Playdium – An Amusement Center in Lahore

If you’re looking for an indoor spot to unwind with your friends and family or want to plan a fun birthday celebration, you can’t go wrong if you choose Playdium. There are plenty of great places for entertainment in Lahore, but not all of them provide as many fun activities for all age groups under one roof. Playdium, an amusement center in DHA Lahore, offers exciting activities for the whole family. Featuring arcade games, a soft play area, a bull ride, a jumping section, bumper cars, a gyroscope, and various other attractions, Playdium is sure to impress. If you haven’t been to this amusement center yet, then you must come in for a visit and create lasting memories!

Playdium Lahore Attractions, Booking Procedures, Memberships, Timings, and Locations

Playdium is an entertainment hub full of fun and games. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about Playdium, including its attractions, booking procedure, membership options, timings, and location.

Attractions Offered by Playdium Avenue Mall

The amusement center offers various attractions, including:

· Arcade games

· Bumper cars

· Gyroscope

· Bull ride

· Soft play area for kids

· Jumping section

· Bowling

· AR games

· VR games

· Simulators

· Wall Climbing

· Basketball

· Indoor cricket

· Hammerhead

· Car racing

· Flying cars

· Air hockey

· Birthday bookings

Games for all Age Groups

If you’re looking for a place to let off some steam and tag your kids along, Playdium is the right place for you. No matter what your age is, you can enjoy different games here. You’ll have a blast here if you’re a kid, teenager, or adult. The amusement center has a soft play area for small kids to enjoy different games. For teenagers, there are plenty of options to choose from. They can enjoy many simulator games, play around the jumping area, and immerse themselves in arcade games. Besides kids and teens, adults are also welcome here. They can play air hockey, ride on the bull, and enjoy the gyroscope ride. Bumper cars, basketball, and bowling are some activities that all age groups love. So come alone or tag your friends to experience the fantastic gaming experience.

Soft Play Area at Playdium

It can sometimes be challenging to bring small children outdoors, but Playdium has covered you. It offers a soft play area for kids under the age of three years. The play area is a vibrant and safe place for kids to play with toys and enjoy slides and different rides. The surface of the play area is padded to cushion falls and minimize any risk of injury. It’s a fantastic facility for kids where they can spend hours playing educational games and developing new skills.

Jumping Section

Playdium Avenue Mall Lahore also has a separate jumping section where you can jump all day long. Besides a fun activity, jumping is also an excellent workout for your body and mind.

Bull Ride at Playdium

A bull ride at Playdium will surely get your adrenaline pumping and is a famous ride among children and adults. It gives you a thrilling experience of riding an actual bull but in a safe way. The ride spins at variable speeds with unexpected twists and turns, eventually throwing you off on a padded surface, adding to the fun of this ride. So come down and test your bull riding skills at Playdium Avenue Mall Lahore.


PubG became a huge hit as soon as it was released, not just in Pakistan but worldwide. It has surpassed all the e-games in the country and made it to the top of the list. The game is exciting, addictive, and nerve-wracking with its incredible graphics and immersive gameplay. Are you a PubG enthusiast as well? If so, visit Paydium today and enjoy the game in squad or solo mode.

AR Games at Playdium

Want to experience digital augmentation of the physical world in real-time? Playdium Avenue Mall Lahore offers a variety of Augmented Reality games to choose from for an engaging and action-packed experience.

VR Games

The amusement center is home to many VR games with a completely immersive experience for all Virtual Reality lovers. It’s one of the few places in Lahore to offer this facility. You can take your gaming experience to a whole new level using VR technology. So put on your VR headset and experience the 3D world.


Playdium Avenue Mall Lahore also has some simulator games, giving a real-life experience to the players. You’ll be blown away by the realism of these games. One of the most famous simulator games at the center is the drifting game which you can play with your friends. The seats for playing these games are comfortable enough for long-term use. Sit back and enjoy the thrill of playing simulation games.

Gyroscope at Playdium

If you’re looking for an adventure to keep adults or older kids entertained, the gyroscope is the ride for you. It can hold many people simultaneously, spins turns, and twists around, giving you a thrilling experience. So strap in with your friends or family and enjoy the ride together.

Wall Climbing

Indoor wall climbing is an excellent way to learn the sport. Playdium provides a safe and fun indoor wall climbing experience to everyone. It’s a great place to test your strength and challenge your friends to see who first reaches the top of the wall. If you’re interested in this activity, visit Playdium Avenue Mall.

