Best Burgers in Lahore

Burger fans rejoice! Lahore has some of the best Burgers in Pakistan, and while they may not be your typical Burgers, they are still so delicious that you won’t care. This guide will help you decide which Burger places are right for you, whether you’re looking for the Best Zinger Burger in Lahore after a night out or want something healthier to eat during the day as part of your daily routine. Lahore has of the best restaurants in Pakistan.

25 Best Burger Places in Lahore 

There are numerous food stands and establishments that provide Burgers in a variety of flavors. Different restaurants are famous for their Best Burgers in Lahore. Here’s a list of the best Burger places in Lahore that you must try at least once – preferably more than once! After all, there are even vegetarian options, so you can have your Burger and eat it too! 

Burger Lab

Burger Lab first offered American Style Burgers in Pakistan seven years ago, and they have continued to uphold the standards set by their delectable Burgers. Customers enjoy eating their smoky Burgers very much. Aside from that, everyone is going crazy about their gourmet fries, especially Animal Fries!

The buns used for Hamburgers at Burger Lab are tender and fresh. Whether eating Fire House, Big Bang, Doppler, or Quadra, the buns enhance every bite’s flavor. You’ll love this even more with every bite of softness. Several branches are even in Lahore as they gained a specialty in enhancing the taste of Burgers in different ways. It is one of the Top Burger Places in Lahore.

Locations:  Z block DHA, Emporium Mall, Package Mall

Timings: 11 AM-2 AM

Godfather Burgers

One of the top Burger spots in Lahore is Godfather Burger. This restaurant offers a range of Chicken and the Best beef burger in Lahore, as listed on the menu card.

You can also make use of other services like delivery and takeout. This restaurant, also known as Father of All The Burgers, will transport you to another planet with its decor. Its juicy patties and diverse sauces make it the ideal location for all fervent Burger aficionados. Grilled Chicken and Beef Burgers from Godfather Burgers are to die for and come with exotic homemade spices.

Locations: Civic center blocks D2 phase 1 Johar town

Timings: 3 PM-2 AM


In Pakistan, HOWDY! was the first to market with premium, authentic charcoal-grilled Gourmet Burgers.

At Howdy! You’ll discover a variety of delicious Burgers, steaks, sandwiches, and more for great value in a lively environment at each location. Making the experience enjoyable for the guests is just as important as serving excellent food. Howdy offers the Best beef burger in Lahore.

Locations: Rooftop, 9c building, MM Alam road, Packages Mall, and Model Town

Timings: 12 PM-1 AM

Johny and Jugnu

Its delicious fast food and top-notch service have made Johnny & Jugnu famous. Burgers, wraps, fries, dips, and beverages from Johnny and Jugnu Lahore are all delicious. It completely satisfies your appetite with every delightful bite.

They have unique Burger varieties that are alluring and reasonably priced. It is a favorite spot for those who love to eat Burgers.

Locations: Civic center Johar Town

Timings: 12 PM-2 AM


Amavi is a charming little cafe tucked away in the center of Defence, Lahore. Before taking the plunge and launching her own small space, Maira, the restaurant’s owner, worked for several cafes and restaurants during her time in the culinary industry. Burgers are Maira’s area of competence.

And now for the meal. For instance, Za’atar, Burrata Pizza, and Buttermilk Chicken Burgers slightly differed from the regular fare. The best-selling food item is the Buttermilk Chicken Burger. The Chicken is presented like this with some unique sauces and is soft, tender, and flavorful.

Locations: MM Alam road, DHA Y block street 17 

Timings: 11 AM-12 AM

Daily Deli Co

A famous point for a Burger in Lahore is Daily Deli Co, which specializes in highly recommended Burgers. These Burgers have the memorable name Tangy Jalapeno (triple patty). These Burgers come with a variety of unique condiments. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the best Burger deal from here. 

Locations: Johar town, DHA phase 3, Cantt, Lake City Mall, and Model Town.

Timings: 12 PM-1 AM


Jessie’s is highly recommended if you seek the best Burger restaurant with better flavor and atmosphere.

They only use the best beef possible to make their delectable Burgers. Every bite comes with a satisfaction guarantee! Starting every day with the best local vendors for fresh and organic protein is where it all begins. Therefore, the meat in their many different Burgers is of the highest quality and is 100% delicious, tantalizing your palate. More than 12 gourmet Burgers are available on the menu, providing options for both fans of red and white protein.


