Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town, Lahore

Suppose you want to witness the beautiful, serene, and wealthiest architectural marvels of Lahore, in that case, Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria town is worth visiting. 

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Lahore is the finest example of Islamic architecture. It portrays the wealthiest and most philosophical style of architecture inspired by the great civilizations of Turkey, Arab, and Persia. 

You will see a robust Islamic character that is incorporated into its building. 

Interesting Facts About Grand Jamia Mosque 

  • Grand Jamia Mosque is the third largest in Pakistan and the Fourteenth largest in the world. 
  • Famous architectural firm Nayyar Ali Dada & Associates designed this Mosque. 
  • It was inaugurated on October 6, 2014, on the auspicious occasion of Eid ul Adha. 
  • It has a total accommodation of 70,000 worshipers, with indoor accommodation comprising 25,000 worshipers. 
  • The total construction cost of the Grand Jamia Mosque is estimated to be over 4 billion Pakistani rupees.   

History of Grand Jamia Mosque 

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town, Lahore is the true identity of Bahria Town Lahore, symbolizing Pakistan throughout the Islamic World.  

Grand Jamia Mosque is not very old; it was inaugurated in 2014. One knows these magnificent architectural wonders take years of planning and construction. 

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town, Lahore

This Mosque was planned from the very beginning of the development of Bahria Town Lahore. Nayyar Ali Dada & Associates worked day and night to design this masterpiece. 

Several years of hard work made this structure worth praising. It took many years to construct it, but finally, this Mosque was inaugurated on Eid ul Adha in October 2014. 

The Architecture of the Grand Jamia Mosque 

Grand Jamia Mosque’s architecture illustrates the inspiration from the beautiful Badhshahi Masjid Lahore, Wazir Khan Mosque, and Sheikh Zayed Mosque, UAE. 

The famous architect, Nayyar Ali Dada, was awarded Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his noble services in designing this Mosque.

Through its magnificent interior and breathtaking views, you will observe a fusion of Islamic architecture with Pakistani culture. The Mosque’s base is 20 ft. above the ground, with a total roof elevation of 80 ft. The Mosque has four 125 ft. tall minarets. 

A grand dome is present, which is surrounded by 20 small domes. The grand dome is elevated 40 ft. above ground, spread over 50 ft., and is the crown jewel of the Mosque. 

The beautiful multi-colored handmade Multani tiles adorned the exterior walls of the Mosque. The beauty of these 4 million tiles will enchant you to visit this place again and again.

Attractions Offered By Grand Jamia Mosque

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Lahore offers you many beautiful attractions to visit. This Mosque attracts not only the local audience but international tourists also frequently visit this place. The Mosque’s basement is converted into an Islamic academy where you can learn about Islam. You can also listen to Dars-e-Quran and gain a lot of Islamic knowledge. 

There is also an Islamic History museum on the first floor. You can also visit the Islamic library and art gallery, which has many precious books and artifacts. The Mosque’s vast Chahar bagh-styled courtyard offers a prayer location under the beautiful sky. It also offers a beautiful fountain and Persian-styled garden for you to enjoy. 

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town, Lahore

You can choose to offer prayer indoors as well as in the outdoor courtyard. It also offers a separate worship area for women. 

Beautiful Exterior and Interior 

The beautiful exterior of the Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Lahore is adorned with handmade Multali tiles. You will see a beautiful work of red brick tiles called “Brick Gutka,” made from Multani Mitti. The colorful mosaic work tiles will be a sight to behold. This magnificent structure is adorned with local materials entirely. 

It took nearly four years to put 4.5 million tiles on the exterior walls of the Mosque. You will see that all these tiles are displayed in a very intricate geometrical manner. This enhances the beauty of the place.  

Greek and Italian marble is used in the exterior of the Mosque. You will also see beautiful Islamic calligraphy inside the Mosque. 

This whole architecture will perfectly depict the true essence of Indo-Islamic architecture with a modern blend.  

The exterior of the Mosque also comprises 21 domes. Twenty small ones surround the central dome. The central center dome is the crown jewel of the interior, rising at 40 ft. The carpet you will see after entering the Mosque is specially imported from Turkey.

Once inside the Mosque, you will see beautiful chandeliers surrounder by six wooden doors. 

Spectacular Courtyard

in case you want to witness the marvels of top Pakistani architects, this Persian-styled courtyard of Grand Jamia Mosque will be perfect for you. Four beautiful corridors open in this courtyard. These corridors are also made of red bricks. The archways are beautiful, and you can enter a magnificent Persian-styled garden crossing them. 

