Hyderabad Railway Station

Hyderabad Railway Station, also known as Hyderabad Junction Railway Station, is located in Hyderabad, Pakistan, and is one of the central railway stations in Pakistan. It is a transportation hub for people traveling to and from Hyderabad and nearby cities and towns. This station is operated by Pakistan Railways and provides passengers with various facilities and services, including ticketing, waiting rooms, restrooms, and food and beverage vendors. The station was built in 1861 during the British colonial era and has undergone several renovations and upgrades. Despite its age, the station continues to serve as an essential transportation hub for the people of Hyderabad and the surrounding areas. The station is well-connected to the rest of the country through its extensive rail network, with regular trains running to cities such as Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

About Hyderabad Junction Railway Station

Hyderabad Railway Station is one of the old buildings and the oldest railway station in the area. During British colonial rule, it was established for the higher class and people of the labor class to reach quickly from one place to another without the extreme difficulties of land travel. One of the most notable features of Hyderabad Railway Station is its beautiful colonial architecture. The station building is designed in the Victorian style, with intricate carvings and elegant arches that add to its aesthetic appeal. The building is a prominent landmark in the city and is well-known for its ornate design, making it a popular tourist attraction.

Today this building is used as a transportation means for thousands of individuals. This railway station is solely responsible for cutting short the distance between the main cities of Pakistan, not by hours but by days. Before the Hyderabad railway station construction, people usually walked long distances. They left themselves exposed to myriad dangerous problems and threats, which are apt to trouble people even today who travel by road on foot. Even in the 20th century, when the facilities available at this railway station were not abundant, the railway station served its primary purpose. Despite the lack of engineers after the British withdrawal and post-independence time, considerable upgrades have been made around the Railway stations. The cargo and passenger freight units are kept working by the sheer will of the trained engineers and workers. Over time, significant developments have been made along the railway routes connecting the most popular cities of Pakistan. Today, The Hyderabad Railway Station offers a monumental transportation hub for hundreds of thousands of individuals at the lowest costs, allowing them to travel fast and connect with their distant relatives in person.

Hyderabad Junction Railway Station – History

The history of the Hyderabad Railway Station in Pakistan dates back to the colonial era when it was built by the British in 1861. The station was part of the Sindh Sagar Railway line that connected Hyderabad to Karachi. It was designed in the Victorian style with intricate carvings and elegant arches. The station was initially used to transport goods, but over time, it became a transportation hub for people traveling to and from Hyderabad. During the British colonial era, the station served as an essential transportation hub for the British army, and it was also used as a stopover point for travelers and traders.

Soon after the partition of India in 1947, the station became part of Pakistan and was taken over by Pakistan Railways. In the early years after the partition, the station experienced a significant increase in passenger traffic as people fled from India to Pakistan in search of a new home. Over the years, the station underwent several renovations and upgrades to accommodate the growing number of travelers and improve its facilities and services. One of the most notable upgrades to the station was the addition of air-conditioned waiting rooms and food and beverage vendors, which made the waiting time for passengers more comfortable. The station was also equipped with modern security systems, such as CCTV cameras and fire alarms, to ensure the safety of passengers and their belongings. Despite these upgrades, the station faced challenges, including limited capacity. In past years, the government has announced plans to upgrade and expand the station to accommodate the growing number of passengers.

 Today, Hyderabad Railway Station remains a critical transportation hub for the people of Hyderabad and the surrounding areas. Despite its age, the station is well-maintained and equipped with modern facilities and services, making it convenient and comfortable for travelers to wait for their trains. The station’s rich history and beautiful colonial architecture have also made it a popular tourist attraction, and it continues to serve as an essential part of Pakistan’s transportation network.

