Hi Tea in Lahore

Renowned for its vibrant culture, welcoming population, and delectable, delicious cuisine, Lahore is a Hub of fine dining Restaurants. Due to hectic schedules, getting together with friends and family for lunch or dinner is only sometimes the best option. As a result, going out for Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore has become a trend. Lahore has a broad range of dining options, including International cuisine, Pakistani delicacies, and Chinese cuisine. The majority of people of Lahore are food lovers. Thus you may discover some of the most incredible restaurants there.

Remember to visit these restaurants if you want to experience the most incredible pleasures of your life because they offer the Best Hi-Tea buffet in Lahore. 

15 Best Hi-Tea Places in Lahore

Are you looking to enjoy the Best Hi-Tea in Lahore but need help knowing where to go? Don’t worry; this list of 15 Restaurants has got you covered. The well-known hi-tea spots in Lahore offer a delectably broad menu that can satisfy your food cravings regardless of your inclination. Whether you prefer Traditional or Western cuisine, you will find something according to your preference. 

Please scroll down to learn more about the top Hi-Tea restaurants in Lahore, including their rates, addresses, and Timings. 

Freddy’s Café

Freddy’s Café should be one of your top selections if you’re seeking a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy your favorite dishes. The vintage furnishings and the appealing outside setting add to the cozy atmosphere of this cafe, making your stay even more enjoyable. It is one of the best Hi-tea restaurants in Lahore. You’ve come to the correct location if you’re searching for a stress-free afternoon tea with friends or family or to unwind. Customers at Freddy’s Café receive a welcome beverage in the shape of a Pina Colada or a soft drink as part of a beautiful Hi-tea Lahore. In addition to serving lunch, dinner, and coffee, Freddy’s Café has a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. The aesthetic ambiance of Freddy’s Café indeed adds to the extensive demand for this eatery. Whether you want Continental, Traditional or Chinese cuisine, this café has everything for everyone. That is why the people of Lahore prefer this eatery to fulfill their cravings. The way they display and decorate their food has completely changed the game of dining out. When you take the first bite, you can tell the food is worth the price.

Being one of the best Hi-Tea restaurants in Lahore, Freddy’s Café includes tasty delicacies.

Hi-Tea Corner: Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Pizza, a Variety of Sandwiches and Burgers, Tortilla Wraps, Egg Fried Rice with Kung Pao Chicken, Beef Kabab, Chicken Cheese Bites, Roast Beef Panini, Honey Pepper Drummer, Chicken Chowmein, and Fruit Chaat.

Desserts Corner: A wide variety of Cupcakes, Tarts, Ice Cream, Muffins, Pudding, Pastries, and Macaroons.

Cost: PKR 1540/ Head

Timings: 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM

Location: 12-C-II, MM Alam Road

English Tea House

If you have lived in Lahore for a while, you must have enjoyed at least some of the delectable food offered at the English Tea House. English Tea House is one of Lahore’s most gorgeous and famous hi-tea restaurants. It has branches in Gulberg and DHA, two of the most popular neighborhoods in the busy city. It is also an ideal location for catching up with friends, spending time with family, or going out for a nice lunch with coworkers. English Tea House offers a selection of classic and innovative dishes to please traditional and exotic cuisine lovers. They use the freshest and purest ingredients to produce each item on their Best Hi-Tea in Lahore. This aesthetic café has glass walls that provide a unique atmosphere, making it a fascinating location for the best Hi-tea in Lahore. The interior design of this high-end Restaurant offers a peaceful and serene ambiance and is aesthetically pleasing. Regarding its Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore, English Tea House is notable for its Windsor Hi-Tea Platter, which is sufficient for two people at affordable prices. Their Windsor Hi-Tea menu includes the following delicious meals:

Hi-Tea Corner: Chicken Sandwiches, Pizza Slices, Empanadas, Oven Fresh Pizza, Grilled Pizza, Quiche Slices, Chicken Skewers, Chicken Puffs

Dessert Corner: Lemon Tart, Assorted Mini Pastries, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Éclair, Crème Brulee, Churros, and many more.

Cost: PKR 1795/Head

Timings: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Location: 68 Z, DHA Phase 3

Spice Bazaar

There is no doubt that Spice Bazaar serves the Best Hi-Tea buffet in Lahore because its food combines traditional Pakistani and western cuisine. Renowned for its inviting atmosphere and spectacular décor, Spice Bazaar is ideal for its customers to relax and enjoy their evenings there. Spice Bazaar’s beautifully illuminated interior appears ethereal both day and night. The vast glass windows provide stunning views with traditional furnishings and exquisite meals. The Spice Bazaar in Lahore is a beautiful place to hang out with friends and family for a Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore because of the sophisticated and classy atmosphere. A magnificent outdoor seating area with various eccentric artwork and lush green plants make this eatery a perfect spot for capturing Instagrammable pictures. Several tasty and lovely afternoon snacks on the Hi-tea menu of Spice Bazaar are sure to make you happy. Check out this place to enjoy Desi food in your Hi-tea.

