Khamosh Waterfall

Khamosh abshar is situated in Kharmang, which is in Gilgit-Baltistan. Moreover, it is one of the various neglected gems of Baltistan. This waterfall is a tourist point for many young people. Khamosh Waterfall Kharmang is also a favorite spot of many travel industries. The region is wealthy in flowers and vegetation, mainly trout fish in the entire Valley. It is one of the most popular waterfalls.

Khamosh Waterfall Brief Introduction

The Baltistan area is trendy among Pakistanis who visit it in large numbers from far away. Khamosh Waterfall Skardu is known by the locals who see it often. Khamosh Waterfall Kharmang, a hidden gem for a long time, was left in the dark by visitors, but today as the knowledge of its presence grows, more and more people from all over the country come to visit it.

It is a must-see site and should be seen by every waterfall enthusiast and travel lover.

This bewildering tourism-loved location is around 60 to 65 km from Skardu city. In the beginning, the travel by car from Skardu city to Hamzigon village requires just about 4 hours. This 4-hour drive is filled with beautiful sights of Skardu and does not leave you bored. After the 4 hours, you can go out on foot to the waterfall base, having parked your car close by. There are two more famous and beautiful waterfalls in this area. Mehdiabad and Manthoka are found near Skardu and are an adventurous travel distance from khamosh abshar.

Most vacationer locations deceive explorers through photography. Khamosh waterfall looks more lovely from the unaided eye than from the sight of the camera focal point.

Khamosh Waterfall Skardu Attractions, Timings & Location

This waterfall is 60 km from Skardu city. Gauri is the central command of the Kharmang Region and some other delightful valleys like Totti, Kamango, and Pari.

The main attraction is its unique and unmatched beauty. New precious stones and super cold water emerging from the Tough rocks are astounding for the guests. The magnificence of the waterfall is tremendous. Water streams like a stream as it falls on the ground, and later it joins the Indus Stream.

Khamosh waterfall is situated in the Hamzigon, Kharmang area of Baltistan. The water stream tumbling from the overhung rock has no dive pool on the base. Water drops generally spreading around the ground when struck by strong stones make it more appealing and otherworldly. Khamosh waterfall is involved in the Rough Mountains.

People using digital or paper maps can easily look for the following coordinates to find the waterfall in Skardu. Scope: 35.3, Longitude: 75.6166666667.

The Unique characteristics of this waterfall are distinctive. For example;

The general look of the Khamosh waterfall is impressive from the human eye; flowing water over rocks. It is a great tourist location; its greenery adds a natural look to the waterfall.

 The shepherds feed their cattle in the rich meadows around. Sightseers who come here respect the magnificence. The water is fantastic and alluring. Individuals from surrounding regions, including Baghicha, Ghandus, Hamzigonh, Shirting, Torchon, Tarkati, etc., and sightseers from Pakistan and worldwide visit this spot. In autumn and around spring, many people visit charming Skardu and khamosh abshar to enjoy the cold, chilly wind and beautiful atmosphere.

One feels tired after a lengthy drive. However, the waterfall and stream give you a calming solace, relieving stress and tiresomeness. Besides the khamosh abshar, the area around is entirely magical and leaves you astonished.

In the wintertime of the year, the Khamosh waterfall transforms into entirely astonishing scenes. This site is truly unique. Frozen water is the solemn and constant water that begins at the waterfall’s base while the surge of moving water continues to flow downwards. White ice and the natural bluish transparency of water give the scene a supernatural charisma. This site is unique and distinctive. With the ice lining on the waterfall in the cold winter atmosphere, this place transforms into an area of great attraction.

Waterfalls are frequently found in the mountain regions’ upper stream course. So with this Valley and other northern sites in Pakistan, numerous waterfalls form over a certain period. Each waterfall has its history and geographical significance.

When is the Best Time to Visit Khamosh Waterfall?

The best time to visit this waterfall depends upon your liking. The choices of different people rely on different things. Some people like the atmosphere of the waterfalls better in summer, while others like it better in winter, spring, or autumn. Also, In the colder time of year, the waterfall transforms into ice in the center with cold water showers around. It is unquestionably your choice to visit at your preferred time of year.

Things to Know Before Visiting Khamosh Abshar

Among the things to know before visiting khamosh abshar or any other waterfall in the area, the main thing is your utilities. It is very comfortable to be equipped with your gear and basic needs, for example, clothes, shoes, food, first aid, and picnic equipment. 

