Places to Visit in Quetta

Pakistan is full of natural beauty and diversity. From the lush green valleys of the north to the sandy deserts in the south, there is something for everyone to see and enjoy. One of the most beautiful areas of Pakistan is Quetta, located in the Balochistan province. It is the 5th largest city in the country that can be easily accessed by land or air. 

This city is surrounded by stunning mountains and offers a wealth of activities and attractions for tourists. Whether you are moved by history and nature or want to relax in a beautiful setting, Quetta has something for you!  

Quetta City

Quetta is a lovely city with a lot of antiquity and culture. If you’re looking for a fantastic travel destination for 2022, you should consider visiting this serene and peaceful city.

 This blog post will come up with 15 of the best places to visit in Quetta. Read on if you’re ready to explore one of the most stunning cities in the world. 


Quetta is undoubtedly a perfect getaway from noisy metropolitan cities. The town is slow-paced and houses some of the most composed places in the country. Here is a list of Quetta city famous places that are a must-visit. 

Pishin Valley

The Pishin Valley is a beautiful area located around Quetta. The valley is surrounded by the Spin Ghar Mountains and is home to various wildlife, including leopards, ibex, and bears. It also hosts many birds like eagles, hawks, and vultures.

The valley’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife make it a popular tourist destination. It has numerous historical sites, such as Bostan, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it was a critical center of Buddhist culture. The valley is an actual depiction of the beauty of Quetta.

Pishin Valley Quetta

The weather of the valley is warm and mild year-round so if you want to have a pleasant experience, visit the valley in the winter to experience the best of it.  

If you are interested in visiting the Pishin Valley, there are many options for accommodation. There are many guesthouses and rest houses in the area and camping facilities for those who want a great outdoor experience. 

Hana lake

Hanna Lake is undoubtedly the most beautiful and often visited tourist destination in Quetta. The lake is surrounded by dusty mountains and is home to many species of birds. It is also a popular spot for fishing. The lake is also a part of the Hanna Lake Dam, which is an essential chunk of the irrigation system in Balochistan province.

The mud slope in the middle of the lake is a distinctive feature. The parking area is a little away, so you will have to walk for a few minutes to get to the lake. You can easily find tea stalls, restaurants, and guest rooms around the lake. The blue water and brown mountains create a picturesque view. The snowcapped peaks form an even better view if you visit the lake in winter. Most of the lake dries up during winter, so anybody can easily walk on it. 

Hanna Lake Quetta

Being on the lake on a cloudy day is perfect for a hike to the surrounding peaks. Concerts and musical events are also arranged around the lake to make it more lively and enjoyable. 

The locals love to enjoy such places by cooking under the sky. Don’t be stunned to see many people preparing barbequing or eating pilaf from huge woks.  

Quetta city tour is incomplete without a visit to Hanna Lake. 

Quaid-e-Azam Residency

This Residency was the home of Pakistan’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, known as Quaid e Azam. This is a must-visit spot if you’re into finding out more about the man who helped create Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam Residency is also known as Bagh-e-Jinnah, which was declared a national monument in 1997.

Jinnah moved into the Residency and stayed there until his demise. After Quaid-e-Azam’s death, the Residency became a place of pilgrimage for Pakistanis.

It is an architectural marvel made of wood with verandahs on all four sides. The roof is hipped and has two chimneys. There are two entrances to the Residency, one from the east and one from the west. Internally, three rooms are on each floor and a staircase is in the middle. The ceilings are wooden with ornate plasterwork. Beautiful gardens surround the Residency, so it’s a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency Quetta

As you head to Residency, do forget to take a good look at the juniper forest. Every tree in the forest is a world in itself. The forest creates a fantastic view. 

The Quaid-e-Azam Residency is open daily to visitors from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Admission is free.

National Park of Hazarganji Chiltan

The word “Hazarganji” means ‘of a thousand treasures,’ which used to be a migrating corridor for the great armies of Bactrian, Scythians, Mongols, and Pashtuns. The park is located 20km southwest of the city and is one of Quetta’s most beautiful places to visit. 

Spread over 325000 acres, it is home to various animals, including tigers, leopards, and bears. The park becomes more scenic with many plants and trees, including cedar and juniper. There are also many hiking trails within the park to explore the area at your own pace.

