Kiwai Waterfall

In Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Mansehra District is the lovely village of Kiwai. Here travelers find one of the best-known travel destinations in the place. The Kiwai Waterfall is visited by the people living nearby it and those from the city. The Kiwai Abshar can be reached by traveling through Shogran on the way to Kaghan Valley, which is why you will arrive at the village of Kiwai. Most travelers select it because of the abundance of tourist attractions along this route. It’s among the first places you visit when traveling to Naran and Kaghan. In Kiwai, most individuals enjoy taking a 30-minute break. The essential information about this place benefits anyone visiting from nearby or outside. Kiwai Waterfall is one of the most popular Waterfalls In Pakistan.

Kiwai Waterfall Mansehra 

Kiwai Waterfall Pakistan is one of the most beloved tourist spots. It is not as big as other northern waterfalls. This is suitable for families and personal tourism with friends. You can easily accommodate yourself and several others from a single family here. The Kiwai Waterfall is surrounded by scattered local tuck shops and small restaurants, so you are never left wanting anything, such as edibles and drinking liquids like beverages. This place can likewise provide an individual with several other recreational needs, turning your visiting experience into genuine and rewarding memory.

In about half a decade, visitor growth in Pakistan’s tourist attractions has increased steadily in the past few years. Pakistan used to be regarded as a haven for terrorists, but today traveling here is relatively safe. Additionally, the government agencies of the relative fields take subtle care regarding tourism and tourist rights. The government has spent in the past and is currently spending money to promote tourism in Pakistan because the authorities now understand how crucial it can be for bringing in foreign exchange. If foreigners can feel safe here, then foreign relations will increase.

Kiwai Waterfall

Imran Khan’s administration is also responsible for the billion-tree project. Pakistan’s economy will benefit significantly if the country is prosperous in promoting tourism. The KPK government is ready to make tourism destinations more accessible to attract the maximum number of visitors. The best approach to finding a map of the Kiwai Waterfalls is to utilize Google Maps and download the map. It remained one of the most beloved national attractions. Its adequate area is considered a positive factor for this waterfall’s myriad of attractions.

When Should You Travel to Kiwai Waterfall?

The best time to visit the Kiwai Waterfall is probably in the summer. In summer, the general heat of the Pakistani atmosphere can be best dealt with by the cold flowing surges of waterfalls. There is no better waterfall for family or friends’ vacations than this. Besides the few essential hiking or swimming gear, you will need, the places around are well equipped with other necessary things such as cold drinks, snacks, edibles, and a large variety of traditional foods and beverages.

To begin the voyage in Islamabad, as this is where most tour guides and traveler groups begin their initial journey toward the Kiwai Waterfall. The motorway may reach Balakot via Abbottabad and Mansehra; after Mansehra, you can go directly to Kiwai. Compared with the usual traffic, you can sense the first feelings of solitary peace in this beautiful remote village. Further on the track, following Kiwai leads directly to Kiwai waterfall. If you are among those visiting for the first time, do not worry further about the exact location of the waterfall when you finally arrive at Kiwai; the local people know where the waterfall is and can easily direct you. People usually start their journey near dawn, before the sun rises. Because it takes about 4 hours to get to Kiwai, they arrive early, at about 6-7 a.m. They have breakfast at the magnificent spot, where you can sit with your family and enjoy the tranquil environment of Kiwai and its beautiful waterfall. Numerous hotels and restaurants in the area serve good food at moderate prices—the number of people noticing the waterfall increases daily. New travelers are attracted to the waterfall because of its unique attributes and share experiences with other travelers.

Kiwai Weather

Check the Kiwai weather and waterfall location before traveling to Naran and Kaghan. You can manage your conditioning accordingly if you visit Naran for the first time. When you arrive in Kiwai, you may quickly find a hotel. However, most people do not stay there for an extended period. The conditions of hotels are better in Naran and Kaghan since they are more well-known and are excellent tourist attractions. The weather at Kiwai remains moderately cold all over the year except in summer and near autumn. During autumn, the weather starts to get hard again. The Kiwai village is found considerably above ground level and is closer to Naran and Kaghan, making it harder than other areas.

