Gujrat Railway Station

Railway station Gujrat is a historic transportation hub in the heart of Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan. It is a crucial part of the country’s railway network and is a significant link between Gujrat and other regional cities. Gujrat station has operated for over a century and witnessed the country’s railway transportation evolution. The station building, constructed during the British colonial era, is a classic example of colonial-style architecture. Its red-brick exterior, white columns and spacious interior are reminiscent of the colonial period and give the station a unique charm. The Gujrat Railway Station building has been well-preserved over the years and continues to serve as a landmark in Gujrat. It is one of the very important Railway Stations in Pakistan.

The Gujrat Railway Station has modern facilities and amenities to ensure passengers’ comfortable and convenient journey. Several waiting rooms, restrooms, and a refreshment room are available for passengers, along with several shops and stalls selling food, drinks, and other essentials. The station also has a large parking lot for vehicles, making it easy for travelers to park and board their trains.

About Gujrat Railway Station

Gujrat Railway Station today is a significant transportation station, with several trains passing daily. The most popular trains are the Jammu Express, the Rawalpindi Express, and the Lahore Express, which connect Gujrat to other major cities in the country, including Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Karachi. These trains are known for punctuality and comfort and are famous for travelers.

In addition to passenger trains, the station handles much freight traffic, including agricultural products, industrial goods, and raw materials. The station has several sidings and marshaling yards for taking freight trains, and it is equipped with modern loading and unloading facilities to ensure the efficient movement of goods.

The safety and security of passengers and goods are paramount at this railway station. The station is monitored by railway security personnel 24 hours a day. Several security cameras are installed at strategic points around the station to ensure the safety of passengers and goods. In addition, the station is equipped with fire-fighting equipment and other safety facilities to ensure the safety of passengers and goods in an emergency.

Over the years, the Pakistan Railways has made several improvements to the Gujrat Railway Station to upgrade its facilities and operational efficiency. This includes upgrading the signaling and communication systems, renovating the station building, and installing new facilities and amenities. These upgrades have helped to improve the efficiency of train operations and have made the station a more comfortable and convenient place for passengers. The Gujrat Railway Station is an integrated transportation hub for the local community. The station is a source of employment for many people and provides a vital link between Gujrat and other regions’ cities. The station also serves as a hub for cultural and social activities, with several events and festivals being held annually.

Operating Trains at Gujrat Railway Station

Gujrat, Pakistan, is home to the Gujrat Railway Station. Twenty-two trains run from Gujrat station to various locations throughout the nation. The 102dn Subak Raftar, 103up Subak Kharam, 104dn Subak Kharam, 109up Rawalpindi Express, 110dn Rawalpindi Express, 13up Awam Express, 14dn Awam Express, 1up Khyber Mail, and 2dn Khyber Mail are some of the well-known trains that run from the station. Pakistan Railways is in charge of all these trains. The detailed information is as follows:

Train NameCodeArrivalDeparture
101UP Subak RaftarLahore to Rawalpindi101UP08:49:0008:51:00
102DN Subak RaftarRawalpindi to Lahore102DN09:56:0009:58:00
103UP Subak KharamLahore to Rawalpindi103UP18:16:0018:18:00
104DN Subak KharamRawalpindi to Lahore104DN19:54:0019:56:00
109UP Rawalpindi ExpressLahore to Rawalpindi109UP21:02:0021:04:00
110DN Rawalpindi ExpressRawalpindi to Lahore110DN22:12:0022:14:00
13UP Awam ExpressKarachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt13UP09:14:0009:16:00
14DN Awam ExpressPeshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt14DN15:37:0015:39:00
1UP Khyber MailKarachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt1UP22:13:0022:15:00
2DN Khyber MailPeshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt2DN04:58:0005:00:00
35UP Sir Sayyed ExpressKarachi Cantt to Rawalpindi35UP16:50:0016:52:00
36DN Sir Sayyed ExpressRawalpindi to Karachi Cantt36DN16:10:0016:16:00
39UP Jaffar ExpressQuetta to Peshawar Cantt39UP10:45:0010:47:00
40DN Jaffar ExpressPeshawar Cantt to Quetta40DN13:28:0013:30:00
45UP Pakistan ExpressKarachi Cantt to Rawalpindi45UP11:49:0011:51:00
46DN Pakistan ExpressRawalpindi to Karachi Cantt46DN09:14:0009:16:00
7UP TezgamKarachi Cantt to Rawalpindi7UP15:07:0015:09:00
8DN TezgamRawalpindi to Karachi Cantt8DN11:10:0011:12:00
91UP 3RD Eid SpecialKarachi City to Rawalpindi91UP18:32:0018:34:00
93UP 1st EID SPECIALQuetta to Peshawar Cantt93UP11:18:0011:20:00

Transportation to Gujrat Railway Station

The Gujrat Railway Station in Pakistan can be reached through various modes of transportation. Some of the popular options include:

Taxis are readily available for hire and can take you directly to the railway station.

