Nergola Waterfall

Nergola Waterfall Rawalakot is located about 120 kilometers from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The distance from Islamabad to Rawalkot is likewise about 120 kilometers. It takes t around three hours to drive from Rawalpindi. The road to Nergola Waterfall Mutialmera remains quite unpleasant. Despite this unpleasantness, one can take in the beauty of the surroundings while being driven to the spot. The region of Nergola Waterfall Azad Kashmir is outside Rawalakot city in a place called mutialmera. A guest house is found straight over the street when you arrive at Nergola Waterfall. The people can stay in that guest house for the night.

Furthermore, there are very few other guest houses inside the parameters of Nergola Waterfall. There are parking spots where you can comfortably leave your travel or family vehicle. After leaving the car safely protected, you have to walk for 15 minutes to arrive at the prime destination. There is a little tuck shop built on the main road entrance en route to Nergola Waterfall.

The presence of the shop here benefits travelers as it assists many people in refilling their food and water resources. You can come here and enjoy the fountain surrounded by beautiful trees, it is found at the foundation of the mountain, and the road does not lead to this spot directly. It would be best if you walked for around 15 minutes. But it is a lovely spot, an incredible downhill walk, and afterward, returning up will help your mental and physical health. The scenes one can witness during the trek are incredibly inspiring as well. You can sit by the fountain and relieve any stress and anxiety. Such places become doubly alluring during evening hours. The silent chilly mountain breeze can make you feel mentally relieved—a good place for friends and family to hang out. You can, in like manner, visit better places in Rawalakot while visiting.

Rawalakot is the capital of the Poonch locale in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is situated in the Pir Panjal Reach. Banjosa and Toli Pir are two well-known travel industry favorites in the area. Lodges, government-possessed and confidential visitor houses, and guest houses are accessible in various pieces of Rawalakot.

Attractions include mountain-based experience in the travel industry, rock climbing, mountaineering, journeying, hiking, trekking, swimming, and in summer, setting up camps and picnics, among other water-based experiences. A guest house Sanctuary is situated around two kilometers from the city of Rawalakot. It is close to the upper block of the university of Poonch. The nearby area, close to the Sanctuary of nature, presents an enchanting sight of Rawalakot and a lovely perspective on the university of Poonch. It is one of the hidden waterfalls of Pakistan.

Nergola Waterfall Rawalakot Attractions, Entry Ticket, Timings & Location

It requires around three hour’s drive from Rawalpindi to arrive at Nergola Waterfall Azad Kashmir. Nergola Waterfall Rawalakot is thoroughly blessed with delightful plant life. The Waterfall amid such a beautiful Azad Kashmir environment gives a mystic and beautifying vibe to the atmosphere. This spot is famous among local travelers because of its wide variety of plants and clear, cool water surrounded by greenery. People travel to Nergola Waterfall Rawalakot to view this excellent site with their own eyes.

This spot is excellent for the family as it likewise includes guesthouses inside that area, making it simple to remain with the family, especially with youngsters. This spot is perfect for various calming and personal activities. Some people can stroll around the area, while others can swim, and some can picnic nearby the Waterfall and enjoy the experience. Nergola Waterfall is located at Rawalakot near Rawalpindi. The drive from Rawalpindi to the Waterfall takes only about 3 hours.

 The region is basically outside Rawalakot city in a spot called mutialmera. In the vicinity of the area, there are family-suitable guest houses. These guest houses are beneficial for people coming from far-off distances. The guest houses can accommodate families and kids easily. You can easily spend the night without any problems and with great comfort. All cars and other vehicles are left in the parking space near the main road. From this parking lot to the Waterfall is a foot walk of about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your pace. On this road is a small, resourceful shop that can resupply you to Nergola Waterfall. The scenes that a person sees during the walk rejuvenate the body and mind, after which a person feels mentally refreshed. The experience can elevate your state and make you more gleeful.

When is the Best Time to Visit Nergola Waterfall?

You can visit the Nergola waterfall at the time of your pleasure. All the suggestions depend on the personal preferences of the person in question. If you like cold chilly, humid, and misty environments, winter will be the best time to visit this place. If you want to feel your body in cold water during the otherwise hot summer weather, then you can go in summer. In autumn and spring, the water remains cold. Most people visit the Waterfall during their vacations or weekends. During weekends, many families from nearby areas come to bathe and swim in the Waterfall’s water. Hence, on non-work days, the crowds increase since people come seeking relief from their day-to-day work in the calm water of the Nergola waterfall. But if you like a quiet environment without many people and noise, you can take a day off and visit on weekdays or in spring. The people are always welcoming, and you can find great attraction here nonetheless.

