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The city of Lahore has been booming, with new restaurants and cafes popping up every week – there’s no shortage of things to try in this ever-changing metropolis! But amidst the multitude of new eateries, which restaurants stand out from the rest? To help you navigate this dilemma, we list some of our favorite pizza places in Lahore. From hole-in-the-wall joints that have perfected their craft to those popular with the college crowd, check out our guide on the Best Pizza Places in Lahore below!

25 Best Pizza Places in Lahore

A pizza tour of Lahore is a great way to experience the city’s food scene and immerse yourself in Pakistani culture simultaneously.

If you’re looking for the best Pizza in Lahore, you’re lucky—the city has no shortage of great options. Whether you’re craving New York-style or Italian classics or prefer the fresh taste of artisanal pizzas baked in brick ovens, the following list will make your mouth water and inspire you to find the perfect pie for your taste buds!

Pizza Lahore

Just note that this list isn’t exhaustive; many other great pizza restaurants exist, but I wanted to narrow my list down to 25 Famous Pizza Restaurants in Lahore that stood out from the pack.

New Yorker Pizza Lahore

The 21-inch, enormous pizzas prepared by New Yorker Pizza are known for their hand-tossed, authentically New York-style thin and crispy crust.

Customers can request any filling, such as cheese or kababs, to be placed on the crust’s edges so it is not just any crust. To create a perfect end product, New Yorker pizza pledges to import 100 mozzarella cheese and ensure that all other ingredients are of high quality. But the price is a little high. They also offer many combos, deals, and discounts.

New Yorker Pizza is your best bet if you’re looking for a place with great food and customer service. They offer delivery or takeout services, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home! There are plenty of items from which to choose on their menu. You can find the perfect Pizza for you without going anywhere else!

Slice of 21″ Stuffed Crust starting price is 520 Rupees.


Fri-Chicks is one of the best pizza shops in Lahore. Fri-Chicks is a small place specializing in New York-style pizzas with fresh ingredients and a crispy crust. The best thing about Fri-Chicks is that their pizzas are priced at Rs. 350 and 700, making them one of the most affordable pizza places in town. 

– Online order delivery.

– Have 20 branches in Lahore.

Their regular pizza Menu having the price of Rs 350, includes the following:

  • Chicken Fajita Pizza 
  • Chicken sausages Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Veggie lover Pizza
  • Cheese lover Pizza
  • Jalapeno Pizza

A special Pizza menu worth Rs 700 includes the following:

  • FC Special Pizza
  • Cheese Stuffed Pizza
  • Chicken Chapli Kabab Pizza
  • Seekh Kabab Pizza
  • PPQ Pizza
  • Chicken Supreme Pizza

Broadway Pizza Lahore

Famous for its thin-crust pizzas, extensive menu, and attentive service, Broadway Pizza is worth checking out.

Pizza Lahore

– Online delivery.

– Have 14 branches in Lahore.

– Offer deals and discounts.

Gourmet Flavours

  • All Cheese (Marinara, Mozzarella)
  • Tarzan Tikka
  • Phantom
  • Mughlai Beast
  • Chicago Bold Fold
  • Dancing Fajita
  • All Veggie


  1. Star Pizza Rs 419
  2. Medium Pizza Rs 1299
  3. Large Pizza Rs 1699

Royale Flavours

  • Jamaican BBQ
  • Godspell Beef Load
  • Mama Mia Classic
  • Gypsy Euro
  • Habanero Kick
  • Arabic Ranch
  • Wicked Blend
  • West Side Garlic


  1. Star Pizza Rs 439
  2. Medium Pizza Rs 1349
  3. Large Pizza Rs 1799

Forks N Knives

There are so many good places, and it comes down to personal preference. Forks N Knives has been around for a long time. The crispy and thin crusts offer great options for vegetarians and meat lovers.

