Gujranwala Railway Station

The Importance of Railway Stations of the Sub-continent has allowed great things to take place for the people of Pakistan and India. Many victorian-styled Railway Stations in Pakistan mark the presence and fortification of British outposts in these two countries during the previous century. These Railway Stations have, for decades, made long-distance travel for people possible by providing them with very accessible facilities and onboard sleeping areas. The Railway Stations, which mark the aforementioned British era in the Sub-continent or, more precisely, in pre-independence Pakistan, are much admired and are currently used by millions. Pakistan Railways operates several railway stations, connecting major cities and towns. Gujranwala Railway Station is a railway station in Gujranwala city of  Pakistan. It is operated by Pakistan Railways and serves as a significant stop on the main line connecting Lahore and Karachi. It is one of the most important railway stations in Pakistan. It allows many people to travel to their destination by allowing multiple train schedules. Arrival and departure are seamless and straightforward. Whether traveling alone or having a family, you can plan your trip without worrying. The Station offers various facilities, including ticketing, baggage storage, and a waiting room. It also has several trains running to major cities in Pakistan, such as Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Multan.

Gujranwala Railway Station Details

Gujranwala Railway Station is used by trains, including cargo and non-passenger trains. Some of Pakistan’s best train lines pass through and are stationed at the Gujranwala Railway Station. Being the fifth largest city in the country, Gujranwala, Pakistan, harbors one of the biggest Railway Stations in the country, i.e., Gujranwala Railway Station. Twenty trains leave from Gujranwala Station towards various places around the nation. The 102dn Subak Raftar, 103up Subak Kharam, 104dn Subak Kharam, 109up Rawalpindi Express, 110dn Rawalpindi Express, 117up Pindi Express, 118dn Pindi Express, 13up Awam Express, and 14dn Awam Express are some of the well-known trains that run from the Station. Pakistan Railways is in charge of all these trains.

Gujranwala Railway Station Contact Number is available for all inquiries concerning luggage, ticket cost, delays, or any other technical or personal problems. The Station is located at Gujranwala Railway Station at House2 street1, Gill Rd, Akram Colony Gujranwala, 52205, Pakistan, West Punjab.

The Station code for Gujranwala Railway Station is GRW at the landline contact of (055) 6608769.

The ISIC Code for The Gujranwala Railway Station is: 5221

The staff or government officials can be contacted at the official Website of Railway services in Pakistan at:

About Gujranwala Railway Station

As mentioned above, the major Pakistani railway stop Gujranwala is run by Pakistan Railways. Being the largest Railway station in one of the most populated and prominent cities of Pakistan has earned the Gujranwala Railway Station considerable prestige. The Railway Station is situated in the Punjabi province’s Gujranwala city, in the main town where it is most accessible to thousands of individuals who travel long distances. The Station is a significant stop on the main line between Lahore and Karachi. It is also connected to other critical Pakistani cities like Rawalpindi, Multan, and Faisalabad. So, being interconnected across states, the beautifully constructed railway line connects cities and allows people to make their long or short journeys throughout the country in perfect solace.

The Station provides travelers several amenities, including ticketing, luggage storage, and a waiting area. It also offers several trains that travel to important Pakistani cities like Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Multan. The railway station in Gujranwala serves as a vital transportation center of the town and the surrounding area, connecting it to other regions of the nation and supporting its economic and social growth. Over the years, the need for quick transport made itself ever in want through the pleading of the common folk who cannot afford more luxurious transportation. The government of Pakistan has taken progressive measures to ensure the upgrades in safety, reliability, and facilities of this particular railway station.


The Station is at Gujranwala Railway Station at House2 street1, Gill Road, Akram Colony Gujranwala, 52205, Pakistan, West Punjab.

Station Building & Facilities

Compared to a few decades since its conception, the railway station, as travelers find it today, is much better. The availability of modern technology and its uses extended further to health, food, resting places, and restrooms. Waiting for classes, sitting areas, children’s safety, anti-terror measures, security against thieves, luggage protection, data reliability, affordable food and drinks, budget fares, and a lot of other things have been made appropriately helpful to the common folk. The public of Pakistan, like any nation, craves basic human needs. Almost all such requirements are now catered to at the Gujranwala Railway Station. Thousands of people board each available express train at this Railway Station daily, so the constant cycle of to and fro motion. The needs of passengers and the availability of certain facilities are made an absolute certainty, which is why most of the time, people do not need to worry about their want for such facilities.

Operating Trains & Timings

The following chart covers the Gujranwala to Lahore Train Timing and the available trains with their respective codes:

Train NameArrivalDeparture
Awam Express (dn)- Gujranwala17:05:0017:10:00
Awam Express (up)- Gujranwala6:45:006:50:00
Babu Passenger (dn)- Gujranwala5:35:005:37:00
Babu Passenger (up)- Gujranwala18:06:0018:08:00
Islamabad Express (dn)- Gujranwala21:13:0021:17:00
Islamabad Express (up)- Gujranwala18:53:0018:57:00
Jaffar Express (dn)- Gujranwala12:45:0012:47:00
Jaffar Express (up)- Gujranwala8:25:008:27:00
Khyber Mail (dn)- Gujranwala6:10:006:15:00
Khyber Mail (up)- Gujranwala21:10:0021:15:00
Peshawar Mixed (dn)- Gujranwala2:15:002:25:00
Peshawar Mixed (up)- Gujranwala0:15:000:25:00
Shah Latif Express (dn)- Gujranwala8:29:008:31:00
Shah Latif Express (up)- Gujranwala19:52:0019:54:00
Subak Khram Express (dn)- Gujranwala10:40:0010:42:00
Subak Khram Express (up)- Gujranwala17:25:0017:27:00
Tezgam (dn)- Gujranwala11:50:0011:55:00
Tezgam (up)- Gujranwala13:55:0014:00:00

Transportation to Gujranwala Station

Every transportation carrier, from buses to vans and taxis, knows the location of Gujranwala Railway Station. The Station can be easily reached through local transport, but If you are being dropped off, the Station is also very easily found on digital maps.

The precise coordinates of the Gujranwala railway Station are: 32.1767° N, 74.1876° E

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Railway Station Gujranwala Contact Number

The landline contact of the authorities at Gujranwala railway Station is (055) 6608769.


Which train goes from Gujranwala to Lahore

The following trains go from Gujranwala to Lahore daily: Awam Express, Khyber Mail, Rawalpindi Express, Jaffar Express, Subak Kharram, Subak Raftar, and Tezgam Express.

How much is the ticket cost to Lahore from Gujranwala by Train?

The ticket prices of each train going to Lahore vary between 200 and 450 rupees. The train with the lowest price is Awam express, and the highest price, i.e., of Tezgam express, is 450 rupees per head.


Like other famous railway stations of Pakistan, Gujranwala railway station holds importance in the Pakistan railway chain. Being a huge city, it has multiple trains and schedules, allowing people from all over the city to plan their travel easily. Numerous options enable people to travel at their own pace without worrying about missing the train. For longer journeys, it is better to book ahead of time and reach the railway station on time because the timing of arrival and departure may vary for long routes and on special occasions.