Mariner’s Saddle Club Lahore

Do you love horses and want to experience horseback riding in a professional environment? If so, look no further than Mariner’s Saddle Club. Horse riding is an excellent way to create stamina, socialize, and learn new skills that come with horsemanship. Mariner’s Saddle Club is one of the best horse riding clubs in Lahore, acknowledged by the Equestrian Fraternity of Pakistan. It offers different attractions, including horseback riding training, horsemanship training, tent pegging, and barrel racing in a professional environment. The club offers individual lessons, group lessons, as well as special courses. Here, you will learn from expert instructors riding well-trained horses, so if you’re a beginner or an expert, head on here to the most exciting experience.

Tickets, Timings, and Location of Mariner’s Saddle Club Lahore

Mariner’s Saddle Club is located in the heart of Lahore and offers everyone a wide range of facilities. This blog will cover the ticket prices, timings, attractions, and location of the saddle club.

Services Offered by Mariner’s Saddle Club

It is easily accessible from all parts of the city and offers many services that will make your riding experience truly unforgettable. The club provides equal facilities to everyone. You can choose a course that matches your interest, from individual lessons to group lessons. The club also offers a special course for the disabled. Along with well-trained horses, the club has a professional staff to guide you through your journey. Besides horse riding, you can also learn equestrian sports, including tent pegging, sword pegging, arena polo, barrel racing, and show jumping here in a convenient and friendly way.

Instructions to be Followed

·         The club is closed on Monday for maintenance and training of the horses.

·         Class timings may be changed depending on the weather conditions.

·         Due to unforeseen weather conditions, the class may be suspended without compensation.

·         The club will disseminate updates through WhatsApp or Facebook groups.

Attractions offered by Mariner’s Saddle Club Lahore

The saddle club provides many attractions to its members and visitors, including:

·         Horseback riding

·         Horsemanship training

·         Tent pegging

·         Barrel racing

·         Arena polo

·         Showjumping

·         Archery

Horseback Riding Training

Horseback riding is a great way to build stamina and improve your physical, social, and mental skills. It is one of the main attractions at Mariner’s Saddle Club. It has an excellent horse riding training facility with professional staff and well-trained horses for both beginner and experienced riders. The club allows you to take lessons individually or in groups, depending on your interest. If you are interested in learning horseback riding or improving your riding skills, saddle up and enjoy the ride.

Horsemanship Training

Have you ever wanted to learn horsemanship? If so, Mariner’s Saddle Club is the place for you. The club promotes horsemanship by offering a horsemanship training facility.

Tent Pegging

Do you want to master the sport of tent pegging? Tent pegging is an ancient equestrian game similar to polo and is a popular sport in Pakistan along with many other countries of the world. Other than horseback riding, it also offers training in this exciting sport. The large open spaces at Mariner’s Saddle Club provides an ideal environment for learning this thrilling sport. The staff at the club will provide the best training to equip you with all the required skills for this sport.

Barrel Racing

Barrel racing is not a sport that you learn naturally; it requires a lot of training, hard work, and a steady hand to succeed, as speed and control is the key to success in this sport. Fortunately, barrel racing is another sport offered at Mariner’s Club Lahore. You can now master the art of running your horse around barrels in a short time. Join the saddle club today if you want to learn this fast-paced sport.


Archery is another competitive sport offered in Mariner’s Saddle Club. Learning archery is a great skill, as it helps you develop discipline, improve balance, learn focus, and keep youself active. The club provides facilities to practice this game and make you perfect.

Courses Offered by Mariner’s Saddle Club Pakistan

Mariner’s Saddle Club offers different courses from which you can choose a course depending on your interest. The courses include individual, group, special, and learning equestrian sports.

Special courses

One of the best initiatives of Mariner’s Saddle Club Lahore is that it offers special courses for partially disabled Learners. The club ensures that nobody is left behind and everyone gets equal opportunities to excel in horse riding. This course is based on an adaptive sports program.

Individual lessons

The saddle club also offers individual lessons to individuals dedicated to learning more in less time. Individual lessons give you a better chance to communicate with instructors and get more attention to learn skills faster. These lessons are ideal for those who find learning in groups intimidating. If you want to learn horse riding from a chief trainer privately, sign up for Mariner Saddle Club’s individual lessons now!

Group lessons

It offers group lessons for those who want to learn in groups. Group lessons provide various benefits. Some of these benefits include:

·         Group lessons are less expensive than individual lessons.

·         These lessons allow observing others and learning from their mistakes

·         Group lessons help build confidence to ride in a crowd

·         You can socialize and make new friends

·         Riding in groups motivates you to perform better and improve your skills

Whether you choose an individual or group lesson, Mariner’s Saddle Club will never disappoint you. So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the thrill of horse riding at Mariner’s Club today.

Learning Equestrian Sports

Besides horse riding training, the club also offers classes for equestrian sports. If you are passionate about learning these sports, then you are at the right place.

Tent Pegging

If you want to learn tent pegging in Lahore, look no further than Mariner’s Saddle Club. The club offers an excellent opportunity to learn this sport from experienced trainers.

Arena Polo

Polo is a thrilling sport that combines the skills of horseback riding with the strategy of a team game. Playing polo has a lot of benefits; it increases stamina, improves balance, helps strategize, boosts confidence, and promotes teamwork. The game is an excellent way to spend time outdoors and have fun at the same time. With so many benefits, who wouldn’t want to learn polo? If you also want to experience the exciting game or improve your polo skills, buckle up and visit Mariner’s Saddle Club.

Show Jumping

Show jumping is another equestrian sport offered at the saddle club. Many people around the globe enjoy this accuracy-driven sport. If you join the club, you can also learn to jump over obstacles without knocking them down while riding a horse.

Mariner’s Saddle Club Tickets

Ticket prices at Mariner’s Saddle Club vary depending upon the activities. Here are the details of ticket prices for different courses:

Horse Riding General Session

The general session includes group lessons and is more economical than the executive session.

·         Guest ride: Rs. 1000 per month

·         Four lessons on weekdays: Rs. 3000 per month

·         Four lessons on weekends: Rs. 3500 per month

·         Eight lessons on weekdays: Rs. 4000 per month

·         Eight lessons on weekends: Rs. 4500 per month

·         Twelve lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Rs. 6000 per month

·         Twenty-four lessons: Rs. 8000 per month

Horse Riding Executive Session

Executive session includes customized and individual lessons with the senior trainer.

·         Random lesson: Rs. 2000 per month

·         Four lessons: Rs. 8000 per month

·         Eight lessons: Rs. 15000 per month

·         Twelve lessons: Rs. 20000 per month

Equestrian Sports

·         Four sessions: Rs. 8000 per month

·         Eight sessions: Rs. 15000 per month

·         Twelve sessions: Rs. 20000 per month


Charges for archery are Rs. 5000 per month.

Mariner’s Saddle Club Timings

Mariner’s Saddle Club Lahore offers both morning and evening classes for the convenience of the riders. The club is open every day except Monday.

Morning timing: 05:30 AM – 08:00 AM

Evening timing: 04:30 PM – 07:30 PM

Location of Mariner’s Saddle Club

Mariner’s Saddle Club is located at Block J, Valencia, Lahore, Pakistan. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city.


What is the phone number of Mariner’s Saddle Club?

Mariner’s Saddle Club contact number: 0337 7131020  

What is the website URL of Mariner’s Saddle Club?

Website URL of Mariner’s Saddle Club: