Rana Resort and Safari Park

Have you been to all the famous tourist destinations in Lahore and want to explore someplace different? Visit Rana Resort & Safari Park, located on the outskirts of Lahore. Spread across 200 acres of land, the picturesque resort is an ideal place for planning a family-friendly picnic or even a stay trip. Lush green gardens and a dense bamboo forest add to the aesthetic appeal of this place. It offers something for everyone and features boating, an in-house zoo, a swimming pool, a sports area, and many other fun activities, making it an ideal spot for a perfect weekend getaway. The resort also offers very economical overnight accommodation.

Packages, Timings, Contact Information, and Location of Rana Resort & Safari Park

Facilities and Services Offered by Rana Resort

Rana Resort is not an ordinary resort; it offers a wide range of facilities to visitors, including:

·         Natural, pollution-free environment

·         Conference hall

·         Rooms for families to stay overnight

·         Lush green lawns

·         Restaurant and canteens

·         Live music

·         Mosque for men and women

·         Bamboo forest

·         Animal sanctuary

·         Swimming pools

·         Clean public toilets

·         Cricket ground

·         Cartoon park

·         Electronic and cultural rides

·         Safari train

·         Boating

·         Sports facilities

·         Safe environment for females

·         Wheelchairs for handicapped

With so many facilities and services, it is a popular destination for those looking for a place to relax and enjoy the serenity of nature. Rana Resort will not disappoint if you’re looking for a place like this.

Attractions offered by Rana Resort


Rana Resort Lahore is home to one of the best restaurants in Lahore. Rana Hunting Resort Restaurant offers delectable food that you won’t forget. If you want to taste chicken biryani or chicken karahi, head over to Rana Resort & Safari Park. The restaurant also has the facility for doing BBQ by yourself and can provide you with all the required materials.

The food street there features various food stalls, offering a variety of traditional snacks and drinks to choose from.

Swimming Pools at Rana Resort

Swimming pools are one of the biggest attractions at Rana Resort Lahore. The pool provides recreational activities for both men and women separately. If you want to take a dip on a hot day, you must book the pool in advance. The charges for the swimming pool are Rs. 7000 for 3 hours.

Bamboo Jungle

Spreading over 200 acres, the bamboo jungle is an asset to the resort. The trees are sky-high, a mesmerizing sight to behold, and the track is a beautiful place to walk.

Wildlife at Rana Resort

Do you love animals? Rana Resort & Safari Park has a wildlife sanctuary home to various animals, including birds, crocodiles, rabbits, deer, and more. These animals roam around freely, so you can interact with them easily. The wildlife is a valuable asset to the park, providing people an opportunity to connect with nature.

Beautiful Birds

Rana Resort & Safari Park is a haven for beautiful birds, including colorful parrots, ostriches, and pigeons. It is the place for you if you love birds or are interested in wildlife photography.

Crocodiles at Rana Resort

The resort is also home to crocodiles. To catch a glimpse of crocodiles, visit Rana Resort & Safari Park.

Hundreds of Deer

You will see hundreds of deer roaming around, as it provides a safe haven for these animals. These deer add to the beauty of the place and give a glimpse into the diverse wildlife of Pakistan.


Besides other animals, ostriches are also a common site. You will be able to interact with these bird species, feed them, take pictures with them, and learn about their behaviors.

Beautiful Flowers and Plants at Rana Resort

Beautiful flowers and plants with lush green grass throughout the area appeal to anyone who visits Rana Resort & Safari Park. The colorful flowers add a splash of color to the overall environment and delight all the visitors. The vibrant floral displays, tall green trees, and the pervading scent of flowers make Rana Resort even more inviting. If you want to see flowers in full bloom, explore the place in spring and enjoy its natural beauty.

Mosque (Prayer area) for Ladies and Gents

Another great facility is the resort’s mosque, making it easier for anyone to offer their prayers.

Cricket Ground

Who doesn’t love to play cricket when you’re out for a picnic with your friends or family? Fortunately, Rana Resort & Safari Park has a large cricket ground where you can team up and enjoy the game. Don’t worry if you’re not a big cricket fan; the resort offers other sports options, including badminton, tennis, hockey, and football.

Live Music

Want to make the most out of your weekend? Rana resort & Safari Park has a live music facility, making your day here even more special. You can sing along with the DJ, dance, or vibe to the music in the background.

