White Palace Swat – Another Jewel in the Crown

The incredible Marghazar White Palace is almost 12 km from Saidu Sharif at 7136 feet. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan. The White Palace sits up at an incredible height above sea level. It was built to be the King of the Swat state’s summer house in 1941. The King’s residence is now turned into a hotel after the Marghazar Hill was open to the public. 

History of White Palace Swat

The beautiful White Palace of Marghazar was built in 1941 by Miangul Abdul Wadud (Badshah Sahib), the first King of Swat. The Palace’s name reflects the luxurious white marble used to erect this timeless architectural piece. The Palace is now used as a hotel where guests can stay and enjoy the views of the surrounding valley. The Palace was once the residence of Miangul Jahanzeb, the Wali of Swat. 

Marghuzar Weather

In the Maraghzar Valley, summers are long, hot, and less humid, whereas winters are cold and cloudy. The temperature usually varies from 34°F to 93°F with lesser chances of being below 28°F or above 100°F.

The hot season begins in May and lasts till the end of September. The average daily temperature is usually 86°F. July is considered the hottest month when the temperature goes no lower than 73°F.

White Palace Swat

The winter season spans three months, from early December to March. January is considered the coldest month, with an average temperature between an average low of 34°F of 56°F

Victorian Architecture of White Palace

The beautiful White Palace has 24 huge rooms and two massive conference halls where the King of Swat used to hold meetings. The White Palace was the region’s building constructed on Victorian architecture. It has a multilayer roof starts from a bronze layer on the inner side with an iron layer on the outer top. There is a layer of wood, deodar tree, lime, mud, and deodar in between.

The bronze used in the ceiling was brought from Belgium, with the electrical equipment from England. Interestingly, that almost-medieval equipment is still working. 

This 35 feet high Palace was first called Swati Taj Mahal, then its name was changed to Moti Mahal and finally called Sufaid Mahal.

Everything about the Palace, including its location, style, and material, is super attractive. This white jewel against the emerald background looks even more splendid than the three nested terraces creating the authentic royal aura. Victorian architecture is easily detectable as the artisans did a fantastic job constructing this marvel in the mountains of such a faraway place.

White Palace Internal View

As mentioned earlier, there are 24 rooms in the White Palace, along with two substantial conference halls where the cabinet meetings were held in the presence of King Abdul Wadood. The King’s lobby opens up in the beautiful garden lawn. The right side has the King’s veranda with a swirling stream of water. The Ministers’ block is on the left side, where ministers and advisors use six rooms. On the first floor of the Palace, there is the Prince’s block which has eight rooms. The league is covered with trees and shrubs. Then comes the Queen’s block with 12 rooms giving the most beautiful view of the surrounding. These rooms are decorated with old artistic pieces which add to your royal experience.

Since the Murghzar Valley is a popular tourist spot, the Palace is visited by many people every summer. The pleasant weather, beautiful spring, ripe persimmons, apricots and peaches, and incredible landscape makes this Palace a home away from home for many people. If you want to avoid crowds, plan your trip a week before the summer holidays. 

Queen Elizabeth II

The subcontinent has constantly been obsessing with royals, especially those coming from Great Brittan. Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Pakistan was also a historical event, and her visit to the beautiful Swat Valley added to the excitement. 

One of the most popular suites in the Palace is the Royal Suite, where Queen Elizabeth II stayed when she visited Swat in 1961. Before that, it was the personal residence of the ruler of Swat. Her visit and stay in the Palace added to its popularity. 

White Palace Swat

You can see the beautiful historical photographs of Miangul Abdul Wadood, Miangul Jahanzeb Abdul Haq, and Queen Elizabeth. You can enjoy the splendid views of the picturesque lush green mountains with the soothing sound of gushing river water. The royal suite is the place to enjoy the relaxed and calm weather amid the old-style architecture standing out in the white marble.  