Pizza Lahore

– Online delivery

– Only three branches in Lahore

Best Pizza Lahore Menu (Popular):

Traditional Pizza

  • Chicken Tikka Pizza Rs. 495
  • Chicken Supreme Pizza Rs. 495
  • The Euro Pizza Rs. 495
  • Chicken Fajita Pizza Rs. 495
  • Cheesy Cheese Pizza Rs. 495
  • Fajita Sicilian Pizza Rs. 495
  • Chicken Tandoori Pizza Rs. 495
  • Veggie Lovers Pizza Rs. 495

Speciality Pizza

  • FNK Mughlai Pizza Rs. 1,045
  • FNK Mayo Garlic Pizza Rs. 1,045
  • FNK Malai Boti Pizza Rs. 1,045
  • Forks N Knives Special Pizza Rs. 1,045
  • Special Bihari Kabab Pizza Rs. 1,045
  • FNK Deluxe Pizza Rs. 1,045

The Pantry by the Polo Lounge

One excellent option is The Pantry by the Polo Lounge. A premier fine dining establishment in Pakistan serving modern cuisine is housed in a prominent polo club in Lahore. They do Wood Fried Artisan Pizzas with a thin crust that stretches around your slice, just like traditional Italian Pizza should.

For dining, while watching a polo match, The Polo Longue is regarded as the most popular option in the city. As a result, shower your eyes with stunning views of nature’s bounty and delicious foods.

– Dining

– only Mall 1 Lahore Branch


  • Jalapeno Grilled Chicken Rs 1066
  • Caponata Buffalo Aubergine Rs 998
  • Beef & Bell Pepper Rs 1066
  • Artichoke & Sun-Dried tomatoes Rs 1066
  • Herbed Chicken Rs 1013


Named after an Italian word meaning lovely, Amavi is a casual pizza spot with a prime location for people-watching and shopping. The restaurant offers an extensive list of pizzas, from classic options like Margherita or pepperoni to more inventive creations like the vegetarian Greek Pizza with feta cheese, spinach, olives, and red onions.

  1. For Online delivery, contact 0324-1010222
  2. Have 3 Branches in Lahore

Pizza Menu:

  • Margherita Rs 1250
  • Chicken Mortadella & Spinach Rs 1500
  • Funghi Rs 1600
  • Funghi & Truffle Pizza Rs 2200
  • Pesto, Chicken & Sundried Tomatoes Rs 1500
  • Diavola Pepperoni Rs 1600
  • Caesar Pizza Rs 1600
  • Brisket Jam Rs 1600

Bigman’s Pizza Lahore

Bigman’s Pizza offers the most excellent pizza shop in Lahore for pizza lovers. The dough is outstanding, from the silky texture to the distinctive spice mixture. The restaurant also serves delectable, freshly prepared Pakistani food, Chinese desserts, hot and cold beverages, spicy bar-b-que, seafood, fast food, and spicy barbecue.

Pizza Lahore

– Satisfactory customer service

– Have two branches in Lahore

– Takeaway

– Dine-in

– Delivery

Pizza Menu: (₨ 950.00 – ₨1,999)

  • Pepperoni – Cheesy Crust 
  • Chicken Fajita – Cheesy Crust 
  • Shrimps & Onion – Cheesy Crust 
  • Hot and Spicy – Cheesy Crust 
  • Jalapenos – Cheesy Crust 
  • Mexican – Cheesy Crust
  • Mexican – Cheesy Crust 
  • Pepperoni – Classic
  • Chicken Supreme – Cheesy Crust 
  • Chicken Malai Boti – Cheesy Crust

And many more.

Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto is a trendy restaurant with cuisine made of flavorful and fresh items that serve various nutritious Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and Brick oven thin-crust Pizza.

– Online delivery

– Have two branches in Lahore

– Dine-in 

– Takeaway

Pizza Menu:

  • Spicy Chicken Pizza Rs. 1,995
  • Quattro Formaggi Pizza Rs. 2,385
  • Margarita Pizza Rs. 1,645
  • Mediterranean Pizza Rs. 1,995
  • Smoked Chicken Pizza Rs. 1,995
  • Sicilian Pizza Rs. 1,795
  • Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza Rs. 1,795

Cheezious Lahore

As a well-known fast-food brand, Cheezious has established its position recently. It continues to compete on an equal footing with international brands that have been found and widely available for many years, with the pride of being Pakistani at heart. It is one of the nation’s fastest-growing fast-food franchises.

Pizza Lahore

– Free Home delivery

– It is the Famous Pizza Restaurant in Lahore

– Affordable and Tasty

Pizza Menu:

  • Crown Crust Pizza
  • Cheezious Special Pizza
  • Chicken Extreme Pizza
  • Behari Kabab Pizza

And many more.