Recommended gears

Besides food, clothes and picnic equipment, the most helpful thing can be your shoes. The area is rocky, especially around water, the air grows moist, and humidity increases, lubricating the grass and rocks. This process makes the rocks and grounds very slippery, and one can lose one’s footing and harm oneself. This is why hiking shoes are recommended for your protection. The hiking shoes, unlike regular joggers, have a better grip and make the person much more steady on rocks. Hiking shoes can protect you from all types of slip and fall injuries.

 It is instrumental in preventing potential accidents by taking prior protective measures. However, there are cases where a person can meet with a minor accident even after taking the requisite protective measures. In such cases, one should have first aid on their person. A small first aid kit, including bandages, pain ointments, cotton balls, etc., can save you a lot of trouble and make your experience comfortable.

 Besides this, you should have the camping essentials with you. A lot of people visit Pakistan’s waterfalls for camping. Therefore if you are going to khamosh waterfall for camping, it is recommended to bring all the essential materials. It saves you a lot of time and makes your experience memorable.

Attractions at Khamosh Waterfall

The main attractions of the Khamosh Waterfall are many. Among the most noticeable of these attractions is this tall natural waterfall. The height of the waterfall with the beautiful artistic mountains nearby and in the background provide you with memorable sights, which you can save on your phone or camera. The giant rocks at the waterfall’s base have their beautiful part in making this scene more alluring.

The waterfall tumbles down on these huge rocks and sprays all over, and the water also diffuses into the air, making it chilly and humid. In the close vicinity of the waterfall, the person can gaze at the lush green meadows covering this beautiful area. Several pavilions are installed all over to sit down if you are tired during walks. A person can also use the gazebos for eating or picnics in case you do not have the camping essentials.

The place is also complimented by the sights of the Indus river, which is known by every Pakistani and is likewise a site of general attraction. The khamosh abshar area can be the best picnic point for families. There are essential utilities available close by, which is very useful for travelers.

Things to Do at Khamosh Waterfall

The most enjoyed things at Khamosh Waterfall are hiking, camping, fishing, barbeques, and photography. One can do all these things here comfortably while enjoying and appreciating the atmosphere. Many travelers enjoy hiking. The hiking grounds are incredibly suitable for all ages.

 Camping is also a vital part of such trips. People can set up camp anywhere since the area is well formed with natural vegetation and grass. A vast amount likewise makes fishing a sport for travelers. The waters are filled with fish, mostly trout, which is found in large quantities. You can build a bonfire with barbeque once you are done fishing and enjoy it in the climate provided by the beautiful surroundings. You can also get immersed in photography since everywhere one looks, one can find something worth capturing to save in one’s memory.

How to Reach Khamosh Waterfall?

Khamosh Waterfall is located in Kharmang, which can be found very quickly. The waterfall is also called Shirithing waterfall and is known by every local. It takes 4 hours from Skardu to reach here.

Facilities At Khamosh Waterfall

Among the many available facilities at Khamosh waterfall, the most utilized are the pavilions, prime sitting arrangements for public use. The famous canteen in the area, also called the bismillah hotel can provide you with basic food materials. They have fresh water and some material which can assist you in your experience. The place also has separate washrooms for ladies and gents, which is very useful. The parking area is very safe for your cars, and you can park your vehicles and comfortably enjoy your time.

How much is the Distance to Reach Khamosh Waterfall from Islamabad?

The distance from Islamabad to Skardu is almost 630 kilometers. Once in Skardu, you have to make a 4-hour ride to khamosh waterfall, which is a total of 60 kilometers. So the total distance from Islamabad to the waterfall would be around 660 kilometers.

Location of Khamosh Waterfall Kharmang

Khamosh Waterfall is located in the Kharmang region, 60 kilometers from Skardu.


Which type of Vehicle is suitable to reach Khamosh Waterfall?

A 4×4 vehicle is ideal for hilly areas, but typical family jeeps and cars are also suitable to drive to khamosh waterfall.

Why is it called khamosh waterfall?

In order, the word khamosh means silent. The waterfall’s quiet vibe gives when you see it is why it is subtly named khamosh waterfall. Once a little closer, you can still notice this silence.

Are the roads safe to reach Khamosh Waterfall?

Today, the roads are pretty safe for four-wheel and family vehicles.


This beautiful waterfall is among the highest points in the local area. It is also known widely as Shirithing waterfall Kharmang and khamosh waterfall.

 The water streams down beautifully from the high rocks and presents a glorious scene. The dropping water represents a fantastic scene when it falls with a significant surge unto the rocks below. The Rough Mountains surround the entire waterfall. So if you are looking for an ideal vacation place or trip, this should be it.