Tourists may also visit the natural history museum for a more in-depth national park overview. Even though it’s a small museum, you will learn a lot. 

For those who want to stay there overnight, the Forest Department rest house is a great option. 

The Hazarganji national park is open daily to visitors from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Admission is free for Pakistani nationals and $5 for foreigners.

Bolan Pass

The Bolan Pass is a crag pass that connects Quetta with the rest of Pakistan. It is a high mountain pass constructed in the Toba Kakar Range at an elevation of 5,884ft. The pass was used by invaders throughout history, including Alexander the Great, who invaded India through this route in 327 BC. Today, the Bolan Pass is an important trade route between Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. If you think this route is not recommended because of adverse climatic conditions, the alternative Khyber Pass can also be used, located further north. 

Bolan Pass Quetta

Quetta Bazars

The bazaars of Quetta are a must-visit for anyone visiting the city. The bazaars are home to a variety of shops and stalls selling a wide variety of goods and products. You can find anything from traditional Balochi clothing to jewelry to carpets at the bazaars of Quetta.

The handmade Balochi dresses are just perfect. It takes a lot of stretch and energy to develop such masterpieces. 

The best time to visit the bazaars is during the day when you can take your time to browse through the shops. However, the bazaars are also open at night, and many of the shops stay open late into the night.

Bazar in Quetta

The most common of these bazaars is the Sarafa Bazar. You will find brand new stuff of all sorts in the market. Electronics, household items, ornamentals, clothing, rugs, and imported edible stuff are available at reasonable prices. 

You will be stunned to know that Quetta has entire markets dedicated to a single type of item, so you are always spoiled for choices. 

If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, be sure to visit the bazaars of Quetta!

Urak Valley Quetta

Urak Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Quetta. The valley is located 13 miles from the city. The landmark begins with a small waterfall and stretches to the beginning of the Wali Tangi dam. The road to the valley is lined with picturesque fruit orchards and wild roses. During the season, the branches of the trees are bent down with loads of juicy apples and apricots.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the valley is home to various wildlife, including bears, ibex, and leopards. It is also a popular spot for hiking and camping.

Urak Valley Quetta

The valley is so close to the city that you can plan a visit anytime. The locals are friendly and offer to pick fruit from trees and enjoy the juicy and crunchy apples. Urak valley could be very crowded on national holidays as people come out for picnicking in the beautiful surroundings. 

If you want to have the whole place to yourself, you should come as early as possible. 


Koh-i-murdar is one of the peaks of the Sulaiman mountain ranges. It is located towards the east of Quetta city. Jackals, Foxes, rabbits, Wolves, and wild birds roam freely on the mountain. The peak can be climbed up easily for the best view of the beautiful city of Quetta and its surroundings. Many tourists and locals have climbed up to the top, making trails that can be followed easily.

Miri Fort

Miri Fort is another popular tourist destination in Quetta. It is a centuries-old fort that offers a great view of the city. Some museums and monuments are also located inside the fort, making it a perfect place to learn about the city’s history.

Like any other stronghold, the Miri fort is also constructed on an elevated place to better view the surroundings. It’s a pure display of talent and dedication of the architects who lived here centuries back. The fort’s structure is very thoughtful, depicted through wide staircases, airy lobbies, and underground jails. The dark tunnels, barren wells, and several inches thick walls represent the presence of life and how the fortress must signify power in the region. 

Miri Fort Quetta

Even though it is said that the fort was built in 1883, locals claim that the fort has been standing since the time of Alexander the great. You will also find the footprints of the Ghaznavids in the fort museum.  


25 km from Quetta, Lakpass leads to the Kalat region. The zigzag road offers excellent scenery, and you will see trucks and trailers full of all sorts of goods lined up on the road. Right after Lakpass, you will pass through the 0.18km long Lakpass tunnel, which is quite helpful for regular travelers, especially during winter when the surroundings are covered with snow. 

Jabl e Noor ul Quran

The holy Quran is the most respected Muslim scripture. Jabil e Noor ul Quran means the mountain of light of the Quran. You are overlooking the busy city of Quetta, the narrow tunnels of the mountain showcase copies of the holy Quran as old as 600 years. The project was initiated by two brothers to preserve the tattered copies. Thousands of people visit the tunnels yearly to see this fantastic and unique collection. The man behind the project also intends to recycle these pages and use them again to write the revelations from god. The place receives old copies of the Quran from all over the country, so you will find loads of sacks outside the tunnels as the place is almost complete with no room to spare.  