Their Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore includes the following meals:

Hi-tea Corner: Golgappy, Fruit Chaat, Chicken Sandwiches, Curly Fries, Finger Fish, Pizza, Chicken Wings, Alfredo Pasta, Mini Burgers, Honey Wings, Chicken Kabab, and a variety of Salads.

Dessert Corner: Ice Creams, Cakes, Gulab Jamun, Pastries, Jalebi, Barfi, Cookies, Pudding, Firni, and Khatai. 

Cost: PKR 1495/Head

Timings: 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM | 5:15 PM to 6:45 PM

Location: 01, Block T, Gulberg Phase 2

Daar Cheeni 

Cinnamon is what “Daar Cheeni” means in English. The purpose of utilizing the term “Daar Cheeni” for this Restaurant is to get potential customers to consider how important it is to eat traditional, delectable, and healthful meals. The location is bursting with authentic Desi flavors, as the name suggests. This Restaurant has a gorgeous outside seating area, and its inside is equally cozy and comfortable. This eatery provides healthy food items in its Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore. You should check out this Café if you want Desi and Middle Eastern foods to enjoy in Hi-Tea Lahore. 

Their Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore includes the following finger-licking delicacies:

• Chicken Lasagna, Hot and Sour Soup, BBQ, Honey Glazed Wings, Chicken Tempura with Wonton Sauce, Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce and Mashed Potatoes, Mini Burgers, and a massive variety of Beverages, Desserts, and Salads. 

Cost: PKR 845/Head

Timings: 4 PM To 6:30 PM 

Location: Block C1, Gulberg Phase 3

Tenerife Café

Another one of the well-known Hi-tea restaurants in Lahore is Tenerife Café. If you are a sucker for a breathtaking outdoor setting and beautiful furniture, then Tenerife Café is perfect for you. Along with its extensive ala carte menu, this high-end Café is well-known among the general public for its distinctive all-day Hi-tea Buffet. Tenerife Cafe offers the best Hi-Tea in Lahore, which includes indulgent and excellent food items, and is enough for two people, as their serving size is entirely satisfactory. The three-tiered hi-tea platter consists of a selection of beautiful and mouthwatering foods. 

Top Shelf: Mini pastries on the top shelf include Bread Pudding, Oreo Mousse, and Brownies. 

Second Tier: Burgers, Club Sandwiches, Mini Pizza, and French Fries. 

Last Tier: Pasta, Chicken Wings, Tempura, Dynamite Chicken, and Cheese Balls. You can choose Coffee, Tea, or Soft Drink with this Hi-Tea Platter. 

Tenerife Cafe is among the most fantastic hi-tea spots in Lahore because of the mouthwatering food and lovely atmosphere. 

Cost: PKR 1395/Head

Timings: 4 PM To 7 PM

Location: On Jail Rd, Main Gulberg.

Chaaye Khana 

If you are searching for worthwhile visiting Hi-tea restaurants in Lahore, then make sure to add this fantastic Restaurant to your list. Whenever we hear the term Hi-tea Lahore, the first eatery that comes to the mind of the people of Lahore is Chaaye Khana. Undoubtedly, Chaaye Khana provides the Best Hi-Tea in Lahore, and their Breakfast buffet is also exceptional. It is nearly impossible to resist this place with its excellent food and enticing environment. Whether you want to celebrate an anniversary in style, celebrate a perfect Birthday Hi-Tea, get along with friends or coworkers, or spend quality time with yourself, Chaaye Khana will take care of you in every way. 

They are highly known for their fabulous Hi-tea platter, which is the perfect serving size and enough for two people. Their traditional Hi-tea platter includes all the specialties, such as Club Sandwiches, Desserts, Drinks (including their special Chai), and beverages. Hence, Chaayé Khana is the ideal location for a weekend Hi-tea in Lahore, thanks to the helpful and pleasant staff and excellent meals. 