9″ Regular 1150

12″ Large 1500

15″ Party 2300

Delish Pizza Bar

This restaurant is famous for its fresh ingredients and innovative combinations. They specialize in traditional Italian pizzas like Margherita with cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil, and mozzarella cheese, as well as more experimental options like Apple Pie: dough topped with cinnamon sugar, sour cream, and apple slices. It is the Best Pizza Restaurant in Lahore.

– Home delivery

– Dine-in 

– Takeaway

– Have six branches in Lahore

Pizza Menu:

  • Beef Tenderloin
  • The Hawaiian
  • Quattro Formaggi
  • Silicon Chicken
  • Classic Fajita
  • Chicken BBQ
  • Spinach Alfredo
  • Pepperoni
  • Smoked Chicken
  • Creem cheese

Deep Pan Pizza

  1. 7″ Small Rs 390
  2. 10″ Regular Rs 690
  3. 13″ Large Rs 1190

Thin crust Pizza

  1. 10″ Regular Rs 690
  2. 14″ Large Rs 1190
  3. 18″ Party Rs 1790

Sitto’s Kitchen

Sundays demand a Detroit-style pizza party! Feel free to play around with Sitto’s Kitchen’s distinctive selection of toppings while building your Pizza on top of our cheesy, crispy, light, and airy whole-wheat dough. Consider the traditional “RED-TOP” pepperoni pizza instead. It is the Best Pizza Restaurant in Lahore. Sitto’s also has gluten-free options. Their freshly made dough is pulled by hand and tossed in their Italian Wood Fired oven giving it a crispy crust with a chewy inside.

Pizza Lahore

– Unique-styled Pizza

– Free home delivery within Gulberg Lahore


  • Fresh Funghi Pizza from Rs. 499
  • Hot Beefsteak Pizza from Rs. 599
  • Pepperoni Pizza from Rs. 499
  • Mediterranean Pizza from Rs. 499
  • Cream Cheese Crust and Veggies from Rs. 799
  • Meetha Pizza from Rs. 450 
  • Sunny Delight from Rs. 569 
  • 4Cheeza from Rs. 620

They offer filling and healthful homemade pizzas made with exclusive rustic whole-wheat dough and baked in clay brick ovens with olive oil—no more bloating!

Eastern Oven

Eastern Oven offers the best and most affordable cuisine, which provides a wide range of delectable dishes. All tastes are available; place your food order after reviewing the menu card.

– door-to-door service

– Special discounts


This restaurant is known for its world-famous Pizza, which is one of its specialties. Pizza of various kinds is also available here.

  • Special Pastern Pizza Rs. (L 1400)
  • Chicken Tikka Pizza Rs. (L 1200)
  • Kabab Crust Pizza Rs. (L 1400)
  • Vege Delight Pizza Rs. (L 1200)
  • Supreme Pizza Rs.(L 1300)
  • Fiesta Pizaa Rs.(L 1200)

Hunger Strike

One of the finest options for those who enjoy fast food, especially pizza enthusiasts, is to go on a hunger strike. They offer a variety of meals to increase your appetite.

Located in DHA Lahore.

– Free home delivery service 


This restaurant’s specialty is its unique deep-dish Pizza, which is about two inches deep and tastes lovely.

  • All are affordable and readily accessible.

Jalal Sons

Everybody is looking for a unique spot with distinctive pizza flavors. It would help if you chose that. However, there are many well-known pizza brands. The pizza range has just recently debuted.

Pizza Lahore

– 20% off from Foodpanda.

– Multiple flavors are available 

– On request, an additional topping will be available.

– Best pizza spot in Lahore.


JS Special Pizza (900)

Margherita Pizza (798)

Italian Chicken Pepperoni Pizza (899)

London Melt

London Melt is well-recognized for its ambiance and for serving high-quality food.

If you enjoy Pizza, this is a good alternative for you.

They dish out the dated standard Pizza with a typical puffy dough and a tonne of chicken and cheese. 

– Dine in 

– Take away

– Free Home Delivery 

– Different deals are available for varying festivals like Eid, Ramzan, Azadi Mubarak 


  • Malai Boti pizza 

Small (399), medium (749), large (1199).

  • Cheese Loaded Pizza 


  • Castle Rock Volcano Pizza


  • Pizza Pasta Fusion 


Manhattan Bites

Manhattan Bites has long since become a well-known fast food company.

