Noori Waterfall

Pakistan is one of the few countries across the globe which is blessed with the best of nature’s wonders. Mountains, lakes, streams, oceans, meadows, waterfalls, deserts, hills or rivers, you name it, and the country has it. The natural beauty of Pakistan is something that any individual who has been there would confirm. Great green valleys to snow-covered pinnacles, and in the middle between, there is a tremendous amount to see and experience when you’re up there.

 On a hot summer day, nothing calms the heat other than cold splashing water, so you can plan your trip to the waterfalls around you. There are many lovely waterbodies in Pakistan, some of which have become a great tourist attractions. A few famous waterfalls have been set up to cater to travelers’ needs.

On Nallah Street in Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, Noori Waterfall is situated in Tial town, Haripur Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory of Pakistan. It is located around 85 kilometers away from the city of Islamabad. The waterfall is roughly 10 feet in level. The waterfall is situated in an open bay-like development on a slope. The Noori Waterfall is shorter than other waterfalls and has a nice blue water stream.

Noori Waterfall is an exceptional blend of Haripur village life and nature at its excellence. This segment is a little piece of a more extensive Haripur district home to wildlife and neighborhood history. There are many more destinations to find, and as additional streets interface huge urban communities to bigger towns like Jabri, more individuals can promptly get to these great spots. Furthermore, they are maybe best delighted in their untainted unblemished condition, without a considerable scope traveler framework that could harm the environment.

Noori Waterfall Haripur Attractions And Location

Anyone who loves to travel generally looks for fascinating spots to wander around. Now and then, one’s endeavors are compensated with an area up close and personal, to a great extent, an unseen area of great mountains and waterfalls. Noori Waterfall is one little piece of the magnificent Haro stream, which moves through the Abbottabad Valley and is home to Khanpur Dam.

The stream has six waterfalls, each more enigmatic and more brutal to swim through as the waterway goes upstream. It is about two hours from Islamabad, making it easy for people from Islamabad and nearby villages to visit the Noori Waterfall Haripur.

Noori Waterfall

There is no specific time to visit the waterfall, but make sure you get back to the parking area before 5:00 PM as it gets dark fast, and the hike is very rough in the mountains. One must arrive in the morning to swim and wander around the Noori Waterfall, and it is advised to leave before it starts to get dark.

Why is it called Noori Waterfall?

Noori Waterfall Haripur is known as Noreen De Than (Noori Pond) in the local language. No one is sure from where the waterfall gets its name, but there are a couple of theories around, and locals seem to narrate the same. Local people are not sure why it’s called ‘Noori de tahan’ (Noori’s Lake), and the oral narratives recount wandering stories. While some accept, the waterfall is named after an extinct tribe called Noori. Some locals say it is named after Noor Bibi, a town senior who suffocated in the pool a long time back. People from Jabri also narrate that the water’s smooth appearance around evening time drove the elders to call it ‘Noori abshaar’ or the ‘Waterfall of Light.’

It has recently been catching a lot of attention from visitors. Families who visited the Haro Stream upstream from Khanpur Dam for a significant distance also reached the extent that they could take their vehicles near the waterfall.

When is the Best Time to Visit Noori Waterfall?

The best time to visit the waterfall is anytime between March to October. When the weather is pleasant, you can visit during June and July to have a refreshing day by the waterfall and beat the heat. In winter, the water is icy and freezing to swim; hence one cannot fully enjoy it.

Make sure to arrive in the morning to enjoy the calm and peaceful aura of the Noori Waterfall, as it is less crowded in the morning. However, flocks of travelers come on the weekends. People from nearby areas also take full advantage and enjoy themselves at the waterfall.

You can spend your day swimming and enjoying the cold water. One must know proper swimming before jumping in the water as the water around the cove gets very deep and unsafe for immature swimmers. One must be mindful before plunging into deep water, and it is advised to avoid rushing water.

Recommended Gears

As the climb to the waterfall is rough and rocky, ensure you wear hiking boots to reach the waterfall properly. Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes for the hike. If you are planning to swim, make sure to carry extra swimming clothes along. The walk is not easy and hence is unsuitable for the elderly or children. You must bring your food, snacks, and drinks along to the spot as there is no food point or canteen near the waterfall.