Bumper Cars (Dodgem Cars)

Despite the advent of new technologies, bumper cars remain the most popular attraction at amusement centers. Bumper cars or the dodgem cars in Playdium are open to all age groups. You can ride solo, team up with others, and drive around bumping into each other. These cars are not just fun but also bring out your competitive nature. Whether a child or an adult, bumper cars will be a delightful experience.

Indoor Cricket at Playdium

Are you a cricket fan? Playdium has endless activities to enjoy, and indoor cricket is just one of them. You can now enjoy Virtual Reality cricket here, a relatively new addition to the amusement center. So hit fours and sixes without the need to gather a team of 11.


Have you ever played basketball in an arcade center? If not, visit Playdium and try it now. Pick up the ball, aim, and score as many baskets as possible before the time runs out.

Car Racing at Playdium

Want to take some action behind the wheel? There’s nothing more thrilling and exciting than playing car racing games in an arcade center. Paydium offers some of the best car racing games you can challenge with friends. These games will surely get your adrenaline pumping with amazing graphics and visuals. If you want a realistic racing experience, check out these games now!

Hammer Head

Hammerhead is an excellent attraction at Playdium Avenue Mall Lahore for kids. You can hit as many targets as possible when they pop up from holes before the time ends. The more you shoot, the more points you earn.

Flying Cars at Playdium

Have you ever seen a flying car? It is a unique attraction at Playdium, loved by all the kids. You can sit in the car and spread your wings as the flying vehicle takes rounds in the air.  

Water Shooting Games

Among various game options available at the amusement center, water shooting games are also equally popular. It is a 1-2 player game where you can have fun shooting water.

Air Hockey

Are you wondering what else Playdium has to offer for adults? Air hockey is a perfect activity if you’re looking for some entertainment or little competition. The rules are simple, and the game gets exciting once you get the hang of it. So head to Playdium Avenue Mall now and beat your opponent in this game.

Drifting at Playdium

If you want to experience the thrill of drifting, try drifting games in the arcade. The game can be played solo or in a team.

Educational Games

Besides entertaining games, Playdium is also home to many educational games. These games are a great source of learning for children and developing new skills. Children come across different shapes, numbers, and objects, increasing their knowledge depth.

Weather Friendly Arcade

Do you avoid going out in the scorching heat of summers or cold winters? You don’t have to worry about it when you visit Playdium, as it is an indoor facility and a weather-friendly arcade.

Air-Conditioned in Summer

Don’t hesitate to visit Playdium in the summer, as the amusement center is fully air-conditioned.

Internal Heating in Winter

Internal heating at Playdium during winter helps keep the center’s temperature ideal.

Customized Birthday Celebrations

If you’re looking for a fun place to plan a theme-based birthday party, Playdium will not fail to impress. The outstanding décor and vibrant neon lights at the amusement center give off amazing vibes, and the environment is perfect for taking aesthetic pictures on your special day. Besides, the birthday packages include unlimited access to the soft play area and one hour for the games. Whether you want a football-themed birthday or a Star Wars-themed party, Playdium’s management will make your event memorable. So contact the amusement center and book a place for your birthday.

Playdium Booking Procedures

If you want to book a birthday party, contact them on 0310 0007529 or 0306 3068901 for details. Playdium offers two kinds of birthday packages. The deluxe package costs Rs. 2500 per person without food and Rs. 3000 per person with food. Under this package, you can enjoy unlimited soft play areas and rides, with a separate hall décor, photo wall, and bumble bee mascot dance. In comparison, the economy package costs Rs. 2000 per person on weekdays and Rs. 2500 per person on weekends. You will get a separate party area and games for one hour, along with the bumblebee mascot dance. Playdium Avenue Mall also gives the facility to add on a magic show for additional Rs. 4000. So what are you waiting for? Book Playdium for your birthday, and you won’t be disappointed.

Avenue Mall Playdium Membership

Playdium Avenue Mall Lahore provides membership options to its customers as well. Membership charges range from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 4000, depending on the selected package.

Playdium Avenue Mall Timings

Playdium Avenue Mall is open seven days a week from 02:30 PM – 11:00 PM.

Location of Playdium Avenue Mall Lahore

Playdium is located inside Avenue Mall, P-block, DHA, Main Ghazi Road, Lahore.

Playdium is the perfect place for a fun weekend getaway with such a great ambiance and many attractions to choose from. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. How was your experience at Playdium Avenue Mall Lahore? Let us know in the comments below.


How much does it cost to play at Playdium?

Playdium has a rechargeable card system, with each card starting at Rs. 1500 and rides ranging from Rs. 150-230. Soft Play Area is for Rs. 600 per hour.

How long can we stay at Playdium?

People typically spend two and a half hours at Playdium.