Kohala- A Unique Picnic Point

 Kohala is a town that can be found approximately 38 km, 24 miles north of Murree and about 35 km (22 miles) south of Muzaffarabad. More specifically, Kohala Muzaffarabad is a town in Pakistan located on the river Jhelum which is to the north side of Murree, to the south of Muzaffarabad, and to the east of Bagh. In 1947, when Pakistan gained independence, the town was in attendance to witness freedom. In the past, it was a border town between the newly formed Pakistan and the state of Jammu and Kashmir; however, it serves only as the boundary between the rest of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.


During ancient times, Kohala Azad Kashmir was a major destination for Hindu pilgrims who came to pay their respects to Kohala Dewi. By the middle of the fifth century BCE, Kohala had developed into a central hub for the Buddhist community, and at around the same time, a temple had been built between the Kohala and Knaur pul. From Taxila, Buddhist monks would travel down this path to the Sharda Buddhist University in Sharda, Kashmir. The Kohala Murree has a detailed history that will require much time to study. Let’s know about it briefly. A flood destroyed a bridge built in 1877 in 1890. A new portable metal bridge constructed in 1899 collapsed in flood in 1990. In 1993, a third bridge was built near the northernmost point of Union Council Birote Kalan in the Abbottabad District.

Eighteenth Century

Midway through the eighteenth century, the Karlal tribe held Kohala, and when the clan of Dhond Abbasi attacked, they took control of Bakot and Kohala.

Nineteenth Century

Malka Singh, the ruler of Rawalpindi during the 1st decade of 1800, took Kohala by force. The region was built in 1814 by Malka Singh and the Dogra kingdom of Kashmir, led by Gulab Singh, as a hub for Hindu traders.

Era of Britain

The area was initially known as Patan, but Sir James Abbott, the 1st commissioner of the Hazara district, changed its name to Kohala in 1863. In 1873, the British government granted Murree a 100-year lease and transferred Kohala’s management to it. The Punjabi government extended this lease in 1973 for another 20 years and rejoined Bakote in 1993. Hindu traders dominated trade between Punjab and Kashmir from Dewal, Murree, Rawalpindi, and Punch.

Following Independence

 When Pakistan gained independence in 1947, Kohala became a part of Pakistan.

Kohala Weather

 Compared to Islamabad, the weather in Kohala Picnic Point can be slightly more relaxed, but it can also get hot in the summer. Because of this, you should try to spend more time outdoors in the evening during the summer.

Kohala Location

 Kohala Murree is located in Rawalpindi in, Pakistan, in the province of Punjab. Its official title is Kohala, and its geographical units are 33 degrees north and 72 degrees east.

How Much is the Distance from Islamabad to Kohala?

When planning a trip, it is vital to consider not only the distance and travel time but also the distance and travel time between Islamabad and Kohala Bridge. Since the driving distance between the two locations is 83.8 kilometers, you should look up the travel time between the two locations. It would be best if you also considered the “cost” of the trip because it is equally as significant as the amount of time you have available. To do this, you should calculate how much it will cost you in petrol to get from Islamabad (the capital) to Kohala Bridge Murree. 

When Do People Visit Kohala?

The people mostly visit Kohala Muzaffarabad during the summer. This is because the weather at Kohala remains cold, so when there is summer all over the country, Kohala remains mild, cold, and pleasant. That is why people prioritize summers to visit Kohala.

Does River Neelum Pass through Kohala?

A river known as the Neelum River or Kishanganga (river Neelum is known as Kishanganga in some parts of India and at the border side of Pakistan and India) can be found in the Kashmir area of both India and Pakistan. It runs through the Neelam Area of Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir until eventually meeting up with the Jhelum River close to Muzaffarabad. Its source is in the northern region of Jammu and Kashmir, part of India. We know that Kohala or Kohala Bridge is where the Jhelum River passes by, and the Neelum River is the river that merges with the Jhelum River. So, in this context, River Neelum passes through Kohala Azad Kashmir.

