Dhani Waterfall

Waterfalls are one of nature’s most beautiful endowments to humanity. The unrelenting aesthetics which each waterfall in the world contains within itself, and which to every spectator show their separate yet similar beauty, remain unparalleled to every other work of nature. In general, Pakistan Is a brilliant nation holding inside, diverse plenty of nature’s continuous development and magnificence. The country is scattered with eminent mountain ranges and fantastical scenes. It represents their very essence to the eye of the beholder and is either viewed by the vision of an art critic or the ordinary individual.

 Pakistan’s waterfalls are one of the most visited, loved, and revisited decision spots for outsider travelers and local people. There remain no restrictions or impediments to the accessibility of the waterfalls except the seasonal changes; a few waterfalls are not promptly accessible in certain seasons and some in others, but all waterfalls are accessible in spring.

Dhani Waterfall attract individuals, particularly in summer, to fight against the high temperatures which the country encounters. Most people cool off in lakes where the waterfalls form at their base; many families travel to these destinations for alleviation against the tenacious intensity of summer heat, thereby fighting against nature with natural means.

Dhani Waterfall Introduction

Among such beautiful cascades is Dhani Waterfall MuzaffarabadDhani waterfall is the most elevated, highest, and the largest waterfall in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir and is otherwise called the Noseri waterfall. Neelum valley is a top-rated valley in Kashmir, which is both loved by the locals and foreign travelers. It is one of the most delightful spots of Azad Kashmir, and it’s rightfully named the ‘paradise of Kashmir. There is a logical inconsistency that this valley was named after a valuable stone called Neelum. Neelum Valley is situated in the Kashmir Locale, toward the North and the North East of Muzaffarabad, and running lined up with the Kaghan Valley.

It is not quite the same as the blizzard-covered mountain, which is 4000 meters higher than the sea level. It generally contains slopes and mountains with incredible valleys. The valley has thick timberland, streams, and waterways. One of the most beautiful aspects of this heavenly place is its waterfalls, which follow from mountains in cold streams and leave the ground level wherever they find an opening, thus creating marvelous waterfalls. The largest waterfall in this majestic valley is the Dhani waterfall. The Dhani Waterfall Muzaffarabad is situated at a rise of around 1100 meters (3600 ft) from sea level, and the total height of this waterfall is approximately 50 feet. Dhani waterfall is the first and most well-known traveler objective on the way towards Neelum Valley from Muzaffarabad, where people frequently visit who temporarily stay in the Neelum valley and subsequently visit different traveler favorite spots. People visit mountains, valleys, streams, and waterfalls daily to take pictures or to gather for photos and barbeques.

Dhani Waterfall Muzaffarabad Attractions, Timings & Location

The main attraction of Dhani waterfall is its well-deserved popularity. Ever since the essential technological and constructional developments, as roads started to be made more accessible, and vehicular support in the hilly northern regions of Pakistan increased, people have constantly been visiting the Dhani Waterfall Muzaffarabad in great numbers. The tremendous and unmatched beauty of Neelam valley compliments the constant majesty of the Dhani waterfall. The Neelam valley and Dhani Waterfalls have become spots of great attraction due to their natural endowments. The lake and the enormous looming height of the Dhani waterfall attract people from afar who catch sight, to come and cool off and camp near the Dhani Waterfall Muzaffarabad.

What Sort of Equipment do I need to Visit the Dhani Waterfall?

When visiting the Dhani waterfall (or any waterfall in this case), it is necessary to bring essential clothing (for swimming) to change into before going to the waterfall. Apart from clothing, one is advised to get a pair or two of shoes since the grass and stones grow pretty moist due to humidity, which can increase or decrease their natural resistance. If you want to go hiking, you should bring standard hiking gear, including hiking boots, knee pads, et cetera. Finding a spot and setting up camp is pretty straightforward for those interested in camping. The general needs of camping include: having one’s barbeque equipment, tents, etc., among other basic needs.

Weather at Dhani waterfall

A waterfall is called any point in a stream where water streams over a cliff end or an issue that indicates the gravitational downfall of the stream flowing water from a certain height. Pakistan Is a country that contains a significant number of beautiful and majestic waterfalls. Each one presents its fantastical chimera and attracts thousands from over the nation.

The weather conditions here stay cool and chilly throughout the year. This aspect, among many others, is the fundamental reason why families come to stay at Neelum valley during summer vacations. Because of the beautiful environment, such families always find the motivation to travel within the valley and visit its great attractions.

