Chaijan Waterfall

Waterfalls are one of the aspects of nature’s magic amongst the millions of other aspects. Waterfalls are an issue from an underground source; they originate in deep mountain creaks that are not conspicuous to the human eye. The water is left cold and untouched by sunlight and usually flows in singular files. One such example is Chajian Waterfall Haripur, Pakistan.

The moment where the water leaves the ground and flows downwards until it sees more floor is termed, Waterfall. As the name indicates, a waterfall is the falling water of the stream described above, leaving the ground level and engaging in a marvelous free fall due to the effect of gravity.

A high number of these waterfalls are not found. Those at any rate known to people have gradually become favorite public places. Such sites are crowded with familial occasions like gatherings, reunions, and birthday celebrations. Individuals accumulate on such spots to take in the normal magnificence of the waterfalls and relish the given environment, which is presented by waterfalls.

Pakistan is a country endowed with beautiful waterfalls. Individuals visit these waterfalls from all over the country. These waterfalls are turned into the subject of numerous daily picnics. Chajian Waterfall Haripur Pakistan draws visitors with zeal.

 The excellence of the four seasons that Pakistan is honored with becomes immersed in the standard climate of the Waterfall. A scene of such magnificence as offered by these beautiful sights portrays a singular subjected chimera of natural elements coming together.

One such beautiful Waterfall in Pakistan is Chajian Waterfall Haripur. Chajian Waterfall Haripur Hazara is a place of charming vibe and beautiful climate. Haripur is an already famous place among Pakistanis for its unrelenting and unchallenged beauty, and it is an established travel spot for many tour companies and travel enthusiasts. Waterfalls are daily attractions of thousands of individuals visiting them to swim, bathe, do barbeques, picnics, camp, and hike.

Chajian Waterfall Short Introduction

The particular change in earth consequently manufactures many other spectacular wonders. For example, wonders like lakes, forests, waterfalls, etc. Thus, those intrinsically more apt to be interested in nature can subsequently enjoy this natural phenomenon to a greater extent than those who are not.  Chajian Waterfall Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is an enigmatic waterfall in the Haripur region; it is a miracle that enchants our eyes.

Locals visit it daily, and during vacation, loads of people from all over the surrounding provinces come to relish the Waterfall of Chajian in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Most of the outside people, for example, from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, etc., come to hear the Waterfall as Chajian Waterfall Haripur Pakistan once they are in Haripur. Locals tell some off; others find it on the internet and digital maps.

Chajian Waterfall Haripur Attractions, Timing & Location

One of the most prominent attractions of the Waterfall is its tremendous and spectacular height which extends over 400 feet (120 meters) in its essence and captures thousands of eyes from far away. The Chajain Waterfall is the highest in Hazara because of its extraordinary quality. 

The glorious feeling of seeing the beautiful Waterfall falling from such a tremendous height into the shallow concave amidst rocks is a beautiful sight. Other waterfalls flow over longer lengths than the Chajian Waterfall in the area, but most of those waterfalls do not assume the same height as the Chajian Waterfall. For example, some waterfalls are constructed, so their length is determined by the area they take. They are plain, more extended, but not higher.

History Related Chajian Waterfall

Haripur Region has plenty of places where individuals can go hiking, camping, barbeque, and picnics. People who like to split away from the unexceptional synchronicity of routine life. From a historical perspective, the height of the Chajian Waterfall gained a lot of popularity. But around a decade ago, the roads and pathways to Chajian and Haripur were not the emphases of construction advances. Travelers could not find reliable parking spots and drivable roads for their vehicles. So despite its popularity, the Waterfall remained in neglect. The crowds were only those of locals living close by. Today, the routes to the Waterfall have been re-established. The work continues on the many roads damaged by landslides and thunderstorms or merely from the neglect of people. Today the Chajian village remains a peaceful spot. The small number of people who live there have many stories to tell outside travelers and picnickers.

Before the separation of the sub-continent, Chajian had Hindu communities. By now, none of the old temples are left present. No Hindu sanctuaries or Sikh Gurdwaras are left in Chajjian Haripur, except for the Shmashana Ghat region. The water of the Waterfall is considered sacred by Hindus. They used it to spread the ashes of their dead people.

What is the Best Time to Visit Chajian Waterfall?

The Waterfall does not dry out in any season. The unrelenting and constant surge and tumble of the water remain the same throughout the year in Pakistan. This is not true in cases of droughts or during periods of intense heat. The water does dry out in May, June, or July whenever the heat level rises beyond the predictable or ordinary scale. However, crowds still find their way to the Waterfall despite the heat. The water forever remains cold and chills to the bone. In the autumn season, large groups usually dispel, and there is more space for family members and children.

Recommended Gear

The necessary gear not to be found nearby, which becomes required in exceptional cases, is clothing. Extra pairs of pants, shirts, and shoes are essential to bring with you once you visit the Waterfall. Strong Shoes are necessary since rocks are very slippery. It is recommended that one should get hiking shoes since they have a better grip on slippery ground and can make the whole experience more comfortable. Extra clothing is also necessary if you want to swim, bathe, or even shower in the cold Chajian Waterfall. Besides these one should be equipped with essential picnic equipment, for example, if you want to make barbeque personally, you would have to bring your stuff since the villagers cannot provide it. Water bottles and light snacks are also essential for travel and energy-building.

Attractions at Chajian Waterfall

The most obvious attraction of Chajian is the fact that describes it is the tallest Waterfall in the Hazara district. People are generally aware of many incredible waterfalls in the region, so when they hear of the tallest, it becomes a must-be-visited waterfall for many of those people. Hiking is a sport most people enjoy when they visit waterfalls surrounded by perfect rocky routes. Fortunately,  Chajian Waterfall Haripur offers such ways for hiking lovers. One can stand and shower under a waterfall to help one’s mental health. It is a rejuvenating and wonderful experience, offering greenery and high mountains, representing a conspicuous captivating scene. The place can be thoroughly utilized as the best picnic point, which can be enjoyed while camping.

How to Reach Chajian Waterfall?

The Waterfall is situated on the edges of the village’s far-off ground, around 45 kilometers southeast of the general area of the Hazara district headquarters. The area’s highest top, Siribang, can show the Chajian Waterfall’s astonishing sight. The new clean water progression further sinks into Haro Stream, about 5 kilometers from the spot. Before joining the stream, the Waterfall works four watermills which local people, for the most part, depend on to acquire flour. This flour is an essential element for their necessary survival. The water surge keeps the mills working, and flour formation depends on it.

Location of Chajian Waterfall Haripur

Chajian village, encircled by green slopes and mountains, has vast stores of minerals, forests, et cetera, adding to the Waterfall’s natural splendor. The Waterfall is located 25 kilometers from Haripur and is generally known by every local. It takes around three hours from the village to arrive at Islamabad’s Daman-e-Koh on foot.


What is the Distance from Islamabad to Chajjain Waterfall?

From the Srinagar highway, the distance is no more than an hour on a vehicle. The additional time is spent walking to the spot. The space is 30 miles.

Is hiking safe for families?

Hiking is exceptionally comfortable for everyone once equipped with the necessary hiking equipment.


Chadian Waterfall Haripur Pakistan is an enormous waterfall in Chajian village (bearing the infamous namesake that almost popularized the town). It is found in Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a country province. The city is at a distance of 25 kilometers from Haripur. Most people visiting Haripur will have no difficulty seeing the Waterfall for themselves. And similarly, those people who explicitly visit to see the Waterfall can easily visit the wonderful Haripur.