Kashmir Abshar

Kashmir Abshar, or Dolai Waterfall, is a magnificent waterfall near Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir. It is among many great places to visit for a road trip, a picnic with friends, and a vacation with family. Its praiseworthy and effectively open area and attractive magnificence make it a must-visit spot. The availability of various recreational activities at Kashmir Abshar attracts travelers from all over Pakistan.

Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad is a vacation point 21 km from Kohala, a favorite tourist spot. They are situated on the site of Dolai, close to Muzaffarabad, which is why the waterfall is also known as Dolai Waterfall among sightseers. It is the second-most impressive waterfall in Azad Kashmir after the Dhani waterfall.

Kashmir waterfall is the main attraction for many people from Murree toward Muzaffarabad, the wonderful capital city of AJK. The waterfall is a hugely popular site known for its popularity among travel enthusiasts and locals to those who haven’t heard of it before.

When you travel from Kohala towards Muzaffarabad, this waterfall can be found on the left side, alongside the nearby Jhelum stream, which is also a great attraction. The magnificent scenes which the waterfall presents make the people attracted to it. Seeing from far away, many previously unaware people visit the waterfall, increasing its popularity.

Kashmir Abshar Short Introduction

Waterfalls are the product of gradual geographical changes. The tenacious style that every waterfall on the planet holds inside itself, which to each observer shows its wide variety of magnificence, attracts thousands of people. Such is the splendor of Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad. Pakistan is a splendid country holding in triumph a wide range of nature’s beautiful scenes and her grandness. The government is dispersed with prominent mountain ranges and fantastical settings, which address nature’s very embodiment to the eye of the viewer—one of the most visited places in the country’s waterfallsKashmir Abshar is a prominent waterfall among many waterfalls in northern Pakistan. Kashmir Abshar and other waterfalls draw in people, especially in summer, to battle against the high temperatures the nation experiences. The more significant part of individuals cools off in lakes at the base of the waterfalls, while some shower in the cold spray issuing from above. Countless families travel to these places to mitigate summer’s intense heat and relieve the effects of natural changes with nature’s provided means.

Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad Attractions, Timings & Location

The Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad is also known as the Dolai WaterfallKashmir Abshar has been the best vacation spot for a long time. It Is located in Dolai, Muzaffarabad. It is a beautiful waterfall that thoroughly enhances all sorts of other beautiful places in Muzaffarabad. Dolai Waterfall is frequently described as Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad rather than Kashmir Waterfall.  

The prime aspect of the general attraction of the Kashmir Abshar is its unrivaled beauty. All waterfalls have different yet similar histories. The other waterfalls in Pakistan and Kashmir Neelum Valley have gone through similar processes in their history. The water of each waterfall finds ground level, having once been underground. The water slowly forms lakes and streams. The hollow spots on the ground where water gathers in huge waterbodies are termed a lake, whereas if the waters move along a steep ground, they form a stream. A stream eventually finds a landing spot and falls in a great rush. The latter phenomenon is the course followed by Kashmir Abshar. The Kashmir Abshar or Dolai Waterfall falls from such an obscure source and, for the time being, follows atop the rugged rock, making them sloppy and slippery until they form a waterfall. Thus the great attraction is found in its unique beauty, which contrasts with many other beautiful scenes of different waterfalls.

The waterfall is found in Dolai, which is its namesake in Muzaffarabad. Upon arrival at the waterfall, you can partake in myriad activities, including bathing, showering, swimming, picnics, barbeques, and relaxing.

When is the Best Time to Visit Kashmir Waterfall?

The best time to visit the waterfall would be on the weekends. Weekends are the best time to relax. Most families visit Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and other distant places.

Recommended Gears

Taking care of the proper gear, clothing, and edibles is essential before starting your journey. It is best to bring extra pair of clothes with you, with extra pair of hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are the best choice for places such as dolai. The tight grip of hiking shoes is recommended to nullify any accidents. The hiking shoes stabilize the person on slippery rocks, rocky ground, sand, and moist grass.

