• Best Restaurants in Peshawar

Best Restaurants in Peshawar

The best places to eat in Peshawar are not only famous in Peshawar but are known and regarded for their renown as Top Restaurants in Peshawar all over Pakistan. Peshawar’s dining scene is a little behind the bustling one in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. However, many modern eateries here offer tasty, traditional cuisine. These restaurants are among the best-known and loved dining places for many families in Peshawar.

Families outside Peshawar often find themselves frequently in some of these restaurants when they are visiting a friend or a relative in Peshawar. The quality of the restaurants depends on the choice of the customers. To locate the popular restaurants, one can also find any true foodie in Peshawar, since they are well frequented by a lot of people they are well known. Some of the best-known restaurants for couples are as follows.

Best Restaurants for Couples in Peshawar

Café Crunch

Among the Top Restaurants in Peshawar, Café Crunch never fails to make a list. This Restaurant is famous for its drinks, sweets, and modern and traditional cuisines. This place is highly recommended for couples since there is not much commotion of people running around you like in many low-end restaurants. The people visiting here can enjoy their food in a calm and serene environment. Sadia Bilour, a mother of two and food entrepreneur, decided to create a cafe in Peshawar’s University Town a few years ago.

The result is Café Crunch, renowned today for its grandeur. Initially, Masoom’s Café, a network of cafes, included Café Crunch as one of its locations. However, Bilour’s efforts and abilities turned the location into such a cozy and well-liked eating establishment for the people of Peshawar that soon after its opening, the café’ famous allowed her to assume her solitary position in the city, for which she is known today.

For those with a sweet craving, Café Crunch is especially recommended since delectable cakes, pastries, cookies, and other sweets are pulled straight from the oven daily. These sweets are made fresh and never stale; they are hand baked with love in a mesmerizing cultural way reminiscent of many wholesome homely vibes. So with its healthy and loving environment, couples are especially recommended to visit Café Crunch. Besides the unique climate, the food here is very noteworthy, unique, and subjective in its tastes and ingredients. So, if you are looking for an excellent welcoming, and couples-friendly place in Peshawar, Café Crunch should be on your list.

Hujra Restaurant

The Hujra Restaurant in Peshawar is well-known throughout Pakistan. The pleasant environment is what makes it unique. This Restaurant in Peshawar primarily emphasizes the culture of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. People from other places besides Peshawar throng to this Restaurant as well. The preferences of everyone, from children to adults, are on the menu here as well.

To give parents a moment of calm while eating, there are tracks and swings for kids so they can play around without disturbing their parents. These are the primary reasons why Hujra Restaurant is among the best and most famous Places to eat in Peshawar. This place is also friendly to couples as well as to families. You can easily find a table for two couples or even bigger ones for friends or family. Here the staff plays a significant part in caring for all the customers and making them feel at home.

Concerning the tremendously diverse menu of Hujra, When it comes to the Restaurant’s cuisine, the Dumba Karahi, Dumba Tika, and Steaming Mutton are its signature dishes. Most people who visit are well aware of all these cuisines since they bear cultural significance to the people in the general vicinity of the KPK province. So Dumba Karahi is very popular, especially for older people who have known its traditional recipes in their younger days.

Similarly, all the subsequent variations in the Dumba dishes, like the Dumba Karahi, are sprouting out and getting famous, influenced by modern preferences. The Dumba dishes are served in BBQ cuisines; likewise, the Restaurant offers Dumba Tikka, which is very popular with young people. So the Restaurant of Hujra takes care of all types of customers: the older people who are conservative about their choices and young people who are more inclined to prefer modern cuisines. The Restaurant also has Roast on demand, which is served fresh.

At the same time, customers delight themselves in other entertainments offered by the Restaurant or select their choice of drinks from the various beverages offered. So, the Hujra Restaurant is worth the visit if you are a Pakistani outside Peshawar and want to taste Dumba cuisines cooked to their traditional essence.

Location: The acclaimed Restaurant can be found at Ring Road, Achini Payan, Peshawar.

The Restaurant is open and works all seven days a week, so you can visit any day. However, the timings of the restaurant opening and closing remain the same throughout the weekend. So If you want to nullify any bad experience in your journey, remember that the Restaurant is only open from 10 in the morning to 11 at night.

