Port Grand Karachi

Port Grand Karachi is one of the reasons that Karachi is known as the City of Lights. The city has many family attractions, home bases, and cafés open late till midnight. These nightspots in Karachi take special care of foodies who show up with friends and families after midnight. Port Grand, Karachi, is an exceptionally lovely, organized, and developed recreation center. It has gained immense popularity among Karachi’s youth and adults along the boat harbor on the waterfront, near the shore.

After nightfall, the spot becomes fully awake and is stacked with food outlets, family attractions, and various amusement highlights. In this way, the variety of things offered at the port grand makes it one of Karachi’s most renowned family attractions.

Their authority’s Facebook page indicates it is otherwise called Port Grand, Pakistan. At this point, it is a one-of-its-sort family fascination in the nation situated along the waterfront, offering great perspectives to the guests.

Port Grand Karachi Attractions, Tickets, Timings & Locations

Karachi Port grand is somewhat new compared with numerous other attractions in Karachi, which are many years and decades old. It was introduced on May 28, 2011, with a great opening event. Port Grand is spread over a one-kilometer area developed over the waters of Chinna Stream. The site has become an amusement complex with many shopping, entertainment, and food outlets. This recreational spot in Karachi offers a family-accommodating climate and attractions for grown-ups and kids.

Timings of Grand Port, Karachi

Here is the general information regarding the timings of Karachi Port grand, which can change depending on specific events, primarily around weekends.

Monday to Friday: 12:00 Noon- 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM – 11:45 PM

Saturday: 5:00 PM – 11.45 PM

Sunday: 8:30 AM – 12 Noon and 5:00 PM – 11:45 PM

Note: On Sundays, some food outlets and restaurants may open late. The accessibility of and opening times of Port Grand might also differ if there should be occurrence of special occasions or exceptional holidays being held at the spot.

Ticket Costs of Grand Port, Karachi

Every person per head is charged 300PKR upon arrival. The ticket given indicates the successful payment of entry charges, so keys should be kept on your person.

Note: Each food voucher starts at around 50PKR and can be Redeemed for 100PKR. For example, you can get food from two different outlets. If you do not want to spend a previously bought 50PKR voucher, you can redeem it and get a new one from elsewhere. The food/edibles material is free for senior citizens over 60.

It is located at Port Grand Food St, opposite PNSC Building, West Wharf, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan. (Off Maulvi Tamizuddin Street, Close to West Wharf, Karachi).

The immediate connections to the Local Wharf make the Port considerably more noticeable. You can take the course of Mai Kolachi and afterward MT Khan Street to get to this city’s well-known places from Clifton and DHA, Karachi. Assuming you’re coming from Gulistan-e-Johar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Nazimabad, and PECHS, then the way of MT Khan using Shahrah-e-Faisal is best for you. Individuals living in Saddar Town can approach Main Street through II Chundrigar and MT Khan Street to arrive at the grand Port in Karachi.


Before leaving your home to visit the port grand remember to be dressed comfortably. Please wear comfortable clothes, so it is easier to move around. Since there are many attractions here you will have to visit different outlets, etc., dress comfortably, like trousers/jeans with a casual T-shirt. Despite having credit cards, you should also remember to keep some cash. Hand cash is beneficial when you buy something that does not cost much. Credit cards help buy things that might cost a bit more, but paper money can be decisive during smaller transactions. To fully enjoy the luxurious port experience, you should leave before sunset. As it gets darker, the place truly comes to its light. Closer to night, the crowds grow, and the lights of the outlets bring about the genuine true attraction of port grand. Lastly, wear comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes will let you walk without getting tired quickly. As mentioned before, one has to walk from one place to another, so it is better to wear comfortable footwear.

Attractions at Port Grand

The Port Grand, Karachi area, puts it close to the core of the old city region. It is encircled by numerous renowned tourist spots in the city. The highly famous business center of the city, I. I. Chundrigar Street is only a few moments from Karachi’s food street. The food street in Karachi that offers various other attractions is, as a matter of fact, Port grand. You can partake in the tranquil views of the shipyard of the exceptionally popular Karachi Port while tasting your choice of refreshments or having dinner. From road streets to top-notch food experiences, Port’s great food outlets take exceptional care of all the types of foodies in the city. Restaurants like Sheik Abdul Ghaffar, Gardenia, City Bistro, and Babu Jee give outdoor and indoor feasting experiences. The port grand puts on live music concerts with high-quality sound systems. The music concerts attract a considerable amount of people from all around. These mixed attractions represent a picturesque scene that is very alluring to the common eye. The shipyard view is one of the most fantastic attractions of this spot in Karachi. It is visible from the whole area of the food street. Nearby there is a railway line where you can also catch sight of trains moving by. From dresses to trousers and shoes, you can shop at Port grand at the shopping outlets. Alongside serving the best road food in Karachi, the administration of Port grand likewise arranges cultural festivals. Many huge names from the Pakistani pop industry have acted in shows here. Besides this, the great port authorities set up live screens for different things, including movies. There is an open-air place, which they frequently convert into a big screen to show motion pictures of exceptional events. In any case, screening films is certainly not a normal part of Port grand, and they put together such things for unique occasions. Speedboats are also available here for quick and thrilling sea rides. There is a lot of walking alongside different kids’ rides for personal time. You can leave kids to play amongst themselves while you go on walks.

Parking Facility

A beautifully arranged and safe parking can be used by any person visiting the port grand. Travelers coming from far away cities find this facility beneficial. Since people bring many things they cannot take out of the car, they want to be assured of their safety. The parking lot provides this safety. You can easily park your vehicle here and enjoy your trip comfortably without hesitation.

Port Grand Ticket Price

The port grand ticket price is 300PKR per head. It is recommended to keep the tickets on your person since they are an indication of your payment.

Location of Port Grand Karachi                                 

The port grand is situated at Port Grand Food St, on the inverse side of the PNSC Building, West Wharf, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan. (Off Maulvi Tamizuddin Road, Near West Wharf, Karachi).

Why is Port Grand famous?

Port grand provides a wide variety of entertainment for visitors. Food outlets, streets, movie screenings, cultural shows, walking spaces, speedboat rides, etc. The Grand Port has gained a lot of popularity over the years and now. Many people visit from other cities too to see the wonders of the grand Port with their own eyes.

Who is the owner of Port Grand?

Port grand was opened 11 years ago on May 28, 2011, by the Governor of Sindh, Ishratul Ibad. The current owner is shahid Firoz, who is the president.


If you are looking for the best place for an outing with your family, then port grand in Karachi is the best place. It provides a wide range of entertainment with cultural and movie events. The best part is its emphasis on security. One of the critical elements, Port grand, is among the best nightspots in Karachi and brings together various entertainments in one place. The entire spot is brightened with a unique theme and lighting, giving it a beautiful glow from afar. It usually gets crowded with guests as night falls in. Movies, shows, different entertainments, and various exercises are coordinated. The entire region is under CCTV cameras surveillance. There are likewise metal locators, monitors, etc., for protection. The individual who purchases a ticket and is with family is permitted to enter. Everyone entering the premises undergoes a legitimate security exam to guarantee guests’ well-being.