Cost: PKR 1185/Head

Timings: 4 PM To 7 PM 

Location: 94 MM Alam Road, Gulberg Phase 3

Bagh-The Desi Experience

If you want a Desi touch in your Hi-Tea menu, head to Bagh Restaurant and treat your taste buds to various cuisines to have a perfect Desi experience. It provides an extreme desi experience and a delectable Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore. Their Hi-Tea Buffet begins with Chicken Corn Soup and a welcoming beverage. The Main Course of their Hi-Tea buffet includes Fruit Chaat, Bagh Special Chicken Karahi, Chicken Jalfrezi, hot freshly made Parathas, BBQ, Chicken Chilli Dry, Chicken Manchurian, delectable Sweets, and Karak Chai. Bagh’s beautiful and modern decor, as well as its highly trained staff and attentive service, will make your dining experience memorable. They strike the ideal balance between sweet and savory in their Best Hi-Tea in Lahore. 

Cost: PKR 950/Head

Timings: 4 PM To 6:30 PM

Location: HEC Park, Block B2 Gulberg Phase 3

LA Atrium 

While many upscale fine-dining establishments in Lahore, LA Atrium stands out as one of the best restaurants with the Best Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore that will surely tempt your taste buds. This Restaurant is a beautiful addition to the list of top Hi tea restaurants in Lahore because of the gorgeous interior design combined with the peaceful atmosphere and top-notch service. 

It offers its guests an excellent Lunch cum Hi-Tea buffet that is ideal for satisfying a range of palates. You can easily find your favorite food items at this high-tea buffet, whether you enjoy Continental tea-time savories or love Pakistani delicacies. Their Hi-Tea Buffet menu includes: 

Honey-Chilli Wings, Finger Fish, Spring Rolls, Fettucini Pasta, Pizza Bites, Chilman Biryani, Palak Paneer, Chicken Reshmi Kabab, Traditional Barbecue, and Garlic Naan.

Their Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore also offers Salads, a corner of Chinese food, Mint Margaritas, and a variety of desserts that are ideal for anyone having sweet cravings. 

Cost: PKR 1299/Head

Timings: 4 PM To 6:30 PM

Location: Block E1, Gulberg Phase 3

Tree Lounge 

The exquisite flavors and romantic atmosphere of Tree Lounge make it a favorite among food lovers. One of the top Hi tea restaurants in Lahore, Tree Lounge has a classic and inviting atmosphere that will entice you to visit again and again. This Restaurant provides a superb Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore with 40 delicious delicacies in a relaxing environment. They offer a wonderful setting with wooden tables and outdoor seating. The meals are delicious, fresh, hygienic, and artistically presented. Their specialties are piled high on their hi-tea platter, which is sufficient and filling for everyone. They offer a range of foods in their affordable Hi-tea buffet, including: 

Main Course: Cold Chicken Sandwiches, Salads, Pizza Bites, Finger Fish, Dynamite Prawns, Cutlets, Egg Fried Rice, Alfredo Pasta, Grilled Moroccan Chicken, Thai Chowmein, and much more.

Dessert Corner: Crème Caramel, Firni, English Trifle, and a variety of Brownies. 

Cost: PKR 699/Head

Timings: 4 PM To 7 PM

Location: Noor Jahan Road, Block C 3 Gulberg

Lamesa Hi-Tea

Lamesa took a risky first step into the restaurant industry, starting a tradition of providing customers with authentic, nourishing cuisine in a welcoming environment at an affordable price, as well as the Best Hi-Tea in Lahore and a legendary, never-ending variety of supper buffet. This place offers its customers an opulent yet cozy setting to savor premium meals and desserts. Located on the first level of the Indigo Hotel, there is always something going on and something to sip at this Restaurant. Whether you’re with family or friends, Lamesa is the best venue in Lahore for Hi-Tea, brunch, and buffet. The Restaurant serves a Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore daily with various delicacies such as Italian Pizza, Panini Sandwiches, Chicken Wings, Fast Food, and much more.

Cost: PKR 1275/Head

Timings: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM | 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Location: Noor Jehan road, Gulberg Phase 3

X2 Cafe 

Included in the list of Opulent and high-end cafes of Lahore, X2 Café offers its visitors a luxurious dine-in experience. It is well-known for presenting a variety of classic dishes with Pan-Asian, Continental, and Chinese influences. In addition to delicious meals, customers can enjoy a magnificent ambiance. X2 Café has mastered the art of attracting customers through its aesthetic vibe. One of its pocket-friendly Hi-tea buffets is very popular and is enough for two people. 

Specialties at the Hi-Tea Buffet of X2 Café include a wide range of delicious Soups, Mint Margarita, Pizza Bites, Chicken Drumsticks, Polo Chicken, Assorted Sandwiches, French Fries, Chicken Bombay Skewers, and Potato Cheese Cutlets. Additionally, it offers delicious Egg Pudding, Brownies, and Cupcakes to complete your meal. 

