Faisalabad Railway Station

The Faisalabad railway station is one of Pakistan’s most used and respected. Since being in one of the country’s biggest cities, thousands have used it since its construction. Lyallpur Railway Station is another name for Faisalabad Railway Station. The Layllpur Railway Station, commonly known as the Faisalabad train station, provides all the essential amenities, such as a large space parking area and different reservation offices used for ticket purchases (the reservation offices are also responsible for any booking online or otherwise), food, drink, and bookstalls on the platforms, among other things. Twenty-six trains leave from the Faisalabad station for various places around the nation. The Akbar Express, Badar Express, Christmas Special Express, Faisal Express, and Faisalabad Express are well-known trains that leave Faisalabad train station.

History of Faisalabad Railway Station

The Faisalabad train station was constructed in 1896, a year under British control. Thousands of people from cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, and many others use the Railway station Faisalabad. People from all the major and lesser-known cities and towns have access to Pakistan through the Faisalabad Railway Station. The building is lavishly designed in the popular Western architecture style of the Victorian times. The grand entrance to the railway station was designed according to the ancient Greek style, with long pillars and smaller ones on either side supporting the building. This method was adopted by the great Western architects in the middle ages, down to the Renaissance, and from the Renaissance to the Victorian era. The original style can still be seen in the remains of the Acropolis and Parthenon in Greece.

The British and many a ruler and diplomatic ambassadors used this railway station. The Faisalabad train station bears cultural and well as historical significance. This beautiful building which today is also a reminder of the British stay here on the subcontinent, was finished in 1896. and ever since, it has served as a transportation means for hundreds of thousands of people from India and Pakistan.

Location of Faisalabad Railway Station

The Faisalabad Railway Station is located at the Line of the Khanewal-Wazirabad Branch and operates seven platforms.

The precise location of the Faisalabad Railway Station is Rajbah Road, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000, Pakistan.

The exact Coordinates of the Faisalabad Railway Station are          31°25′02″N 73°05′48″E.

Ever since the establishment of the Ministry of Pakistan Railways, it has been owned by the Pakistan government.

Trains and Timings which Stay at Faisalabad Station

As mentioned above, the Faisalabad railway station is one of Pakistan’s oldest, most prominent, and most used. So naturally, with the size, the number of trains harbored at a Railway station increases considerably. Currently, 29 trains leave from the Faisalabad station for various places around the nation. The 112dn Badar Express, 113up Ghouri Express, 114dn Ghouri Express, 161up 5th Eid Special, 162dn 6th Eid Special, 163up 8th Eid Special, 164dn 7th Eid Special, 165up 9th Eid Special, and 166dn 10th Eid Special are some of the well-known trains that operate out of the station. Pakistan Railways is in charge of all these trains. Below are included the train numbers, timetable, their followed routes, and other details:

Train NameArrivalDeparture
Akbar Express Via Fsld (dn)- Faisalabad18:55:0019:00:00
Akbar Express Via Fsld (up)- Faisalabad6:50:006:55:00
Badar Express (dn)- Faisalabad 5:30:00
Badar Express (up)- Faisalabad21:35:00 
Bahawalpur Express (dn)- Faisalabad22:55:0023:25:00
Bahawalpur Express (up)- Faisalabad2:00:002:30:00
Dachi Fast (dn)- Faisalabad 4:45:00
Dachi Fast (up)- Faisalabad16:35:00 
Faisal Express (dn)- Faisalabad 10:50:00
Faisal Express (up)- Faisalabad9:40:00 
Faisalabad – Wazirabad Jn Fast (up)- Faisalabad 7:30:00
Faisalabad – Wazirabad Jn Fast 2 (dn)- Faisalabad 16:15:00
Ghouri Express (dn)- Faisalabad 15:35:00
Ghouri Express (up)- Faisalabad11:30:00 
Karakoram Express (dn)- Faisalabad17:55:0018:00:00
Karakoram Express (up)- Faisalabad7:25:007:30:00
Mari Indus (dn)- Faisalabad2:50:003:20:00
Mari Indus (up)- Faisalabad22:30:0023:00:00
Millat Express (dn)- Faisalabad15:30:0016:00:00
Millat Express (up)- Faisalabad8:45:009:15:00
Multan Express (dn)- Faisalabad 15:00:00
Multan Express (up)- Faisalabad11:30:00 
Night Coach (via Faisalabad) (dn)- Faisalabad20:55:0021:00:00
Night Coach (via Faisalabad) (up)- Faisalabad11:05:0011:10:00
Pakistan Express (dn)- Faisalabad13:15:0013:45:00
Pakistan Express (up)- Faisalabad6:35:007:05:00
Passenger (dn)- Faisalabad10:20:00 
Passenger (up)- Faisalabad 14:30:00
Shalimar Express (dn)- Faisalabad7:55:008:00:00
Shalimar Express (up)- Faisalabad22:20:0022:25:00
Super Express (dn)- Faisalabad21:20:0021:50:00
Super Express (up)- Faisalabad6:20:006:50:00
Tipu Sultan Express (dn)- Faisalabad 19:15:00
Tipu Sultan Express (up)- Faisalabad18:15:00 
Wazirabad Mixed (dn)- Faisalabad15:25:00 
Wazirabad Mixed (up)- Faisalabad 5:10:00