Trains at Hyderabad Railway Station:

The detailed descriptions of trains currently in use at the Hyderabad Railway station are:

Train NameCodeArrivalDeparture
10DN Allama Iqbal ExpressSialkot to Karachi Cantt10DN05:30:0005:35:00
11UP Hazara ExpressKarachi City to Havelian11UP08:50:0009:00:00
12DN Hazara ExpressHavelian to Karachi City12DN20:35:0020:45:00
13UP Awam ExpressKarachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt13UP09:55:0010:00:00
145UP Sukkur ExpressKarachi City to Jacobabad145UP02:05:0002:13:00
146DN Sukkur ExpressJacobabad to Karachi City146DN03:35:0003:40:00
149UP Mehran ExpressKarachi City to Mirpur Khas Jn149UP19:00:0019:10:00
14DN Awam ExpressPeshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt14DN15:40:0015:45:00
150DN Mehran ExpressMirpur Khas Jn to Karachi City150DN06:15:0006:25:00
151UP Shah Latif ExpressDabheji to Mirpur Khas Jn151UP10:20:0010:25:00
152DN Shah Latif ExpressMirpur Khas Jn to Mirpur Khas Jn152DN18:10:0018:20:00
155UP Saman Sarkar ExpressHyderabad Jn to Mirpur Khas Jn155UP 15:45:00
156DN Saman Sarkar ExpressMirpur Khas Jn to Hyderabad Jn156DN11:40:00 
15UP Karachi ExpressKarachi Cantt to Lahore15UP18:40:0018:48:00
167UP TALIBGARANECHAL MADINAKarachi Cantt to Lahore167UP09:10:0009:12:00
168DN TALIBGARANECHAL MADINALahore to Karachi Cantt168DN11:38:0011:40:00
169UP MOHADDISEAZAMKarachi Cantt to Faisalabad169UP10:20:0010:22:00
16DN Karachi ExpressLahore to Karachi Cantt16DN08:15:0008:20:00
170DN MOHADDISEAZAMFaisalabad to Karachi Cantt170DN09:20:0009:22:00
171UP 14TH EID SPECIALKotri to Mirpur Khas Jn171UP20:00:0020:10:00
172DN 15TH EID SPECIALMirpur Khas Jn to Kotri172DN05:50:0006:00:00
17UP Millat ExpressKarachi Cantt to Lala Musa17UP19:20:0019:28:00
18DN Millat ExpressLala Musa to Karachi Cantt18DN07:25:0007:30:00
1UP Khyber MailKarachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt1UP00:40:0000:50:00
25UP Bahauddin Zakria ExpressKarachi City to Multan Cantt25UP20:35:0020:50:00
26DN Bahauddin Zakria ExpressMultan Cantt to Karachi City26DN05:05:0005:10:00
27UP Shalimar ExpressKarachi Cantt to Lahore27UP08:25:0008:30:00
28DN Shalimar ExpressLahore to Karachi Cantt28DN23:10:0023:15:00
2DN Khyber MailPeshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt2DN02:25:0002:35:00
31UP Jinnah ExpressKarachi Cantt to Lahore31UP17:10:0017:12:00
32DN Jinnah ExpressLahore to Karachi Cantt32DN04:55:0004:57:00
33UP Pak Business ExpressKarachi Cantt to Lahore33UP18:10:0018:15:00
34DN Pak Business ExpressLahore to Karachi Cantt34DN07:55:0008:00:00
35UP Sir Sayyed ExpressKarachi Cantt to Rawalpindi35UP23:20:0023:25:00
36DN Sir Sayyed ExpressRawalpindi to Karachi Cantt36DN09:35:0009:40:00
37UP Fareed ExpressKarachi City to Lahore37UP22:25:0022:40:00
38DN Fareed ExpressLahore to Karachi City38DN04:05:0004:15:00
41UP Karakoram ExpressKarachi Cantt to Lahore41UP17:40:0017:45:00
42DN Karakoram ExpressLahore to Karachi Cantt42DN06:30:0006:35:00
43UP Shah Hussain ExpressKarachi Cantt to Lahore43UP21:40:0021:45:00
44DN Shah Hussain ExpressLahore to Karachi Cantt44DN12:10:0012:15:00
45UP Pakistan ExpressKarachi Cantt to Rawalpindi45UP15:17:0015:25:00
46DN Pakistan ExpressRawalpindi to Karachi Cantt46DN05:47:0005:51:00
47UP Rehman Baba ExpressKarachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt47UP12:20:0012:25:00
48DN Rehman Baba ExpressPeshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt48DN11:53:0011:58:00
5UP Green LineKarachi Cantt to Margala5UP00:05:0000:10:00
6DN Green LineMargala to Karachi Cantt6DN10:50:0010:55:00
7UP TezgamKarachi Cantt to Rawalpindi7UP19:40:0019:48:00
81UP 1ST EIDULFITR SPECIALKarachi City to Peshawar Cantt81UP17:10:0017:15:00
83UP 2ND EID SPECIALKarachi Cantt to Lahore83UP21:05:0021:10:00
84DN 3RD EID SPECIALLahore to Karachi Cantt84DN06:03:0006:05:00
8DN TezgamRawalpindi to Karachi Cantt8DN05:45:0006:50:00
91UP 3RD Eid SpecialKarachi City to Rawalpindi91UP23:00:0023:10:00
95UP Special TrainKarachi Cantt to Margala95UP11:40:0011:45:00
96DN Special TrainMargala to Karachi Cantt96DN21:50:0021:55:00
99UPUP TESTLahore to Karachi Cantt99UPUP08:00:0008:10:00

