Manthokha Waterfall Skardu

Overall, Pakistan is a beautiful country containing a diverse plethora of nature’s unrelenting cultivation and beauty. One of the most Incredible traveler choice spots and those of locals are Pakistan’s waterfalls. The availability of the waterfalls depends upon the variety of seasons the country affords.

Some waterfalls are not readily available in some seasons and others; however, all are conspicuously available in spring. Waterfalls, especially in summer, draw in people to battle against high temperatures, which the nation experiences consistently. One such example is Manthokha Waterfall Skardu, which attracts many tourists annually. Such countless families from all over the nation travel to these spots for relief against unrelenting heat and use these places to make special familial occasions more memorable. While constructing these experiences in clear waters like Manthokha Waterfall, and Kharmang Valley, the families can make personal recollections in digital form via cameras or phones and save them as recordings or photography. 

Any point where water streams over a vertical drop or a progression of sharp declines is known as a waterfall. For quite a while, individuals have had a relationship with waterfalls, visiting, exploring, and naming them. People are known in history to shape strict associations with waterfalls, giving them a heavenly beginning because of specific stories going down from the old progenitors to the regular successors of today. Various skilled workers have painted waterfalls, which are pointed to in multiple styles.

Waterfalls make a little microclimate in their nearby region depicted by cooler temperatures and higher wetness than the enveloping locale, which could maintain various organizations of plants. Sorts of these plants could have disjunct peoples at waterfall zones far from their middle reach.


One of the most distinctive waterfalls in Pakistan is Manthokha Waterfall Skardu. This waterfall is located in the Charming valley of Skardu. Pakistanis recognize it as Manthokha Waterfall Kharmang Valley Since it is a famous valley in the country’s northern regions and is known to many travelers. The beautiful valley and the Manthokha Waterfall complement each other and supplement each other’s popularity. This specific waterfall in Kharmang valley is rightfully considered among the country’s most loved waterfalls for its striking excellence. Its remarkable height amid the valley’s beauty is distinctive. Individuals from Pakistan venture out significantly to see this captivating site with their own eyes. The experience one sees oneself can outshine every one of the narratives told in any vocal recountings. People who write beautifully about the Mankhota Waterfall or talk about it are mesmerized by the experience they feel when they see the home themselves. So, the originality of the exceptional experience is somewhat excused or made obscure by exaggerations of speech. So, it is always best to visit yourself.

For this reason, individuals show up in such big numbers from far-off places to encounter the extraordinary scene with their own eyes. People from all provinces and regions of the country prefer to visit the northern areas in Summer to beat the rising temperatures. 

Manthokha Waterfall Skardu

Relaxing around a Manthokha Waterfall in Kharmang Valley and seeing its natural greatness can not be portrayed by words. The calming water from a flood can reestablish your soul. From a specific distance, Manthoka Waterfall, by all accounts a, represents a calm yet mighty looming vista. Nonetheless, as you move closer, you become stirred up by the greatness of the waterfall issuing in its essence from the hill. Manthoka Waterfall offers you an opportunity to experience this charming view.

This waterfall is one of the most stunning recreational spots in Skardu. The freshwater streams and astonishing engaging sights are ideal regions for climbing and camping. Travelers love to visit and revisit the incredible waterfall under its hypnotizing grandness and unbelievable attributes. Swimming, climbing, voyaging around the valley, and camping out are several activities one should partake in. The spot is soothing up to the point that it rekindles the tourists. One can, without a doubt, encounter enthusiastic affections for the generally expected Manthoka Waterfall.

This spot is a place of recreation for travelers because of its fantastic scene and calm air: the rich green brushing lands and the streams with clear waters. The spot is marvelous to the extent of capturing the sightseers’ attention. One can undoubtedly experience passionate feelings under the overwhelming beauty of the Manthoka Waterfall. The quiet and peaceful climate of the spot illuminates the spirit and revives the psyche. The picturesque scene and serene atmosphere at Manthoka waterfall are heavenly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is a soothing and relaxing experience for everyone, especially if you love mountains. It would be best if you visited the waterfall at least once.