Chaharbagh Patterned Garden 

Along with the courtyard, a Persian-styled garden is also present. It is a beautiful location for photoshoots and is well praised by tourists. 

You will see many beautiful flower beds in this garden. All are regularly trimmed and well maintained. Grand Jamia Mosque garden is the epitome of perfection.  


The Garden also has a majestic center fountain. It is breathtaking, especially at night when you witness its full glory. 

The water splashes surrounded by night lights will give you a view of falling diamonds.  

Separate Prayer Area for Ladies and Gents 

A separate prayer area is designated for ladies on the first floor. It gives privacy to ladies at prayer time. Gents can offer prayer in the courtyard as well as inside the Mosque. A total of 70,000 worshipers can offer prayer at the same time.  

Remarkable Minarets with Domes

The 165ft beautiful high minarets will show the exquisite craftsmanship of workers. These minarets are octagonal shaped. They give a wonderful dimension to the whole exterior of Grand Jamia Mosque. 

You will often see these kinds of minarets in the mosques of the sub-continent. This architectural design was inspired by mosques built in the Mughal era. 

At the bottom of each minaret is a wooden door adorned with colorful mosaic work with tiles. You will see the Sheesham balcony on each minaret. These are perfectly aligned with each other. 

The domes of this majestic Mosque will enchant you. There are 21 domes, with a large central one surrounded by 20 smaller domes. These domes will give you a splendid view of a 40 ft. roof inside the Mosque. A beautiful wooden balcony surrounds the interior of the dome. The serenity of 40 Persian chandeliers will render you speechless. The central dome is the crown jewel of the whole Mosque. 

Islamic Academy 

It is more than a prayer space. It is also home to Islamic Academy, which offers religious courses for everyone. It is located in the basement of the Mosque. 

You can enroll in these religious courses here at Grand Jamia Mosque. This academy also offers courses in Dars-a-Quran and Hadith. 

The Historic Museum 

Islamic History Museum is located on the first floor of the Grand Jamia Mosque. It is home to precious artifacts of Islamic history. Rare and unique historical artifacts are displayed here. 

Islamic Library 

Rare and unique handwritten transcripts of the holy Quran are placed in the Grand Jamia Mosque Library. A collection of hadiths and Islamic books is also displayed here. 

This library has some of the most precious books. Books of Islamic scholars worldwide are here for you to read. 

Nearly 68 handwritten rare copies of the Holy Quran are displayed here, all dated back 300 to 700 years.   

The Islamic art gallery is also present inside the Mosque. You can visit this place to see beautiful caligraphies. Artists all around the world have their Islamic caligraphies displayed here. All of you visiting the Mosque can also visit this beautiful gallery. 

Nearly dozens of original images of Masjid Nabvi, Khana Kaaba, and other holy places, all dating back to the 1900s, are displayed in the gallery. 

Handwritten copies of the Holy Quran translated into 17 languages are also displayed for your viewing. This gallery is one of a kind in Pakistan, with fully designed models of Masjid Nabvi and the battlefields of Badr and Uhud. 

Grand Jamia Mosque Entry Price 

There is no entry price if you are visiting this beautiful Mosque. However, if you wish to conduct the Nikkah ceremony in Grand Jamia Mosque, you must book it beforehand. Nikkah’s fee is also charged. 

Grand Jamia Mosque Timings 

Grand Jamia Mosque is open seven days a week from 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM for worshipers and tourists. You can visit this Mosque at these times. Visitors can visit anytime except for prayer time. 

Location of Grand Jamia Mosque 

Grand Jamia Mosque is located in Bahria Town Lahore. The complete address is written below for your convenience. 

Address: Bahria Town Main Blvd, Sector C Juniper Block Sector C Bahria Town, Lahore, Punjab

Contact: 0300-4121307


Located in Bahria Town Lahore, Grand Jamia Mosque is a true masterpiece with magnificent architecture and beauty that will compel you to visit this place. It is a perfect blend of Indo-Islamic architecture with a modern blend. The above information about Grand Jamia Mosque will provide insight into what this palace entails.  


Who built Grand Jamia Mosque? 

Grand Jamia Mosque was built in Bahria Town under the leadership of its owner Malik Riaz. 

Can a school trip visit Grand Jamia Mosque? 

You can pre-book a school trip to visit Grand Jamia Mosque by arranging it beforehand with the Mosque’s management. 

What are the timings of the Jumma Prayer?

Jumma Prayer timings at Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Lahore is 1:30 PM. 

Is Grand Jamia Mosque the largest Mosque in Pakistan? 

No, it is the third largest Mosque in Pakistan, with Faisal Masjid Islamabad being the first and Badshahi Masjid Lahore being the second largest.