Bissa Waterfall

Throughout history, nature has always been at work of formation and eternal creation to bring forth plenty of everyday miracles. Seas, lakes, magnificent shores, backwoods, forests, hills, plains, valleys, and whatnot effectively make earth charming and improve her magnificence. Among these are earth’s waterfalls which additionally attract a large number of individuals over the globe. The waterfalls are the product of gradual geographical evolution. Earth’s rotation on its general course consequently produces a wide variety of waterfalls through a turn of events.

The sluggish change in earth fabricates a wide variety of natural marvels, such as wonders like lakes, forests, waterfalls, etc. One of nature’s marvels is Bissa Waterfall, which is unique in its way.  Other living things, similar to human beings and plants, while taking in the delights of nature and enduring life due to her many endowments, cannot form a just discernment of her. Yet, furnished with a complex brain and analytical insight, people can comprehend nature and value her more. One of these wonders is the Bissa waterfall, that charm our eyes like all the waterfalls.

Waterfalls result from the steady surge of waters moving from one or several sources, which come to show on a shallow level directly following in a file of underground floods, which generally stay inconspicuous. In certain areas, an underground outpouring of such waters or a hole wherewith they issue forth could appear to the public eye. The point where such water bodies join together makes a stream. A stream is where they merge and run along in a single route, openly, as a solitary water body. This communication follows until the water reaches a ground level end, for example, a little curve downwards suspended over the ground level. This is where the water leaves the ground and takes part in a fall due to gravity, and is known as a waterfall. There are several waterfalls like Bissa Waterfall, and they are widely spread over the globe and are considered great attractions for millions of people.

Pakistan is a country filled with perfect waterfalls. Those found by people are presently ordinary attractions and are visited by many people. People see these waterfalls from all around the country, Bissa Waterfall Kotli Sattian is one such example. These waterfalls have become the subject of many festivities and picnics. The northernmost areas of Pakistan, containing the country’s most lovely waterfalls, are among the country’s most visited places. Individuals visit these waterfalls relying upon their favorite periods, seasons, temperatures, etc. Some people visit the waterfalls more in summer, and some like to see them more in autumn, spring, or winter, depending on their particular needs.

The beauty of each of the four seasons that Pakistan is blessed with becomes inundated with the familiar environment of the waterfall; a scene of this depiction intervenes between the individual’s spirit and restores it. The steadily developing vegetation in such places produces an enchanting sight. Other than these reasons, various families visit such sites to observe the beauty of waterfalls in their regular magnificence in ordinary circumstances. Individuals similarly regard the quiet new climate of northern Pakistan place that does not have to be disturbed by the typical noise of vehicles and shouts of street vendors. These spots have been sensational destinations for picnics and gatherings for a long time and hundreds of years which went before those years.

Among such beautiful and naturally alluring waterfalls is Bissa Waterfall Kotli Sattian. The Bissa waterfall is also one of the most appreciated and revered sites by locals and visitors alike.

Bissa Waterfall Short Introduction

Bissa Waterfall is situated in Karore town of Kotli Sattian. In the previous years, the construction advances were more emphasized in urban areas and forgot about places such as kotli sattian, which are bereft of urban technological developments. So, in those years, the roads were not properly functional and were hostile to all types of vehicles, but in the past few years, the road to Bissa waterfall has been made more reliable with proper constructional advances. Today It requires 90 minutes to cover the 50 km between Islamabad and Bissa waterfall to arrive at one’s leisure.

Bissa Waterfall Kotli Sattian Attractions, Timings & Location

The general attraction of Bissa waterfall is its unrelenting and unmatched beauty. There are ponds at the base of the waterfall which are not shallow enough to drown a person so you can visit them there with your family, friends, or siblings. Kids assisted by their parents also have no imminent danger; all ages can enjoy the cold and clear water of the waterfall. Bathing and showering in the Bissa waterfall are among the waterfall’s significant attractions. People visit waterfalls in heaps during hot seasons to bathe in the cold water. The subjective design and beauty of these waterfalls remain unsurpassed by any other waterfall.

