Saint Patrick Cathedral

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is the prime seat of the Roman Catholic territorial jurisdiction of its respective bishop in Karachi. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is close to Empress Market in the Saddar area in central Karachi, one of the busiest spots in Karachi. The building was finished in 1881. It is a vast and beautiful structure that can accommodate more than 1500 individuals during a congregation or any other event. At the front of the cathedral is a dedicatory monument to Jesus Christ. He worked between 1926 and 1931 to mark the significance of the missions of Jesuit followers in Pakistan before independence, particularly in Sindh.

Short Intro About St Patrick’s Cathedral: Saint Patrick’s

Cathedral Karachi is one of the most visited and revered places for Christians who gather here to pay their homage to Christianity. The structure itself attracts other people from other religions besides Christianity. Before being renamed, St Patrick’s Cathedral was located on Shahrah-e-Iraq, known as Clarke Street. St Patrick’s Cathedral is close to Empress Market in Karachi, Pakistan. The primary Church in Sindh (except another great church in Thatta) was initially based on the grounds of this cathedral in 1845 and was called St. Patrick’s Congregation. It was in April 1881 that the current cathedral was opened since the Catholic people’s numbers increased over the years. It required a more prominent place to fit them all as one to gather and perform their religious duties together. Regardless of the development of the new structure, the little church kept on working until a storm obliterated it in 1885. The present-day cathedral is inherently based on old Gothic architecture, which the new Restoration engineering honored and maintained; it estimates to be 52 meters by 22 meters in overall size. Such dimensions are more than enough to accommodate a considerable number of people. Compared with the last century’s original church, the current form of the same church can hold about 1500 people comfortably. The structure was engineered by several prominent members and followers of the Jesuit group in Pakistan.

St Patrick Cathedral Karachi History, Architecture, Timings & Locations

Looking at the giant looming structure of the St Patrick Cathedral Karachi is an incredible experience. One of the most fantastic attractions of the cathedral is its architectural beauty. The cathedral is inspired by the classical gothic architect of seventeen to eighteen century Europe. During the periods of Enlightenment and Reformation in Europe, many churches, universities, libraries, and official public buildings were built following the same architectural engineering. Engineering remained an integral part of Europe until the Victorian era of the 19th century. Such buildings were carefully constructed since the religious authorities were mindful of their value to society. The St Patrick Cathedral continues to attract people from far off who can see the beauty of the building. And those who live close by because of this fact.

The cathedral is an image of stylish beauty that steadily but surely and yet most likely assists the spectators and admirers with an experience that feels like visiting the classical cathedral of the Enlightenment period in Europe flanked by St Joseph’s Young Girls School and St Patrick’s Young girl’s Secondary School on either side. St Patrick’s Cathedral isn’t simply a tall structure with massive looming towers and chiming bells, which signifies a certain reverential fundamental of the societies which encompass it. The building means a lot to the Christian folk of the surrounding areas, and they consider this landmark a significant integral part of their society in Karachi. Once you see the sight yourself, you can understand why so many people gather here from the sadder to visit and to take pictures, and it is a surreal experience. Some family restaurants, tuk shops, typical snack stores, street vendors, etc., are found and built around the building to accommodate visitors to such an attraction. There is also a police headquarters constructed close by, which can be seen easily, to tend to the complaints and worries of the people. In respect of the community around the cathedral, which means so much and provides meaning to their lives, every visitor must regard the place as a place of solace and respect for such people. It is necessary to be mindful of the importance of things that give meaning to other people’s lives.

History of Saint Patrick Cathedral

The principal church in Sindh called St. Patrick’s Congregation previously, now known as St Patrick Cathedral Karachi, was based on the cathedral’s grounds in 1845.

