene, the shade of sun-dried chaff. The trail passes a town called ‘Khajuri.’ After Khajuri, the street is headed straightforwardly towards a stone wall. As it moves toward the wall, it climbs and finishes at a single house.

 There is a thick cluster of shisham and date palms, a genuine desert garden with the sound of falling water heard over the cooing of pigeons. From the edge of the precipice to the right, two waterfalls plunge 15 m (50 ft) over a stone wall covered with an incredible mass of dazzling brown and green lichens to the clear lake underneath.

 Behind the house is the tree concealed burial place of Pir Ghaib with toy supports hanging in the branches to recognize the petition for children to be allowed. Furthermore, past that is the wellspring of the spring: an opening with the water spouting out.


If you are in Quetta or nearby cities looking for a break from a hectic daily routine, be it office, school, college, or business, a trip to the Pir Ghaib Waterfall will cheer you up and lighten the mood. Nature is the best healer in many ways, and one feels happier when surrounded by green trees, running water, and great mountains. If you visit the Pir Ghaib Waterfall Bolan, you can enjoy ziplining, swimming, and water slides. You can bring your food or buy it directly at the food place nearby the waterfall. There are excellent facilities for the tourists, making this place worth visiting.


How to reach Pir Ghaib Waterfall?

You can reach it by driving to the Pir Ghaib from Quetta city.

Is the Pir Ghaib Waterfall worth it?

It is an enigmatic waterfall in the Bolan valley and the perfect spot for a day out.