Magic Planet Amanah Mall: A Family Entertainment Center in Lahore

Have you ever been to a Magic Planet Amanah Mall? If not, you’re in for a treat. Located in Lahore, it is one of Pakistan’s largest family entertainment centers. It has something for everyone, including a play area for kids, a video game arcade, and a food court. There’s also an indoor amusement park with roller coasters and other thrill rides. It is the place to be if you’re looking for a fun day out with the family. So what are you waiting for?

Tickets, Timings, and Location of Magic Planet Amanah Mall Lahore

Located in the heart of Lahore, it is home to various attractions and a great place for kids to have fun and enjoy themselves. This blog will tell you all about Magic Planet Lahore, including its location, timings, and ticket prices.

Facilities and Services Offered by Magic Planet Amanah Mall Lahore

Magic Planet Lahore is one of the best places in Pakistan for family entertainment, offering a wide range of facilities and services. The mall is now home to Pakistan’s biggest trampoline park, and this new attraction features trampolines, a foam pit, a trapeze, a basketball, and much more. The Magic Planet Amanah Mall Lahore staff is also very helpful and friendly. Best of all, these facilities can be enjoyed at very reasonable rates, starting from Rs. 60 only.

Attractions offered by Magic Planet

Trampoline Park

The trampoline park is one of the largest in Pakistan, and it features a variety of interactive games and activities. These include:

Trampolines at Magic Planet

Trampolines are a great way to have fun and stay active. Magic Planet Amanah Mall is one of the few places in Lahore that offers this facility. You can bounce around and burn off some energy at the same time.

A Foam Pit

Magic Planet at Amanah Mall has a giant foam pit that’s perfectly safe for practicing your flips and tumbles. It’s also great for kids to have fun and relax. So come on down and enjoy the foam!

A Trapeze

Besides trampolines and a foam pit, the trampoline park also has a trapeze. Trapeze in Magic planet Amanah Mall is the perfect place to practice your skills and have a lot of fun.

Basketball at Magic Planet

Magic Planet comprises a trampoline court with two baskets, where players can bounce and dunk their way to victory, with the bonus of getting a great workout simultaneously. With its innovative concept and exciting gameplay, basketball on a trampoline is a big hit with visitors.

Electronic Bumper Cars

Bouncing, crashing, and careening into one another, the bumper cars in Magic Planet Amanah Mall are always a popular attraction. The space is surrounded by big tubes, making it a safe and fun experience for riders. The bumper car area is the perfect place to enjoy quality time with friends and family with its flashy lights and lively music. In addition, the cars are powered by electricity, making them much more environmentally friendly than their gas-powered counterparts.


The background music at Magic Planet sets the tone for the entire facility. The music is carefully selected to create a fun and festive atmosphere, and it helps to bring the experience to life. In addition to the background music, it also offers a wide variety of other sound effects from arcade games. These sound effects help to create an immersive and exciting environment. Combined with the visual appeal of the facilities, the background music, and sound effects help to make it a magical place.

7D Cinema

Magic Planet is the ultimate destination for family fun, and now it’s even better with the addition of 7D cinema. Besides 7D Cinema and 3D shooting games, it has the most extensive selection of VR games in Pakistan.

Roller Skating

Another great attraction at Magic Planet Amanah Mall is its skating arena which is a perfect place for kids to learn and practice new skating techniques. So put on your skates and enjoy the roller skating experience!

Bumper Soffer at Magic Planet

If you’re an action lover, you must visit BumperSoffer at Magic Planet Amanah Mall. BumperSoffer has more space and faster go-carts. Additionally, the arena is covered with bumps for more fun and exciting experience.

Crazy Hunting

Crazy hunting gives you an opportunity to test your shooting skills and compete with your friends. You need to grab a gun, point it toward the digital screen and shoot as many targets as possible.

Soft Play Area

The soft play area in Magic Planet Amanah Mall is excellent for younger kids to explore and have fun. With its colorful design and various activities, the soft play area will surely keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. It features slides and tunnels, as well as other interactive elements. The play area is designed to be safe and fun, where children can explore, jump, and climb without the risk of getting injured. The padded surfaces help to cushion falls and minimize any chances of injury.

3D Shooting Games at Magic Planet

Magic Planet Amanah Mall offers a wide variety of VR games, but one of the most popular is the shooting game. With its realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, it’s no wonder why this game is so popular. These games typically have simple controls and straightforward goals, making them easy to pick up and play. You can choose from a variety of different weapons and use them to shoot at targets in the virtual world. The best part about the shooting game is that it’s a great way to relieve stress and have fun. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a total novice, it is the perfect place to enjoy some massive 3D shooting action.

Latest VR Games

Magic Planet Amanah Mall provides you with a virtual reality entertainment experience, and they have some of the best VR games. The latest VR games are more immersive than ever, offering a truly unique gaming experience. The graphics are realistic, and the gameplay is intense. If you haven’t tried VR gaming before, you owe it to yourself to check out it’s selection of VR games, and you’ll be blown away by the realism and the level of immersion.

Indoor Pirate Boat

The Pirate Boat ride at Magic Planet is one of the most popular attractions for kids. The ride features a giant pirate ship that swings back and forth, giving riders a thrilling experience. It’s perfect for kids of all ages, and it’s sure to be a hit with your family and friends.

Top Spin

Magic Planet Lahore also features a top spin ride. Ideal for kids, it features a spinning top that whirls around, creating a safe and thrilling experience for children.


The amusement center has a merry-go-round, a perfect ride for mall kids, as it slowly goes around in a circular motion.

Drop Tower

The Drop Tower is another addition to Magic Planet Amanah Mall. Riders are strapped into a seat and then raised to the top of the tower. The ride then stalls for a few seconds at the top, giving riders a moment of suspense before plunging them into the free-fall. The Drop Tower is a favorite among thrill-seekers, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. Thanks to its unrivaled mix of excitement and exhilaration, the Drop Tower will remain one of it’s most popular rides in the coming years.

Magic Planet Tickets

Magic Planet Lahore offers its visitors a wide range of attractions at very reasonable rates. However, the ticket prices vary for different attractions. Here’s a breakdown of the ticket prices:

●       Trampoline park: Rs. 400 per hour.

●       Bumper cars: Rs. 265 (starting price)

●       Roller skating: Rs. 60 (starting price)

●       BumperSoffer: Rs. 265 (starting price)

●       Crazy hunting: Rs. 265 (starting price)

●       Soft play area: Rs. 100 (starting price)

Magic Planet Timings

Amanah Mall Magic Planet Lahore is open seven days a week. The timings are 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

Location and Contact Details of Magic Planet

Magic Planet is located in Amanah Mall on the second floor. The mall is situated in Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

Phone number: +92 42 3513 1699


You can visit the Magic Planet website or Amanah Mall’s website for more information.

Magic Planet Amanah Mall is the perfect place to take your family and friends for a day of fun. There’s something for everyone at Magic Planet, from the trampoline park to the bumper cars. Visit Magic Planet Amanah Mall today! You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for reading this blog.