Narh Waterfall Panj Peer Rocks

Narh Waterfall, also known as Narh Waterfall Kahuta is found simply behind Kahuta town on the boundary of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. The climate there is breezy and relaxed, even in the summers. Because the spot is high above the ground levels, the place is thoroughly blessed with cold mountain winds, which makes the atmosphere chilly and humid. The Distance of Narh waterfall from Islamabad is not very much either. Narh town in Kahuta, Pakistan, is about a 3-hour drive from Islamabad. The Drive can take longer or less time depending on the traffic. If you leave early, the total time can be reduced to only one and a half hours between Kahuta and Islamabad. It is a great, perfect, calm, and excellent spot for excursion and stress relief. Narh waterfall is one the easiest waterfall to reach.

Punjpeer ziarat, at the highest spot, is 1775 meters. It gets crisp in winter and snows too. The climb time to ziarat takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

Narh Waterfall Panj Peer Rocks are found amidst the incredible beauty of the famous panj peer rocks. There are many awe-inspiring destinations you can visit in Pakistan. Peeping out at the landscape from a high mountain produces a beautiful feeling. After feasting on the natural beauty of this area, you can visit the Narh Waterfall, also known as Narh Kalaga falls. This waterfall is found amidst the tremendous natural splendor of the Astore valley. You can gaze at this beautiful site and let your memory catch sight of the panoramic views of Astore valley.

Narh Waterfall Kahuta Attractions, Timings & Location

The waterfall is beautifully placed in this enchanting and alluring place. The Holy Ziarat is roosted on the highest peak of the area. It is a 45 minutes gentle climb from the last vehicle parking space. It is excellent and gives you a complete view of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The atmosphere of the place is itself very charming and relaxing. This climate has to be seen at least once by every travel enthusiast. This is the main attraction of Narh Waterfall Kahuna. Many people take long journeys to visit this place and enjoy nature with their bodies and souls. Many photography lovers travel to narh waterfall to take pictures and share them with friends and on social media. These pictures further increase the popularity of the narh waterfall and its attractions.

A large portion of individuals gets to know narh waterfall through  Panjpeer rocks. The Lehtrar street begins from the Tramri chowk close to Comsats college. From the Tramri Chowk, you need to take a left. Further on, as you take this route, you will need to travel longer to reach your destination. The distance is roughly 56 km using lehtrar street. And to arrive here using a 4×4 vehicle can take you an hour at the least. This street goes straight towards the Kotli Sattian Narh waterfall and the Panjpeer rocks. If you follow this path, you cannot miss the Narh waterfall. The street is now exceptionally furnished and is safe for travel, so you can use the roads here comfortably on your vehicles to travel to kotli sattian narh waterfall. You will find the Neela Sandh, likewise famous for the water lakes. But the water of Neela sandh is intense. It is fatal for families and is very dangerous to children. The surge of water makes it even more hazardous for professional swimmers. Panjpeer Rocks Kahuta are found at an incredible altitude of 1800 m above sea level, where it often snows in winter. Being so higher in the clouds, the cold atmosphere condenses into thick clouds, making the scene supernatural and mystic. It snows here very much in winter and leaves the far-off mountain peaks covered in snow, which can be seen from far away.

When is the Best Time to Visit Narh Waterfall?

During summers, Panjpeer Rocks’ climate and the temperature are windy and cool. Pictures and Photographs of Panjpeer Rocks are lovely to see. Throughout the year, due to the great height and location of the narh waterfall, the temperature remains cool and chilly. Followed by the mountain’s cold breezes, the whole region turns out, and you must bring thick clothes often. As this area is simply past the compass of the overall population, the forests are not destroyed by anyone. They are in their proper form. These forest woods are very thick and beautiful. To see them from a height is an experience no one can forget. So the best time to visit narh waterfall depends on your choice. It is recommended that you should visit the waterfall in summer. Here there are not many crowds except the locals. You can see cattle grazing in the meadows and green grass fields in all seasons. In winter, spring, and autumn, the region is twice as cold as summer. The chilling winds bite the bones beneath the layers of wooly clothing.