Block L, Gulberg 2, Another branch is near Shaukat Khanum.

Timings: 12 PM-12 AM

MAD -Mighty and Delicious

MAD is not only famous for Burgers but also for pizza providers. You should try their Spicy Mexican Chicken Burgers, which are loved as they are perfectly cooked from the inside and are soft and crispy.

Locations: D2 phase 1, Johar town

Timings: 12 PM-1:30 AM

Melt Lahore  

It’s a fast food restaurant in Lahore with multiple varieties of Burgers. They served Italian plus traditional food as they presented saucy Fillet Burgers, Flaming Hot Cheetos Burgers, Firehouse Burgers, and Creamy Herb Mayo Burgers at reasonable prices.

Locations: Ghazi road, sector S DHA Phase 2

Ministry of Burgers

The Ministry of Burgers is Pakistan’s go-to place for honest gourmet Burgers. Their food places a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients and extensive experience. Their specialty is Chipata Burgers. Their main concern is offering their customers the best, most delicious, fresh Burgers at affordable prices.

Locations: Main boulevard, Gulberg 3

Another branch is also in Ghazi Road Lahore.

Timings: 12:30 PM-12 AM

My Burger

My Burger is the kind of eatery that might catch you off guard. Their key priorities have always been to give their customers high-quality Burgers and to keep their facility clean. They offer inexpensive and Best beef burgers in Lahore, with plenty of juice.

Locations: Main Boulevard, block D 

Other branches are in the Barkat market and Commercial Market.

Timings: 11 AM-4 AM


Since 2015, gourmet Burgers and continental cuisine have been available at Pablo’s Restaurant in Lahore, which has a narcos motif. They serve some of the most delectable Chicken and Beef Burgers in Lahore, and you can even get the fully Halal Columbian Bear.

Locations: Block B, Phase 1, Johar town, Lahore, Punjab.

Timings: 2 PM-2 AM

Rina’s Kitchenette

In 2010, Rina’s Kitchenette opened as a small “cook from home” restaurant and quickly gained the support of the locals, expanding to thousands of devoted customers throughout the city.

It is the right choice if you are a Burger lover and want to get a budget-friendly Burger. Their main menu is a Classic Beef Burger with crispy Onion rings served with Medium Cut Fries and Sriracha Mayo.

Locations: Sector Y, DHA phase 3

Timings: 9 AM-12 AM


Hardee’s is a fast-food establishment founded in the United States on September 3, 1960. One of the largest and most well-known fast-food chains, Hardee’s has more than 3600 locations throughout all seven continents. Hardee’s has established itself with its distinctive flavor and mouthwatering Burgers in the competitive fast food business. You will go to heaven after eating one of Hardee’s famously giant ham burgers and fancy fries.

Hardee’s is one of the Best Burger Places in Lahore for you if you are a Burger freak. Hardee’s launched their most prominent location in Lahore, Pakistan’s Amanah Mall, in September 2017.

Locations: Block A2, Gulberg 3 

Other branches are in Emporium Mall, Thokar Niaz Baig.

Timings: 11:30 AM -1 AM

KWC Grill Burgers

If you’re searching for the most incredible and enormous famous grill Burger, look no further than KWC for mouthwatering grill Burgers.

They offer their best in terms of taste and quality. You may purchase succulent, juicy grill Best Burgers in Lahore at reasonable costs. They give different services to their customers, like takeaway, dine-in, and home delivery. They offer additional discounts on special occasions like Eid, Azadi festivals, etc.

Locations: Umar block, Allama Iqbal Town


4 PM-1 AM

Big Moe’s

The goal of Big Moe is to provide the best gourmet quick service value and the Best Burgers in Lahore. To be the best, a restaurant must serve delicious food at a reasonable cost. It is famous for its Burger category because they offer high-quality Burgers with the best taste and is one of the top Burger Places in Lahore. Customers can choose from various Burgers, such as Cheese Burgers, Tandoori Burgers, Fish Strip Burgers, and Traditional Chicken Burgers.