Faisalabad to Lahore train timing through Faisalabad Express is as follows:

FaisalabadStarting point2:00 PM
Sangla Hill                                                2:35 PM2:37 PM
Safdarabad2:53 PM2:55 PM
Qila Sheikhupura3:28 PM3:30 PM
Lahore Railway Junction4:20 PM4:25 PM

Facilities at Faisalabad Railway Station

Like Pakistan’s most developed railway stations, the Faisalabad station offers several basic facilities for people and their children. There are bookstalls for magazines or short stories to pass the time and stalls for coffee and desi Pakistani tea, which everyone loves. Some canteens also serve green diet teas. Besides this, there are snack shops for kids and adults. WCs are also in the railway station area, with places to rest, nap, and enjoy the weather.

How do I book train tickets online?

Since the advent of the internet and online transferring, many things have become possible that weren’t possible when the Faisalabad railway station was first constructed. One of the great perks of modern technology is to get your name reserved for future traveling before making your way to the railway station. Pakistan government has launched such a system online, which helps you to book your place and ticket before going to the station yourself from anywhere in the country if you have an internet connection.

All you have to do is to go to the official Pakistan railway site https://www.pakrail.gov.pk which government officials run.

On the site, you can inquire about anything regarding the Electric ticketing system, which is available in the category of E-Ticketing. First, a person trying to get their seat reserved on any railway express is asked to register their account on the site with their phone number or email. After this process, you will have to enter a password of your choice for security purposes so that no one else besides you can access your data on your phone or computer.

E-ticketing is much easier after this; one must enter their address with CNIC and name to sign in. The official confirmation message is sent to your phone number after registering for the reservation on the abovementioned site. It is essential to keep your data with you, and the confirmation message sent by the website on your phone will be shown to the employee in the ticket office when you arrive at the station. So it is essential to keep your phone and the confirmation message with you so that the officials can confirm your entry, reservation, and payment.

Nearest Railway Stations

All other significant railway stations near the Faisalabad central railway station in the district are as follows:

  • Abbaspur railway station
  • Buchiana railway station
  • Chak Ibrahim Bhatti railway station
  • Chak Jhumra West Cabin railway station
  • Chak Turan railway station
  • Faisalabad Dry Port railway station
  • Faisalabad railway station
  • Gatti railway station
  • Jaranwala railway station
  • Jhok Ditta railway station
  • Kanjwani railway station
  • Kot Daya Kishen railway station
  • Kot Khair Din Halt railway station
  • Mamu Kanjan railway station
  • Mandi Rahme Shah railway station
  • Manjula Bagh railway station
  • Nishatabad railway station
  • Risalewala railway station
  • Samanabad railway station
  • Sar Shamir Road railway station
  • Sultan Nagar railway station
  • Tandliawala railway station and,
  • Tariqabad railway station

How to reach Faisalabad Railway Station?

Faisalabad Railway station Is located at Faisalabad, Station Rd, Railway Colony, Faisalabad, Punjab 54000. The distance to Faisalabad from Karachi is well over 1 thousand kilometers, so it can take almost half of the day, i.e., 12 hours, to get there from Karachi. 

Faisalabad Railway Station Contact Number:

The official Faisalabad railway station contact number for undue circumstances is 117, which can be used for all reservations and inquiries. This number is given out by the government official of Pakistan, who is responsible for operating all railway stations in Pakistan. You can directly contact an operator to enquire about your needs and ask questions on this number.


Which train goes from Faisalabad to Lahore?

Every day the following trains leave Faisalabad for Lahore: Faisalabad Express, Karakoram Express, Akbar Express, Shah Hussain Night Coach, Badar Express, Shalimar Express, and Ghouri Express.

What is the length of the train route from Lahore to Faisalabad?

It takes about 2 hours for all trains (approximately) to get from Lahore to Faisalabad. The total distance between the two cities is 180 kilometers.


Today the Faisalabad railway station makes easy transportation possible for thousands of people. Over time since it was first built, it has gotten millions over long distances of land to their loved ones. The railway train tracks are kept free of all usual car traffic, and thus a train runs way faster than any land vehicle. The distance covered by a train’s expected speed seems double by a motorbike or a car. Every person from one end of the country gets on from one station to get off at another, and all of these people are offered a wide range of facilities to make their journey easy. The Faisalabad railway station has the prestige of being one of the most used and most efficient railway stations in Pakistan.