Attractions at Dhani waterfall

Dhani Waterfall Muzaffarabad isn’t simply the highest waterfall in the Neelum Valley; its excellence is commended chiefly because of it. The giant waterfall is encircled by great green bushes and organic plant life, which give a fantastic view while supplementing the beauty of the waterfall with their separate beauty. Presently, due to its ever-growing popularity, several organizations have started building up inns and hotels for the great solace of its visitors.

Dhani Waterfall Muzaffarabad is not a spot with many inns, restaurants, and hotels, which most of the time ruin the beauty of the waterfall and add their artificial clamor to the scene, thereby rendering the natural phenomenon bereft of its splendid originality. Left in its raw essence, the excellence of the Dhani waterfall captivates a ton of sightseers so that you can remain here for personal relaxation while having some tea or espresso with conventional, hot Pakoras. You can also have a natural shower in the waterfall’s beautiful water.

Highest Waterfall in Neelum Valley

The highest waterfall in the Neelum valley is the Dhani waterfall. At its natural height, it is at a length of about 1100 meters (3600 ft) from sea level, and the total size of this waterfall is approximately 50 feet.

Marvelous Scenic Views

Neelum Valley is a huge travel destination for thousands of individuals due to its cold, beautiful atmosphere, mountains, waterfalls, and lakes. The Dhani Waterfall Muzaffarabad is surrounded by breathtaking plant life, which adds to the splendor of the scene. Besides this, the many families who travel there, the snow-topped mountains are greatly astonished. Their faraway greatness represents an eerie beauty to the nearby material attractions.

Beautiful Bathing Point

The lake at the bottom of the great fall of Dhani waterfall is a popular spot for bathing and showering. One can swim and dive in the lake or stand in the constant shower of the waterfall while taking in the mystic vibe of the beautiful surroundings.

Picnic Point

There are hundreds of picnic points throughout the grand vicinity of the valley. Some are near the waterfall or the streams, while others can be set up on the grass. People like to camp near the waterfall and eventually make picnic spots there.

Beautiful Seating Points

Neelum valley is lush with its beautiful grass and humid, misty air. One can sit anywhere and take in the mysterious enigma through deep breaths. Several benches and chairs are set up for people tired from jogging or hiking. There are shades to cover from rain or the sun. one can find such seating points easily. around the waterfall, one can relax on the ground or the stones.

Lush Green Plants

The waterfall is surrounded by lively plants, which intensify the otherwise marvelous beauty of the waterfall itself, and adds joy to the positive flow of the waterfall.

Beautiful Shrubs around Waterfall

The waterfall is surrounded by different sorts of shrubs found among the plant life. The shrubs are nestled with varieties of animal life, including birds.

Tuck Shops

For the visitors, people have set up tuck shops near the waterfall to provide the travelers with anything extra that they might have forgotten to bring with them. These shops can provide you with light foods and sweets alike.

Dhani Waterfall Timings

The Dhani Waterfall Muzaffarabad can be visited anytime, although if one wants to enjoy the true essence of the waterfall, its relentless shower, and cold water, the best time for visiting would be summer or spring.


The Dhani waterfall can be found at Neelum road, neelum valley, close to Al-Madina Masjid. To arrive from the main road from Muzaffarabad to this spot requires around 40 minutes drive. For digital map users, the exact coordinates of the Dhani waterfall are as follows: 34.424293°N 73.691351°E.


Is Dhani Waterfall worth it?

Yes, the popularity of Dhani waterfall is well deserved. The accounts of travelers agree that visiting such a place is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Dhani waterfall is one of the main reasons people stay in the neelum valley.

What can you do at Dhani Waterfall?

One can do many things at Dhani waterfall to enjoy the environment.

Activities like bathing, swimming, hiking, camping, personal recreation, reading in the eerie environment, meditating in the solemn silence of the valley, picnics and family vacations, et cetera are among the many things one can do at Dhani waterfall.


The Dhani Waterfall Muzaffarabad is a great travel destination for thousands of travel enthusiasts. The extraordinary sight of the waterfall is visible from a considerable distance, which attracts those people who are unaware of its presence beforehand. Once in its majestical vicinity, one can feel its water sprinkle over stones unto your person, while rich green plants and bushes around it add to its excellence. All of this represents a great attraction for the people. So, if you are looking for an ideal destination to visit and explore with your friends or family, the Dhani Waterfall would be a great choice.