Attractions for the Visitors

The fascinating history and architecture of the Palace are the greatest attraction for visitors. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area. Everything about the Palace is magical and adds to the mesmerizing experience of the tourists who visit the valley each year. People also prefer visiting the Palace to see how the royals of Swat used to live here back in time.

Some other worth mentioning attractions for tourists are:

Botanical Garden

The Palace is also home to a tiny but beautiful botanical garden that contains numerous fascinating and unique species of plants grown in the region. It is an accurate depiction of the botanical diversity of the Swat region. The botanical garden is undoubtedly something you want to visit if you are a true nature lover.

Flora and Fauna

The Swat Valley and Marghazar Hill flaunt exceptional flora and fauna. A comprehensive study of the Marghazar Valley flora shows that the region has more than 307 taxa, including herbs, shrubs, trees, grasses, climbers, and parasites. Such a vast diversity helps the valley look remarkably beautiful. Hundreds of animal species found in the region add to the variety and beauty of the valley. The region’s incredible flora turns into a green emerald garden that houses the shining white Palace creating an astonishing view.

White Palace Swat

Where to Stay?

The White Palace of Maraghzar is a perfect place to enjoy the incredible history of the beautiful swat region in a picturesque environment. Once you plan your trip, you will find numerous options to stay in the area. Interestingly, since the Palace is a hotel now, you can also book your stay in one of the rooms. However, you may always choose a relatively cheaper hotel, Holiday Inn Swat and River Palace. Some other luxury hotel options include Serena Hotel Swat and Hotel Hilton Palace.

The fantastic location of Marghazar will surely capture your heart and offer you an unforgettable experience. However, if you cannot spend a night in this beautiful valley, plan a day trip for a wholesome experience.

White Palace Swat Contact Number

White Palace Swat can be contacted at +92 342 9607644. You can get the authorities for more information and book a stay room.

Interesting facts about White Palace Swat

Here are a few interesting facts about the beautiful White Palace of Swat:

  • ·         It was initially known as Swatti Taj Mahal, then Motti Mahal, and finally Sufed Mahal (White Palace).
  • ·         Then, it was endowed with carefully chosen fauna and flora, transforming it into a miniature zoo and botanical garden.
  • ·         A 200-year-old gigantic chinar tree serves as a canopy for visitors.
  • ·         The marble for the Palace was imported from Agra, the bronze from Belgium, and the artisans from Turkey who designed and built it.
  • ·         Queen Elizabeth II stayed in the Palace while visiting the swat valley.
White Palace Swat


The White Palace is a national and historical heritage that needs to be taken care of by the government. Much of the Palace is crumbling away because of inadequate resources and negligence. Tourists should also be mindful of keeping the place clean and not intentionally adding to the destruction. You can make a pre-booking to have a comfortable stay in the Palace. Since there are fewer rooms in the Palace, you may not be able to get a booking at the last moment. 


What is the White Palace of Swat Famous for?

Swat is well-known for its natural wonders, which include breathtaking landscape diversity and natural wildlife. Swat has beautiful countryside, lush forests, and high-peak mountains. The White Palace of Swat is one of the most popular spots in the region.

The Palace was given this name because it was constructed of white marble. The Palace is now a hotel and a popular tourist destination. There are 24 active spacious, decorated rooms and the Royal Suite (ex-bedroom), King’s where Queen Elizabeth stayed for three days.

Where is White Palace Located?

Marghazar White Palace can be reached roughly 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from Saidu Sharif Swat in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The White Palace on Marghazar Hill, located 7,136 feet above sea level, was founded in 1941 to serve as the King of Swat State’s summer residence.

Who is the Owner of White Palace Swat?

The White Palace of Marghazar was constructed in 1940 by Miangul Abdul Wadud (Badshah Sahib), the first king of Swat, in the small town of Marghazar, about 13 kilometers from Saidu Sharif. The Miangul Shariyar Amir Zeb now owns it.