Climatic Conditions

The climate at Kohala Muzaffarabad is usually cold. It ranges from medium cold to higher cold. People there are used to this cold weather, so they keep their houses according to the climate. Their eating habits also support their weather conditions, such as they take warm beverages, soups, and stews often as their meals to keep themselves warm, protecting them from the cold.

Camping Conditions

Travelers can also enjoy camping alongside the river Jhelum. It will give them a fascinating view as they will enjoy.

Places to Visit in Kohala

When visiting Kohala Muzaffarabad, the place offers to visit many nearby places not so far from Kohala and gives you a pleasurable feeling when you travel for them. It’s because, in such types of sites, not just are the destinations mesmerizing, but the way to them is also a lot more beautiful and scenic. So you will surely enjoy the goals, but we guarantee you will enjoy the way to those beautiful places. Below are the sites to be visited in Kohala.

Neelum Point

For many reasons, Kohala Murree, known as Neelum Point, is famous among tourists. One main reason is that it is near Murree and Islamabad, and a day tour can easily be made to Neelum Point.

Kohala Bridge

Kohala Bridge is a bridge that connects Murree and Azad Kashmir. Kohala is the location’s name, while Kohala Bridge is the bridge’s name. River Neelam flows beneath the bridge. There are places and restaurants underneath the bridge where patrons can sit by the river’s edge or in the water.

Jhelum River

The river Jhelum is found just below the Kohala Bridge. On the Jhelum River is where you’ll find the Kohala Bridge.

Sabri Waterfall Kohala

People typically ride their bikes to Kohala Murree. However, if you go there, locals will tell you you must also visit the Sabri waterfall, approximately 8 kilometers from the Kohala Picnic Point. Therefore, going there during the warm summer is highly recommended.

Kohala Hydropower Project

The Kohala Hydropower Project is a projected run-of-river, high-head construction that will be situated close to Kohala Azad Kashmir. The project will have a head height of 316 meters. In 2020, the agreement governing the project was eventually finalized. A few months later, it was publicly signed in a ceremony that the Chinese ambassador and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan attended. Located forty kilometers from Muzaffarabad, the gravity roller-concrete compacted dam that will be part of the Kohala hydroelectric project will be built on the top of the Jhelum.

Interesting facts about Kohala

1. At Kohala Azad Kashmir, a river called the River Jhelum flows. You can enjoy your leisure time, thereby capturing the alluring views of the river.

2. There is a bridge at Kohala known as Kohala Bridge. It is situated above the river Jhelum.

3. Kohala Bridge serves as a bridge that connects Murree and Azad Kashmir.


Why is Kohala Waterfall known as Dalai Aabshar?

It lies on the spot of Dalai near Muzaffarabad, which is why it is also called Dalai Waterfall by tourists. Kohala Waterfall is a day-out spot located 21 kilometers away from Kohala Bridge, an attraction for travelers.

Which river flows in Kohala?

The river Jhelum flows just below the Kohala Bridge. On the other hand, the Jhelum River is where you’ll find the Kohala Bridge.


Kohala Muzaffarabad is a beautiful location for a day trip from the twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi are known as twin cities in Pakistan); it is overcrowded in the evening because families travel there and have a great time. Kohala is a lovely place between the hills and the Jhelum River, which adds to its allure. Kohala is a good destination for a day trip; You may appreciate the natural beauty, breathtaking views, and refreshing breezes in Kohala, which makes it more than just an excellent spot for people who love nature. Kohala Picnic Point is the ideal area to have a barbecue, and during the summer months, Kohala is even more fantastic for visitors. Chairs and chapatis are accessible, so you may relax on the river bank and enjoy the cool weather while the water hits your feet. You can also relax there and appreciate the beauty of the rapid and furious Jhelum River, which features impressive river noise. When it comes to photography, Kohala is the place to be. Therefore, the Kohala Picnic Point is the most fantastic picnic spot for trips from Islamabad.