With the pride of being Pakistani at heart, it continues to compete on an equal basis with worldwide brands that have been discovered and readily accessible for many years.

It is one of the fastest-growing brands in the country, and it has numerous franchises throughout Pakistan.

Pizza Lahore

It is one of the most well-known eateries in Lahore and many other Pakistani cities.

– Dine in 

– Take away

– Separate party area 

– Free home delivery 


  • Manhattan Special Pizza (Rs.400)
  • Chicken Tikka Pizza (Rs.450)
  • Cheesilicious Pizza (Rs.450)

Manhattan Bites are one of Lahore’s most famous pizza restaurants, providing their clients a good ambiance and better taste with multiple flavors.


If you are looking for good Pizza with multiple flavors and options, NY212 is a good option.

This restaurant is famous for its good taste and cozy ambiance.

– Dine in 

– Take away 

– Home delivery 

– You can also place your order through Foodpanda.


  • Mint Chicken Pizza (small Rs. 450)
  • Classic Euro Pizza (small Rs. 450)
  • Meat Max Pizza ( large Rs. 1200)

Pasta la vista 

Pasta la vista is a famous restaurant specializing in pasta and Italian food with a desi touch. 

By delivering authentic Italian food prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients, Pasta La Vista hopes to live up to its promise. The Neapolitan Pizzas, freshly prepared thin-crust pizzas with handmade marinara sauce and oven-baked to perfection, have just been added to the menu in addition to a variety of incredibly authentic pasta.

  • Dine in 
  • Take away 
  • Free home delivery

Pizza Junction Lahore

Many pizza places are here, but Pizza Junction specializes in Pizza—the best pizza spot in the town. A thin crust with mouth-watering flavors is ready to serve.

Pizza Lahore

– Dine-in, Takeaway, and delivery are available.

– Extra topping will be on demand.


Pizza Junction Special flavors.

Large13″ Rs.2400

Medium 10″ Rs. 1700

Small 5 “Rs. 1000

Traditional Pizza:

Large13″ Rs.1800/-only, Medium 10″ Rs. 1300/-only Small 5 “Rs. 750/- only

  • Tikka flavor
  • Fajita flavor
  • Hawaiian Pizza  
  • Buffalo Pizza
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza 
  • Margherita Pizza 
  • Meat Pizza 
  • Pepperoni Pizza 
  • Cheese Pizza 
  • Veggie Pizza 

Pizza M21 Lahore

Pizza M21 is one of the favorites among young and old. Everyone is hunting for a special place with unique pizza flavors. It’s the right choice for you. Must they place and never regret.

– discounted prices and deals 

– Dine-in, Takeaway, and delivery.


Pizza M21 Special flavors.

Large13″ Rs.2400

Medium 10″ Rs. 1700

Small 5 “Rs. 1000

Pizza M21 Traditional flavors:

  • Chicken Fajita Pizza
  • Chicken Tikka Pizza
  • Cheesy Pizza 
  • Veggie Pizza
  • Malai Boti Pizza 
  • Special BBQ Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Afghani Tikka

Rina’s Kitchenette

 Rina’s Kitchenette is the right choice if you are looking for the best spot for Pizza. Because Rina’s Kitchenette is one of the best spots in Lahore, it is famous for its fresh and unique ingredients. Sources are especially homemade and peculiar flavors.

– Dine-in, Takeaway, and delivery are available.


Rina’s Kitchenette Special flavors prices.

Large13″ Rs.2400

Medium 10″ Rs. 1700

Small 5 “Rs. 1000

Traditional Pizza:

  • Chicken Fajita Pizza
  • Chicken Tikka Pizza
  • Cheesy Pizza 
  • Veggie Pizza
  • Malai Boti Pizza 
  • Special BBQ Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Afghani Tikka

Large13″ Rs.1800/-only, Medium 10″ Rs. 1300/-only Small 5 “Rs. 750/- only

Sarpino’s Pizzeria

Sarpino is one of the best places in Lahore for pizza lovers. It is famous for its special cheezy thin-crust Pizza. The pizzas are made with fresh vegetables and chicken from their farm. They say that we add love that enhances the flavor of every bite.