Almost all excellent restaurants in Peshawar are welcoming to all groups, from couples to families or from a group of friends to a gathering of teachers. The most outstanding restaurants in Peshawar are renowned and recommended everywhere, some of which are as follows.

Restaurants in Peshawar

All the great and popular restaurants in Peshawar attract a daily crowd of hundreds of people, be they situated on roads or in the heart of the cosmopolitan city. Luxury restaurants are visited as much as those found on streets and roads. The street food is exceptionally traditional, with a touch of smoking BBQ, Tikka, and different types of Meat Roasts, while the most expensive restaurants explore and emphasize western cuisines.

Nisar Charsi Tikka Sheesh Mehal

It is impossible to miss a visit to Namak Mandi when in Peshawar on tour. The street food scene in Namak Mandi is fantastic. It competes with the most incredible eateries in Peshawar despite not being as elegant and polite as the other places. You can choose the meat you want from the lamb hanging everywhere as you enter the Namak Mandi, prepared right in front of you. It is regarded as one of Peshawar’s top dining establishments.

A dish of Yogurt and Meat are both served here with Nan (bread). Here, the cuisine is presented beautifully and cooked distinctively. A wide range of meals is available here. As a famous street restaurant, it is very famous among the youth of Peshawar, who you can see hanging around at this place every time you pass by it. The Nisar Charsi Tikka Sheesh Mehal offers a delectable variety of the best-known and most-loved foods from all over Pakistan.

The best part is that each serving is fresh with drinks, cooked in front of the customers or the back, so it is always smoking off steams. All the ordered foods take time to cook here since, as mentioned before, they are cooked afresh and steaming. Most people visit this spot for their special Dumba Karahi and Chicken Sajji. The Chicken Sajji is most loved by youngsters who can enjoy it casually in a group.

The Dumba Karahi is famous among the older folk, as it is a famous dish of the people of KPK. The Restaurant serves its dishes in a specific manner. All the dishes are cooked under the scrutiny of the most experienced and seasoned chefs who have been cooking Dumba Karahis for a long time. Their experience speaks through the taste of each meal, which is why this Restaurant is among the most known and most visited in Peshawar. Besides Dumba and Chicken Sajji, the most ordered foods are Mutton chops and BBQ.

The BBQ is made either of mutton or chicken, but some people also enjoy Steam Roasted BBQ of Dumba. The mutton chops are served as a side dish according to the customer’s choice. The staff offers all drinks outside or inside the Restaurant’s space. For a street food restaurant, the prices of each dish are very moderate. This place is open all seven days from 11 in the morning to 11 at night. The site is most busy during the evening when people usually get off their tiresome work and seek such places for calm.

One can locate this unique Restaurant at Namak Mandi Rd, Shah Qabool colony Namak Mandi, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, Pakistan.

Habibi Restaurant

One of Peshawar’s top dining establishments, Habibi Restaurant is renowned for its cuisine quality and aesthetic appeal. This place was made for a fun night out with one’s dear ones like family members or friends. Here you can visit in groups and eat while listening to live music played in the background. One of the best places to eat in Peshawar, this Restaurant serves a variety of cuisines and takes special care to keep everything clean.

The furnishings at this Restaurant also showcases Pushto culture and supports Khyber Pakhtun Khwa culture. These two cultures bear the relics of their past with this great food. The food is presented and decorated in Pakhton style. All the cuisines are thus reminiscent of what the local people of this culture used to cook and prefer in food. So many nationalist conservative people admire such settings, which remind them of their early days. 

One of the most enjoyed dishes here is the traditional Rice with Chicken or Mutton, Pulao. This dish is called the Arabic Pulao and is famous in the Habibi Restaurant. Some people order the special Pulao dish with Habibi Sajji, a specially cooked and refined Habibi special dish, cooked with a unique recipe and ingredients known only to the Habibi Chefs. The Sajji can be ordered as a solitary dish or with the Pulao, but it is better to try it with the Pulao. Another substitute for the Sajji at the Habibi Restaurant is the unique Seekh Kebab. The Seekh Kebabs are made fresh and offered to smoke and steam to the customers. The Kebabs are best enjoyed with Rice mixed with different sauces.