Facilities at Hyderabad Railway Station:

The station has several amenities to make the waiting time of the passengers more comfortable. There are several waiting rooms, including air-conditioned lounges, where passengers can relax and wait for their train. The station also has restrooms and several food and beverage vendors, offering travelers a range of snacks and drinks. Also, there is a baggage room where passengers can store their luggage while waiting for their train.

Regarding safety and security, the station is well-equipped with CCTV cameras, fire alarms, and other safety systems to ensure the safety of passengers and their belongings. The station is also staffed by security personnel trained to respond to emergencies and keep the station secure. One of the main challenges facing the station is its limited capacity, as the number of passengers using it has increased significantly in recent years. To address this issue, the government has announced plans to upgrade the station and expand its facilities to accommodate the growing number of travelers. This includes the construction of additional platforms and waiting rooms and expanding the ticketing and baggage facilities.

Nearest Railway Stations:

There are a few Railway Stations near the Hyderabad Railway Station. Their Names are as follows:

  • Detha railway station
  • Gidu railway station
  • Husri railway station
  • Khatian Road railway station
  • Rahuki railway station

Hotels Near Hyderabad Railway Station:

Hotel Indus is one of the hotels near Hyderabad railway station, among others.

The other famous hotels near the Hyderabad station are Hotel Crown Hyderabad, one commonly known hotel. It Is being used by hundreds of individuals who are far from home and have to wait for the next passenger train while they shop or visit Hyderabad. Some of the other Hotels are:

  • Hotel Paradise Lounge
  • Sagar Inn Guest House
  • Friends Guest House
  • Jannat Guest House
  • Auto Bahn Guest House
  • Embassy Guest House
  • Hotel Mid City
  • Moon Light Guest House
  • The Palace Suites
  • The Host Luxury Hotel
  • Sada Bahar Hotel
  • Mawadda Inn


Hyderabad railway station is in the middle of the city, so transportation is not an issue. People around the city and nearby areas use public transport or the uber service. Many people drive directly to the Railway station using their vehicles. Many go on motorbikes to drop off or pick up their friends and family. Transportation to and from the Station is easy, and many options are available for everyone. You have several taxi and rickshaw options where the passenger can bargain for the best price.

Contact Number

Hyderabad railway station phone number is connected via landline at 117, the official helpline of Pakistan railway, and further redirects a person to a respective railway station with which the person has any concern. Today with the internet, you can easily lodge an online complaint using the platforms. The authorities are responsive and help the people with their problems with due deference.

Where is Hyderabad Railway Station located?

Hyderabad Junction railway station is located in the city of Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan, along the coordinates of: 25.3811°N and 68.37349891662598°E


In conclusion, because of the facts established, Hyderabad Railway Station has always served as a significant transportation means that plays an essential role in connecting the people of Hyderabad and the surrounding areas to the rest of the country. Despite its age, the station continues to be well-maintained and equipped with modern facilities and services to ensure passengers’ comfort and safety. With plans to upgrade and expand the station, it will likely continue to serve as a vital transportation hub for years.