Farmhouses in Lahore

Farmhouses in Lahore are located in several neighborhoods and are utilized for various events, including weddings, business events, private celebrations, etc. Tokar to Burki and Bedian roads, from Ring Road to DHA. Every Farmhouse in Lahore is unique, with differences in structure, location, amenities, and utilities, for illustration. When you search for “farmhouse” in Lahore on Google, several farmhouses will show up. As a result, you will need to visit each farm independently and consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing a place won’t be easy because there are farmhouses on Bedian Road, Burki Road, and farmhouses in DHA. However, consumers frequently pick places close to their homes and visitors. For instance, a farmhouse in DHA will certainly not be considered in front of a farmhouse just at the extremity of Bedian Road.

Let’s discuss using a farmhouse in Lahore for an event or a wedding. The most significant event in a girl’s life is her wedding. In many circumstances, most girls have long fantasized about their perfect wedding day. Why shouldn’t she, too? Since it’s her big day, she will be the center of attention. As a result, the bride and her family are looking for a farmhouse in Lahore to get married. How would they begin looking for the ideal farm in Lahore for the wedding? Before anything else, they will choose between a farmhouse and a hall. A farmhouse has the benefit of not being time-constrained.

Most of Lahore’s farmhouses are outside the city, which is a drawback. Time spent traveling can be a problem. On the other hand, a farmhouse is a significantly larger room than a hallway.

12 Best Farmhouses in Lahore

DHA Lahore Farmhouses

The Bahria Town Farmhouses in Lahore, the DHA Farmhouse in Lahore, and the Farmhouse on Bedian Road are the best locations for parties. Everyone desires them. First, let’s discuss the Farmhouse on Bedian Road.

The tenth DHA Phase 6 building is where Bedian Road is. It may be accessed from either Phase 6 or Bedian Road directly. On Bedian Road, there is a tonne of Farmhouses. Numerous farmhouses there are entirely private; as a result, the owner never rents out their space for business purposes. In addition, the Lahore Farm House on Bedian Road is quite well known.

DHA Farmhouse Lahore does not have the issues individuals have with Bedian Road Farm House. DHA Farm House Lahore is firstly situated at DHA’s hub. Commuting is not a problem. It is simple to find the location.

Now let’s discuss the Farmhouse in Bahria Town. The farmhouses are brand-new, but once more, Bahria town is situated in a remote area. So, if we compare the Bahria Town Farmhouse, DHA Farmhouse, and Bedian Road Farmhouse in Lahore, the DHA Farmhouse will be the best. However, the client’s needs may change, so the Bahria town farm home will better fit them. Here are some popular Farmhouses for rent in Lahore.

Windmills Farmhouse & Resort

The venue that can be mentioned for holding a luxury marriage with a premium destination is Windmills Farmhouse in Lahore. Three-course meals, high-quality on-site services, and amenities include a pool, golf, movie theatre, billiards, ping pong, full gymnasium, volleyball, swings, carrom table, ludo, chess, and more; you may enjoy your gatherings and host overnight guests. The distance to DHA is only ten minutes.

Are you planning a Lahore destination wedding? Are you now concerned about the excellent accommodations and uniform amenities? In Lahore, there is a luxurious farm called Windmill Farm and Resort. It is specifically made to give the visitor a 5-star stay. Make a reservation with them without hesitation if you want a memorable wedding. I’ll explain why that is.

They cater all events, such as Dholki, Mehndi, Sangeet, Mayon, Barat, Walima, and engagement ceremonies. 

Enjoy your events and provide five luxury guestrooms and suites with all dinners for your close friends and family. Windmills offer many amenities: a swimming pool, miniature golf, a movie theatre, billiards, ping pong, a gym, badminton, swings, a carrom board, ludo, chess, and much more.

You can host a lavish birthday party, marriage ceremony, bachelorette party, or any other kind of party in a setting that feels like a home away from home for an affordable price. 

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse is a top-notch, opulent farmhouse community with cutting-edge amenities and services. RA Marketing created and promoted this project. It is one of the best farmhouses in Lahore for events. 

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse is a brand-new, gated, and contemporary development on Bedian Road that provides residents with a lovely farmhouse and recreational amenities in a tranquil setting.

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse strives to promote a natural lifestyle supplemented with contemporary conveniences to provide people with a balanced lifestyle.

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse is a top pick if you are looking for the best venue for any incoming event; they make all arrangements and prepare everything for your event to be a hit. It is also equally appealing if you want some time away from the bustling city and to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Abdullah Lahore

A farmstead that has been doing business as a service provider since 2005. The space can accommodate up to 1000 people and has an area for an external sound system and décor. The location within the town, in DHA phase 5, is the most notable aspect. Perfect for people looking for roomy places in the city for comfort and time efficiency.

Fasih Farmhouse

There’s no denying that the setting of an event can influence its tone. You may arrange a magnificent, expensive wedding at this property. A fantastic and stunning celebration to be enjoyed with family and friends in a lovely natural green location.

Fasih Farmhouse is one of the Best Farmhouses in Lahore, situated in Thokar Niaz Baig’s Nawab Town; it provides first-rate in-house services in addition to its breathtaking scenery and elegance. It is one of the most prominent and perfect locations for weddings. A once-in-a-lifetime occasion should be cherished to the maximum, and your party’s serene setting will add to its specialness.

Talia Farmhouse

Talia is another Lahore Farmhouse ideal for private family gatherings and picnics. It is one of the loveliest locations for lovely moments. Talia Farmhouse is the finest option if you want a tranquil, lush green setting for an interior or outdoor event.

Up to 600 guests might attend a wedding or an outdoor event. Therefore, stressing about the number of visitors is not an option.