Attractions At Nergola Waterfall

Among the many attractions of the Nergola waterfall, which magically allure the human eye, some are the work of human innovation. Work is done to make the journey to the Waterfall easier and more reliable. The stairs reaching the Waterfall are helpful for older adults and children. They make the walking distance comfortable, suppress the downhill and uphill climb, and descend frustration. Once you take a walk and reach the scenic Waterfall, the beautiful view kills all your previous stress and makes you feel new and fresh. The Waterfall provides the person with potable fresh water, which is completely hygienic and clean. This water can be easily used for bathing, swimming, and showering. Cable cars are also available in the area, giving you scenic rides along the vicinity of Nergola. You can view the mountains and greenery from the height of the cable cars and feel mentally at peace. The cable car rides charge each person according to their age. The ride from one point to another is worth the trip, making the journey and the experience memorable.


This magical place provides the Best Picnic Spot For Family and friends. The lush green grass can provide the perfect grounds for picnics and barbeques. You can easily set up your camping equipment or barbeque equipment anywhere in the close vicinity of the Waterfall. The barbeque and picnic experience feels more alluring once mixed in with the general atmosphere of the Waterfall.

The place also contains several swings for children. Children can run around and play safely within the grounds without increasing the worry of the adults. The swings are an integral part of the waterfall area. Children feel much more energetic and happy when playing along the swings while enjoying the beauty of the Waterfall.

There are guest houses for people coming from far-away places. There are parking places for such persons and a tuck shop to take care of their daily needs. The cable cars which are very famous in the area are also one worthy aspect of visiting the place yourself. The fresh, serene, and calm air will help with the stress of your work days and make you happier. The experience one receives from visiting makes the Nergola waterfall a worthy holiday destination.

How to Reach Nergola Waterfall?

Nergola waterfall is situated in the north of Pakistan in a valley at the foothills of snow-capped mountains. The waterfalls are formed by snow melt from the mountains. The best time to visit for many people is during the summer when plenty of water flows down from the hill.

You can drive yourself from the capital Islamabad to the Waterfall using navigation maps; it would take about three hours and a 15-minute hike further.

Another option is the public transport option from Islamabad to Kashmir, which is a cheaper option but makes sure to check the transport schedule and timing before planning your trip.

Nergola waterfall is a must-see for anyone visiting Pakistan and Kashmir. The Waterfall is surrounded by dense forests and lofty mountains, which can represent such a scenic atmosphere that it can captivate you.

How much is the Distance to Reach Nergola Waterfall from Islamabad?

The Nergola waterfall is a popular tourist attraction in the Kashmir region of Pakistan. Tourists come to the area to enjoy its scenic beauty, trekking trails, and other outdoor activities. It is about 120 km from Islamabad and takes up to a 3-hour drive to reach the Waterfall.


The Nergola waterfall is located in the Khilanmarg Valley, near the town of Dras, in Kashmir. The Nergola waterfall is a 3-meter high cascade that falls from about 30 meters. The waterfalls are surrounded by dense green forests and provide a spectacular view to visitors. Local belief has it that if you dip in these waterfalls on Thursdays, you will be cured of all your ailments and pain. Indeed the cold water, which is perfectly moderate in the summer, can have such profound effects on your physical health that it can sate specific joint pains and relieve tremendous stress.


Kashmir is one of the world’s most captivating natural tourist destinations. The territory is famous for magnificent waterfalls and unmatched beauty. Stretching from the Neerkol River to Tis Kwin Pakora, located in Landi Kot, Kashmiri waterfalls are perfect for spending holidays and picnics. Nergola falls, also known as Nergola Kashmir waterfall, is a tourist’s delight. Thousands of tourists flock to this place each season and are mesmerized by the august beauties surrounding them. Many restaurants in and around this area have traditional options and clean supplies, facilities, and toilets catering to tourists’ needs. It’s located about 12 kilometers southwest of Pahalgam town and is one of Kashmir’s most aesthetic natural attractions.


Is it safe for Families to Visit the Waterfall?

Suppose you are looking for the ideal family vacation or a place for an event celebration among friends. In that case, the Nergola waterfall in Kashmir is the best spot anyone can hope for on such occasions. The Waterfall is genuinely an enchanting site. The place is very family-friendly, and it is fit for children and young adults as well as adults. The Waterfall is easily accessible. The technical innovations have made the place much more friendly to older adults, children, and physically disabled people.

Is walking the Track difficult to reach Waterfall?

The Track is short and not challenging, but one should wear strong shoes to hike to the Waterfall.