Jarogo Waterfall

Pakistan is a country with diverse interests for travelers. Pakistan has everything from the excitement of vibrant cities to the relaxing retreats of beautiful hill stations. The government is home to such popular tourist destinations as the Wagah Border, Mazar e Quaid Karachi, and the bustling metropolis of Lahore. But for travelers looking for adventure, Pakistan does not disappoint. Pakistan’s north is dominated by the mighty Karakoram Mountains, covered in ice and snow year round-the highest point in Pakistan is K2 at 8611 meters. Pakistan’s natural beauty also encompasses some notable waterfalls among the mountains. Jarogo Waterfall is one of those hidden gems that no one knows about, but everyone should visit at least once. Swat is known for its picturesque places and tourist spots, yet at the same time, there are numerous fantastic spots in the valley, from magnificent forests to puzzling lakes and waterfalls, which are yet to be explored by people.

Jarogo Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in Swat, Pakistan. It stands at the entrance to Swat Valley from Dargai. The Jarogo Waterfall can be seen miles away in Swat Valley, making it one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist attractions. The Jarogo Waterfall is one of the longest waterfalls in Pakistan, with a height of 400 feet and a width of 150 feet. Many tourists visit this destination each year. Swat Valley’s beautiful scenery offers.

Jarogo Waterfall Swat Attractions, Timings & Location:

Among many scenic spots of Swat is Jarogo Waterfall in Chatekal Valley of Matta Tehsil, 55 kilometers from Mingora towards the northwest. Settled in the two immense mountains, the waterfall is reached by a winding stream with thick forests on both sides. It represents the spiritualist serenity of high mountains and dense forests of wild excellence. The spot is an ideal mix of colorful, widely varied vegetation concealed from the external world. What’s more, whosoever arrives is hypnotized by its excellence.

There are meadows over the Jarogo Waterfall Swat on the left side, which can be reached by driving on the right half of the waterfall simply on 30 minutes hike. It’s called Jarogo Valley Meadows, a rich green lovely paradise.

Why is it called Jarogo Waterfall?

Jarogo is a Pashto word that translates as blossom. Jarogo Waterfall is situated in Matta Tehsil, Area Smack, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, practically unknown to everybody. According to history, it goes to the old Hindu Shahi period in Swat. A lady, Jarogai, was commonly known and regarded in the encompassing regions, so individuals named it after her. It is around 30km away from Matta Tehsil. It has a thick forest around the waterfall encircled by massive mountains. The entrancing progression of clear water and the tweeting of birds on the pine trees build the magnificence of this spot.

When is the Best Time to Visit Jarogo Waterfall?

The best time to visit the waterfall is in summer, as the weather is pleasant in the Swat Valley. People from different parts of the country who know about nature’s wonder travel to Swat to beat the heat. The waterfall is a hidden mountain gem with very calm and peaceful surroundings. In winter, visiting the Jarogo Waterfall is impossible and safe due to extreme temperatures.

Recommended Gears:

Make sure you are well prepared when coming to Jarogo Waterfall Swat. Having strong hiking boots is compulsory. You can carry your food, drinks, and other necessary items along, as there is no food point or other facility at the waterfall. The hike is long and tiring, so it is unsuitable for older people and children.

The path is rocky, and you must jump over small water streams to reach your final destination; make sure your shoes are strong enough for such a hike. If you are planning to swim, carry swimwear with you.

Attractions at Jarogo Waterfall:

The tall waterfall among the mountains is the biggest attraction, surrounded by lush meadows and towering trees. There are no facilities available at the waterfall, so come well-prepared. It will require 1-2 hours from Beha to the beginning of the climb to the Jarogo Waterfall. It will be clear when you arrive at the entrance with its brilliant flags and a little cafe. You might need to walk a little further to reach the beginning of the path.

Taking a left from the cafe and finding the way up to the waterfall is very simple. With the stream at your side, it is about an hour’s climb from the entry to Jarogo Waterfall. Be ready to get your feet and shoes muddy and wet. There are a few spots along the path where you should hop rocks to cross the waterway.

Towards the finish of your extended climb, the thunder of the flowing stream will welcome you as you approach the waterfall. With the transcending trees, gigantic rocks, and overgrown precipice face, it nearly feels like you are in another world. Throughout the mid-year months, you might hope to find somewhat more vacationers moving over the stones for a perspective on the cascade. 

How to Reach Jarogo Waterfall?

Jarogo Waterfall, known as the most elevated and tallest waterfall in Pakistan, is situated in the tremendous and most lovely valley of Swat KPK, just 60 kilometers from Mingora city, the regulatory focus of Swat Valley. It depends on where you are traveling towards Mingora. Driving from Islamabad, you can follow the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway, leading you up to Mardan. From Mardan city, you will turn northwards and follow the Nowshera-Mardan road leading to Malakand. You will arrive from Malakand at Mingora when you further drive towards the north. From Mingora City, the street will go through the beautiful valleys and gorges and lead you to the destination,  Jarogo Waterfall Swat.

If you are coming from Abbottabad or Muzaffarabad or need to visit the waterfall, you can follow the Karakoram Roadway. The Karakoram highway will go through urban areas like Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra, and Bisham. This route is the same as Gilgit-Baltistan, and from Bisham city, you will turn toward the west and arrive at Mingora city. From Mingora City, the waterfall is only an hour away.

Parking Facility:

If you are driving, you can park at Beha and start your hike toward the waterfall. Many travelers visit the waterfall using public transport; hence they get down at Beha and start hiking toward the Jarago Waterfall. The transport system is not scheduled; therefore, if you plan to reach your residence or hotel in time, get back to Beha by 3 pm as few transport options are available. It is not easy to reach and return from the waterfall. 

How much is the Distance to Reach Jarogo Waterfall from Islamabad?

It is around 300 kilometers north of Islamabad, and you can arrive at the waterfall within 4 to 5 hours. You can drive yourself directly or use the public transport option. Check the transport schedule for your required day, as limited options are available to reach Jarogo Waterfall because of its remote location.

Location of Jarogo Valley waterfall:

Jarogo Waterfall is situated in Matta Tehsil of Swat District, and It is about 55km away from Mingora City. The waterfall is a hidden gem in the mountains, and you have to hike for more than an hour to reach the waterfall. It is one of the most beautiful and splendid waterfalls to exit. There is no specific hiking trail or path to access the waterfall; hence it is very tough to hike to and from it.


How much distance to reach Jarogo Waterfall from Mingora Swat?

It is about 55km to 60km to get to Jarogo Waterfall from Mingora Swat.

Is it safe to visit Jarogo Waterfall?

Yes, It is safe to visit the waterfall, be prepared for a hike to reach the waterfall.


Jarogo Waterfall Swat is a stunning place to visit without a pinch of doubt. Due to a lack of facilities and infrastructure, the waterfall doesn’t see many tourists. It was unexplored for a long time because of its distant and remote location. The place has a lot of potential to serve as one of the best tourist spots and recreation places, but many people don’t like to visit due to the lack of facilities. The local government should play its part in maintaining roads and having a proper transportation system to encourage tourist influx. Facilities like toilets, food points, and small rest areas should be created by authorities to facilitate travelers. If you plan to visit, check the weather and transport options before leaving your place.