Attractions at Kashmir Abshar

When you enter Azad Kashmir, you are welcomed by the delightful landscapes. The person is treated to eminent and magnificent sights of nature, oaks, pines, birds, and tropical atmosphere impelled by the northern vibe, and the chilly air is an experience one has to witness. The water tumbling from the rich green mountains adds a splendid luster to the individual perspective. Additionally, the Scenic View of the Waterfall of the Kashmir Abshar has an attractive personality because of its area. It is situated on the banks of the Jhelum Stream, making it a beautiful and must-visit place. The scenic view of the waterfall among the surroundings impresses the artistic eye, and the person wishes to keep looking at the scene thus presented. “Reality is more impressing than the report,” Wrote the American essayist and nature enthusiast Ralph Waldo Emerson in the 19th century. This is undoubtedly the case with the beautiful and eye-capturing views that Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad treats the person. Moderately Cool and Clean Fresh Water cleanses the person’s body and mind. The mental state is rejuvenated after bathing under the natural waterfall of Kashmir Abshar. The pathway to the waterfall is also adventurous and enhances your experience. Beautiful cable cars are installed for the comfort of travelers. These cable cars allow you to take in the waterfall’s magnificence and the beautiful surrounding environment. Inside water sitting, the person forgets the clamor of daily life and thus is left entirely without stress or anxiety with the fresh cool breeze slowly flowing through the atmosphere. One can also partake in boating in the Jhelum River, and boats are available for travelers and locals alike. You can feel the water and look at the natural majesty of the places while boating, which leaves the person without words.

Besides, Some of the best enjoyed and commended attractions at the Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad are:

Having Shower

It would be best if you showered in the calm water of this waterfall which will assist you with getting rid of all your exhaustion and stress. Kindly keep away from it in the colder time of year season.

Swimming in the Lake

A lake near this waterfall gathers water before it falls into the Jhelum stream. It isn’t intense, and the water is fit for young people and adults to swim and play in.


Boats are available in comfort measures for travelers and locals. The locals have their ships, and they take 100-150 Rs per ride, a very reasonable price to enjoy the experience. Boating is one of the main reasons people visit the Jhelum Stream. It allows you to enhance your experience and journey to a greater extent, the memory of which remains with you.

Food and Drink

As I said, this spot has everything to draw in sightseers, so remember to have a feast of your taste here. The most renowned and delicious dish here is broiled fish, or you can have a chicken grilled too. In addition, if you have some tea/espresso at this charming spot, it will be your most significant taste.

How to Reach Kashmir Abshar?

Kashmir Abshar is around 15 km from Muzaffarabad, requiring a 30-minute drive. To arrive here using Muzaffarabad-Kohala Road and the Jhelum stream will depend on the speed you drive your car and other things.

Facilities at Kashmir Abshar

The facilities available at the Kashmir Abshar are numerous. You are done making your visit comfortable and leave, and you want to return. Many restaurants and food points are scattered about and easily accessible. The food available is to everyone’s liking, and one can order what one likes in restaurants. Shoes and clothes are available for people who forget to take shoes and dresses before leaving. There is also a great parking spot for your vehicles, where you can quickly go to your cars without any danger of losing them. These facilities make your visit more comfortable and worthwhile.

How much is the Distance to Reach Kashmir Abshar from Islamabad?

The distance from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad is around 140 km which is about 4 hour’s drive. Once you get to Muzaffarabad, you must also go to the Kashmir Abshar, 15 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. So the total distance to Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad from Islamabad is around 160 kilometers.

Location of Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad

Kashmir Abshar is located at a minimum distance of 21 km from Kohala. The waterfall is around 15 km from Muzaffarabad, also known as the Dolai Waterfall.

Kashmir Abshar is a vacation point 21 km from Kohala, a favorite tourist spot. They are situated on the site of Dolai, close to Muzaffarabad, which is why the waterfall is also known as Dolai Waterfall among sightseers. It is the second-most impressive waterfall in Azad Kashmir after the Dhani waterfall.


Which is the highest Waterfall in Kashmir?

Dhani Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Kashmir.

Which is the famous waterfall in Azad Kashmir?

Dolai Waterfall, or Kashmir Abshar, is 2nd most famous waterfall in Kashmir. The most famous waterfall is the Dhani waterfall.


If you want to escape the tiresome routines of work days and take a family or personal vacation to a place where work does not follow you, Kashmir Abshar is the best place. Bereft of all hustle of daily life, the atmosphere of this magnificent waterfall in Kashmir helps you relax. Its glamorous scenes and chilling water provides an excellent spot for recreation and personal time. Kashmir Abshar Muzaffarabad is the ideal spot to get some time and enjoy plenty of nature.