One of the most attractive aspects of Habibi Restaurants is its live music. The music plays in the background, intensifying the already well-made theme of the Pakhtun culture. You can enjoy your food with beautiful harmonic tunes of cultural music in the background.  

Zaiqa Restaurant

The tastiest meal in Peshawar can be found at Zaiqa Restaurant. The foodies will adore this place. You can eat continental cuisine from Pakistan and Afghanistan here. Although the food is inexpensive, it tastes just as good as food from the most fabulous restaurants in Peshawar. At this eatery, the audience swells during the day. The residents of Peshawar and neighboring cities love this eatery. Because of the welcoming atmosphere of this Restaurant, it is regarded as one of the best eating establishments in Peshawar, where you may meet up with friends.

At the Zaiqa Restaurant, the most enjoyed and frequently ordered foods are Chicken Dum Pukht and Mutton Dum Pukth. These two are the best-known dishes in Pakistan and are commonly served in many restaurants around the country. In the Zaiqa Restaurant, these two dishes are slowly and subtly cooked in steam under the most experienced chefs and are served up fresh. This elaborate and unique method, for which this particular food is famous, dries up much of the liquid released during the cooking process. The dish is served decorated with various herbs and spices. The mutton or the chicken is only lined with several seasonings and is traditionally enjoyed with drinks.

Besides these two most famous dishes in the Zaiqa Restaurant, others are addressed. The menu here is diverse, and people who come to the Zaiqa Restaurant order everything. The Zaiqa Restaurant offers other very famous food platters like Badami Chicken. The Badami chicken is known in Peshawar for its non-traditional taste and unique flavor. The perfume of the food is enticing, and the mixture of sweet, crunchy, and nutty flavors released by the coconut and almonds is delicious.

Almonds are a common essential ingredient in traditionalist curries in Pakistan and India. Badami chicken served at the Zaiqa Restaurant is reminiscent of its cultural importance since it is in these parts of the world it originated. The Zaiqa Restaurant is also known for its Grill Fish. The Grill Fish is also cooked at hand, upon request, and is served fresh to waiting customers. This particular dish is also cooked in a unique style only known to the Restaurant.

People develop different tastes according to various restaurants and their servings. Here the Peshawari Kehwa is also very famous. Peshawari Kehwa is different from other traditional Kehwa drinks in Pakistan, which is only particular to the Peshawar culture. Green cardamom and jasmine tea are typically used in preparing Peshawari Qehwa. It is renowned for being served at Qissa Khwani bazaar’s Chai Khana (or tea establishments). This Restaurant also serves this great traditional drink, enjoyed after their great food.

This establishment is open all seven days of the week, but the timings are to be noted. The Restaurant opens at 10 AM and is closed at midnight. So there is plenty of time for you and your friends and family to visit here during the day and evening.

Zaiqa Restaurant can be located at Rind Road, Achini Payan, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, Pakistan.

Shelton’s Rezidor

This is one of the top restaurants in Peshawar if you’re looking for great drinks and food to enjoy with friends or family. The amenities that make Shelton’s Rezidor a great and welcoming place are its homelike ambiance and family-friendly atmosphere. A sitting space and a dining area are there, and live music is available here.

The food at this Restaurant is excellent, and the environment is spotless. There is a lovely hi-tea menu, so if you are looking for hi-tea, the buffet availability is also an excellent choice. The availability of the buffet system removes any worry about needing more time to choose different foods on the menu. The buffet is also a perfect choice for people who cannot decide. The buffets explore various platters, all presented to interested customers. So, it is an excellent choice for families and friends. Free WiFi is also available, and many amenities are reasonably priced. This Restaurant, one of the best in Peshawar, is renowned for its cuisine, aesthetics, and cozy atmosphere.

After ordering or finishing your food, you can also visit the Bala Hisar Fort near the Restaurant, and known by everyone. The Restaurant is also near the Pakistan National Council of Arts, which can be a fun little trip for you and the children. Moreover, the place is so beautifully decorated and well-presented that you would be keen on leaving it.

The general vibe here is so welcoming that the person feels almost at home among friends. The staff also is amiable and cooperative. The Restaurant’s free WiFi is also a welcoming aspect of such a nice place. You can scroll through your social media feed while waiting or after finishing your food. The live music also lifts any stress and anxiety and mixes in with the general ambiance of the place to give you a comfortable and friendly experience.