 As a Jesuit mission at the expense of just 6,000 rupees under the administration of Karachi’s most memorable Catholic minister, Father Casaboch, who is still remembered in the Christian community, as the Catholic populace of the city developed, the city’s Catholics fund-raised for the development of another congregation. The building was finished in 1878, and the community was sanctified on 24 April 1881. Despite the development of the new structure, whose sights attracted more visitors than the old church, the old church was continuously visited by members who remembered it in its earlier days. The church, however, was destroyed entirely in a storm in 1885, after which all members kept going to the new building as it is known today.

The marble used in the makeup of Christ, the lord monument of St Patrick’s Cathedral, will first catch your eye. It was developed in 1931 (50 years after the congregation was built) to commemorate the memory of the Jesuit Mission in Sindh. In the first attempt to have a decent look or overview, you will first notice the current form of a not-too-flashy yet mind-blowing church building. Its impressive pinnacle-pointed lancet curves, superb towers, and eye-attracting vaulting will blow you away. It is in capable hands and looks beautiful because of the faithfulness and fidelity of the people liable for its upkeep.

Hillary Pereira, who is in charge of the premises, says, upon the upstanding beauty of the church, “Why shouldn’t it look beautiful? Honest people made it. It’s more than a century old but looks as nice as always. The place is cleaned daily, and we do our utmost to keep it spotless.”

Where is St Patrick Buried?

The cathedral in Pakistan is a dedicatory monument to St Patrick, a prominent theologian figure in the history of Christianity. His birth is still celebrated all around the world. He was born and died somewhat around the 5th century, around 1500 years ago. He is buried at the Down Cathedral, Downpatrick, United Kingdom.

Who built St Patrick’s Cathedral Karachi?

The dedicatory cathedral of Saint Patrick was built in Karachi by Father Karl Wagner, SJ, one of the many parish priests the church has had from the 19th century to the 21st century.

Design and Architecture

The present-day cathedral is based on contemporary Gothic Restoration design; it estimates to be 52 meters by 22 meters and can oblige about 1,500 admirers simultaneously. It was planned and built by three or more members of the original Jesuit group in Sindh: The plan of the cathedral was brought about by the designer Father Karl Wagner, SJ, and the development was directed by the lay Siblings George Kluver, SJ, and Herman Lau, SJ. The outside building of the cathedral is not decorated with ornaments and isn’t elaborate, however striking from a far-off distance. The craftsmanship has been showered luxuriously on the inside. The chancel is open and admires a lot of attractive because of its height, while the altar’s suitable shapes and ornamental beauty complement the entire scene. The entirety of the inside is painted in oil, and the windows are stained glass, provided by the patronage of the individuals of the congregation.

How old is the St Patrick Cathedral?

The cathedral is about 140 years old. The original structure was completed in 1881.

Which is the oldest church in Pakistan?

The oldest church in Pakistan is about 180, completed in 1842. The name of this church is Joseph’s church, and it is located in Lahore.

Why is St Patrick’s Cathedral famous?

The cathedral is famous for two reasons. Firstly, its beautiful outlook and height, which continues to attract thousands, and secondly, its value to the Christian minorities of the area. The Christians consider this cathedral an integral part of their community and visit it daily. The cathedral organizes masses that choir groups vocally enhance.

Visiting days and Timings:

Here are the timings and visiting days when you can see:

Sunday Closed

Monday 9 am – 12 pm

Tuesday 9 am – 12 pm

Wednesday 9 am – 12 pm

Thursday, 9 am – 12 pm

Friday 9 am – 12 pm

Saturday, 9 am – 12 pm

Is St Patrick’s Cathedral Karachi free?

Yes, the church welcomes all individuals on the days it is open. There is no entry fee. You can visit according to the time of your choice. All donations are complimentary.

Location of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Karachi:

The cathedral is at V26M+PWG, Shahrah-e-Iraq, Karachi Cantonment Saddar, Karachi City, Sindh.


The cathedral is an integral part of the Christian community in the area. It is an aesthetically enchanting and beautifully made place. People of religions other than Christianity visit the church for its beautiful architecture and history. The church is open to all people of whatever faith, but it is especially special to Christian people as a place to practice their religion as minorities.