There are no government restrictions on timings; all the timings depend on your intentional choices. The question arises of the best time to visit, which also depends explicitly on your desires. The place is generally crowded in summer but less crowded in autumn or spring.

Bissa Waterfall can be easily located in Karore town of Kotli Sattian. Pakistan is a famous travel spot, and many travel enthusiasts visit there each year. Many people also buy farmhouses in this area to escape to during their vacation in urban areas, like Rawalpindi or Islamabad.

Weather at Bissa Waterfall

The weather conditions are relatively hot and often produce a hostile, sweltering state. This is because the waterfall is not itself situated at high ground levels. The waterfall is abounded by the nearby mountains so that cold air bustling through them does not find its way down to the town and the waterfall. So, the heat can not be naturally dissipated by natural means, except through the cold water of the waterfall itself.

Karore Valley is a great travel spot since many people prize its beauty. They buy houses and summer retreats in karore valley to find refuge during their vacations. People visit there despite of heat; however, during autumn, the heat is not felt as much.

How to reach Bissa Waterfall?

To get to the delightful Karore Valley from Islamabad, you must divert right from the famous naval farms and follow Simly Dam road, which is known by local people and is indicated on google maps, until you arrive nearby the anti-terrorist police school. This school is understood by people nearby, so if you are having trouble finding a place, you can easily ask anyone on the street.

For the people coming from Rawalpindi, one has to go through the route of the Khanna Pul on the Islamabad expressway, use the tramary road, arrive at Nilor factor junction, and take a left from Chirr stop.

Things Required to Visit Bissa Waterfall

One thing required before visiting the Bissa Waterfall Kotli Sattian is to render your visit less frustrating (if you forget any of the critical day-to-day stuff you carry before leaving). The vital everyday things one requires are proper medical aid, that is, first aid, which is profoundly valuable for instance of crisis, bringing additional garments, and other shoes. It is essential to consider getting hiking shoes since they can support you better than ordinary shoes. The rocks around the waterfall can be slippery, and hiking shoes will negate any chance of injury which can be caused by slipping. Water bottles are crucial for your journey, but you can also find them at nearby tuck shops. You can track down food in the nearby restaurants and motels, yet it is more intelligent to be at your mercy and carry your products with you.

Attractions At Bissa Waterfall

The Bissa Waterfall Kotli Sattian is unique in many ways, and it offers visitors hiking opportunities along the marvelous natural rock formation. The dangerous hiking is somewhat negated by the shoes, which are essential if you are going to be hiking. The tranquil environment of the Bissa waterfall is enhanced by the presence of a few nearby small waterfalls, which beautify the scene of the general attraction. The Bissa waterfall from the mountains passes through the gigantic rocks. It represents a fascinating scene among the beautiful mountains and trees. Besides the availability of swimming in fresh stream water, you can also partake and utilize the spot as the best picnic point, which can do the work of a great camping site. A lot of people have barbeque parties here. Camping is something enjoyed by many who visit the Bissa waterfall.

Parking Facility

Considering the vast number of people who visit here, the locals have made a great parking spot for the many cars that cannot find their way to the waterfall. The parking space availability makes the experience even easier for the individual.

Bissa Waterfall Location

One needs first to get to the famous Karore Valley from Islamabad. The directions to the karore valley can be found on google maps. It is about 30 kilometers from Islamabad. Follow this route until you arrive nearby the anti-terrorist police school. From there, please make your way to karore village of Kotli Sattian. The Bissa Waterfall is easily found once you come to Kotli Sattian.

For the people coming from Rawalpindi, one has to go through the route of the Khanna Pul on the Islamabad expressway, use a Tramri road, arrive at Nilor factor junction, and take a left from Chirr stop.

Timings to Visit Bissa Waterfall

In summer, the place is crowded, and during the heat intensity, the water drops down to quite a low point, so the experience can be disappointing. But the water levels are expected in spring and autumn, and there is not much heat to trouble you.


Is the road to reach Bissa Waterfall safe for families?

Yes, the road has been made accessible for all vehicles and is relatively safe for families.

Is the Bissa Waterfall worth it?

Yes, the Bissa waterfall is worth it. Its subjective, alluring, and unique experience can only be offered by and enjoyed through a personal visit.