Bahawalpur Railway Station

The railway is a standard mode of transportation in Pakistan. Many people use it daily to travel to and from their cities. Bahawalpur Railway Station is situated in Bahawalpur City, in Punjab Province. The Railway Station Bahawalpur is located at a height of 385 ft. It is a significant railway station of the Pakistan Railway on Karachi Peshawar’s primary line.

Bahawalpur City holds a significant value in Pakistan and pre-partition history. Nawabs ruled it; hence, many buildings and palaces remain intact in their original condition. Many Palaces owned by Nawabs are under government control, and people need special permits to visit them. Each building is an architectural wonder, with giant domes and grand hallways.

The new three-tiered building of the Bahawalpur Railway Station is a new landmark for the area of Bahawalpur. The rail line station building is in its last development stage, with an expected sticker price of Rs278 million. The Public Coordinated Operations Cell depends on developing the new railroad station building. The Public Designing Administrations Pakistan (NESPAK) is the undertaking advisor. The expected conveyance date to Pakistan Rail lines is June 2019.

The new structure of the Bahawalpur Station traverses 6,080 square feet of storm cellar and a 3,186 sq ft ground floor and is intended to be a cutting-edge office with a complete coverage area of 43,500 sq. ft.


Bahawalpur is a city situated in the Punjab territory of Pakistan. Bahawalpur is the eleventh most significant city in Pakistan by populace per a 2017 census, with a crowd of 762,111. Established in 1748, Bahawalpur was the capital of the previous royal state of Bahawalpur, controlled by the Abbasi group of Nawabs until 1955. The Nawabs left a rich building inheritance, and Bahawalpur is presently known for its landmarks dating from that period. The city lies at the edge of the Cholistan Desert and fills in as the doorway to the close by Lal Suhanra Public Park.

The structure of the Railway station is a central fort. The variety plot is dark tone and white domes, giving a Mughlai engineering look. Travel is likewise accessible 24 hrs. Nonetheless, holding-up regions should be opened appropriately for travelers.,


It is located on the Railway Road, Basti Faridabad, Bahawalpur. It is a prime location in the city, easily accessible for every traveler and locals. Public transport is also available in every part of the city, making the process easy. Due to the grand structure of the train station, it is easy to spot the Bahawalpur train station.

Train Routes

 Each city’s train routes to Bahawalpur vary, but most searched-for and vital courses are from Lahore. Currently, 11 express passenger trains run between Lahore and Bahawalpur daily. Names are of trains which are running between Lahore to Bahawalpur. Awam Express, Allama Iqbal Express, Jaffar Express, Fareed Express, Karachi Express, Khyber Mail, Green Line Express, Pak Business Express, Shah Hussain Express, Shalimar Express, and Tezgam Express train from Lahore to Bahawalpur. You can look for trains from your city to travel to Bahawalpur accordingly. 


Akbar Express Via Fsld (dn)- Bahawalpur23:4023:45
Akbar Express Via Fsld (up)- Bahawalpur1:552:00
Allama Iqbal Express (dn)- Bahawalpur19:0319:08
Allama Iqbal Express (up)- Bahawalpur2:292:34
Awam Express (dn)- Bahawalpur2:382:42
Awam Express (up)- Bahawalpur21:3021:33
Bahauddin Zakria Express (dn)- Bahawalpur17:5518:00
Bahauddin Zakria Express (up)- Bahawalpur7:207:24
Bahawalpur Express (dn)- Bahawalpur5:405:45
Bahawalpur Express (up)- Bahawalpur19:1519:23
Fareed Express (via Samasata) (dn)- Bahawalpur18:1018:15
Fareed Express (via Samasata) (up)- Bahawalpur9:259:30
Hazara Express (dn)- Bahawalpur7:437:48
Hazara Express (up)- Bahawalpur19:5520:00
Jaffar Express (dn)- Bahawalpur21:4521:48
Jaffar Express (up)- Bahawalpur23:4023:43
Karachi Express (dn)- Bahawalpur23:2523:27
Karachi Express (up)- Bahawalpur4:144:16
Khyber Mail (dn)- Bahawalpur16:2016:25
Khyber Mail (up)- Bahawalpur11:0011:05
Millat Express (dn)- Bahawalpur20:4020:42
Millat Express (up)- Bahawalpur3:443:46
Night Coach (via Faisalabad) (dn)- Bahawalpur1:401:42
Night Coach (via Faisalabad) (up)- Bahawalpur5:596:01
Pakistan Express (dn)- Bahawalpur19:2319:28
Pakistan Express (up)- Bahawalpur00:551:00
Pakpattan Express (dn)- Bahawalpur2:553:00
Pakpattan Express (up)- Bahawalpur18:1018:20
Rohi Express (dn)- Bahawalpur7:107:15
Rohi Express (up)- Bahawalpur15:3015:40
Shalimar Express (dn)- Bahawalpur12:4012:42
Shalimar Express (up)- Bahawalpur17:1717:19
Super Express (dn)- Bahawalpur4:104:14
Super Express (up)- Bahawalpur00:1600:20
Tezgam (dn)- Bahawalpur21:2521:29
Tezgam (up)- Bahawalpur5:005:04


The new Bahawalpur Railway Station building will offer cutting-edge administration, including bookings, information, ticketing, and client support. The structure configuration is pointed toward making rail route travel a helpful and critical experience for the travelers of Pakistan Railways. The waiting area allows travelers to wait for their trains without hassle and worry.

Bahawalpur Railway Station has a holding-up region on the ground floor with a limit of 95 travelers and a cafeteria on the primary floor. Around 10,039 square feet of the new structure have been set apart for business use. Further, a parking area that can hold 86 vehicles and 300 cruisers will be developed.

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Transportation Options to Railway Station

Ample local transport options are available near the railway station, which passengers widely use to travel to their destinations after exiting the Bahawalpur Railway Station. Public transport remains the first option for traveling to the railway station. People like to drive their families and visitors to the Railway station in private vehicles.

Car hire is also an option but costly, so many people prefer local transport.

Bahawalpur Railway Station Contact Number

117 is the toll-free number for Pakistan Railways, and you can call and take information about any station and train timings.


Who built the Bahawalpur railway station?

The platforms of Bahawalpur station were built in 1901 during the era of the Nawab of Bahawalpur. Local governments later did significant renovations to build the railway station.

Which train goes from Bahawalpur to Islamabad?

Green Line Express runs between Bahawalpur to Islamabad daily


Bahawalpur is the city of Nawabs, and its buildings and architecture leave you awe-struck;  Bahawalpur Train Station is an example. It is vital in Pakistan Railways as it connects many cities and makes traveling between cities easy and affordable. It is advised to book your train tickets ahead of time and keep checking the train arrivals and departures to avoid any hassle. The train station has a parking space, waiting room, and snacks shop for visitors.