Gold City Shopping Mall

For a long time, the city of Quetta remained a tribal hub with no touch of urbanization. Small old shops and stalls were all over the place. Slowly the progressive and dynamic decision of the government leads to the construction of malls or modern marketplaces.  

Gold City Shopping Mall Quetta

Gold City Shopping Mall is one of Quetta’s largest and most popular shopping malls. The mall is home to various shops, restaurants, and other businesses. The mall is a popular destination for the people of Quetta. Much local food and fashion brands came to Quetta to make the mall even more fascinating for the locals and tourists.  


Not many people know about this hidden treasure of Quetta. It is not as well-known as the others, but worth visiting. The valley stretches for 16km with the most beautiful view of the mountains and trees lined up on the side of the road. The pleasant weather of the city compliments the perfect flora of the valley. The valley begins from the foothills of Chiltan and goes to the western bypass. Development projects are being carried out by the officials, which will help tourists explore the place better than ever. It’s a perfect day trip from Quetta city.  


Koh-i-chiltan is another peak of the great Sulaiman mountain ranges. The peak’s highest point is 3194m above sea level, making it the 3rd highest mountain of Quetta. Chiltan or Chehel-Tan is a Balochi word that means forty bodies. Many legends are associated with the peak, and people think it’s haunted. 

Koh-i-Chiltan Quetta

There is no definitive proof, but there are a few popular theories about why Koh-i-Chiltan is haunted. One view is that the mountain is haunted by the spirits of the people who died in the genocide. Another thought is that the hill is haunted by the fairies that live there. Some people believe that the fairies are angry because humans have invaded their homes, and they are causing mischief as a result.

Spin Karez

Instead of taking the turn towards the Hanna valley, if you go straight through the coal deposits, you will end up at the spectacular spin karez. Spin means white in Pashto, and karez is a native irrigation system. The small lake with calm water gives a perfect view of the reflection of the mountains in the water surrounded by shrubs and bushes. The main entrance of spin Karez is under the control of the Special Forces, and you will need special permission to go through it. However, the lake can be accessed by another entrance only a few seconds away. 

The serene lake is just a 20-minute drive from the Quetta city center, and the fact that it is open all day long makes it even better. The entrance is free for locals and tourists.

Quetta Recreational Park

As mentioned earlier, the city of Quetta remained away from the urbanization projects for a long time despite being the provincial capital. After the restoration of peace, the government realized the dire need for parks, playgrounds, and recreational activities in the city. Initially, there were only a few parks, and they also went barren because of no repair and reconstruction. However, today the city has numerous recreational parks and sports facilities to ensure the people of Quetta are not deprived of these fundamental rights. 

The city has many recreational parks, including Fatima Jinnah Family Park, Mian Ghundo recreational park, Liaquat Family Park, Askari Park, and Hazara Park. 

Rapid progress is being made to ensure the parks have all essential facilities for the families to enjoy.


Which place is famous in Quetta? 

Quetta has many famous tourist destinations, but the most popular are Hanna lake, Quaid –e –Azam residency, and Miri Fort. 

Which is the most beautiful area in Quetta? 

Quetta has many beautiful valleys, water reservoirs, and soaring mountains. Pishin and Urak valley offer the best views and an actual Baluchistan experience. It’s hard to acknowledge that such places exist in the middle of such brown and barren land. 

What is the famous thing about Quetta?

Quetta is the land of the juiciest fruits and the crunchiest dry fruits. Top-quality plums, apples, melons, pomegranates, peaches, apricots, cherries, pistachios, and almonds are produced and exported to other countries. The soil is also perfect for growing high-quality saffron. 

Is Quetta worth visiting?

Quetta is an excellent spot for people looking for hidden treasures and not much-explored destinations. It may seem barren, but you will be amazed by the number of options to be sightseen in the city. 

Why is Quetta city famous?

Being the 5th largest city in the country, it has all the reasons to be famous. It is a diverse land with deserts, lakes, forests, mountains, and so much more.