Attractions at Noori Waterfall

Green mountains encircle the 30-meter-high waterfall. A remarkable appearance can be seen by pouring milky white and clear water into a lake of around 80 x 120 feet and changing its tone to lush green. There are approximately 6 to 10 regular springs at the hotspot for cascades.

The biggest attraction and the remarkable aspect of the Noori Waterfall in the Haro river basin are that high up in the mountains. There are Seven gigantic waterfalls, threefold the size of Noori Waterfall Haripur.

Out of these seven sister waterfalls, five are on the Noori Waterfall side, and two are on the other Bank of Haro Stream.

The Buddhists constructed a religious retreat in this gorgeous valley in BC times called the Bhamala Stupa Cloister on a similar Haro Waterway.

How to Reach Noori Waterfall?

The easiest way to reach the waterfall is by taking a car ride from Islamabad, and If you are driving yourself, you can use the navigation on the maps to get to the Noori Waterfall. The sign boards are also present along the roads. You can also rent a vehicle to take you to the waterfall. The total car ride is about two hours.

It requires an additional 20 minutes down the walking trail, through one more valley covered with trees and shrubberies of various shades of green. The walking trail is very rough, and some people may find it difficult to walk along this rocky path. Toward the finish of this trail is a huge cove that looks otherworldly. The incredibly gorgeous walls of rocks and stones have tall trees on each side. The floor is comprised of delicate, tricky sand, which appears differently concerning the cool, blue water.

Facilities at Noori Waterfall

There are no facilities available in the waterfall area. You have to reach without reasonable paved paths. Visitors of Noori Waterfall Haripur can walk 2 kilometers on the troublesome uneven territory to arrive at the cascade and appreciate nature. Only energetic youngsters can climb here as it requires severe areas of strength, and only healthy and strong people can walk and hike.

Nonetheless, as per local people, snow-canvassed slopes in winter, particularly the normal spring water in the catchment region, and the water halted for quite some time in winter. Make sure you are well prepared before coming to the waterfall. It is not suitable for ladies and children.

Be that as it may, aside from littering, safety is the most significant issue, as the lake’s profundity has not been taken care of, and there are not many security components set up in the event of an emergency. Many people have lost lives while swimming as well. Proper setup is required at the waterfall to channel its full potential for tourists.

How much is the distance to reach Noori Waterfall from Islamabad?

The total distance to Noori Waterfall from Islamabad is around 85 Kilometers. It requires roughly 2 hours to arrive there utilizing Pir Sohawa road. This road joins Islamabad with the region of Haripur. On the way, you will pass by numerous little towns, and there are different waterfalls like the Umbrella waterfall.

There is a little town Tial Syedan opposite Peena Village. It would be best if you took a left for Tial Syedan town from Haripur street. The street is ideal for vehicles to drive; however, a few patches are broken. From the main road, arriving at the parking region will require 10-15 minutes. They charge 50 Pkr for bicycle parking and 100 Pkr for vehicle Parking.

Noori Waterfall Location

Noori Waterfall is situated in Tial village of Haripur Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory of Pakistan. It is located around 85 kilometers away from the capital city of Islamabad. It is an excellent spot for a hot summer day, and locals enjoy the summer by coming to the waterfall at any time.

However, visitors have to plan their excursion keeping certain factors like the weather in mind. People from the nearby village also hike through mountains and enjoy the Noori Waterfall. It is still an unexplored place, and it is currently not tourist friendly.


How is the road to Noori Waterfall?

The road to Noori Waterfall is clear except for some rough patches.

Do we have to hike to reach the waterfall?

Yes, you have to walk about 2 km to reach the waterfall.

Is it possible to do a Barbecue at Noori Waterfall?

There is no such facility available at the waterfall.


If you live in a hot place and need a chill day out with your friends, check out Noori Waterfall Haripur. It has some rough hikes to reach, but the views are pristine and majestic for travelers. You can spend your day here relaxing. Bring your food and water and wear appropriate hiking shoes to the waterfall. It is an excellent spot for locals and people from nearby towns and cities to unwind from hectic routines and relax in nature.