Rana Resort Lahore features a women’s gallery that acknowledges the role of women in society. The gallery pays tribute to the women of Pakistan in different professions playing a significant role in the country’s development. It features statues of several notable Pakistani women who have made the country proud, including Arfa Karim, Marium Mukhtiar, Samina Baig, and others.

Cartoon Park

Cartoon Park is another great attraction, providing a fun experience for kids.

Electronic Rides

Different types of electronic rides provide a thrilling experience to children and adults alike.

Dragon Ship at Rana Resort

Dragon ship is the most popular ride. The ride lets you swing high back and forth like a pendulum at varying speeds, carrying many people simultaneously. So take the dragon ship ride to experience the thrill of sudden changes in speed and fly high.

Some other fun rides include a gyroscope, go-karting, Ferris wheel, zip line, and bungee trampoline.

Cultural Rides

You all get to see a lot of electronic rides at different places, but rarely can you find a range of cultural rides in one place. Rana Resort & Safari Park offers traditional and cultural rides, including:

Tonga Ride at Rana Resort

Tonga ride is a traditional ride in Pakistan, consisting of a horse-drawn carriage. Rana Resort, determined to promote the country’s culture, offers tonga rides to explore the place and enjoy this traditional ride at the same time.

Camel Ride

Have you ever had a camel ride? It’s a unique ride, full of thrill and excitement. A few places offer camel rides near Lahore, and Rana Resort is one of them. If you want to explore the area, riding a camel is a great idea to do so.

Donkey Ride

Rana Resort & Safari Park also offers the authentic experience of donkey riding. It’s the most popular cultural ride among people who visit the resort. Experience this thrilling and unique ride while you’re at the place.

Bullock Cart Ride

Besides other cultural rides, Rana Resort also features bullock cart rides powered by one or more oxen. This ride will give you an authentic village experience, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You’re sure to have a fantastic time riding a bullock cart.

Jungle Safari Train

Rana Resort & Safari Park has launched a safari train to promote tourism. If you want to tour Rana Resort, hop on the jungle safari train for only Rs. 150 per person. This joyful train ride will provide a recreational activity to the visitors, eager to explore the place without walking much.


Rana Safari & Luxury Resort has a large lake with a boating facility. You can rent boats and paddle around the lake. This is a great activity for families and friends to spend time together outdoors and have fun.

Horse Riding

Riding a horse is an adventure in itself. You can enjoy horse riding against the beautiful backdrop of nature in Rana Luxury Resort. It’s one of the most popular activities among both children and adults. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or have never ridden a horse before, you can enjoy this activity.

Party Halls

Whether you’re looking for a place for school events or birthday and wedding parties, Rana Resort is the perfect place, as it offers party halls to anyone who wants to conduct an event. 

Executive Rooms

Rana Luxury Resort offers clean and comfortable executive rooms for those who wish to stay overnight in this serene environment. These rooms are fully furnished with all the facilities. Executive Room costs Rs. 7500 per night, including entry, safari train, and complimentary breakfast. Paradise Room costs Rs. 6500 per night, while Daisy Room costs Rs. 5500 per night. However, you must book these rooms in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Rana Resort Tickets

Here are the ticket prices in 2022:

·         Adults: Rs. 600 per person

·         Children (under six years): Rs. 300 per person

·         Senior citizens and disabled persons will get free entry. Entry for teachers possessing a teaching card is also free.

Note: Educational institutes can get 60% off on the tickets by giving a principal’s signed and stamped official request.

Rana Resort & Safari Park Timings

The resort is open from 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM. However, you must book in advance if you wish to stay overnight.

Location of Rana Resort

It is located in Bhai Pheru, Head Balloki Road, Nankana. It’s approximately 55 km away from Lahore. Upon reaching the entrance of Phool Nagar city, turn right and drive towards Head Balloki. There you’ll soon spot the resort.

Contact Information of Rana Resort

For any queries or details, you can contact on:

Phone: 03000457680, 03000457494, 03000457682, 03000457683, 03000457684 or 03000457685

Email: ranaluxuryresort.com

It has an office in Gulberg II Lahore that you can visit for advanced bookings.


Rana Luxury Resort has something for everyone. Whether you’re planning a day trip or wish to stay overnight, the resort has all the facilities to make your stay memorable.


Who is the owner of Rana Resort?

Rana Shaukat Mahmood is the owner. He is a strong advocate of a clean and green environment, and it is an initiative of his commitment to a green Pakistan.