Lahore Railway Station

One of the busiest and oldest railway stations in Pakistan is Lahore Railway Station, also referred to as the Lahore Junction Railway Station. Thousands of individuals use the Lahore Junction Railway Station daily to travel large distances throughout Pakistan. The immensity of the structure and scale of the beautifully constructed Lahore train station makes it one of the most used and accessible railway stations in Pakistan. The Railway Station Lahore is also used to transport cargo over long distances. In terms of size, Lahore train station is also Pakistan’s biggest railway station.

About Lahore Junction Railway Station

With its numerous monuments, forts, palaces, and other historical structures constructed by former empires, Pakistan has a rich cultural history. The monuments and architectural giants of the past which were built in Pakistan help our country in the maintenance of its cultural identity by being preserved and protected. The Railway Station, built by the British, is an architectural giant. One of the most significant and intricate relics of the British colonial period in the subcontinent is the railway system, which exists in the modern sub-continent known by the world today.

Short History

During the colonial era, construction on the Railway Station began. It was constructed near the junction of Empress Road, Allama Iqbal Road, and Circular Road, close outside the Walled City. The Lahore Junction was created by Mian Mohammad Sultan Chughtai, a former Mughal Empire governor from 1859 to 1860.

 Lahore Junction served as the northernmost post of the Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railways and the administrative center for Pakistan Railways for many years. All of this occurred before the nation attained independence. It is also one of the oldest railway stations in Pakistan.

Lahore’s train station is housed in a building with a medieval appearance. It is surrounded by massive walls, turrets, and enormous holes that can be used to direct cannons and gunfire during combat. The Lahore train station’s distinctive design is entirely attributable to the fact that it was constructed following the 1857 War of Independence. The station was built with rising rebellions among the people in mind at that time. So British, aware of the structure’s strategic significance, planned its construction accordingly. The station is unquestionably a relic of the extensive railway system built during the British era. Pakistan Railways is currently responsible for maintaining and running the Lahore train station.

The “head house concept” was used in the design of the Lahore Railway Station, which calls for commuters to cross the platform via elaborate walking areas and beautiful and easily accessible steel bridges. A head house design places the walkway in the middle of the structure, with the stores and other amenities built next to the walls. The junction’s building is rectangular in an aesthetically pleasing design, made with similar stone blocks which please the spectator’s eye by their view of running parallel to one another. It is North-South oriented. The station once had four railroad tracks. As of now, there are now only two left.

Operating Trains & Destinations:

The following trains are currently active with their services at the Lahore Railway Station:

Code   Train Name                 Originates from        Destination

1UP     Khyber Mai Express   Karachi Cantt             Peshawar Cantt

2 DN   Khyber Mail Express  Peshawar Cantt          Karachi Cantt

5 UP    Green Line Express    Karachi Cantt               Islamabad

6 DN   Green Line Express    Islamabad                     Karachi Cantt

7 UP    Tezgam Express          Karachi Cantt              Rawalpindi

8 DN   Tezgam Express          Rawalpindi                   Karachi Cantt

9 UP    Allama Iqbal Express Karachi Cantt              Sialkot

10 DN Allama Iqbal Express Sialkot                         Karachi Cantt

13 UP  Awam Express            Karachi Cantt             Peshawar Cantt

14 DN Awam Express            Peshawar Cantt           Karachi Cantt

15 UP  Karachi Express          Karachi Cantt              Terminus

16 DN Karachi Express          Terminus                     Karachi Cantt

23 UP  Akbar Express             Quetta                       Terminus

24 DN Akbar Express          Terminus                     Quetta

27 UP  Shalimar Express        Karachi Cantt            Terminus

28 Dn  Shalimar Express        Terminus                      Karachi Cantt

31 UP  Jinnah Express            Karachi Cantt              Terminus

32 DN Jinnah Express            Terminus                      Karachi Cantt

33 UP  Pak Business Express Karachi Cantt             Terminus

34 DN Pak Business Express Terminus                      Karachi Cantt

37 UP  Fareed Express            Karachi City                 Terminus

38 DN Fareed Express            Terminus                      Karachi City

39 UP  Jaffar Express            Quetta                          Peshawar Cantt

40 DN Jaffar Express             Peshawar Cantt           Quetta

41 UP  Karakoram Express     Karachi Cantt             Terminus

42 DN Karakoram Express     Terminus                     Karachi Cantt

43 UP  Shah Hussain Express Karachi Cantt          Terminus

44 DN Shah Hussain Express Terminus                 Karachi Cantt

101 UP Subak Raftar Express  Terminus              Rawalpindi

102 DN Subak Raftar Express  Rawalpindi         Terminus

103 UP   Subak Kharam Express  Terminus         Rawalpindi

104 DN Subak Kharam Express   Rawalpindi      Terminus

105 UP  Rawal Express             Terminus         Rawalpindi

106 DN           Rawal Express Rawalpindi      Terminus

107 UP            Islamabad Express      Terminus         Rawalpindi

108 DN           Islamabad Express      Islamabad        Terminus

111 UP            Badar Express Faisalabad       Terminus

112 DN           Badar Express Terminus         Faisalabad

113 UP            Ghouri Express           Faisalabad       Terminus

114 DN           Ghouri Express           Terminus         Faisalabad

115 UP            Musa Pak Express       Multan Terminus

116 DN           Musa Pak Express       Terminus         Multan

117 UP            Multan Express           Multan Terminus

118 DN           Multan Express           Terminus         Multan

119 UP            Faisal Express Faisalabad       Terminus

120 DN           Faisal Express Terminus         Faisalabad

121 UP            Ravi Express   Shorkot Cantt Terminus

122 DN           Ravi Express   Terminus         Shorkot Cantt

123 UP            Sargodha Express       Sargodha         Terminus

124 DN           Sargodha Express       Terminus         Sargodha

125 UP            Lasani Express            Terminus         Sialkot

126 DN           Lasani Express            Sialkot Terminus

147 UP            Mianwali Express       Mari Indus      Terminus

148 DN           Mianwali Express       Terminus         Mari Indus

205 UP            Babu Passenger           Terminus         Wazirabad

206 DN           Babu Passenger           Wazirabad       Terminus

207 UP            Waris Shah Passenger Shorkot Cantt Terminus

208 DN           Waris Shah Passenger Terminus         Shorkot Cantt

209 UP            Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger    Terminus         Narowal

210 DN           Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger    Narowal          Terminus

211 UP            Narowal Passenger      Terminus         Narowal

212 DN           Narowal Passenger      Narowal          Terminus

401 UP            Samjhota Express       Attari   Terminus

402 DN           Samjhota Express       Terminus         Attari

Services & Facilities

At the Lahore Junction, necessary amenities for travelers’ convenience include ticketing services, waiting areas, restrooms, and food stalls. There are also international fast-food chains like Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. There are a few shop establishments on Lahore Railway Station’s platforms 1 and 2. Additionally, the station offers passenger train reservations on the spot and in advance and cargo services, including freight and package delivery. Overhead bridges are another train station element that crosses the railway tracks to connect the platforms.

Additionally, it is easy for passengers to hail a taxi from the station because numerous taxis and rickshaws are standing close by. Depending on their availability and schedules, public transportation options are also easily accessible from the Lahore train station to the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road).

Transportation to Lahore Junction Railway Station

The standard transportation people of Pakistan use from Karachi to Lahore or Islamabad to Lahore is Airways, Bus or local transport, or personal family vehicles. The distance by road from Karachi to Lahore is about 12-15 hours, depending on the traffic situation and individual pace. Flying from Karachi to Lahore takes only 3 hours, but it is not the most used way for people trying to get to Lahore railway station from Karachi.

Residents of Lahore can reach the railway station by using public transport or booking a ride on different transportation apps like Careem and Uber. Many residents drive their guests and their family to the Railway station themselves. Travelers also use the metro bus service to reach the Railway station.