The Restaurant is located at University Road, Near the famous KFC branch, Opp, Tatkal, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, Pakistan.

Jans Deli

 If you enjoy fast food, we recommend Jans Deli, among the top restaurants in Peshawar. You can enjoy this Restaurant’s fantastic and delectable food with your family and friends. For individuals who bring their families, there is an eating room for families. Here you can eat outside or inside, depending on your choice. Dining options are offered in this Restaurant. People are drawn to a beautiful and pleasant environment.

The food at this Restaurant is some of the best in Peshawar. You must bring your family and friends along to enjoy the entire experience. The little gallery which leads to the eating place of the Restaurant inside is decorated with all sorts of paintings which are very alluring for young people. 

At the Jans Deli, the foods most loved are also enjoyed with sweets after the primary suppers. The Jans Deli is famous for its unique menu of bakery stuff and cakes. Many people order these items after they have finished their main courses. Jans Deli is also known for its Baked Pasta, Pizza, and drinks. The Pizza and Pasta are served fresh while the customers wait or enjoy other amenities.

 The great thing about this place is that it is open till midnight. The location is available from 10 AM to midnight, and you can visit during the day, evening or night on any day of the week. The Jans Deli is also relatively easy to find for any Peshawar local. Jans Deli is located at Circular Lane, Iqra Chowk, University Town, Peshawar.

China Terrace Restaurant

China Terrace is one of the Chinese-themed restaurants in Peshawar, which couples, families, and friend groups love. For cuisine lovers, Peshawar’s this eatery is ideal. This Restaurant is regarded as one of the best in Peshawar and is highly known for its beauty, staff, and food. The environment, service, and food at this establishment are all superb. You can socialize with family and friends here.

Along with Chinese cuisine, there is Asian food available for both dining in and takeout. The dining room is exquisitely designed, and the seating area is equally delightful. You will undoubtedly appreciate the setting and meals here. The most popular dish served at the China Terrace Restaurant is their special Chinese Rice, reminiscent of traditional Chinese culture.

Chinese Rice can be enjoyed with Exotic Chinese drinks and Chinese Soups. Everything is decorated in Chinese themes, giving the person a sublime experience. The Restaurant also professionalizes in their particular Honey Wings, which are roasted and dipped in honey and can be enjoyed as a mini dish. The Shrimp Toast is also delightful since it is cooked fresh upon order and can be enjoyed with the many types of soups that the Chinese Terence Restaurant offers.

The Chinese Terence Restaurant is open all seven days of the week, and you can visit at your leisure during working hours. The working hours start from noon to 11:30 at night. So there is plenty of time for you, your friends or your family to visit here at your leisure after work or when you are out.

China Terrace Restaurant is located on the 1st floor, JB towers, University Road, Tatkal, Peshawar.

Shiraz Ronaq Restaurant

This is one of the other Restaurants which professionalize in traditionally serving traditional Pakhton and Peshawar culture cuisines. All of its characteristics made it one of the top restaurants in Peshawar. The Shiraz Ronaq Restaurant is presented with a lovely exterior and interior decoration, and many Halls follow the reception. Both indoor and outdoor meals are available here.

Additionally, the Restaurant includes a lovely and pleasant buffet section. One of the top dining establishments in Peshawar, the Restaurant offers more than 50 cuisines. Among the most enjoyed and frequently ordered cuisines at the Shiraz, Ronaq Restaurant is Beef dishes which are thoroughly enjoyed with Traditional Chapli Kebabs and Afghani Tikka. The Afghani Tikka uses Beef, which is according to its cultural heritage.

One of the other alluring and delicious dishes served at this beautiful Restaurant is their Exotic Irani Fish, which is made according to the specific Irani recipe and served fresh. Besides Irani Fish, you can also enjoy Classic Grilled Fish, which the Peshawar Youth and Adults love. The Restaurant is also known for its unparalleled BBQ. The BBQ is made of either Beef or Chicken, and it can be enjoyed with several drinks offerings according to the person’s choice.

