Chichawatni Railway Station

It is a small Railway station located at an elevation of 165 meters in the Sahiwal District of Punjab. Chichawatni Railway Station is a transportation hub for the town and nearby areas. People from nearby areas also use this railway station for their travel plans. The railway station has different trains and routes for many parts of the country, making commuting easy for people from all parts of the town.

Chichawatni Railway Station is one of the main railway stations in Pakistan.

About Chichawatni Railway Station:

Many railway stations in Pakistan were established before 1918, and many such stations needed to be maintained and renovated. Chichawatni Railway Station is also an example because, in 1918, the town of Chichawatni did not exist. At the time, there was a town called Chichwatni (presently called Purani Chichawatni or old Chichawatni). This settlement was 5 km north of Pakistan’s Primary Rail route line. In 1918 a rail route station on the north side of the Rail line was developed for Purani Chichawatni; neighboring the Railway line in the north is the Chichwatni forest.

 As a result of this new Chichawatni was moved toward the south side of the Railway line. In 1927 another station was established on a similar north side. Still, the number of inhabitants in the new Chichawatni spread exclusively along the south side because there is a big forest toward the north. While the station of 1927 was still on some far side of the new city. Individuals needed to venture out a great deal to arrive at the station of 1927. Because of individual endeavors of neighborhood MNA Rai Azizullah Khan (MP)(2002-2007), the venture was endorsed by the Head of the state Zafarullah Jamali and the public authority laid out another rail line station on the right half of the city. Pakistan Railroad had ignored the region until July 2007, when another rail route station was laid out.

Now the Chichawatni Railway Station is nicely built and clean and offers excellent transport facilities for passengers. The locals appreciate and like the simple and clean railway station as it makes commuting easy.

Trains at Chichawatni Railway Station:

Following are the train names that arrive and depart from Chichawatni Railway Station. Awam Express, Allama Iqbal Express, Tezgam Express, Jaffar Express, and Khyber Mail are famous trains from Chichawatni. Chichawatni station works 11 trains to various urban areas of the country. The renowned trains worked from the station are 115up Musa Pak Express, 13up Awam Express, 14dn Awam Express, 1up Khyber Mail, 2dn Khyber Mail, 39up Jaffar Express, 40dn Jaffar Express, 7up Tezgam, and 8dn Tezgam. The Pakistan Rail route oversees this multitude of trains.

Train Routes:

Following are the train names, along with their arrival and departure timing. Check the timing before booking the ticket and leaving for the train station. Several times trains have unannounced delays, which can cause hassle and waiting time.

Train NameCodeArrivalDeparture
10DN Allama Iqbal ExpressSialkot to Karachi Cantt 10DN15:50:0015:52:00
9UP Allama Iqbal Express Karachi Cantt to Sialkot9DN06:05:0006:07:00
115UP Musa Pak ExpressMultan Cantt to Lahore115UP17:43:0017:45:00
13UP Awam ExpressKarachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt13UP02:55:0002:57:00
14DN Awam ExpressPeshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt14DN22:26:0022:28:00
1UP Khyber MailKarachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt1UP15:30:0015:32:00
2DN Khyber MailPeshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt 2DN11:28:0011:30:00
39UP Jaffar ExpressQuetta to Peshawar Cantt39UP04:45:0004:47:00
40DN Jaffar ExpressPeshawar Cantt to Quetta40DN19:33:0019:35:00
7UP TezgamKarachi Cantt to Rawalpindi7UP09:20:0009:22:00
8DN TezgamRawalpindi to Karachi Cantt8DN16:47:0016:49:00

Facilities at Station:

The Chichawatni Railway Station is a small but clean and spacious railway station. The building is friendly and straightforward, presenting visitors with a cleaner look. There are waiting areas, ticket counters, information desk, and food stalls inside the Railway station, so the passengers don’t have to worry about necessities. The waiting room has benches and chairs so passengers can sit while waiting for their train. The train schedule board is also displayed at the railway station, where passengers can check arrivals and departure timings.

The Railway Station is equipped with everything one could need during their arrival or departure from the railway station. You can also buy your ticket at the railway station counter, but it is advised to purchase tickets in advance to avoid any hassle, especially during the holidays and Eid days. The station and ticket counters become overly crowded during such times. To prevent panic and longer queues, people prefer to book their tickets in advance, which makes the process easier.

How to Reach Chichawatni Station?

You can use public transport like a rickshaw and taxi service to reach the Chichawatni Railway Station or drive to the station in your vehicle. A parking area is available near the station to park your car and drop off your guests. You can use public transport to reach when arriving at the station.

Chichawatni Railway Station Contact Number:

Passengers can call 117, which is a toll-free number for Pakistan Railways. You can get all the information and train schedules in the correct order.

Location of Chichawatni Railway Station:

You can use this location on the map and navigate to the railway station GMPR+243, Station Road, Chichawanti, Sahiwal District, Punjab, Pakistan.


Railways are the most vital transportation services in the country, providing essential services to the people of Chichawatni and the surrounding areas. The station’s facilities and services continue to evolve and improve, ensuring passengers have a comfortable and efficient experience traveling by train. The station’s location, facilities, and services make it an important regional transportation hub, connecting passengers to other cities and towns in Pakistan and beyond. Thousands of passengers use it daily for their longer and shorter commutes.