Karachi Railway Station

The Sindh government designated the megacity’s historical monument, i.e., Cantt Railway Station Karachi, as a protected heritage structure. The Pakistan Railways operates and maintains Karachi Railway Station, one of the busiest railway junctions in Pakistan.

The Karachi Railway Station, also known as Karachi Cantt Station, is situated in the city’s central cantonment district. After the Cantt Railway Station in Karachi, the Cantt station is on the 2nd number as the oldest railway station in the town. The station is a work of exquisite design that conveys much about its fascinating past. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more about this beautiful historic site in the City of Lights, you’ve come to the correct place. This article will thoroughly review Karachi Railway Station, along with critical information about its history, location, and train lines.

Frere Street Station was the previous name for Karachi Cantt Station. Two years were needed to build the spectacular station building from 1896 to 1898. The station played a crucial role in the country’s railway system, linking Karachi’s ports to other regions. An antique steam engine was placed at the entrance of this Karachi railway station to honor its illustrious past. The Public Works Department designed Karachi Railway Station, one of the city’s significant landmarks, long before the independence of Pakistan in the 19th century. The structure still appears as majestic as it did when it first stood. It has an excellent colonial-style layout and a high-arch ceiling.

Karachi Railway Station History:

Public Works Department staffers designed some essential structures in the late 19th century. One of them was Karachi’s Cantonment Railway Station. It is a modest building that was constructed in 1898. Its middle portion, which has classical features, has Renaissance entrances with arches and gables shaped after the famous roman architect. Besides the conventional western outlook, the history and its significance to the nationality of the area render the structure prominent and worthy of respect.

The Karachi-Kotri line was Pakistan’s first railway link, and the Cantonment Railway Station symbolizes the start of the country’s railway system. At the tail end of the 19th century, it was officially opened by the governor of Bombay, Bartle Frere. Its size at the time was less significant. The surrounding area is vital regarding heritage since it demonstrates how Karachi has changed over time. It’s an essential chapter in our history. Thus it counts. Despite having a relatively straightforward design, the building has pleasing proportions. But first, the entire area needs to be cleaned up. It’s time to begin the cleaning process for historic structures. Any older structure’s stone will be harmed by pollution in the area. Lack of concern for the environment demonstrates apathy and indifference toward the city as a whole and a particular building. There is no justification for our ecosystem to be dirty. Ownership of the city must grow.


Being one of the leading railroad stations in Karachi, the Cantt Railway Station Karachi is known by almost everybody. It is located close to Saddar’s Dr. Daud Pota Road. Before that, it was called Frere Street Station. The station’s construction cost Rs. 80,000, and work on it started in 1896 and ended in 1898.

Today, tens of thousands of Pakistani people use the Cantt railway station in Karachi. It is precisely located along the coordinates of 24°50’39.9″N 67°02’33.2″E at Safety Pride، Pakistan Railways Station, Dr. Daud Pota Rd, Karachi Cantonment, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh.

Operating Trains at Cantt Station Karachi:

  • Shalimar Express
  • Hazara Express
  • Pak Business Express
  • Sindh Express
  • Allama Iqbal Express
  • Pakistan Express
  • Awam Express
  • Sukkur Express
  • Jinnah Express
  • Karakoram Express
  • Bolan Mail Express
  • Sir Syed Express
  • Khushal Khan Khattak Express
  • Fareed Express
  • Shah Hussain Express
  • Bahaudin Zakriya Express
  • Tezgam Express
  • Mehran Express
  • Karachi Express
  • Millat Express
  • Khyber Mail Express
  • Green Line Express

Services & Facilities at Karachi Railway Station:

Currently, Karachi Cantt Station is one of the largest railway stations Pakistan. It has five platforms and eight train tracks for the convenience of the passengers. Being only the second most used railway station in Karachi, there is a sizable workforce of porters conveniently accessible for loading and unloading big objects and bags. They are dressed in orange and white. Around the Karachi Cantt Station, you can also likely find several restaurants, tea shops, and snack shops.

At this intersection, overhead bridges neatly connect each of the railroad stations. Depending on your preferences, you can easily book a rickshaw or cab as soon as you arrive at the Karachi Cantonment Railway Station. For commuting, there is a tonne of minibusses operating in the region. Also useful for transportation to other destinations are services that the people like Uber, Careem, and Bykea extensively use. Nearby there is Cantt Station Hotel Karachi and other incredibly reliable services for distant travelers. The facilities allotted to passengers have increased and improved with population growth.

Use the Karachi Railway Station’s contact information to make a reservation for a ticket or to learn more in-depth details or train schedules. For any questions regarding luggage, train arrivals, or departures, you can also go to the central area of the Cantt Train Station Karachi via the address given: Off Daud Pota Road, Main Cantonment Area of Karachi (contact number: 021 99206075-76)

 Like other Pakistani railway stations, this one in Karachi has a specific office for each of its tasks that you can go to in person if you have any questions. Office line 117 for train inquiries is available 24/7. This station is open throughout the year. Thus people make use of it every day. This is why all the main train routes and railway lines are connected most reliably to the Karachi Cantt Station. Hence you can find your way anywhere you plan through this Railway Station.

