Hanna Urak Waterfall Quetta

Hanna Lake is a lake near Quetta city in Pakistan and is one of the main points of view of the city and was built by an inspired British Empire. Urak has a population of 10,000, and about 100% are Pashtun. This valley is used to grow good-quality apple trees and a few other fruits. It has a small waterfall at the end from where the Walli Tangi valley begins. Hanna Urak Waterfall Quetta Balochistan is a popular destination among locals and visitors. Let us have a look into the area first. 

God has blessed Pakistan with the best vacation spots on the planet. Pakistan has mountains, streams, meadows, public parks, beachfront, cascades, valleys, and lakes. There isn’t anything on the earth that Pakistan doesn’t have in such a little topographical region. You want an entire life to visit every single delightful objective in Pakistan. This article is about the Cascades of Pakistan, which is surprising and dazzling.

Waterfalls are the most mitigating manifestations of mother nature. Watching it tumble from the length of a stone face into a stream underneath is enchanted. If you are in a particular region or want to visit it, think about the cascades in the territory for a fascinating encounter. Pakistan has a heap of wonderful and spellbinding Waterfalls on the planet. The landscape of the waterfalls of Pakistan is fantastic, and one can neglect to squint their eyes. When you visit any waterfalls, big or small, you will fall in love with different aspects of nature.

Balochistan is the least visited out of the other regions as a whole. This is because there is plenty of misguided judgments about the environment. The media features many damaging parts of the area and neglects to grandstand its genuine magnificence.

It may not be as economically sound as different territories. Yet, if featured more, it can advance significantly in the travel industry and lift its financial development. I used to have comparable confusion; however, at last, visiting it one day changed my perspective. Each area has its excellence, yet Balochistan’s magnificence is endless in its specific manner.

Hanna Urak Waterfall Quetta Attractions & Location

Urak Valley is one of the famous places in Balochistan. The valley has different water bodies like streams and waterfalls and is encircled by mountains in Quetta. Balochistan is somewhat more to the dry side. It doesn’t have much plant life as the precipitation is exceptionally little.  Hanna Urak Waterfall is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the region.

Pakistan has a variety of landscape that offers a wide range of places of interest, be it land, water, slopes, and so forth. Many waterfalls and beautiful waterbodies are yet to be explored; Hanna Lake reflects upon less traveled but majestic and enigmatic. This spot has a grand waterfall, a beautiful lake, and more great mountains. The lake reflects clear water encompassed by a brown-green landscape. The particular component of this lake is because of the island that lies directly at the focal point of it. To reach where the island, various boats are utilized by the tourists.

The weather conditions are generally hot, yet around evening time, cold breezes blow, which will, in general reason a chill even in summers, so it is prescribed to pack warm nightwear. Facilities are effectively accessible in the Quetta locale, which has a number of inhabitants of almost 2 million.

When is the Best Time to Visit Hanna Urak Waterfall?

Quetta and other cities in Balochistan are known for extreme temperatures. Ensure you are well aware of the place and have enough information about the weather forecast to avoid any disappointment during travel. People visit the waterfall from March to May and September to October. The weather is expected to be pleasant during these months. In the extreme summer months of June, July, and August, the weather is unbearable for outdoor activities. The waterfall is always crowded in pleasant weather during holidays and weekends. Make sure to visit in the morning to enjoy the serenity of the waterfall before it gets incredibly crowded. Locals and regular visitors suggest that Hanna Lake dries up in extreme weather conditions. Hence always check the weather and forecast before planning your trip.

Recommended Gear

The basic facilities are available in the region. Hence you can get everything you need in the valley. It is suggested to pack your necessities for the trip. You can keep extra pair of dresses if you are looking to swim and strong shoes along.

Main Attraction During Trek to Hanna-Urak Waterfall

In the region where Quetta city ends and the Urak Valley begins, an incredible waterfall falls into the Wali Tangi Dam situated in the valley. You need permission to enter the dam since it is a restricted region. The water comes from Hanna Lake and is known as the Hanna-Urak Waterfall.

The military manufactured and built the dam to supply clean drinking water to the occupants of the Quetta. The barrier uses and stores water from the liquefying snow of the encompassing Zarghoon Slopes. These slopes are essential for the powerful Sulaiman Reach. After entering Urak Valley, you will be welcomed with the Demise Mountain. It is said that the mountain got this name because, during the British Raj, prisoners with capital punishment or the people with death sentences announced for them were thrown off this mountain, plunging to their sad death.

Facilities at Hanna Urak Waterfall

Near Hanna-Urak Waterfall Quetta Balochistan, a resort, a motel, and some water activities are available at Hanna lake. Once you are there, you can book your boat ride and enjoy the views. The visitors can enjoy their day by swimming, boating, or just having a chill day by the waterfall. There are boating and paddle boat options available at Hanna Lake.

Hotel and resort options are available; visitors from far-off places are advised to book the hotel in advance as it gets crowded and unavailable during the season. Many visitors book hotels in Quetta city and travel to explore the Hanna-Urak Waterfall in Quetta Balochistan.

One famous hotel is Serena Hotel in Quetta, Along with Fabbs hotel and Bloom star hotel. You can book as per your budget and travel plan. There are quite a few hotel options available.

You can buy snacks and tea near the lake at the food point; As the lake and waterfall are nearby, visitors can enjoy and explore both places in one day.

How to Reach Hanna Urak Waterfall?

If you visit Quetta or nearby areas, you can use navigation and drive directly to the waterfall. If you are visiting from other regions of the country, you must plan your trip well. Depending upon the city you are traveling from, you can either book a vehicle for rent or drive directly.

The most convenient way is taking a flight to Quetta airport and driving around to visit Hanna-Uruk Waterfall and the adjacent lake and Dam. You can check flight prices online and plan your trip to get the best deals. Taking a flight is expensive, but it is a fast and safe option to reach Quetta.

What is the Distance from Quetta to Hanna-Urak Waterfall?

The Hanna-Urak Waterfall is about 20km from Main Quetta, which is not very far. Visitors can reach the waterfall and Hanna Lake in about Thirty minutes. If you are driving yourself, you can use a map application for navigation. The road is well maintained, and one can easily reach the waterfall.

If you are driving from other areas, you need to plan your trip accordingly and book hotels, car rentals, and flights to avoid disappointment.

Location of Hanna Urak Waterfall Quetta

The Hanna-Urak Waterfall is in Urak valley near Hanna lake, about 20km away from central Quetta city. It takes about thirty minutes to reach the waterfall by car. Hanna-Urak Waterfall Quetta Balochistan is adjacent to Wali Tangi Dam.

You can reach Quetta by taking a flight from your city or driving from the nearby areas. However, if you are driving from Far off places and other Provinces, make sure to plan ahead of the trip. You can divide your journey into different city spots to make it easy.


Is Uruk a real place?

Yes, Uruk Valley is a real place in Quetta, Balochistan.

Is the Hanna-Uruk waterfall worth it?

Yes, the waterfall is mesmerizing and worth visiting for hangouts and picnics.


If you are a resident of Quetta or the nearby areas and looking for a break from your daily work routine, make sure you visit the Hanna-Uruk Waterfall Quetta Balochistan, one of its kind, and the terrain of the area makes it more special. Baluchistan province has some deserts and dry places, so having a lake and waterfall makes it an exciting place for tourists.

Hotel options for your stay, food points, and boating are available for all visitors and tourists. If you are looking to stay, make sure to book hotels in advance. Usually, people like to drive from Quetta city for a day out and return in the evening. You can also bring your picnic to enjoy by the lake or the Hanna Uruk Waterfall.