Cost: PKR 1390/Head

Timings: 4 PM To 7 PM

Location: Sector Y DHA Phase 3


An excellent and exceptional Hi-tea buffet is available at Mouthful. There is a calm environment and an eye-catching interior design. It offers its customers a first-class buffet experience with a filling and abundant Hi-Tea buffet. Their Best Hi-Tea in Lahore offers about 15 main dishes and a Chaat section where enthusiasts must experience various spicy yet tasty Chaat. Burgers, Egg Sandwiches, Beef Lasagna, Fettucini Pasta, Pizza, Chinese food, and more typical Pakistani dishes are available at the extensive hi-tea buffet at Mouthful. Enjoy your Hi-Tea in a perfect and peaceful atmosphere and satiate your appetite with mouthwatering meals offered in this Hi-tea restaurant in Lahore. 

Cost: PKR 1385/Head

Timings: 3:30 PM To 6:30 PM

Location: 103 MM Alam Road, Gulberg Phase 3


There are so many good places, and it comes down to personal preference. Ziafat has been around for a long time. At one of Lahore’s most well-known eateries, Ziafat, you may indulge in a variety of delectable Asian cuisine that is bursting with flavor and spices. This Restaurant is famous for its vast Hi-Tea buffet menu. Regarded as one of the best Hi tea restaurants in Lahore, Ziafat is a perfect place to host informal family gatherings and business parties. 

Ziafat offers a variety of traditional Pakistani dishes in its Best Hi-Tea buffet in Lahore, like:

• Mixed vegetables, Beef Nihari, Chicken Biryani, Bakery items, all sorts of Fast food, Mutton Karahi, Halwa Puri, Desserts, and everything a food lover could ever want. 

In a nutshell, Hi-Tea Buffet at Ziafat will never disappoint you. 

Cost: PKR 1500/Head

Timings: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM 

Location: 26-H, MM Alam Road, Gulberg 2

Signature Café & Restaurant 

The first Restaurant to combine the friendliest ambiance with delectable food is Signature Café and Restaurant. They offer the facilities of Takeaway, home delivery, and dine-in. This Restaurant is the most highly rated place for its outstanding menu of the Best Hi-tea Buffet in Lahore. You can enjoy a variety of cuisines in this picturesque location. They have mouthwatering platters for everyone with varying preferences. Some delectable dishes from their Hi-tea buffet menu include: 

• Shawarma Wraps, Schezwan Chicken, Fish Kabab, Mongolian Chicken, Chicken Manchurian, and a wide variety of Desserts. 

Cost: PKR 1699 for two persons

Timings: 4:30 PM To 6 PM 

Location: Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover, Irrigation Colony

Arcadian Café

There aren’t many eateries that live up to their reputations, but Arcadian Café has not only surpassed all expectations with its great food and welcoming atmosphere, but it has also raised the bar for customer satisfaction in Lahore’s restaurant scene. There is considerable hype about Asian fusion, Continental, French, and Italian cuisines served at this tastefully built Restaurant. Additionally, it provides a wide variety of Cappuccinos, Coffees, and Mocktails for its customers. 

Located inside the Emporium Mall, Arcadian Cafe is an excellent place for lunch and supper and has also acquired recognition as one of the best hi-tea Restaurants in Lahore. You should not doubt that you and your loved ones will have a fantastic evening together while indulging in a delectable buffet thanks to the upscale atmosphere and chic décor of the location. 

In addition to other items, the hi-tea buffet at Arcadian Café offers Salads, Soups, a variety of Sandwiches, Dynamite Prawns, Pizza Bites, Finger Fish, Chicken Tenders, Alfredo Pasta, Chicken Chowmein, Korean Fried Chicken, Steamed Chicken, a selection of Desserts, and Tea/Coffee.

Cost: PKR 1625/Head

Timings: 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM

Location: Johar Town, Emporium Mall


1. What is a hi-tea buffet? 

High tea Buffet is a British ritual where guests enjoy tea with various food items such as Sandwiches, Fried Fish, Biscuits, Salads, Pies, Tarts, Pizza, or crackers with butter, Teacakes, and Fruitcakes while seated in high-backed chairs at a table. 

2. How much does a person eat at hi-tea? 

As the menu of Hi-Tea is always light, a person can enjoy all the food items in tiny servings. This way, he can enjoy all the food served before him without the risk of overeating. 

3. How long do you stay at high tea?

Usually, the average Hi-tea lasts for two hours. However, it depends on your speed of eating food. 


A delicious Hi-Tea with friends can brighten your day; there are many Best Hi-Tea buffets in Lahore. Finding a Hi-Tea place in the large city of Lahore can take time and effort. There are plentiful Hi-Tea Restaurants in Lahore, and every person has their preferences. Making a choice can be challenging with so many possibilities, but that’s why we’re here for you! You don’t have to research because we have done it for you.