Pizza Lahore

– Dine-in, Takeaway

– Home delivery


  • Tikka Flavor
  • Fajita Flavor
  • Cheezy Pizza 
  • Veggie Pizza 
  • Pepperoni Pizza 
  • Meat Pizza 
  • Margherita Pizza 
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza 
  • Hawaiian Pizza  
  • Buffalo Pizza

Solli’s Pizza Lahore

Solli’s Pizza is known as the best pizza place in Lahore. Solli specializes in Pizza. Our pizza varieties and flavors are beating others. The never beating and mouth-watering taste is waiting for you.

– Solli’s pizza place offers a rooftop sitting area for Dine-in. 

– Takeaway and delivery 


  • Tikka Flavor
  • Fajita Flavor
  • Cheezy Pizza 
  • Veggie Pizza 
  • Pepperoni Pizza 
  • Meat Pizza 
  • Margherita Pizza 
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza 
  • Hawaiian Pizza  
  • Buffalo Pizza

Bhooka Brigade

It is the best pizza shop in Lahore. Bhooka Brigade offers you 15 different pizza flavors. It is what you get when chicken is marinated in specially selected spices—a unique recipe and mouth-watering Pizza that will tantalize your taste buds.

– Home delivery


  • Margherita Pizza 
  • Special BBQ Chicken Pizza 
  • Hawaiian Pizza  
  • Butternut Squash Pizza
  • Crispy Sage Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Afghani Tikka
  • Arugula and Prosciutto Pizza 
  • Macaroni and Cheese Pizza 

Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra is the best Pakistani Pizza place offering you the yummiest and most delicious Pizza in Lahore. It is an award-winning place. It satisfies the tongue’s buds and cheers flavor with the best Pizza. 

– Exclusive deals. 

– 100% natural ingredients and freshly made Pizza direct from the oven.

– Buy one, get one free 13″ large Pizza in 3550/-only (Delivery only).


  • Chicken Tikka
  • Chicken Fajita
  • Chicken Mexicana
  • Chicken Mexicana Sicilian
  • Chicken Pepperoni
  • Fish Pizza
  • Margherita Supreme

Special Tandoori Flavor Pizza

Large13″ Rs.2400/-only

Medium 10″ Rs. 1700/-only

Small 5 “Rs. 1000/- only


Which is the best Italian Pizza in Lahore?

It is hard to pick a favorite Italian pizza restaurant in Lahore. Here are some of our favorites: Best Pizza Restaurant in Lahore

  • The Italian Pizza at Cosa Nostra is the most fantastic item to choose from the menu if you’re deciding what to eat there while in Lahore. Cosa Nostra is recognized for its excellent meals. Their Pepperoni Pizza is the greatest and is authentic and delicious! You can visit your nearest location to have a delightful, belly-filling pizza. These locations are Y block DHA, Phase 5 DHA, and Gulberg.
  • Thin-crust Chicken Pizza from Delish Pizza Bar is well-known for satisfying pizza appetites and is served with various oil dips. Additionally, you can order what you want and add your preferred toppings from the menu. To increase customer satisfaction, they introduced a deep-dish pan pizza that serves two and is among the best in Lahore. It has unique and popular toppings like beef strips and spinach alfredo.

What is the most delicious Pizza in Lahore?

Cheezious is The best restaurant for authentic, affordable, gourmet Pizza in a wood-fired oven. They have a full menu of traditional and modern dishes, including pasta and salads, as well as appetizers and desserts.

Forks N Knives is, without a doubt, one of the best pizza places in Lahore. Located in Iqbal Town, it has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists. The quality of their ingredients is unparalleled, so you can be sure that their pizzas are always made with fresh produce, cheese, and dough. Apart from Pizza, they also serve pasta and salads.

Which Pizza Brand is best in Lahore?

The best pizza place in Lahore is a challenging question to answer. That’s because there are so many great pizza places in Lahore, all of which make a tasty pie. 

The best pizza restaurant in Lahore has got to be Pizza Hut. They offer a large variety of pizzas, and their dough is fresh and delicious. Their service is quick, and they offer even faster meal delivery!


A delicious pizza slice can brighten your day; there are many Best Pizza Restaurants in Lahore. Finding a good pizza place can take time and effort. There are so many different types of pizzas, and every person has their preferences.

Making a choice can be challenging with so many possibilities, but that’s what we’re here for! You don’t have to research because we have done it for you.