Lances and Guns Club

Everyone has a hobby or activity they enjoy, and one must have a hobby to relax and unwind. One of the most different hobbies ones can have shot in particular shooting ranges. Lances and Guns Club Lahore is one of the city’s top shooting clubs. Like every big city, Lahore has also been re-known the Lances and Guns Club.

Shooting ranges can be indoor or outdoor, depending on the area, layout, and location of the Club. There are proper guidelines for both indoor and outdoor ranges. If you love nature and are away from the buzzing about of everyday life, an outside shooting reach might be ideal. Most frequently, open-air fields are further away from urban communities and towns and will permit you to encounter nature while going through the day, focusing on your shooting abilities.

Indoor shooting ranges give a more controlled climate. Even though standards and necessities might vary from an open-air shooting range, indoor shooting ranges offer advantages like limits, participation, and membership benefits. Indoor shooting ranges permit you to focus on your shooting abilities in an agreeable, safe climate.

 It is a unique sport; only a few people know about it. Once you get to know and learn proper shooting from professionals, It is exciting and intriguing. Shooting clubs can provide an experience to remember, accessibility of guns, and target distance. There are many advantages to going to the shooting ranges and knowing what’s in store and what you are hoping to escape on a day at the field will undoubtedly make it a pleasant encounter.

Registration Procedures, Packages, Timings, and Location of Lances and Guns Club Lahore

As the Lances and Guns club operates under the supervision of Ranger forces, used mainly by Army officials and personnel, civilians can join the Club—all you have to do is visit them and register. Going to the shooting range isn’t only for the accomplished gun handler. It is where you can acquire information and experience. However, there are medical advantages, it tends to be a social encounter, and it can help your certainty.

Different price packages are available for the army and civilians; depending on your required time and days, you can choose and decide on the location. Not only shooting, but there are also several other activities; you can register yourself and indulge in the sport.

You can reach the Club on maps using the given location GCX6+C72, Cantt, Lahore.

It is open from 12 pm to 7 pm every day, but the timing is subject to change; the members can always call and inquire about specific sports and timings.

Instructions to be Followed

In all the shooting clubs, there are proper guidelines and instructions to be followed. Instructors are present at all shooting clubs that assist and train the new shooters and are always available to help. If you are new, take guidelines seriously, and follow the instructions carefully, it will help you to be better at shooting and fully enjoy the process.

The safety instructions are also mentioned at every step, and a guide is there to assist. If you need clarification about anything, make sure to take assistance.

Facilities and Services Offered by Lances and Guns Club

The Club’s in-house offices incorporate a stable with excellent types of horses, a riding field, the Equestrian Organization of Pakistan’s many activities of riding, polo, tent pegging, a shooting range, a pool, a squash court, and a running track. It allows an excellent chance for Civilian and army officials to enjoy the club facilities equally. Other armed forces and rangers and their families can also take club membership.

The Club has facilities for its members and washrooms for ladies and gents. The shooting clubs have ample parking for visitors and seating areas. You can enjoy many activities at one Club and enroll in different activities and sports.

Attractions offered by Lances and Guns Club

The biggest attraction at Lances and Guns is its eminent shooting club. However, other activities like tent pegging, horse riding, polo, and other sports are also available. Whether going to an indoor shooting range or an open-air shooting range, there are many advantages of going to both and being engaged with the superb game of shooting; the following are some of the benefits of shooting.

·         Advanced great visual perception

·         Improves posture

·         Increment endurance

·         Reduce stress

·         Imparts sound contest

·         An extraordinary hobby

·         Focused, coordinated hand-eye movement

·         Discharge adrenaline

These are some of the benefits of shooting as a hobby, and it is a great interest to have as it keeps you busy and active and reduces stress. Once you are outside, doing your sport or activity, it is an excellent catalyst for unwinding from daily life issues.

If you can’t get into Lances and Guns due to any reasons, a few other shooting ranges in Lahore may suit you more, as mentioned below:

·         Pistol Range

·         Al-Mirsab Pistol Range

·         Sniper Range

·         Lahore Gun Club – Air Rifle & Archery Shooting Range

·         Lahore Garrison Shooting Gallery

Lahore Garrison shooting gallery was inaugurated in 2015 and is one the most extensive shooting gallery in Lahore. The Club is spread over 20 acres of land with many facilities and houses multiple activities. It is one of the shooting galleries with international-level facilities with all the necessary gadgets.

Online Registration Procedures

Registering for shooting clubs is simple; you can visit and register yourself. Lances and guns do not have online registration. There are different procedures for every Club, which you must follow to get registered.

Lances and Guns Club Tickets

Tickets are not required. The essential requirement for the Lances and Guns Club is membership, which is covered in the membership fee.

Lances and Guns Club Timings

Timings are subject to change, and most shooting ranges are active during the evening and afternoons.

Location & Contact Details of Lances and Guns Club

You can use the location pin on maps to reach the Club, GCX6+C72, Cantt, Lahore.


Can any person go here to learn horse riding?

Yes, anyone can take up any sport at Club.

What are the charges of shooting?

Shooting charges depend on the level and activity duration, which can be checked at registration.

What are the timings of the Club?

Opens in the afternoon till 7 pm.