The Restaurant also has an elaborate buffet area that offers a wide variety of Beef and other meat dishes, sweets, and desserts after the main courses. There are halls in this beautiful place both inside and outside. Among the classic Pakistani foods, you can have Kulfi Ice Creams, with other types of sweets. The buffet area also offers Gol Gappe, with which the Pakistani folk is well acquainted.

For all seven days of the week, this place is open to the public between the hours of 12:30 afternoon to 3:30 PM. The Restaurant opened again after a break at 6:30 in the evening and closed after 4 hours at 10:30. You can visit the Restaurant during working hours with friends or family members. The Restaurant is well known and is located at Saddar Road, Peshawar Cantonment, KPK.

Traskoon Restaurant

Peshawar’s Ring Road is where you’ll find this renowned eatery. The Traskoon Restaurant offers its customers the most sumptuous meals from Pakistan and Afghanistan in the friendliest setting. This Restaurant’s trademark is its excellent dishes and delectable flavors. One of the best restaurants in Peshawar is thought to be this one. You are welcome to bring your family and friends.

Additionally, there is a separate curtain set up just for women. Tourists are drawn to this Restaurant’s gorgeous structure, and patrons travel great distances to sample its famous fish specialties. The most well-known of their specialties include BBQ fish, Angara fish, Mutton, Beef, and Chicken Karahi. The ambiance in this Restaurant, which has preserved Peshawar traditions, is greatly appreciated by tourists.

Visitors have access to both eat-in and takeaway options. Customers of this eatery can also get food delivered to their homes. The food at this eatery is some of the most well-known and excellent in Peshawar. Birthdays and get-together gatherings can also be celebrated here. You must visit this place with the people you love to sample the delicious food and peaceful ambiance.

This Restaurant excels in offering traditional Kabli Pulao, Chicken Karahi, and other servings like BBQ, Mutton & Fish, Angara Fish, and several Beef-related Dishes.

40 Best Restaurants in Peshawar You Must Try Once

—Shiraz Ronaq

—Bait Al Arab Mandi

—-Shinwari Restaurant


—University Tikka Hut

—Nisar Charsi Tikka


—Namak Mandi

—Hujra Restaurant

—Zaiqa Restaurant

—-Peshawari Baithak

—Silver Dragon

—Bombay Chowpatty

—Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

—China Terrace

—River View Restaurant

—Namkeen Restaurant

—Haleem Ghar

—Habibi Restaurant

—Bannu Beef Pulao & Sweets Bar

—Dam Pukh Khavrak

—Jalil Kabab House

—Baba Wali Hotel

—Khyber Charsi Tikka Shop

—Sheen Tikka Spot & Restuarant

—Usmania Restaurant

—Musafar Fish Point

—Chief Burger

—Jan’s Deli

—Mr. Cod



—Downtown Bistro

—Food District


—Food Punch


—Burger Lab

—Hunger Lounge

These restaurants are known for their specialties, and if you visit Peshawar, you must visit some popular food places and try local delicacies. The locals, however, have endless options to enjoy different cuisines.


1.      What food is Peshawar famous for?

         Peshawar is famous for many foods which belong to its culture. Today these foods are served in various restaurants throughout KPK. Some of these are: The Kabuli Pulao of the Kabul Culture, Beef Ribs, and several Mutton Dishes cooked traditionally, Lamb Chops, Dumba Karahi, Mutton, Chicken Karahi and BBQ, Chapli Kebabs and Shinwari Handi or Tikkas.

 2.      What is the most famous Restaurant in Peshawar?

   There are loads of famous restaurants in Peshawar which attract Daily Visitors. Restaurants like Café Crunch, Shiraz Ronaq, Jans Deli, and China Terrace are the most famous.

3.      What is the most expensive Restaurant in Peshawar?

Peshawar’s most expensive and luxurious Restaurants are Cuisines Lounge Café & Grill, Hujra Restaurant, Shiraz Ronaq, and Café Crunch.


Today Peshawar is among the many places in Pakistan where traditional foods are famous and preserved by their daily demand. Every day, new varieties are introduced in these cultural cuisines, which continue to attract adults and young people to modern and traditional restaurants. Among the restaurants mentioned above, there are countless street food establishments that locals around every corner set up. Welcome to Peshawar on your food tour.