Talia Farm offers sensible and practical budget alternatives for weddings, including a bridal room, powder bathroom, and immediate family car parking, in an easy and handy position on Raiwind Lasani Road.

The lush green trees around your event will also enhance the attractiveness of the Farmhouse. It is highly known for weddings and outdoor shots because of its stunning scenery. But there are neither rooms nor a kitchen in the Farmhouse.

Among its attributes are the following:

·         A large valet parking area

  • ·         Grill area
  • ·         Indoor sports
  • ·         Bridal suite
  • ·         Generator with backup power
  • ·         Water feature
  • ·         Football and Cricket field
  • ·     Children’s play area

Beautiful scenery, breathtaking architecture, home decor, and catering services are all available in one location for an endless amount of time. Therefore, the next time you plan to go somewhere, think about renting one of these farmhouses for the day so you can have a great time with your family.


The Farmhouse invites you to plan your wedding festivities, pool/birthday parties, and get-togethers on its 14 Kanal lush green grass and gallery. Additionally, a picture shoot may be conducted within the sumptuous 1.5-Kanal shed with magnificent decor. A pond and a bridal suite with a guest bathroom are provided for comfort. It is one of the best Farmhouses for weddings in Lahore

A spotless pool is available, and two outside restrooms and child swings. There is also a mini-kitchen and a barbecue station. On the lawn, a bonfire may also be built. There is plenty of parking space.

The best Farmhouse in Lahore is Sadiq Farms, which has a capacity for more than 500 visitors. Depending on the population, it ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 45,000.

Ali Farmhouse

The 4 Acre Ali Farmhouse is a breathtaking setting for weddings and event planning. They provide catering services with excellent cuisine. Creates a perfect environment for family gatherings, weddings, and birthday parties.

They offer parking for more than 400 cars, VIP bridal suites, and exquisite restrooms. In situations like rain and wind storms, they have large halls available. Everything is in a secure environment.

Grand Orchid Farmhouse

The Grand Orchid Farmhouse offers excellent potential for mehndi, walima, and other wedding-related festivities. You’ll create lifelong memories. Their management is active and friendly. It is a fantastic farmhouse for events in Lahore

Many magazines shoot with celebrities and brides in front of their white tomb-style buildings. Rich Mughal e Azam sentiments permeate the atmosphere.

The meal they serve is delicious and wonderful. They have plenty of decent parking spots. The entry, nevertheless, is a little challenging to find along a busy lane.

Shahzada Villa Farms

Suppose you want to spend the day by the pool and have complete privacy. This is where you should go. Like other country residences, it isn’t too distant from the city. Drive time from DHA Lahore is 15 minutes. It is one of the best farmhouses for events in Lahore.

They have everything set up for you. A spot to sunbathe, a pool with clear water, a space for family and friend enjoyment, plenty of restrooms and showers, sofa to unwind. Football can also be played, but you must have your ball. It has a beautiful and unwinding setting.

Niazi Farmhouse Lahore

Niazi Farmhouses Lahore is the ideal location to host a picnic for the general public if they want to unwind, enjoy, and be in a serene setting while spending the day with their friends and family.

An elegant farmhouse continues to be the ideal option for the general population who seek many comforts under one roof. Many educational institutions are nearby Niazi Farmhouses Lahore for excursions and entertaining events.

The public can enjoy a private garden, a staging area, a swimming pool, and a sizable house where all their needs are met at the Niazi Farmhouses in Lahore.

Chaudhary Farmhouse Bahria Town

The neighborhood of Chaudhary Farms is a beautiful place to live in a farmhouse with the most engaged residents. Located on Barki, a beautiful Cornish location with utter stillness and tranquil surroundings. An entire perimeter wall and a one-way entrance provide a secure and safe community. Chaudhary farms is a remarkable community of farmhouses that promotes a laid-back way of life.

Following Phase 1’s enormous success, Chaudhary Farms introduces a better and more abundant farmhouse community just one kilometer from Phase 7 of the DHA and has significantly more remarkable amenities than Phase 1. Its residents have peaceful views of the Barki, where the BRB canal touches the land, contributing to its tranquility.


  • ·         Covering more than 250 acres of Gated and Secure Community Carpeted Roads
  • ·         Defining Walls
  • ·         Mosque
  • ·         Outdoor and Indoor Sports Facilities
  • ·         Miniature Commercial Zone
  • ·       Gymnasium


On its lawn, Talha Farmhouse can comfortably host more than 600 visitors. A gorgeously built home to give your significant occasions the opulent appearance they deserve! The following facilities are available here.

  • ·         500 maximum guests
  • ·         Bridal room
  • ·         Gated Farmhouse
  • ·         Kitchen is accessible
  • ·         100 automobile parking spaces are available


What is the best farmhouse in Lahore?

Farmhouses in Lahore are situated in different areas and are used for other occasions, such as weddings, corporate events, private events, etc. From Ring Road to DHA, from thokar to Burki and Bedian road, each Farmhouse in Lahore has its individuality. For example, they vary in architecture, area, amenities, and facilities. If you are looking for a Farmhouse in Lahore on google, then individual farmhouses will appear. This means you will have to go to each Farmhouse separately and weigh its pros and cons. 

Windmill farmhouse is considered one of the most popular options in Lahore.

What is a modern farmhouse in Lahore?

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse is a brand-new, gated, and contemporary development on Bedian Road that provides residents with a lovely farmhouse and recreational amenities in a tranquil setting. It is a sizable and exceptional project that offers opulent farmhouses. Lahore Greenz Farmhouse strives to promote a natural way of life complemented by contemporary conveniences to give people a balanced lifestyle.