Locations: Food court, Emporium Mall

Timings: 11 AM-11 PM

Burger Chalet

Burger Chalet, a top-notch fast food establishment, is opening its first location in Lahore. Grilled Burgers, steaks, wings, coffee, smoothies, and pizza are among the items it serves at Burger Chalet. The specialty of this place is its Burgers. World-class Chicken grilled Burgers are available here. This restaurant also offers different deals and discounts to their customers.

Locations: Block D Valencia

Timings: 12 PM-12 AM

Burger Corner

Burger Corner offers delicious food to customers at affordable prices. The unique Chicken Sajji is this restaurant’s claim to fame. 

You may also sample their unique Burgers, Barbecue, Karahi, etc. Customers receive a tasty Flame-Grilled Chicken Burger with a Creamy Sauce, Juicy Tomatoes, and Crisp Lettuce on top.

Locations: Block P, Gulberg 2, Allama Iqbal town, Mini Market.

Timings: 10 AM-12 AM

Ahmed Burger

They provided Burgers with exceptional presentations, served with different yummy sauces. It would help if you tried their Burgers as they provide various promotions and discounts to their consumers. 

Locations: Main bazaar Sham Nagar

Another branch is in the regal chowk.

Timings: 4:30 PM-1 AM (Sham Nagar branch)

The Grizzly Burgers

The Grizzly Burger serves some of Lahore’s best Chicken and beef Burgers. Although countless small and large restaurants serve beef and Chicken Burgers, only some have mastered creating a perfectly cooked and juicy Burger. Among them is the Grizzly Burger. Particular for cheese lovers, this knows how to prepare the ideal Burger. They offer special Burger that you should taste. 

Locations: Sitara colony

Timings: 4:30 PM -1 AM

Home –Grown

Homegrown initially specializes in home cooking and sells charcoal-grilled hamBurgers with a choice of toppings, with more to come—a location where premium gourmet Burgers are 100% charcoal grilled.

Locations: Sector V, DHA phase 2 

Timings: 4 PM-2 AM 

Just Burgers

Lahore’s Just Burgers is a quick-service restaurant. The unique beef Burgers at this restaurant are its specialty. If you want a Beef Burger, they have the tastiest ones in Lahore. Thus, I recommend you go there.

Locations: Officers colony Cavalry ground

Timings: 1 PM-1 AM

KB Burgers

KB Burger is one of Lahore’s oldest fast food spots, providing different services to its customers, including takeaway, take-in, and home delivery. All Burgers on their menu card are budget-friendly. They have Mutton, Chicken, and Beef Burgers on their main menu.

Locations: Pounch house colony Islamia Park

Timings: 6 PM-1 AM

Burger Studio

Burger Studio Burgers and sandwiches are too good. The place is economical too. They offer the same Burgers, Zinger Burgers, Petty Burgers, and Double Chicken Burgers, and all are available at reasonable prices.

Locations: Garhi Shahoo

Timings: 5 PM-12 AM

Outpost BYOB 

Outpost BYOB is a steakhouse and gourmet Burger joint. They use Organic ingredients to create high-quality cuisine at Outpost BYOB. For this reason, they gain popularity in Burgers that they present uniquely.

Locations: F block park view CHS

Timings: 2 PM-12:30 AM


Which is the most delicious Burger in Lahore?

The highly rated and most delicious Best Burger in Lahore is Hardees. Their beef patty Burgers contain the tastiest sauces and crisp, fresh vegetables.

How can I get the best Burger in Lahore?

The best Burgers in Lahore are from Burger Lab. The smashing method they developed for the Pakistani market is the secret to their tasty beef patties. They add a round piece of fresh, premium grass-fed beef to their Burger to improve flavor and offer the Best Zinger Burger in Lahore.

Which is the tastiest Burger in Lahore?

Johnny and Jugnu are one of the Best Burger Places in Lahore. The Sauced Burgers and fresh lemonades they serve are their specialties.


Have you ever wondered where to get the best Burgers in Lahore? If so, you’re not alone—countless locals and tourists alike ask themselves this question every day, and that’s because there are plenty of incredible Best Burgers in Lahore. Though it’s easy to settle for your favorite Burger joint every time you’re hungry, it doesn’t hurt to try something new every once in a while, especially if it could potentially be the best Burger place in all of Lahore!