Chaklala Railway Station

The exceptionally gorgeous Chaklala Railway Station is known for its calm atmosphere. It is on the primary Rawalpindi train route, a relatively quiet place. Just a few trains stop here, and a modest number of travelers utilize this station. Still, a Railroad station is a well-known home base point for neighborhood individuals. In the evening or late afternoons, many individuals stay here to enjoy the weather and surroundings and enjoy at-night tea. If you live in Rawalpindi or nearby areas, you can visit this serene railway station and enjoy an excellent time.

Chaklala Railroad Station is incredibly gorgeous and finished with trees and blossoms. In the evening, numerous families come and invest some quality energy. Individuals walk and play here. At the station, old train photos are shown. 

Short History:

Chaklala Railway Station is in Chak Lala Town, Rawalpindi Area, Punjab Territory, Pakistan. This railroad station was inherent in 1881 by the British government.

There are three platforms at this railroad station. The elevation of Chaklala Railroad Station is approx. 1312 feet. This railroad station is situated on the central line ML1. This station has a different parking spot for waiting passengers. Chaklala rail route station is considerable since it has three platforms and a station building. Chaklala rail line station is a charming railway station since this station is planted with different kinds of plants and blossoms, enormous trees, a grand structure, and beautiful seats.

The stage before the station building has a seating region for travelers, seats, and a shed for shade from sun and rain. On the fundamental structure of Chak Lala Rail route Station, the  Pakistan flag is soaring high in the air at the station.

Location of Chaklala Station:

Chaklala Railway Station is in the middle of the beautiful city of Rawalpindi. It takes its name from Chaklala, which has a military base and air terminal. The location is neat and easy, and the whole aura of the Chaklala station is very calm and peaceful. People nearby often come to the train station for walks and evening tea. The station is very much accessible to everyone.

Building Features:

The Chaklala railway station has a simple and small building, but it has all the necessities a passenger might need at the railway station, from tea stalls to an outdoor and indoor waiting area. The train display board, ticket counter, and information window are also at the Central Station, which is very helpful for passengers. The building is small but very well-maintained and well-preserved. It has all the amenities. The railway station area is very calm as the station is not busy. It is scenic and pleasant because of the greenery and tall trees.

Chaklala rail route station likewise has a bridge to cross one line or go to the opposite side. Chaklala rail line station is between Rawalpindi Rail Line Station and Sihala railway station. Close to Chaklala rail line station is Chaklala airport and which is a military region. A shed has likewise been constructed on the front of the station of the railway station, and Chak Lala is written on the board in Urdu and English. There is a ton of population around the Chak Lala rail route station, where the tracks of the rail line station are laid a little deeper, and the populace is higher.

Trains and Routes:

Chaklala railway station is located in Chak Lala, Pakistan. Chak Lala station operates 17 trains to different cities in the country. The famous trains run from the station are 102dn Subak Raftar, 103up Subak Kharam, 104dn Subak Kharam, 105up Rawal Express, 107up Islamabad Express, 108dn Islamabad Express, 109up Rawalpindi Express, 110dn Rawalpindi Express, and 117up Pindi Express. All these trains are managed by Pakistan Railways. Trains that stop at this Railway Station are as below:

Train NameChak Lala Arrival TimeChak Lala Departure Time
5UP – Green Line19:0819:10
6DN – Green Line15:5015:52
108DN – Islamabad Express18:0818:10
107UP – Islamabad Express22:1322:15
105UP – Rawal Express04:3804:40
102DN – Subak Raftar7:087:10
101UP – Subak Raftar11:4211:44
103UP – Subak Kharam21:1821:20
104DN – Subak Kharam16:3916:41
12DN – Hazara Express17:2017:22
45UP – Pakistan Express15:0115:03
8DN – Tezgam8:098:11
7UP – Tezgam18:3318:35

Trains that don’t stop at Chaklala Railway Station

Train NamePrevious Station NamePrev. Station ArrivalPrev. Station Departure
14DN – Awam ExpressRawalpindi11:5012:15
13UP – Awam ExpressGujar Khan11:2911:31
11UP – Hazara ExpressGujar Khan10:3310:35
40DN – Jaffar ExpressRawalpindi10:1510:40
39UP – Jaffar ExpressGujar Khan13:2413:26
2DN – Khyber MailRawalpindi1:251:50
1UP – Khyber MailJhelum23:1323:15
46DN – Pakistan Express Rawalpindi 6:00
106DN – Rawal Express Rawalpindi 00:30
47UP – Rehman Baba ExpressLala Musa Jn.6:506:52
48DN – Rehman Baba ExpressRawalpindi14:1014:30
35UP – Sir Sayyed ExpressJhelum17:3217:34
36DN – Sir Sayyed ExpressRawalpindi 13:30

Facilities for Passengers:

Chaklala station is a highly gorgeous rail line station since this is planted with different kinds of plants and blossoms, enormous trees, and lovely structures with seats.

There are parcels of trees on both sides of the railroad line. The front yard of the structure is likewise covered with marble, which adds to this station’s excellence. The station building has again been painted white, and many rooms have been built inside it, including the station ace office, ticket ghar, etc.

Transportation to Chaklala Railway Station:

The Chaklala railway station is in the middle of the city, so transportation is not an issue. People around the town and nearby areas use public transport or the Uber service. Many people drive directly to the Railway station using their vehicles. Many go on motorbikes to drop off or pick up their friends and family. Transportation to and from the Station is easy, and many options are available for everyone. You have several taxi and rickshaw options where the passenger can bargain for the best price.

Chaklala Railway Station Contact Number:

Passengers can call 117, Pakistan railway helpline, for all the train details and schedules.


Chaklala Railway Station has to be one of the most scenic and clean railway stations in Pakistan. It is also essential due to its prime location. The building is old, but it is well-maintained. The entire area is clean, attracting people for walks and tea strolls. People from nearby places come for a walk-in evening and spend some time under the shade of tall trees. Finding transport from the railway station is also very easy, as it is in the middle of the city and multiple options are available. As this station is not busy due to fewer train stops, it is tranquil, unlike other major railway stations in Pakistan.