Nearby Railway Stations in Lahore

Near the Largest Railway Station in Pakistan, i.e., the Lahore Railway Station, there is Lahore Cantt Station and Mughalpura Railway Station. Besides these, hundreds of people use several other railway stations daily. Lahore Cantt Station, Shahdara Bagh Railway Station, and Kot Lakhpat Railway Station are among the best-known and most-used non-express freight or railway stations that offer the best experience as allowed by the Lahori atmosphere.

The Railway Station currently present in the Lahore district are;

·         Badami Bagh railway station

·         Halloki Halt railway station

·         Harbanspura railway station

·        Jallo railway station

·         Jia Bagga railway station

·         Kana Kacha railway station

·         Kot Lakhpat railway station

·         Lahore Cantonment railway station

·         Lahore Junction railway station

·         Moghalpura Junction railway station

·         Muslimaabad railway station

·         Raiwind Junction railway station

·         Taqipur railway station

·         Wagah railway station and,

·         Walton railway station (Lahore, Pakistan)

Tourist Places near Lahore Railway Station

Lahore offers its visitors sights of the world’s most well-known and most visited places, such as Badshahi Mosque, Lahore fort, Lahore Museum, Wagah Border, the famous Walled City, etc.

These most beautiful attractions are close to the Lahore Railway Station. While visiting the Lahore fort, you can easily see the Badshahi Mosque, only about 3 km away.

The following list of areas offers the best spots for people to visit the nearby city’s central train station:

Mughalpura (10-min drive away) (10-min drive away)

Johar City (about a 25-minute drive away)

DHA Lahore (30-min drive away) (30-min drive away)

City of Wapda (30-min drive away)

Some well-known attractions close to Lahore Railway Station are Gaddafi Stadium, Shalimar Gardens, Badshahi Masjid, Wazir Khan Masjid, Sheesh Mahal, and Anarkali Bazaar. One of Lahore’s most well-known parks, Greater Iqbal Park, is also a short distance from the railway station. After long journeys, these recreational parks offer the best spots to relax and refresh your energy. There are also a few sub-railway stations in Lahore where various freight and passenger trains can stop multiple times during the day. Also nearby, close to the parks mentioned above, are some of Lahore’s most well-known and most crowded and revered food streets, showcasing the city’s unique cultural and culinary history and national heritage. The Lahore train station is in the city’s center, so getting there from different parts should take 30 minutes.

Railway Station Lahore Contact Number

People can check in with authorities directly regarding the information on ticket prices/fluctuations etc., reservations of any kind, luggage or refunds, and freight management. The following information will get you in immediate contact with Lahore Railway Station. Additionally, you can inquire in person at certain offices at the Lahore train station, which can be found at the address below.

Contact Information: Swami Nagar, Badami Bagh Station Road, Lahore (021) 36674351

You can also contact Pakistan Railways more quickly at 117 to speak with railway officials across the nation and get solutions to your questions.

Lahore Railway Station Location

The former Grand Trunk Road borders the area of the Lahore Railway Station on its northern side. Pakistan Railways now owns the station, which operates as the company’s administrative center. The Lahore Station is famously located at Swami Nagar, Lahore, Punjab, along Karachi–Peshawar Railway Line; Lahore–Wagah Branch Line.


What is the name of the Lahore railway station?

This monumental Railway station is called the Lahore Junction Railway Station.

How many stations are there in Lahore?

Besides the Lahore Junction Railway Station, there are 16 more Railway stations in Lahore city.

How is the Lahore railway station kept?

Dutiful workers maintain the Lahore Railway Station, which is clean and safe for everyone.


The phenomenon of being Perched on a lonely bench at the Lahore railway station in quiet. Looking at all types of passengers making their way here and there presents such a scene of cultural diversity that you come to appreciate the presence of the Railway station, which connects so many relatives and friends by making fast travel possible in Pakistan. You may notice a lot of hectic activity keeping your mind active, and the scene is made more gleeful by the Desi Chai, loved by every Pakistani, offered at the railway station.

Lahore Railway Station was and remains an architectural relic of the British presence in the sub-continent, which keeps so many long-distance familial relations active even today. Today the Railway station is revered as a national heritage by millions of Pakistanis.