Auto-Rickshaws – These are a cheaper alternative to taxis and are widely available throughout the city.

Buses – The local bus service operates regular services to and from the railway station.

Private Cars – If you have your vehicle, you can drive to the railway station and park in the designated parking area.

Regardless of the mode of transportation, it’s advisable to plan your journey and allow sufficient time to reach the railway station on time for your train. The train station has vans and vehicles of types waiting around it, so passengers can easily find a car of their choice.

Facilities at Gujrat Railway Station

The Gujrat Railway Station in Pakistan offers a range of facilities to make the travel experience of its passengers comfortable and convenient. Some of the facilities available include:

Ticketing – There is a ticketing office at the railway station where passengers can purchase tickets for their desired trains. The ticketing office is equipped with appropriate 21st-century technology and other online facilities, so today, as compared to the times when this Railway station in the past has been through, the whole ticketing process is made considerably subtle, easily accessible, convenient, supportive, and fast.

Waiting Rooms – The station has several rooms equipped with seating arrangements for passengers to wait for their trains. Worn-out travelers and usual passengers welcome the waiting area. The vast space has seating for many people who can stay, nap, carry their lunch, have some desi tea, or talk with friends. The Railway station is constructed in the ideal open area of Gujrat, so people need not worry about not getting signals on their phones. The waiting room is also used by poor people when passenger traffic is low, so it is utilized by the public greatly for general convenience.

Food and Beverage Stalls – There are food and beverage stalls at the railway station where passengers can purchase refreshments and snacks. Here you can take the desi Pakistani tea and also green Tea. People visit the booths for magazines and other stuff to occupy themselves when waiting for trains, friends, or relatives, but regardless everyone welcomes a cup of fresh Tea.

Restrooms – Clean and functional bathrooms are available at the railway station for the convenience of passengers. Toilets are maintained by organized staff, keeping them clean for passengers waiting for trains.

Parking – The railway station has a designated parking area for private vehicles. This area is typically used by relatives who come to pick up their loved ones who have just gotten off trains. The parking area can maintain cars of all sorts.

Luggage Storage – Luggage storage facilities are also available at the railway station for passengers with large or heavy baggage.

Information Desk – An information desk is at the railway station to assist passengers with queries or concerns.

Overall, the facilities at Gujrat Railway Station aim to provide passengers with a comfortable and stress-free travel experience. 

Gujrat Railway Station Online Booking Procedure

For online booking, one has to go to the online site of Pakrailways, which can be found on Google. You first must sign up for your account by giving in all the necessary data. After this, you are notified about your account on your phone number.

After the booking, you must show the sms to the ticketing staff at the respective railway station for confirmation. So you need to keep the sms on your phone, with your data and especially CNC, during the online booking

The process is referred to as E-ticketing and can be found easily at: 

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Station Contact Number

The default contact number of Pakistan Railways, 117, redirects any respective railway station within the country.


The railway station is a well-known destination at the Staff Galla, Gujrat, Punjab.


Which train goes from Karachi to Gujrat?

Awam Express, Khyber Mail, Sir Syed Express, Pakistan Express, and Tezgam Express trains go from Karachi to Gujrat according to their daily schedules.

Which train goes from Rawalpindi to Gujrat

Awam Express, Khyber Mail, Sir Syed Express, Pakistan Express, and Tezgam Express travel to Rawalpindi From Gujrat daily.


Gujrat Railway Station is a historic transportation hub that has played a crucial role in developing railway transportation in Pakistan. It’s well-preserved colonial-era building, modern facilities, and strong safety record make it a popular choice for travelers and a valuable asset for the local community. The station is an essential link between Gujrat and other regional cities and continues to play a vital role in the region’s development.

Today among many other transportation means available, this railway station can only maintain a clear schedule and consistent speed between cities, which the passengers can precisely time. Since its conception, the Gujrat railway station has allowed hundreds of thousands of individuals to maintain contact with distant relatives by keeping consistent means of railway transportation. Today, with better technology, the Gujrat railway station is one of the most trustworthy transportation means at the lowest cost.