How to Reach Karachi Cantt Railway Station?

The Karachi Cantt Railway Station is located at Daud Pota Road, Karachi, Sindh.

The area’s zip code is 74000, which can be easily found.

For digital map users, the precise location of the Karachi Cantt Railway Station is along the Coordinates of 24°50′38″N 67°02′28″E.

Nearby Railway Stations in Karachi:

Besides the Karachi Cantt Railway, several other famous Railway Stations are currently in use. For example, Karachi’s oldest railway station is among the most visited. In Karachi, The second-most significant railroad station is Karachi City Railway Station. It is Pakistan’s first and oldest railway station. On I. I. Chundrigar Road, it is located next to Habib Bank Plaza, formerly McLeod Station.

Currently, it serves only as a train terminal. The majority of trains now terminate at Karachi Cantt Station. It served as the final stop for KCR trains from Karachi City to Landhi, Malir Cantt, and Drigh Colony through Liaquatabad from 1969 to 1999.

This station features amenities such as a booking office, resting places with shed inclines to protect from heat, benches, chairs, water fountains, snack bars, a place to make reservations in advance, an ATM, restrooms, and a parking area. 

The third significant railway station in Karachi is Landhi Railway Station. It is located in Landhi, close to Quaidabad. Express trains that travel up and down both ways stop at this railroad station. In the past, it served as the endpoint of the Karachi City-Landhi KCR trains and the junction of the Landhi-Korangi railway line. This railroad line has since been abandoned. It has a parking lot, ticket office, sheds, benches, drinking water, snack shops, and restrooms.

The fourth-most significant railway station in Karachi is Drigh Road Railway Station. The Drigh road railway station is Located close to Shah Faisal Colony on Shara-e-Faisal. A few and down Express trains stop at this railroad station. It used to be a KCR loop line junction. It contains amenities like a reservation office, shed, benches, a tuck shop, a mosque, a reservation office, a bathroom, and a parking lot.

Nearest Airports to Karachi Railway Station:

The only Airport which is closest to the Karachi Cantt Railway Station is the famous Karachi Airport. The Karachi Airport remains busy throughout the year, and its short distance from the Karachi Railway Station makes it accessible and easy to reach via standard transport. The Karachi Airport is the day-to-day destination of many Uber drivers or Careem services, so every transport agency or local driver knows the location. The Airport is located at a minimum distance of 17 kilometers from the Railway Station, which acts as a relatively easy spot for people arriving across long distances. So, the availability of an Airport at a distance of 17 kilometers makes it very easy for people trying to catch a flight to get in a transport and arrive there in a short time.

Places to Travel Near Karachi Railway Station:

Near the Karachi Railway Station, most people are aware of the Kabootar Chowrangi. This is a place of great amusement near the Karachi Courthouse, where people come to feed hundreds of pigeons. These beautiful birds at the Sindh High Court get the best views from atop the building and the human drama that takes place in the courthouse from dawn until dusk. In the national tongue, the pariah bird is called Cheel, which observes people going in and out of the grand courthouse for hours. The birds perch atop the buildings and, with their crowds, present a fascinating site to the on-lookers. The birds go for their nests as the courtrooms close. The courthouse was built in 1923, and today its location provides a sanctuary for these birds.

There are also several restaurants in the Railway Colony. The most famous restaurant in the area is Sakura. Besides Sakura, one can also visit Café Aylanto, Beach Luxury, Chandani, or the favorite Italian-themed restaurant named after Pompeii.

Cantt Station Hotels Karachi

Around the area of the Railway Station, within the colony, or nearby, you can find great hotels with excellent services. The hotels are rated as top-class by those who have had the experience of night stays and services at the hotels. The hotels have restaurants, free WiFi, and other attributes such as Continental Breakfasts, family rooms, and types of Rooms from Deluxe Single to Deluxe Twin and Executive Rooms. Other general amenities include the availability of ATM Machines, parking spaces, rental car services, etc.

Some of these hotels are most recognized and best known throughout Pakistan.

Hotel Excelsior Karachi

Hotel Crown Inn

Orchards Cottage Hotel

Hotel Mehran

Hotel Seaview

Contact Number:

The official contact number of the Karachi Railway Station is as follows:

021 99206075-76

One may also reach Railway Station Authorities for landline inquiries with helpline 117.


The Karachi Cantt Railway Station is one of Pakistan’s most reliable, cheap, and used. They are one of the largest and oldest Railways in Pakistan; they are being used by thousands of people each day to get across long distances constantly. The Quality of services provided at the Railway Station has considerably increased over the years, and today people do not get in a lot of trouble looking for food or drinks on board. All the Railway Station’s train services are known for their well-deserved good merit.

Furthermore, with the Quality of being one of the most popular Railway Stations in Pakistan, the Karachi Railway Station is known for its unique perks, including different amenities, resting spaces, nearby hotels, transport services, toilets, tuck shops, free drinks, etc. If you are searching for a reliable railway station that offers extra services to keep your travel experience memorable, then the Karachi Railway Station will be one of a kind.