Manthokha Waterfall Skardu Attractions, Entry Ticket, Timings & Location

Attractions of the majestic Manthokha Waterfall Skardu as described below are numberless to entail literally; from the natural beauty of the valley surrounding the main attraction, that is, the Manthoka waterfall, there are a bunch of other activities one ought to consider while being there. The smell of cooking in the air completely changes one’s mood and gives it a new, revived perspective, which is why many people enjoy camping. Camping is an entertaining way to enjoy nature fully.

The Manthokha Waterfall Kharmang Valley is a natural endowment unto the general public, and anyone from anywhere can visit it anytime. The shops and restaurants are busier when the audience is more extensive. Hence it is helpful to stay at a time that is neither too crowdy nor too lonely. Most people see the waterfall in summer to cool off and chill out but not as many people comparatively visit the place in spring, at which time it is neither too crowded nor too quiet.

Manthoka Waterfall, as mentioned before, is located in Charming valley, a famous place for Pakistanis. The valley is located in the far northern mountainous region of Skardu, Gilgit. Gilgit is famous among foreigners and locals for its distinct beauty and excellent aesthetics. The waterfall is a spiritualist spot, including rich green fields, crisp murmuring streams, transcending rough piles of Karakorum, and locally established cafes and restaurants.

One of the most fundamental features of this stunning valley is the famous trout fish. Aside from the waterfall itself, another commendable attribute of the place is the fish restaurants where trout fish are saved and cooked for the tourists in a conventional, cultural manner.

Manthoka Waterfall Resort

The waterfall resort was established for travelers visiting from outside Gilgit. People visit far south areas such as Sindh and its districts, which are significantly hotter in summer. The need for resorts increases as the population levels increase in the visiting seasons. Manthoka Waterfall Resort provides visitors with a great experience by caring for their essential needs.

It is one of the most lavish and beautiful resorts.

Manthokha Waterfall Skardu

Suppose you are looking for some leisure and time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Make sure to add the Manthokha Waterfall to your travel plans. It is a great place to visit with your families and friends.

How to Reach Manthokha Waterfall?

There are several ways to reach Skardu. From there, you can make your way to the Manthokha Waterfall. You can choose a mode of transport as per your travel plans. The easiest way to reach Skardu is by taking a direct flight, and many people prefer flights as they are fast and less hectic. Other options to get to Skardu are public transport or renting a vehicle to reach the destination. Many people like to drive directly to the Mountains. They rent a jeep or 4×4 for the narrow and rocky mountain round. Jeeps are widely used for transportation in the Northern area, and you can book it directly around your hotel and get a price quote accordingly.

Once you reach Skardu, the Manthokha Waterfall is only 35 – 40 km from the central city. You can hire an experienced local driver to take you to the waterfall. While driving to the lake, you would see beautiful rocky mountains and majestic views of the Indus river passing along, making all the traveling worthwhile.

Facilities at Manthokha Waterfall

There are multiple hotels and stay options nearby in Skardu, and Near the waterfall, a lovely resort is available, with a wooden hut and tree house style accommodation options. You can choose and book as per your requirement and budget. Make sure to book your accommodation beforehand to avoid inconvenience as the hotel options are limited in the mountains, and it gets fully occupied in the season. Flocks of visitors visit the waterfall from different parts of the country and spend their summer in the north.


Is Manthokha Waterfall natural?

Yes, the waterfall is natural and one of the largest waterfalls in Pakistan.

Is any Rest House Available near Manthokha Waterfall?

Yes, there is a resort option near the Manthokha Waterfall, which has hut and tree house rooms, and apart from the resort, many hotel options are available in Skardu.


Manthokha Waterfall is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls we have in the country. It is prevalent among tourists and visitors from all over the country. It is known for its spell-bounding natural beauty and soothing aura of the place. It is easily accessible from Skardu; make sure you plan well and book your flights, transport, and stay in advance to fully enjoy this beautiful waterfall and the tourist spots around the area.