Kiwai Waterfall

Attractions at Kiwai Waterfall

The most obvious attraction for local people and travelers is the outlook of this waterfall. The water steadily flows over various curves before it starts forming a single file in a shape of a stream. This process gives the waterfall the formation of several distinctive waterfalls. Each group finds itself in possession of one or the other waterfall. The fresh & cool water further enhances the person’s experience. It relieves the stress, the tension of your working days, the anxiety about daily life, and the atmosphere’s heat. There are further sitting arrangements inside the water, which are the subtle work of locals. The local people have put charpai near the base of each little waterfall, with accessible cold drink crates nearby, so a person sitting inside the water does not have to walk a long distance to get a drink. You can quickly grab a bottle while sitting on the traditional bed (charpai), which is famous in the subcontinent. There are local shops near the main attraction selling cooked trout fish. The mini trout fish pond is found nearby, which, during some seasons, gets filled with the famous trout fish there. The attraction of the scene is consistently complimented by the surrounding lush green scenery, which is presented by plant life and other vegetation. All these attributes combined make the Kiwai Waterfall the best picnic spot in the area. Here you can do barbeques with friends, swim in the ponds, catch fish, bathe, and eat, among other things. All these characteristics make this waterfall a must-visit attraction.

How to Reach Kiwai Waterfall?

The Lower Himalayan mountain range encloses the 155-kilometer-long Kaghan Valley. As a result, the valley has an alpine climate and is primarily covered in pine woods and alpine meadows. Along with the Kunhar River’s flow through this lovely valley, we may see glaciers, crystal-clear lakes, waterfalls, and cold mountain streams. You can drive to the waterfall by passing through Shogran, most people and tourist groups start their journey from Islamabad, and it takes 4-5 hours to reach the waterfall.

You can drive your vehicle directly or take the group bus tour as it is more economical.

Visitors can reach the Kaghan Valley year-round in the summer but not in winter. This is because, although these glaciers generally melt between February and April, they block the roads leading to the Kaghan during the winter. Just before the Naran, the following location to visit is the Kaghan valley.

Amenities at Kiwai Waterfall

The usual amenities are restaurants, seating arrangements, and essential waterfall attractions. Many people have a long and distinct affinity with waterfalls, visiting, exploring, and naming them. They can be formidable obstacles to river transportation, but they are thrilling and add a great feeling to a person’s experience. The water in Kiwai ponds, which form beautifully at the base of these magnificent waterfalls, is only half a foot deep, which means it is very safe for young adults, teens, and children. As a result, there will be no threat of any water drowning-related problems here. But you must exercise extreme caution when walking over it, as stones and boulders can inflict serious injury if you trip. The stones and rocks are made extra slippery by years of the constant flow of water over them. So it is recommended that you should wear shoes with a tighter grip and take extra care while being there.

Kiwai Waterfall

Abshar Café

The Abshar café is at the top of the waterfall, where you can get almost any refreshment. Everything is available here, from tea to coffee, soft drinks to traditional teas. You can easily walk over to the café since it is located nearby.

Abshar Food Hut

Just like the café, the food hut is particularly alluring. It offers a variety of traditional foods served at exceptionally moderate costs. You do not have to worry about being short on water or food since you can quickly get both from here.

Abshar Shopping Point

Besides the cafe and food hut, there is a shopping point where you can find certain household things and other valuable materials, some of which can assist you greatly in camping or making barbeques.

What are the Best Hotels & Restaurants near Kiwai Waterfall?

Tourist inn hotels and restaurants are found on the road to Kiwai Waterfall, the most used by travelers. Farther away in Kaghan is a more developed hotel and restaurant named Ashania hotel.

How Much is the Distance to Reach Kiwai Waterfall from Kaghan?

The distance from Kaghan is about 24 kilometers. It takes about 50 minutes to arrive.

What is the Average Cost of Staying in Hotels near Kiwai Waterfall?

The price may vary between 50000 Rs and 20000 Rs in the local hotels. In budget hotels, the price starts from 4500 Rs to 5000 Rs

Location of Kiwai Waterfall Pakistan

The precise address of Kiwai Waterfall is JCJV+9C4, Kawai Katha, Kiwai, 21231.

Is Kiwai Waterfall Worth Visiting?

Yes, the waterfall is a must-visit for every waterfall enthusiast, its specific set of offered experiences makes it an ideal vacation haven.

Is it Family Place?

Yes, the waterfall can be the ideal family vacation place. It can accommodate families easily.

How is the Road to Reach Kiwai Waterfall?

In the past decade, road work has been improving; today, a family vehicle can easily make the journey.


Islamabad is where most local travel specialists and explorer groups begin their initial excursion toward the Kiwai Waterfall. Balakot may be reached by taking the highway through Abbottabad and Mansehra and then continuing straight to Kiwai. Compared to typical traffic, you may distinguish the primary sensations of singular harmony from this magnificent and distant town. The Kiwai waterfall is directly accessible further down the road that follows Kiwai. Many hotels and cafes in the area offer delicious food at affordable prices. The number of people viewing the Kiwai Waterfall grows gradually. The waterfall attracts new tourists because of its outstanding features and frequent interactions with travelers. It will take about 3 or 4 hours to arrive here if you leave early from Islamabad. So, give this beautiful waterfall a chance when looking for an ideal family vacation place to spend your day.