Recommended Gears

Before setting out on your journey, you must have a few necessary items. These things help make your experience very comforting and protect your life. First and foremost among these things is the life jacket. A life jacket is handy in surviving the steady current of water. The life jacket keeps you from going underwater. Their inflatable outer layer keeps the person afloat on the water and does not let anyone drown. So if you are bringing young people or children with you, it is necessary that you also get life jackets. Food and water are significant resources in such remote areas.

Sometimes, it becomes hard to find someone and ask them for food. There are shops in the local residential areas, but they are not close to the waterfall. So you must bring food and water with you. This place is rocky, and often the rock becomes slippery and harmful.

The water and humidity cause the slipperiness of rocks. Likewise, the grass can also become slippery and injure you by tripping you. Hence, it is necessary and safe to bring hiking shoes. Hiking shoes have a significantly higher grip than average joggers. The higher grip of hiking shoes protects you against slippery rocks and hostile air moisture. The steady and balanced stance and pace the hiking shoes provide everyone is why you take a pair with you.

Furthermore, these are the places which are most enjoyed as camping and picnic spots. As you can probably guess, you cannot find camping equipment here. It is recommended to always bring camping equipment like barbeque stuff, tents, mats, ground pillows, etc., with you. All these things help you be comfortable in a windy, cold, and humid atmosphere. You can also bring your barbeque equipment with a skewer and coals to cook your food there once you arrive. Besides this, getting an extra pair of shoes and clothes is also recommended. The probability of accidents against all health measures still exists. So to protect yourself even more thoroughly, buying a first aid kit is recommended. A small kit will suffice. Bandages, cotton, painkillers, pins, ointments, etc., are almost enough.

Attractions at Narh Waterfall

Although the route is a few kilometers long, it is beautiful. The beautiful trail to the waterfall provides fantastic sights of the area. The forest woods, the landscapes, the trees, grass, meadows, and far-off mountains can elicit a wonderful feeling in a person’s mind. You can take pictures from the window of your car to save these memories with you. The lush green mountains and cool and fresh water make such a memory that no one can forget it. It always leaves you with the desire to come back again. All these characteristics make this the best picnic point for friends and families.

Things to Do at Narh Waterfall

There are many things to do at narh waterfall. You can do hiking which is physically rewarding and improves mental health. You can swim in the cold, clear water of the narh waterfall after cliff diving through the cool air. The most enjoyed habits of all people are camping and photography. Everywhere you look, you can find something to capture, whether a tree, spruce, a bird, far off forest or mountains, your friends, or the fall of beautiful water.

How to Reach Narh Waterfall?

The Narh waterfall can be found near the back of Kahuta on the Kashmir border. The distance to this place from Islamabad is 70km, and it will take you just 2 hours from Islamabad to arrive at Kahuta. From Kahuta, you must go along the beautiful route to the narh waterfall.

Nearby Attraction

One of the nearby attractions to narh waterfall is Neela sandh. The Neela sandh water is profound. It is not recommended to swim in it, although many young swimmers still find their way into it.

Panjpeer Rocks

Panjpeer Rocks Kahuta are found at the significant stretch of 1800 m above ocean level, where it occasionally snows in winter. Being so higher in the mists, the chilly environment forms into thick mists, making the scene extraordinary and spiritual. It snows here in winter, leaving the distant mountain tops shrouded in snow, which should be visible from a long way off. This is the peak from where you can view far-off lands of Azad Kashmir and relish in the natural beauty of this wonder of nature. The Panjpeer rocks are also famous because of the holy Mizar, which takes 40 (between 40 to 50 minutes depending upon your pace) minutes to climb to reach the top.


How much is the Distance to Reach Narh Waterfall from Islamabad?

The total distance is 70 kilometers which take about a 2-hour drive on a 4×4 family vehicle to get there.

How much time does it take to complete hiking there?

It takes about 45 minutes to hike to the waterfall.

Is it safe for families?

Yes, It is a safe place for families.


If you are in Islamabad or around, this is a beautiful place to visit after a hectic routine. The Narh Waterfall is an ideal location and spot for families and a nice picnic. Its exceptional beauty, altitude, forests, and views provide a good time and make it worth visiting.